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White Glue AKA (White Gorilla) Strain Review:

           White Glue Aka White Gorilla is a rare Indica dominant strain that combines Original Glue with a unique White Fire Alien OG. This strain offers a lot of unique characteristics visually, unique aromatics, and some heavy stoney effects. Come take a look into our overview and review of White Glue by HQ Farms. 

This White Glue is just so frosty and has such a robust structure.

            White Glue not to be confused with the original White Glue which is a White Widow crossed with GG4. This White Glue is also known under the name White Gorilla. White Gorilla was a strain bred by Green Life Seeds. Green Life Seeds was founded in Los Angeles California and has a specialization of breeding strains using White Fire Alien OG. From current information it seems that Green Life Seeds does not operate anymore. They seem to operate under an entirely new brand known as Kre8 Genetics. Kre8 Genetics does seem to still carry some cultivars that use the White Fire Alien OG as a parent. However, they have a very diverse line up of different strains breeding with strains like Runtz, Forbidden Fruit, Mimosa, Ice Cream Cake. Kre8 seems to have bred an entire line unique to their Oogie Boogie strain (Kaspers Kush X Pepe Le Pew). We are curious to see if more of their breeds will end up in the Oregon Market.

            White Glue or White Gorilla is a cross between Original Glue and White Fire Alien OG. Let us go over the Original Glue first. This is not the first time that we have had a strain that contains Original Glue or GG4. The famous story behind the Original Glue besides all the copyright claims from Gorilla Glue. Is that this strain happened by complete accident when Joesy Whales grow room had “hermed” Chem Sister Plants pollinate a hybrid of a (Sour Dubb X Chem Diesel). The strain was removed from the grow room, but seeds were kept and a few years later a friend of his “Mardogg” planted the seeds and ended up breeding out the #4 Pheno. Original Glue is loved for some many reasons. It is a very potent strain, at the time and still to this day has a unique scent and taste, the effects of the strain seem to depend more on the person than the strain. Many people have said that Original Glue to them is a nice functioning Sativa, while others have compared Original Glue to being the glue that holds them to the couch. White Fire Alien OG does not carry the notoriety of the Original Glue, but that is not to say it isn’t worthy of its own praises. White Fire Alien OG was bred by OG Raskal by crossing together The White and Fire Alien Kush. The White is a very body heavy cut of OG Kush it also is a bit sweeter and less gassy than traditional OG Kush. The White has become a popular strain especially for breeding as it is typically a high tester and is a good way of adding some more body and OG characteristics to other strains. Fire Alien Kush also comes from OG Raskal it is cross between Fire Kush and Alien Kush. This strain is not as popular today as some of the more modern hybrids, but it contains a good mix of OG and Northern Lights in its background which makes it a good even hybrid. White Fire Alien OG is the most famous of the Fire Alien Kush crosses that exist today.

See how tightly packed this White Glue is?

            The White Glue is stunning and similar to the Chocolate Marshmallows we reviewed earlier might be one of the prettiest Original Glue crosses we have ever seen. The structure of these buds is on an entirely other level. These are some seriously packed buds, so much so it is actually difficult to find gaps in the flower. This actually in some ways hurts its appearance as it’s shape makes it difficult to see all the great trichome coverage. But once you break these buds open, they only get brighter and frostier. This strain is pretty much just light green throughout and it is definitely because of the trichome coverage. The structure along with the trim job is so good that if someone where to say what perfect flower/buds look like this would be the example. The buds are tight and packed in, but they are not overtly dense. This is typically preferred as we find that flower that is too tight and dense does not grind well, it just sort of crushes into a powder. This has a great consistency on the grind, even with the tightness if you pair this with a good grinder you will get a good fluffy grind from this strain perfect for vaping or smoking.

             So, the big question is does it smell like glue? To be honest glue is not the first thing we thought of when smelling this strain. Off the initial smell we noticed that it has overly sweet hashy notes to the strain. Which makes sense if you look at Original Glues background with the Chocolate Diesel. The White certainly has some influence on the nose when it comes to this strain. As we said earlier the White tends to add sweetness and almost round out the flavors of other strains. When grinding the flower up we noticed that those sweet hash notes come through even more, maybe even a bit more earth and muskiness attached to it. This strain was sampled multiple times twice through a Dynavap and once through a Mighty Vaporizer. We found that those sweet hashy notes came through initially and it moves to a much stronger earthier OG flavor on the later pulls. One thing we do have to say is that when testing this strain with the Mighty, is when using the dosing caps this White Glue absolutely saturated the entire dosing cap with resin, rendering us to having to clean out the inner chamber of the Mighty. This is rare thing to experience from any strain, we have never had to clean out the Mighty after just one session with flower! We do feel that The White does mute the strain’s initial nose a bit, but we found once we’re actually tasting the flower it has a unique and surprisingly complex terpene profile.

            In the past we have talked about how Original Glue can really vary on the effects from person to person. We feel that there will not be any confusion with the White Glue. This strain is certainly best left for the end of the day and nighttime. We found that after vaping it the strain has very body heavy effects along with some noticeable head changes. These head changes are not so much like some of the more cookie heavy hybrids but something more like the weight behind strains such as Bubba Kush. We certainly are noticing that there is a heavy prevalence of OG genetics in this strain as it provides good pain-relief along with that classic OG Stoney potency. This strain is best paired with end day activities such as watching a movie or playing video games. Connoisseurs could likely get away with taking a dog for a walk, but they might not want to end up leaving the house in the first place. If you enjoy some of the more Indica heavy Original Glue hybrids you will likely really enjoy this strain.

A room full of White Glue! From HQFarms Instagram @HQ.Farms

            This White Glue is brought to us by HQ Farms located in Boring Oregon. HQ Farms has some serious growing experience all way back from the early Oregon medical days. HQ Farms team has been growing for medical patients since 2010. HQ Farms formed in 2015 and obtained their OLCC license in January 2017 to sell recreationally. HQ Farms has a wide variety of Cultivars that they have kept for years such as the White Glue. Some of their other cultivars are OG18, Goji OG, Jack Hammer, Dogwalker OG, Chemdog OG, and the Sweeties. They are regularly rotating their strains, and we look forward to seeing what new cultivars they end up putting out!

  • Appearance 5/5
  • Smell 4/5
  • Flavor 5/5
  • Effect 4/5

            While this strain may suffer from a case of mistaken identity. We are glad to see that HQ Farms have continued to grow it and breathe new life into by keeping it on the market. The strain as far structure and appearance might be the best we have seen so far. These buds are just so tight you will not be able to look into the nooks and crannies without breaking it apart. The trichome coverage is also just next level with buds so tight and already heavily saturated so much so that you would think there would be nothing underneath. But once you break it apart it is just as sticky and coated as the outside. The nose while a bit muted from the genetics of having The White tastes great! Strong sweet hash notes come through that move into more of those familiar earthy OG notes. We also really enjoyed the potent Stoney effects, they are a fantastic pairing if you are getting ready for bed or are looking to get settled in for the night. If you are looking for a good potent Indica with some OG characteristics it does not get much better than the White Glue.

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Rugburn OG X ChemDawg Strain Review

Great Trichome coverage along with some excellent tight structure on this Rugburn OG X ChemDawg

           RugBurn OG X ChemDawg is a rare strain brought to us by Cannananda. While it might not be our first choice of name, we would suggest “Ruined Carpet” as a good choice. Rugburn OG x ChemDawg brings a unique genetic profile to the ever-popular ChemDawg strain that is so popular today. Come check out our overview and review of the Rugburn OG X ChemDawg down below.

            Normally the first thing we write about in the reviews is some information about the breeder. However, in this case the breeder sort of remains a mystery. We reached out to Cannananda about where this strain came from. They had acquired the strain back in the medical days, and they continue to keep running it in their lineup to this day. So realistically as far as we have seen on the market Cannananda is the only grower of this strain. We did some research and there is nothing to suggest even a similar alternative that has been recorded online in the market under a different name. There are a few 2nd generation hybrids that are similar that are known about Firewood (Rugburn OG X Truth Tree), Gupta Kush BX2 (Ghost OG Moonshine X Rugburn OG), and Venkman OG (Doc’s OG X Rugburn OG). These might have some similarities to the Rugburn OG X ChemDawg but they won’t be exact as the Rugburn OG X ChemDawg as the others have been crossed with another strain to make them a 2nd generation hybrid.

            Let us get into the genetics of the Rugburn OG X ChemDawg. Let us start off with the first strain Rugburn OG. Rugburn OG was bred by Rare Dankness by crossing together Ghost OG and his staple strain Rare Dankness #1. Ghost OG is a potent cut of the OG Kush strain that carries good body along with long lasting yet mellow cerebral effects. Alright so bear with us as we go deeper into this cross as its about to get a little complicated. Rare Darkness #1 is a cross of Ghost OG and Chemdawg that is than backcrossed with Ghost OG and then all of that is crossed with Triangle Kush. So, the resulting strain is heavy on Ghost OG with some ChemDawg and then ties in some Triangle Kush at the end. We will get into our description of ChemDawg as it the father in the cross on the Rugburn OG X ChemDawg strain. ChemDawg is an extremely popular strain its origins remain a mystery, but it has been tied to California. ChemDawg is loved for its cerebral uplifting potency, and strong diesel flavor. ChemDawg has continued to remain popular on its own merit and is the backbone for most of the most popular strains in North America.  So, when you look at this strain it is really heavy genetically on both Ghost OG and ChemDawg, which makes a lot of sense when we start getting into the characteristics that define this strain. To make it somewhat easier to understand the dynamics of the genetics we put it into a math equation format: {Ghost OG X [Ghost OG X (Ghost OG X ChemDawg)] X Triangle Kush] X ChemDawg}.

You get a great look at just how much trichomes there in this strain especially in the crevices.

            First and foremost, this strain has amazing bud structure. It carries a nice robust structure with nicely packed buds. This strain certainly passes the squeeze test, you squeeze it, and it bounces right back. Really great job on the cure from the team at Cannananda perfect amount of moisture in this buds, slightly sticky but cured enough where you are getting a proper nose on the flower. Bud is a nice light green with some long darker orange pistils. Trichome coverage is good on this flower, great layering of the trichomes in between the cervices of the bud. Trichomes are quite visibly shiny even in normal lighting conditions under the naked eye.

            The nose on this Rugburn OG X ChemDawg is just as anticipated. From the jar it is not the loudest presence we’ve smelt, but it certainly stands out. Strong Chem notes to start on the initial whiff that transform into more of those classic OG characteristics. The OG Characteristics start as a hint of gas that quickly turns into more earthy/soil notes. This is how we would image ChemDawg OG smells like, if anyone wants to bring that back that strain to the Oregon market, please do! Griding up the Rugburn OG X ChemDawg brings out more of those strong noticeable earthy OG notes. The strain was sampled through a Pax 3 vaporizer as well as a Dynavap vaporizer. We like to be able to sample the product through at least two different vaporizers once at a lower temp for flavor and the other at a higher temp for effects testing. We noticed similar tastes in both vaporizers strong diesel notes to start that taper off into more earthy classic OG notes. Impressive that they got the flower and the taste to match up with the same vigor.

            The effects of this Rugburn OG X ChemDawg really do standout especially among newer genetic hybrids. In a lot of ways, it reminds us quite a bit of the EX-Wife we reviewed two weeks ago. Both strains carry Ghost OG in their lineage. The ChemDawg would be the biggest difference which we do notice. We found that the strain carries some nice body relief, without some of the weight that other OG’s can carry. We found that this mixture of Ghost OG and ChemDawg creates a nice balanced uplifting effect as well. We found it had some of those classic uplifting ChemDawg effects but the mixture of the OG brings it back from being too intense. This strain is surprisingly focused and is great strain if you are looking to do some chores in and outside of the house. Since the strain carries such great functionality it is a great pairing with more social based activities or playing games with friends. Strains like this really make us wish that more of Rare Dankness strains were on the market as they often times strike a good balance with potency and long-lasting effects but aren’t so strong that your day has been decided after your session. We always like to put as a disclaimer that if you are a newcomer to Cannabis to always be careful with dosing anything with ChemDawg as it can be a bit much to newcomers.

Rugburn OG X ChemDawg Live plant from Cannananda’s Instagram @Cannnananda

            This Rugburn OG X ChemDawg is brought to us by the farm Cannananda. Cannananda carries a great mission statement for it’s brand which can be found here. Their attention to detail and passion for the industry speaks for itself in their products. In their “about” section they say that “What we do is more than a business- it is an art form and act of service. Whether you meet our products as a connoisseur of cannabis, an occasional user, a curious first-timer, or simply seeking solutions to physical or mental struggles, we have thought about your needs and created our products with them close at heart.” Which we feel regardless of how you feel about the Cannabis industry is a truly respectable statement. Some of the strains that they carry are Alien Face OFF OG, Chem 91, Lavender Kush, Snoop Dogg OG, and Super Jack. Which are all quite unique from what is being offered by most growers in the current market. They also carry their own line of distillate cartridges that use their own Cannabis derived terpenes. We look forward to seeing what new strains Cannananda pours its passion into in the future.

  • Appearance 4/5
  • Smell 4/5
  • Flavor 4/5
  • Effect 5/5

            We really enjoyed our time with getting to review the Rugburn OG X ChemDawg. It differentiates itself quite well from many of the newer hybrids that are being bred into the market. The strain has a great structure that grinds up very well, grind comes out fluffy yet retains a bit of stickiness to it. Trichome coverage and its light color certainly stand out even among some of the other top shelf strains. If you enjoy diesel or OG’s or both, you will really enjoy the smell of this strain as it starts off with more potent diesel notes that shift into more of the classic OG earthy notes. But where this strain shines are in the effects. It carries some fantastic pain relief and muscle relaxation without being too over the top, and the body helps neutralize some of the raciness that ChemDawg can tend to carry. This strain is great for both recreational and medicinal uses. Which is surprisingly quite a difficult thing to find strains that manage to be versatile enough to be good at both. While the name might not be the easiest on the eyes, this strain really stands up to our reviewing criteria. If you have a chance to see this one in the Oregon market try it out, from all the research we did Cannananda is the only grower of this strain out there.

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Amnesia Haze strain review:

            We cannot wait to tell you all about this strain Amnesia Haze. We are excited to tell you about it because it is an absolute classic and wait where were we going with this again? In all seriousness Amnesia Haze is a staple for Sativa lovers. Come check out our strain review and overview of Amnesia Haze.

Look at the tightness of the buds on this Sativa Hybrid.

           Amnesia Haze is a popular classic strain that heavily leans Sativa. Like with many older popular strains due to the less than legal conditions of Cannabis cultivation in the late 80’s and 90’s a lot of strains origin stories are debated and sometimes contradictory. The story that most people seem to accept with Amnesia haze is that David Paul Watson aka (Sam The Skunkman) bred the strain in California, and it is a cross between  some form of an Afghani Hawaiian, a southeast Asian land race sativa, and a Jamaican land race sativa. The strain really gained popularity when it was brought to Amsterdam, which in the 90’s was the place to be if you were exploring Cannabis breeding and genetics. Once Amnesia Haze hit Amsterdam it absolutely took off. In the mid 2000’s it begun to win multiple Cannabis competitions for best Sativa. Some years it won best Sativa back-to-back in the same competitions. For example, it has been in the top three in the High Life Cup eight times from 2012-2019. Amnesia Haze is not just enjoyed by the consumer, growers love the plant as well as it has very impressive yields and can be grown in many different environments. It does have a longer flowering Cycle but that comes with the territory of a lot Sativas and Sativa Hybrids.

           Normally when we do an overview or review like this, we go over the genetic lineage of the plant. However, we are going to be doing more of an overview of the strain itself because the lineage is a lot older and predominantly land races, because of those factors it would be difficult to give an authentic and proper history on those strains. Many of the strains that make up Amnesia Haze are older land races that are rarely grown today or sold in the commercial market. What makes Amnesia Haze so interesting is the name does not seem to match the reported effects of the strain. While it is no secret that Cannabis carries some temporary memory impairment effects, Amnesia Haze is no different than many other strains in this regard. Many people report online that Amnesia haze is a great strain for creativity and focus. From discussions online this strain is popular for Wake and Bakes. It is also enjoyed as a strain for medicinal purposes for people who are looking relief but not too much interference with their day, its effects are reportedly long lasting as well.

Up close on the trichomes and those pretty burnt orange pistils.

           So, does old school Amnesia Haze have what it takes to go against some of the prettier modern-day hybrids? We say while not as colored or coated as some of the modern strains that Amnesia Haze still has plenty going for it. It carries a robust structure for a Sativa, nice large, rounded buds, slightly elongated. The buds are compact but not brittle, the density of these buds is as good as it gets. Something to look for in Sativa buds is gaps in the buds and inspecting to make sure they are not wispy. This Afghani background in this strain we feel has led to a better bud structure overall in this case, as most of the other land race Sativas do not carry those specific traits. Amnesia Haze has a pear green to forest green color, along with some smaller burnt orange pistils. The Trichome coverage at first glance does not stand out, but upon close inspection it does carry good coverage. When the bud was broken up, we were impressed on the coverage particularly within the bud.

            Amnesia Haze carries the classic haze smell. The best way to describe hazes is that they are overly sweet smelling but zesty. If you have smelt the strain Gelato #33 imagine that smell minus any of the fuel flavors that it comes with. So, you have this sweet zesty scent that tapers off into earthy notes. Grinding the Amnesia Haze the notes are quite similar you do notice a little bit more of the earthy notes though. The taste is pretty much spot on with its smell. We sampled the flower through a Ditanium vaporizer. We found that it has a sweet taste, but once you start getting through the bowl the earthier flavors become a lot more prevalent. If you like the smell and taste of other haze strains, you will likely enjoy this one.

            Amnesia Haze effects are right on par with what you would expect from a haze. With that said it does have one big bonus carrying the Afghani genetics it pulls back a bit of the raciness that some of the other hazes carry. Hazes like Amnesia haze are cerebral with just a slight touch of body effects. We found that while the strain is buzzy its not too overbearing. This strain would be good in the mornings all the way to the evenings. We do not necessarily recommend it as a strain for nighttime as it is stimulating. The strains pair well with outdoor activities as well as chores. If you live an active lifestyle and want something that provides a kick without laying you out the Amnesia Haze is a good choice. Newcomers should be careful when approaching dosing with haze strains as high doses can spark anxiety.

This is an example of Tao’s living soil they use fungi to help with water dynamics, nutrient cycling, and disease suppression. From Tao Gardens Instagram @TaoGardens

            Tao gardens is the cultivator of the Amnesia Haze. We have featured Tao gardens many times on this site, and they continue to impress with all their new flower and products! They have recently begun expanding into Hash Rosin and making their own line of solventless gummies. When it comes to their flower, they are an indoor facility in Eugene specializing in Living Soil Organics (As seen above in the photo). Tao has begun to bring a lot of new cultivars to their lineup Mango Haze, Moby Dick, Kosher Kush, Watermelon Zkittles, and Mangolicious. Tao carries a good variety of Sativas and Indicas, and we are looking forward to seeing these new strains on the shelf!

  • Appearance 3/5
  • Smell 4/5
  • Flavor 4/5
  • Effect 4/5

            While Amnesia Haze might be one of the classics it is still very worthy of its spot on the top-shelf. The buds have a nice solid structure, better than most Sativa hybrids we see. While the Trichome coverage might not be as saturated as some more modern hybrids, there is plenty of good trichome coverage within the Amnesia Haze. The nose is strong, sweet, and zesty just the way that a haze strain should smell. The taste is just as good as the smell and the sweetness and zest carry over and linger on the tongue. The effects are buzzy but not too racy. The effects might not be for everybody but if you enjoy sativa dominant hybrids or hazes you will want to give this one a try. The effects set itself apart from some of the other hazes like Nigerian Silver Haze and Super Silver Haze.

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EX-Wife Strain Review

It is rare in media when one has great things to say about their EX-Wife. Ex-Wife is an exciting new strain from grower and breeder Surfr. Find out in our review and overview we why have nothing but good things to say about this EX-Wife. 

The color on this EX-Wife is much lighter than other strains on the markte today.

                EX-Wife is a cross between Ghost OG and Trophy Wife. It was bred by Surfr seeds. This is an exciting review for us as this is one of the first times, we have had a grower be a dedicator breeder of Cannabis strains. Surfr Seeds is newer to the scene however they have certainly made quite the impression. Their most popular strains are Point Break, Grandpa’s Gun Chest, Apple Mac, Terpee Slurpee, and EX-Wife. Out of these five strains Trophy Wife is in 3 of them. Surfr is well known for their various strains containing Trophy Wife. Surfr’s popularity is extending past the Oregon border into California and Washington as well. One thing we really enjoy from Surfr is that they have decided to get into growing and distributing flower in the legal recreational market, this is a great way to see how these strains were meant to be grown. When you have a breeder that can grow a level of quality this high, it sets a standard for other growers who plan to grow their strains.    

                Let us get down the genetics and origins of this EX-Wife. EX-Wife is a cross between Ghost OG and Trophy Wife. Ghost OG is a popular cut of OG Kush, OG Kush’s lineage is believed to be a cross between a Hindu Kush and Chemdawg. Ghost OG is an award winning cut of OG Kush, people love it for being potent while at the same time being mellow. The potency from Ghost OG comes from its mood altering and body effects, but the body allows you to stay in the driver’s seat and not get greened out. Ghost OG is not as popular as it used to be however it is still used in a lot of crosses today such as Banana OG, Banana Kush, and Obiwan OG. Trophy Wife is a phenotype of Triangle Mints which is a cross between Triangle Kush and Animal Mints. Triangle Mints has led to so many unique cuts and strains. Triangle Mints #23 is what people now know as the ever-popular Wedding Cake Strain. There are lot of various cuts of this strain that is used to breed out some of the most popular strains in the United States. Trophy Wife really stands out with some of the most visually impressive trichome coverage on a strain. Trophy Wife has been a base for Surfr and has led to many of the most popular hybrids on the market today as we listed above.

You can get a much better idea of the trichome coverage up close of the trichome coverage.

                The EX-Wife really does stand out among some of the other top-shelf strains. It is very light in color almost a yellowish green. This strain has great Trichome coverage as anticipated from having trophy wife in its lineage. The color is different than other Trophy Wife strains and because of its bright yellowish buds it is a bit difficult to distinguish what comes from natural color or trichome. But the closer you inspect the buds the more you realize the color is coming from the Trichome coverage of the strain. Buds have more of an Indica dominant shape to them they are a little smaller and more rounded off. The buds are on the medium to high density side, they are not super compact, but they are firm to the touch. If you press your finger into the bud, the bud will push back. It might not carry the color that some other top-shelf strains have but the look is so unique and the trichome coverage is so high that it keeps up with other more colorful strains.

                The nose on this brings us back to OG Kush notes. You have this dank slightly gassy strain with strong earth notes throughout. It does have some of that milder floral touches though that we are used to from Wedding Cake. It is like having Wedding Cake with an OG back drop. When ground up we found that the flower smelt the same and no new notes stood out. This strain was sampled twice, once through a Firewood 7 and the second time was through a Mighty Vaporizer. Both samples yielded very similar tastes. The strain has a lot of smooth floral notes to start and in the background you start to pick up on some of the earthier OG flavors at the end. The floral touches come out much more in the taste but the OG earth tones are present but more of an addon to the strong floral sweet flavor. It shouldn’t surprise us, but it tastes remarkably similar to Triangle Mints #23 Aka Wedding Cake, it just carries a hint more old school OG flavor. If you enjoy any of the Seed Junky Triangle Mints #23  strains and it’s variants that are not particularly gassy, you will really enjoy this one.

                So how does the Ex-Wife treat you? The effects that come from the EX-Wife strain can be best described how people describe Ghost OG. “It is potent while at the same time manages to stay mellow”. The strain certainly carries some weight to it, however like classic OG Kush it does not lock you down. We were pleased that it does have those classic OG traits with good body relaxation and pain relief. We found that this strain was particularly good for Microdosing. The reason we like it for Microdosing is that the effects last quite a while, and we found that the strain seems to have similar cerebral effects in a micro and macro dose.  It provides some nice mood elevating effects while keeping you in a relaxed state. This a top shelf strain that we can recommend to both newcomers and connoisseurs. It we were to compare to another strain it reminds us a lot of Kush Mints;  however the Ex-Wife comes closer to the middle of the hybrid line. This strain is extremely versatile can be used morning, day, and night.  It is not the sleepiest but we didn’t find that the strain would necessarily keep you up either. This one honestly pair with just about every activity active or not. It would be a great strain to pick if you had some chores to do as well. This Ex-Wife strain is another great example of just how much great work has been put into Cannabis breeding.

EX-Wife growing in their facility in Tumalo from Surfr’s Instagram @Surfr

                So, as we said before the grower and breeder of this strain is Surfr Select. Surfr Select has their indoor facility located in Tumalo Oregon. Surfr has been using newer LED light technology in their grow. The results clearly show with some of the most beautiful trichome coated flower in the state. Some of the strains that they currently have out are Apple Mac, EX-Wife, Pointbreak, Grandpa’s Gunchest, and Blueberry Syrup. As they are both a breeder and a grower, we look forward to seeing what new strains they breed as well as what new cultivars they bring from their grow. Some of their newest breeds are beginning to make the rounds with some of the most popular top-shelf growers in the state. So, we look forward to seeing Surfr growing Surfr and what Surfr breeds for others on the market to grow.

  • Appearance 5/5
  • Smell 4/5
  • Flavor 4/5
  • Effect 5/5

                The EX-Wife is great throwback to older genetics put into a new package. As far as connoisseur grade cannabis is concerned this strain checks all its marks. What can we say the EX-Wife is gorgeous! Really light-colored buds along with some incredible trichome coverage is hard to beat. The nose on it is floral along with some of that OG earthiness and gas. The taste is near identical to how the strain smells, which it is already great to begin with. But by far the most impressive thing is just how wonderful the effects are. If you are looking for a strain to help bring some pain relief and muscle relaxation but do not want to get laid out this strain is perfect. The strain has a great combination of mind and body effects without pushing you too far either way. A little goes a long way with the EX-Wife. Trophy Wife is a strain that has and is going to continue to see a lot of play in the Oregon market. If EX-Wife is indicative of the quality that Trophy Wife can provide. We look forward to seeing what other great hybrids come from it.

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WookFoot Strain Review:

Wookfoot is the encapsulation of the Pacific Northwest Cannabis market. You have in front of you a tried-and-true Pacific Northwest classic, mixed with one of the most popular newest, hardest hitting, strains on the market. Who wins out when you mix classics and new school genetics together? Jump into our review and overview of the Wook Foot to find out.

Just look at that platinum coating!

            Wook Foot is a combination between Granola Funk and GMO. It is bred by FunkyFrog Seeds. FunkyFrog is a newer up and coming breeder on the scene. Funky Frog Seeds carries a lot of crosses with Granola Funk as the father plant. Some of their more popular strains include Talladega Nights F2, Wedding Singer, Weekend Warrior, Lemon Bars, and Mayan Holidaze,. Wookfoot has Granola Funk but is flipped as it is the mother plant of the strain. Their Talladega Nights strain has led to a lot of new hybrids that they breed; Shake N Bake, Top Fuel Dragster, Road Rash, Night Ranger, Sling Shot, and Strawberry Hill Climb. It is cool to see a breeder choose to use the strain Granola Funk from Bodhi seeds as the backbone of their collection. This strain pops up every now and again on the market, but it has certainly lost its popularity to some of the more modern hybrids such as GMO Cookies, Gelato, and Zkittles.

            Now that we have gotten some background information on the breeder. Lets jump into the genetic heritage of the Wook Foot. Wook Foot is a cross between Granola Funk and the ever-popular GMO Cookies. Granola Funk is a unique strain it is a cross between the classic G.S.C and Wookie 15. G.S.C (Durban Poison X OG Kush) is one of the most popular cookie strains on the market and is a backbone of the industry. Its popularity these days remains mainly in the form of the many hybrids it has inspired in the industry. If you are enjoying any modern-day hybrid today, it is highly likely that it has G.S.C somewhere within it’s lineage. Wookies 15 (Lavender Big Buddies Cut X Appalachia) is what makes Granola Funk the unique strain that it is. Both strains that make up Wookies 15 are a rather odd combination of strains. You have basically a mix of skunks and Hawaiian for Lavender, and Green Crack and Tres Dawg together to make Appalachia. So, you end up getting these two hybrids that have a wide mixture of Skunks in both strains and very strong sativa genetics. This combination leads to a peculiar nose and combination strong cerebral effects with the weightiness of a skunk base. GMO Cookies is so popular most people just call it GMO. GMO is a cross between (ChemDawg and G.S.C). The origin on the strain is a bit of a mystery but most people say it came from a cut of Chem Cookies. This strain has absolutely dominated the market and will likely be what G.S.C did to the industry in the past. It nails pretty much everything you can ask for; smell, terps, taste, high THC percentage, speed at which it grows, riddled in trichomes, also carries multiple hues of green and purple, and of course the effects. GMO is going to be around for a long time. It is truly rare to find a strain that meets all the criteria, regardless of if you are a consumer or a grower.

The trichome coverage is on point with the Wookfoot

            Wook Foot is just as pretty, if not slightly prettier than its GMO parent. When it comes to the structure of the plant it has very robust tight buds. GMO tends to have more compact smaller buds, that are very dense. The Wook Foots buds while tight but not so packed in that they would break from being pinched. This is preferred when grinding as it gives a much lighter fluffier grind. The color on the Wook Foot is like GMO it carries multiple different shades of green and purples throughout. Where it differs in color however is that the Wook Foot has this whitish silver/platinum shading to the strain. Similar to strains like Wookies 15 or Platinum G.S.C. That sheen would not be possible without the outstanding trichome coverage on this strain. Due to the strains Platinum sheen the trichome coverage is a little difficult to spot initially, however going up close it is just as coated as any other top shelf GMO strain. You can see in the up-close shot just how coated this one is in the nooks and crannies of the bud. This strain also has very pretty noticeable orange pistils all over the bud.

            The initial notes of the bud are a very sweet traditional cookies scent. It is strikingly sweet with just a touch of gas and earthy notes on the exit. We were definitely surprised by this as GMO is distinguished by its funky scent. We sampled the Wook Foot through a Volcano on the 10th episode of Spacebuds the Podcast. The flavors are not easy to distinguish the sweetness certainly comes through on this strain. As spoken about on the podcast it almost carries a Bubba Kush type of taste with it. We resampled the strain through a Firewood 7 and got the same results. The strain is coming off sweet and has a touch of berry flavor on the exhale. This one is hard to gauge as it does not really taste how it smells, but the taste is pleasantly fruity and lingers. We will say though that the taste is stronger then the initial smell. We feel that if you were hoping for something like GMO you would likely be disappointed. It does not carry much of those umami/funk notes in the flavor. If you enjoy cookie strains with berry crosses such as Crunchberry, and Blue Cookies you will want to give this a try it is very close in flavor.

            Wook Foot effects are pretty on par with our prediction based on its genetics, and its taste. We were anticipating a strain with much stronger cerebral and euphoric effects. We were right that this strain does not carry the same body as something such as the GMO. This strain is heavy on cookies genetics so even though GMO is a direct parent to Wook Foot the cookies seem to overtake most of the traits in it. It does carry s mild body like other Indica G.S.C crosses but nothing as strong or as weighty as GMO. We feel that this strain is more geared towards connoisseurs. While not as potent as maybe a GMO the cerebral effects can be a tad strong to newcomers. Newcomers should take caution when trying the Wook Foot and start in small doses. This strain is good for both daytime and the evening. It is pretty stimulating so right before bed is not recommended. Activities to pair can go from the most fun like gaming and hiking, to the most mundane like cleaning the house.

Wook Foot live plant from Trichome Farms Instagram @Trichome_Farms

            The Wook Foot that we sampled is from Trichome Farms. Trichome Farms is an mulit-award winning indoor farm from Dundee Oregon. Trichome farm started winning awards the same year they started in 2016, they have won the Growers Cup two years back-to-back. Their Signature strains are Black Widow, Zkittles Magoo, Glazed Apricot Gelato #5, Lost Cause, Crater Kush, and Obama Kush. They also work with companies such as Willamette Valley Alchemy that make Sugar wax, Shatter, Cartridges, and pax pods from their flower. Trichome has been putting out an entirely new wave of strains, and we are eager to see what new strains they come out with both in flower and concentrate form.

  • Appearance 5/5
  • Smell 3/5
  • Flavor 4/5
  • Effect 4/5

            We thought we had the Wook Foot all figured out from its lineage. The appearance is the most similar thing Wook Foot has in common with GMO Cookies. It contains similar colors along with a very heavy trichome saturation. It does differ slightly when it comes to the tone of the flower as the Wook Foot has more of a platinum hue to it. The structure is also a bit larger and fuller than GMO. The nose and taste were not as anticipated it definitely takes a lot from it’s cookie background. Effects are very cookie heavy and cerebral anytime you mix chemdawg and cookies you’re in for some strong euphoric. Body is present in the effects but more similar to other Indica leaning Cookie hybrids. While not as potent as GMO, the cerebral effects are still quite strong. Use caution when dosing if you are new to Cannabis, the effects certainly last. It is nice in some way to have a strain contain GMO and not be entirely overpowered by it! However, GMO fans will likely end up sticking to plain GMO Cookies. If you like the headiness that came with GMO but were not necessarily a fan of the weightiness and body that came with it, you should give this strain a shot.

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Chocolate Marshmallows strain Review:

Do you ever wonder if they name strains after food just to entice buyers to get them if they just so happen to have the munchies? Chocolate Marshmallows is just one example of many strains named after delicious dessert. Is the Chocolate Marshmallows strain just as sticky and icky as the dessert it is named after? Jump into our overview and review of Chocolate Marshmallows to find out!

Look at the beautiful contrast of colors in the Chocolate Marshmallows!

            Chocolate Marshmallows brings the sticky right from the get-go being a cross of Original Glue and Mint Chocolate Chip. Chocolate Marshmallow was bred by Exotic Genetix up in Washington. Exotic Genetix is best known for strains like Black Mamba, Blackberry Cream, Blue Steel, Bonkers, Cookies and Cream, Crunchberries, Grease Monkey, Kimbo Kush, Lightsaber, Mint Chocolate Chip, Predator Pink, Starfighter F2, The Cube, Triple Chocolate Chip, and Triple OG. The Chocolate marshmallows is a nifty cross from them as they have a big focus on breeding strains with Original Glue, along with plenty of crosses using their mint chocolate chip. This is a best of both worlds strain from Exotic Genetix as they went down the line of breeding out their entire line of Grease Monkey using Original Glue, and mixing it with a strain with some great cookie genetics.

            Let us get into the lineage of the Chocolate Marshmallows (Original Glue X Mint Chocolate Chip). Let us start off with the Mother of the strain “Original Glue” Aka Gorilla Glue Aka GG4 and every other copyright that the strain name infringes on. This strain has tri genetics from 3 different strains (Chem Sister X Sour Dubb X Chocolate Diesel). We will keep referring to it as original glue, which is specifically the #4 cut of the plant. Original Glue like many other popular strains from back in the day has quite a different/wishy washy origin story. It supposedly was created by accident when grower Joesy Whales had some Chem Sis plants that turned out to be Herm plants that pollinated some nearby Sour Dubb. While the room ended up being ruined, and those strains were removed some of the seeds were kept, and it was the 4th plant that had the best features, and the rest is history. Original Glue is an extremely unique one-of-a-kind strain, and to this day is enjoyed on it’s own or through its many hybrids on the market. There are a few reasons it is so unique: unique bud structure depending on who grows it, effects vary wildly depending on the person, very potent nose that carries a good mixture of earth and chem. It might not test as well as some of the strains on the current market, however, make no mistake Original Glue hits just as well as the 30% on the shelf. Mint Chocolate Chip is a much newer strain to the market. However, has managed to land a pretty big impact in the space due to its rather comforting Mint Chocolate smell. The genetics on this one is a bit of a mystery, literally. The cross is between a Mystery Cookies and Green Ribbon BX. This explains a lot about the nose of this strain that Green Ribbon carries a very sharp lime flavor that could be the base for those minty notes. The sweet characteristics must be coming from the “Mystery Cookies”.

You can see those Platinum Purple bits much better up close! Also look at the great Trichome coverage!

            Chocolate Marshmallows is a gorgeous strain. Considering that the strain has an original glue parent this strain is stunning. It clearly carries more phenotypic traits from the Mint Chocolate Chip Father. It has dense tight rounded buds; bud structure is more of an Indica or an Indica hybrid. The Trichome coverage on this is phenomenal all over the strain and within the nooks and crannies. The Trichome coverage is so vast that it lightens the entire bud. This strain stands out in terms of its color coverage. Due to the great trichome coverage you have a majority of this light green flower, with these beautiful contrasting Platinum Purple spots on the bud. Chocolate Marshmallows is certainly one of the prettiest strains we’ve seen from both Gardens Of Odin and from Exotic Genetix.

            So, between the Mint Chocolate Chip and the Original Glue which nose wins out on this one? When you have two distinctive scents from each parent that have noticeably different lineages, it can be hard to anticipate what the resulting strain will be like. We are happy to report that the Chocolate Marshmallows retains both parents in the nose. Initially you get strong Mint Chocolate Chip vibes from the strain. Mint Chocolate Chip has an interesting paring of scents it is sweet but sharp at the same time. It differs from a lot of the Gelato backed strains as it does not carry the same notes of fuel in it. The glue part comes in at the end, you get a bit of the chem at the end of the nose that rounds out into the more earthy tones that is typical of Original Glue. The strain was sampled twice using a Volcano and a Dynavap Omnivap XL. This strain tastes just as good, if not better than it smells. While those strong Mint cookie taste is strong, more of the chem seems to come through as well, and the earth finally shows up at the end of the exhale. This is a nice switch as earthy notes are usually not preferred on taste. Really phenomenal work was done here as it is no easy task to breed with Original Glue. Many strains that contain Original Gkye do not retain enough of the strains traits to warrant the demand for hybridization in the first place. Chocolate Marshmallows in terms of its taste and flavor nail the combination of Original Glue while still representing the Mint Chocolate Chip taste as well.

            It is nice to be able to review a strain that contains the Original Glue. The strain has such unique effects from person to person, that it certainly adds another layer to how to review the strain. Original Glue can be more of a Sativa to some or seemingly be the heaviest of Indica’s to others. We figured from the lineage of the Mint Chocolate Chip that we would seemingly get more of a Sativa experience, but it rounds itself to more of a hybrid in general. It is quite potent and has that feeling of hitting back before the eyes. Go easy with this one to start it is a bit of a creeper. Original Glue carries a lot of nice pain-relieving effects along with some typical weighted gravity issues. This carries some of those similar traits although we would say that are not as strong as Original Glue. If you were pairing the strain it would be best for the evening or right before bed. If Original Glue affects you more as a Sativa than this strain is great for all day, however even connoisseurs should go easy with dosing. Unlike other Original Glue strains, we did not find that this one gave the same case of the munchies. So, if you are using it for nausea or to stimulate appetite we would recommend you stick with your Original Glue.

Here is a shot from Gardens of Odins Instagram of their newest clones! Always bringing something new to the table! @GardensofOdin

            The Chocolate Marshmallows is grown by Gardens Of Odin. Gardens of Odin is an indoor tier 1 facility located on the coast of Oregon.  We have always really enjoyed the quality and craft that has come from Gardens Of Odin. They grow a wide variety of different strains; stuff that is popular in the current market, and unique strains that no one else is really growing. We have only seen them improve in the last few years and continue to enjoy all their newest offerings. Some of the strains that stood out to us were Dutch Treat, Desert Lavender, Blunicorn, The Purps, Purple Chocolate, and Garlic Breath. Gardens of Odin has only been putting out consistently better flower. We look forward to seeing what new cultivars come from them next.

  • Appearance 5/5
  • Smell 5/5
  • Flavor 5/5
  • Effect 4/5

            Turns out that Chocolate Marshmallows is not just a name for a delicious dessert. The Chocolate Marshmallows pretty much nails all our reviewing criteria. The strain is stunning; it contains multiple hues of color, along with some tremendous Trichome coverage. The nose and taste passed multiple tests thrown at it, has good appeal just off smell and when ground up. The taste is an improvement as the chem notes come through even more. The effects definitely build on Original Glue and have much stronger cerebral effects due to its lineage. If you see Chocolate Marshmallows on the shelf it is a must try, as it is so difficult to find out in the legal market.

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Bruce Bannished Strain Review:

Who is ready to get Hulked-out on this next strain overview and review? We at Spacebuds have carried Bruce Bannished for quite some time, not just for the name but it’s popular cult-like following for the strain. Let us dive into the science of what makes Bruce Bannished such a popular strain.

Bruce Bannished up close, see how tight this bud is?

                Bruce Bannished is the new name given to the formerly known Bruce Banner strain. Due to copyright issues which we have seen with many strains; the name is either abbreviated such as the case with G.S.C or has slight alterations such as the Bruce Bannished. This comes with the territory in this industry of moving from the Black Market to a more legitimate legal market, there are going to be some “Growing Pains” no pun intended. Even with the difference in naming conventions this strain has remained popular due to its unusual pairing of genetics.

                Bruce Bannished is a cross between OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel, it was bred by Dark Horse Genetics. Dark Horse Genetics is a seed breeder based out of Spain. However, the founder is from the United States, and has been in the scene for over 25+ years. Dark Horse Genetics is best known for the creation of the strain Bruce Banner. Dark Horse is the breeder of the Strawberry Diesel F2 which Bruce Banished comes from. Strawberry Diesel F2 along with Bruce Banner have been two of the biggest staples for their strains. We found that as of recently however that they are focusing on completely new strains to breed. They seem to be working on a new line of strains that come from the strain “Bitch Slap” such as “Thanoz”.

                Let us discuss a bit of the genetic history of the Bruce Bannished before we get into the review. The cross of Bruce Bannished is OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel. OG Kush’s storyline is very muddy, from most accounts it came from Florida. It is a cross between a strain from Cali which is believed to be ChemDawg and some phenotype of a Hindu Kush plant. OG Kush is the backbone to many of the strains that we currently have on the market. There are 1000’s of new hybrids that have come from just OG Kush alone. OG Kush is so well liked as it is mentally stimulating yet carries effective body relieving effects. OG Kush for connoisseurs is just as good in the morning as it as at night. Strawberry Diesel originally comes from Reservoir Seeds, bear with us because genetics get a little wishy washy on this one. There is debate weather or not Strawberry diesel is a cross between (Strawberry Cough and Sour Diesel) or (Strawberry Cough and NYC Diesel). It seems by most accounts that it is the latter being a cross between Strawberry Cough and NYC Diesel, however in Reservoir Seeds case they say it carries the Sour Diesel lineage. Many people enjoy Strawberry Diesel for its unique flavor and intense cerebral high. Strawberry Diesel in todays market is not as popular as some of the other Diesel strains.

Here is a closer look at the Banished, see some of the groupings of the darker orange pistils?

                Bruce Bannished carries more of its phenotypic traits from the Strawberry Diesel than the OG Kush. Its shape is more oblong with a skinnier longer structure. Bruce Banished fortunately has a tighter Bud structure than many other Sativas. The strain pretty much carries the color that the Hulk was in the animation series “The Incredible Hulk” it is exceptionally light green. The Trichome coverage on this strain seems to be very average, it is a bit hard to notice due to how light green the strain is. Some buds have some interesting groupings of darker orange pistils. This strain comes from older genetics, so it does have trouble standing out among some of the newer hybrids, but its cult like following does not come from its appearance.

                We have carried Bruce Bannished regularly at Spacebuds, and the nose seems to have carried some interesting opinions along the way. This strain is either loved for its smell or hated. It carries strong earthy notes with a hint of fruit. Strawberry notes do come through a bit but it is nothing like a strawberry diesel or strawberry cough. The earthiness is pungent, and some have noted that it has almost a pickle like smell to it. This can likely be attributed to the unique combination of fruit and earth flavors. It is different than the pickling smell that can occur with poorly cured Cannabis. We found that the taste brings out more sweet notes out of it, but we struggled to catch the strawberry flavor consistently. This flower was sampled through both a Volcano and a Dynavap and we found that the taste came through with similar results.

                The effects of the Bruce Banished is what gives this strain such a cult like following. While it is Sativa-Dominant it carries some good pain-relieving effects. It carries a good bit of boost but does not seem to carry some of the heavier euphoric effects of other Sativas such as some of the Hazes. This makes the strain great for medicinal use, as many people like it to take off the edge of the body but not be locked down to the couch. We found that the strain is definitely better for daytime, but can still be used for later in the day. It pairs well with both indoor and outdoor activities. This strain is not as potent as some of the newer hybrids, which makes it pair well with social situations. Like Strawberry Cough this is a good one to enjoy with friends. If you are newer to Cannabis go slow with Bruce Bannished as even milder Sativas can sometimes get a bit too racy. Connoisseurs will likely enjoy this strain for a wake and bake pairing.

A lovely formation of live Bruce Bannished from Emerald Valley Growers Instagram @Evgrowers

                Emerald Valley Growers is an indoor facility located in Eugene Oregon. Emerald Valley Growers focus on the medical side of the industry, they offer a broad array of Cannabis products suited to treating various illnesses and injuries. They are also known for breeding and selling whole-sale clones. Some of the strains they carry are The Borg, Blueberry Diesel X Triple OG, Kimbo Kush, Bruce Bannished, Lemon OG Kush, and White Tahoe Cookies. They have carried some strains with older lineages that they may bring back to the future. We hope that they bring back the Strawberry Cough, White Queen, and the Shishkaberry.

  • Appearance 2/5
  • Smell 3/5
  • Flavor 3/5
  • Effect 4/5

                We feel that the name for the Bruce Bannished is very appropriate given its effects. This strain is not going to Hulk-Smash your mind, but it will give a much-needed boost and pain-relief. We enjoy being able to be in a market where we have such a variety of different strains to choose from. Not every strain needs to put you into a different dimension, if they all did that there would be truly little reason to review strains in the first place. The strains appearance might not be like some of the other hybrids, but it still maintains good trichome coverage throughout. The nose is going to be very hit or miss for people, due to the earthy nature of the strain. The effects however are where this strain absolutely shine, it stands among Sativa Hybrids. It carries so much more body-relieving effects than many of the other Sativa-hybrid strains on the market. We really want to express that as far as Cannabis for medicinal purposes this strain really nails that niche. If you have been searching for a strain with some pain-relief but does not put you out for the day, it does not get much better than Bruce Bannished.

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Peanut Butter Breath Strain Review:

With a strain name like Peanut Butter Breath you would think that this strain really would not be much of a threat on the shelf. Peanut Butter Breath has managed to become one of the most popular strains to grow as of the last year. Jump into our overview and review of the Peanut Butter Breath from Happy Buddha Botanicals to see what makes it such a popular strain.

Another very tight Peanut Butter Breath bud from Happy Buddha Botanicals.

            Peanut Butter Breath is a cross between (Do-Si-Do x Mendo Breath F2) bred by Thug Pug Genetics. ThugPug Genetics is best known for putting out strains with some crazy funky terps. They have brought more breath strains to the market than pretty much every other grower out there. What impresses us over at Spacebuds is how many funky strains that they have made without the use of GMO Cookies. Some of their most popular strains that include some form of breath in the name are: 007 Breath, Bad Breath, Baes Breath, Banana Breath, Black Cherry Breath, Bubble Gum Breath, Cactus Breath, Cherry Breath. Cherry Pie Breath, Childs Breath, Fire Breath, Garlic Breath, Ghost Breath, Glukie Breath, Gorilla Breath, Halitosis Breath, Meat Breath, Peanut Butter Breath, Pugs Breath, PurpleDrank Breath, Raspberry Breath, Sherb Breath, Skorange Breath, Sophies Breath, and to round it out Thugs Breath. So they have been running the Mendo Breath F2 for a long time with their strains, and interestingly enough they are not the ones to have bred Mendo Breath in the first place (Gage Green Genetics is the original breeder of Mendo Breath). Peanut Butter Breath out of all the breaths has been by far the most popular of the Breath strains that they have bred.

            Let us get into the lineage of the Peanut Butter Breath, it is a cross between Do-Si-Do and Mendo Breath. Both strains’ roots are vastly popular on the market still to this day. Do-Si-Do is a creation by Archive Seedbank it is a cross between Face Off OG and G.S.C. This is one of the most popular strains bred by Archive and has extreme variations in it’s effects depending on the cut of the plant. Do-Si-Do can range anywhere from a Sativa Hybrid to the heaviest of Indicas. Mendo Breath is a creation by Gage Green Genetics and is a cross between OGKB and Mendo Montage. OGKB is a popular more Indica Heavy cut of the G.S.C family compared similarly to strains like Do-Si-Do. Mendo Montage on the other hand is not really bred much anymore, however it does see it’s lineage passed on through the Mendo breath strain. This being an F2 strain that means that is a cross between and Mendo Breath F1 and another Mendo Breath F1. This is typically done in breeding to stabilize the genetics in a plant and introduce less variety to the strains genetics when it is grown. By choosing two F1 plants of the same variety the F2 line (the second Filial generation) will carry less genetic diversity than the F1 line. Mendo breath for the most part is seen on the midshelf and outdoor these days but is enjoyed by many for its stony and sedative effects.

            What makes Peanut Butter Breath so popular? Peanut Butter Breath is popular for several factors but most of them are benefits for the grower. The strain if grown properly looks very impressive. Peanut Butter Breath also manages to have consistently good yields for the strain.  It carries really good trichome coverage and has actually led to some newer strains that have become the biggest rage in the industry “White Truffle”. White Truffle was founded by Fresh Coast Seed Co however the most popular cut is from Beleaf Cannabis and has become one of the most shared strains on Instagram. Its dark purple color accentuates the trichomes causing it to appear as mostly Trichomes. This is noticed in another really popular strain known as Hypnotoad most of these strains are so popular due to their looks. The contrast of White Trichomes on a dark purple background makes all the difference visually.

The Trichome coverage makes it so hard to focus!

            While Peanut Butter Breath might not look like White Truffle it is not necessary, Peanut Butter Breath more than holds its own. This strain has more than enough trichomes to go around. The strain itself is a nice medium green throughout with some very noticeable darker orange pistils throughout. The only lightening we see in color is from the trichomes on the strain that are so layered on top of one another you can notice where the trichomes stack. You notice these trichomes all throughout the flower itself even within the tighter spaces within the bud. It carries a very traditional hybrid but more sativa-hybrid structure to the flower with elongated Skinnier buds. This carries a similar trait to some of the other buds from Happy Buddha Botanicals where they are tight but not overly dense.

            Peanut Butter Breath carries a very inoffensive nose. It has a very feint sweetness that is noticeable throughout smelling and tasting the bud. The overall scent though is more earthy like the scent of soil. The scent while noticeable does not really linger or pungent. The taste resembles the smell. This was sampled through a Firewood 7 Vaporizer and dosed twice on two different temperatures. The first temp is at 320°F to taste for terps and the second is at 380°F to test for potency. We noticed a bit more sweetness that comes out with the taste initially. It has this sweet that counteracts some of the main earthy notes. We found the taste to be more enjoyable than the initial smell because Peanut Butter Breath in general does not carry much of a nose to begin with. This certainly tastes much better than the initial first impression of the smell. It is not that the strain smells bad it is just remarkably inoffensive and doesn’t really do anything to change the game in terpene department.

            One of the main reasons we decided to review this strain was due to the way that it tested. This strain has a remarkably strange THC to CBD ratio especially for a strain that normally does not carry any nominal amount of CBD. This strain tested in at 19.10% THC and 9.30% CBD. This piqued our curiosity as while we have a lot of 2:1 CBD To THC strains that we do carry. It is rare to see a strain that contains that much THC and that much CBD at the same time especially with THC being the dominant ratio. To sum up the effects of the strain it is very mellow and relaxing. We feel that with the addition of the CBD to the strain is not as euphoric or as stoney as other strains that contain Do-Si-Do, even other variations of Peanut Butter Breath would be much stonier. This strain is perfect for bedtime or right before it. For Connoisseurs this is a good strain if you are looking for something to have more relief on the body than on the mind. We found that it gives a general feeling of contentedness this could be due to the higher amounts of CBD in the strain.

            Happy Buddha Botanicals cultivated the Peanut Butter Breath that we are reviewing. This one was quite a bit different from their other offerings, but we have enjoyed it much the same as the others. Happy Buddha Botanicals is a Tier 1 Indoor Cannabis grow that is in Medford. Their unique growing style leads to Buds with a tight structure but with not a ton of heft behind it. This is preferred as it allows for the buds to grind and not crush. Some of their most popular strains include Motorbreath, Garlicane, Ice Cream Cake and Samoa’s. We look forward to seeing what cultivars Happy Buddha Botanicals produces next.

  • Appearance 4/5
  • Smell 2/5
  • Flavor 3/5
  • Effect 4/5

This Peanut Butter Breath is a as smooth as well, creamy peanut butter. While this batch of Peanut Butter Breath might not live up to its traditional expectations. It does still carry many of the same traits that makes Peanut Butter Breath popular. The strain is brimming at and in between the seams with Trichomes. This strain is not so well known for its nose, which we see in this case. The strain tastes better than it smells, bringing on sweeter flavor than what you would get from just smelling it. While this is not a traditional Peanut Butter Breath, we felt that we might have enjoyed it more because of its unique ratio. This is a nice strain if you really need to unwind and relax, and maybe even go horizontal for a bit. We recommend if you see this batch of Peanut Butter Breath on the shelf to pick up some because it will not last long!

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Slurricane Strain Review:

There is a Slurricane headed right for us! Looking up Slurricane there is no mention to what it  is in real-life. So apparently a Slurricane is what every you want it to be. For us it is lovely Indica Hybrid strain that has comes from two popular strains. Check out our overview and review of the Slurricane down below!

Look at all different hues of color in the Slurricane.

            Slurricane is a cross between Purple Punch and Do-si-do. Slurricane was bred by In-House Genetics. In-House Genetics is an immensely popular Seed Breeder especially in the Pacific Northwest. We have reviewed many strains from In-House Genetics over the last year, including our latest review of the Blunicorn. The good news about In-House Genetics breeding philosophy is that they do not stick to breeding one strain. While they have had success with certain strains, they continue to breed from many different types of strains on the market. Some of their most popular strains include: Black Cherry Punch, Cactus OG, Crystal Cookies, Divine Gelato, OGKB V 2.1, Slurricane, and Terple. What also sets them apart from other breeders is that because their strains are so varied they have very distinct effects and potencies. Comparing for instance the Divine Gelato to the Slurricane you are going to have widely varying effects. This diversification has led to a lot of success and why we believe that In-House genetics has become such a natural paring for so many top-shelf growers.

            Let us speak a little bit to the lineage of the Slurricane (Purple Punch X Do-Si-Do). Purple Punch is a cross between Larry OG and Grand Daddy Purple. Origins to Purple Punch remain a bit of a mystery some people online speculate it originated from the somewhere in the LA area. Purple Punch has remained popular through breeding into newer hybrids, however Purple Punch itself has remained a little stagnant on its own in the recreational market. This is likely due more to testing (Not regularly a high tester) and being phased more into greenhouse and outdoor. People enjoy Purple Punch for its mellow relaxing effects with great berry-forward flavor. Do-Si-Do is a creation of a breeder known as Archive Seed Bank. Do-Si-Do is one of the most popular strains that they have created and is a cross between G.S.C and Face OFF OG. Do-Si-Do is a bit of a mysterious strain as it can have very different effects depending on the cut. This opens the range on this strain from being a Sativa-Hybrid all the way to what feels as though it is a pure Indica. Most of Do-Si-Do’s popularity these days comes from its many hybridized crosses. However, you do see some top-shelf growers still continue to carry it in their rotation.

These are the Purple Platinum flecks that you can find throughout the Slurricane.

            Slurricane’s nose is very strongly reminiscent of Purple Punch. It hits you with strong sweet berry notes to start off with. There is a bit of a shift that is noticeable on the end notes though of more of a slightly sweet gas flavor. That ending note is not so much like a gelato where the sweetness is the lead note. It has some more sharp gas/earthy notes that really stand out. The taste of the Slurricane is noticeably different than the smell. We sampled the product through a Firewood 7 to start and a bigger dose through the Mighty Vaporizer. Both samples yielded similar tastes what starts off initially with berry notes that switches over very quickly to stronger earthy Cookie notes. In fact we would say that 90% of the experience ends up being of these notes. So, if you prefer the flavor of the Do-si-do to the Purple Punch you would prefer the taste of this flower much more.

Look how the plants are put directly into the soil! From High Valley Organics Instagram @HighvalleyOrganics.

            Being a cross of Purple Punch and Do-Si-Do we really did not know what to completely expect with the effects. Purple Punch is a much more mellow strain to start and even the best batches are not known to be the most potent. Do-Si-Do is a complete wild-card and can seem to range anywhere from a Sativa-Hybrid to a straight Indica depending on what parent it is paired with. The effects of the Slurricane certainly lean more toward the Indica side in terms of the body effects, but when it comes to head change, we feel that it is more of an even hybrid. To start the effects we noticed were really reminiscent of Purple Punch, which carries a strong tendency to relax the body but and loosen up the muscles. However, the big difference we noticed is there is a much more noticeable head change that is familiar to G.S.C and it’s many hybrid off-spring. While we felt that the Slurricane relaxed the body, we did not feel overtly stoned and wanting to go horizontal. This would be a good pick at right around 4:20 or later. We found that it pairs well with a lot of things mainly stuff that does not involve massive amounts of cardio. You will not be locked down to the couch exactly, but you likely would not be looking to run a marathon either.           

            Slurricane was brought to us by High Valley Organics. High Valley Organics is an Outdoor Living Soil, Organic grow out in Southern Oregon. They feature quite a few different unique outdoor strains such as GT Dragon, The White, Sour Apple, Bruce Banner, Grape SFV OG,  Since the last review they have discontinued their Blue Dream, but hopefully it will be back some day! High Valley Organics sets themselves apart by growing in the Oregon soil and not using pots. This is surprisingly rare in the industry, but we do appreciate when people are able to grow incredible outdoor using the native conditions of the farm.

  • Appearance 4/5
  • Smell 4/5
  • Flavor 3/5
  • Effect 5/5

            Slurricane builds on the lineage of Purple Punch and breathes new life in the strain. This strain is fantastic for people who are new to Cannabis, like many strains that contain Purple Punch in its lineage. To connoisseurs who are looking for something with good flavor to get the night started. The Slurricane is a very pretty for an outdoor strain, it carries some flecks of noticeable platinum purple throughout. Along with some genuinely nice trichome coverage on the inside and outside of the buds. The nose on this certainly comes from the berry-forward Purple Punch, but the taste moves into that earthy cookies taste. As for the effects they range from mild to point, mild on the mind in terms of being locked down. It is stimulating enough that it is noticeable and should prevent dozing off similar to a milder stimulating G.S.C. Even though there is no such thing as a Slurricane, we feel that the name is oddly appropriate because as soon as you anticipate something from it, you end up getting complete opposite effects from the norm. This comes through in the appearance, nose, taste, and the effects. We would urge people reading this that they too should get Slurricaned.

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Blunicorn Strain Review:

Blunicorn lineage comes from some of the most popular strains out on the market. Jump into our overview and review of Blunicorn from Gardens of Odin to see why this strain is as mystical as its name.

The Horn of the Unicorn in the Middle. Look at those nice chunky buds!

            Blunicorn is a cross between Blue Sherbet and Unicorn Poop. This is not the first time we have seen a strain with Blue Sherbet in its lineage. Garlic Sherbet which we looked at back on Episode 5 of our podcast, carries the Blue Sherbet in its line as well. Both Garlic Sherbet and Blunicorn were bred by In-House Genetics. In-House Genetics has been a key player in the Oregon Recreational market. They have been putting out many popular strains, most top-shelf growers grow some strains from In-House Genetics in the Pacific Northwest. Some of their most popular strains include: Black Cherry Punch, Cactus OG, Crystal Cookies, Divine Gelato, OGKB V 2.1, Slurricane, and Terple. They carry a vary extensive variety of different genetics and do not focus on one specific strain to carry their genetic lineup forward, like many others in the seed industry.

            Let us go a bit into the background of the parents of Blunicorn. Blue Sherbet is a cross between Blue Cookies and Sunset Sherbet bred by The Plug Genetics. While both carry cookies in their genetics they vary as the Blue Cookies lean much more toward the Indica Hybrid side, whereas the Sunset Sherbet can lean more in the middle to Sativa side. Unicorn Poop is cross between GMO and Sophisticated Lady. So, in a not-so-distant way this strain is very closely related to the Garlic Sherbet (GMO X Blue Sherbet). GMO Cookies has managed to attain its popularity for many different reasons: it’s a high tester, high Trichome coverage along with a multi-colored appearance, Unique sweet and savory flavor profile, and of course some very potent cerebral effects from its ChemDawg x G.S.C lineage. Sophisticated Lady however marvels us with her unique genetics. Sophisticated Lady is a cross between Ghost OG, and Grateful Breath bred by Gage Green Genetics. Sophisticated Lady had seen some play in the last few years in the legal Cannabis industry, but it seems as soon as she arrives, there are other GMO, and Gelato crosses that end up taking her place. We have seen quite a few crosses from Sophisticated Lady that are still around to this day such as the Unicorn Poop.

A closer look on some of the little flecks of blue in the Blunicorn

            Let us get into how the Blunicorn looks. The Blunicorn shares a little of similarities to other strains by Gardens of Oden. The buds are compact and carry a medium to light denseness. They are primarily a lighter shade of green that carries a few flecks of lighter purple/dark blue throughout. The Trichome coverage on the Blunicorn shares a combination of a really coated exterior as well, as a more sugar lined interior on the flower. This strain Phenotypically seems to carry more of its traits from the Unicorn Poop as opposed to the Blue Sherbet. As the coloring throughout is much greener and carries a longer more oblong structure.

            The Blunicorn carries a different nose. It has this pungent funky smell from the GMO with a tad bit of sweetness, but there is something else in the Blunicorn that gives it a strong sharp note. We found that these Sharp Notes really come off in the taste, almost more than it does on the initial smell. Something that we did not really encounter when we reviewed the Garlic Sherbet. That is more of a play on regular GMO with sweet elements, this is something different entirely. Trying to pin-point down what it is it carries maybe some of the stronger Chem Dawg notes as it carries a much stronger Chemmy smell. Gardens of Odin does a wonderful job of nailing the terps of strains, and this is just one of the many examples we have seen from Gardens of Odin on how flower is supposed to smell. With our reviews we choose to sample the favorites that we put on our shelf. So, we never really talk about the negatives in this industry, but there are a surprising number of farms that are still struggling to properly flush out Nutes. Those batches of flower never make it to our shelves. Gardens of Odin from many of the different strains we have tried The Purps, Purple Chocolate, Candyland, Super Sherb, Dutch Treat nail the way they are supposed to smell and taste.

            It is exciting that we have two strains that we have reviewed that are remarkably similar yet different in many ways. Blunicorn is a pretty different experience than the Garlic Sherbet. The Blunicorn leans toward more daytime effects than the Garlic Sherbet, this can be thanked to the Sophisticated Lady genetics in the Blunicorn. We found that with the Garlic Sherbet the easiest way to make it a daytime strain was to microdose it. The Blunicorn is much closer to the middle and Sativa time of things. We found that the Blunicorn pairs well whether you are doing something more recreational like gaming or hanging out with friends. Or if you have must do like spring cleaning. The effects are more on the 50/50 Hybrid side than something like the Garlic Sherbet. It carries a good combination of both body relieving and cerebral effects. If you enjoy GMO’s effects but want something that is a little more cerebral but less sleepy, this is a great choice.

Fresh Blunicorn from Gardens of Odins Instagram @GardensofOdin

            Blunicorn is brought to us by Gardens of Odin. Gardens of Odin is an indoor Tier 1 facility located on the Oregon Coast. They carry a combination of both old school and new school genetics. Strains include The Purps, Purple Chocolate, Super Sherb, Blunicorn, Milk and Cookies, Desert Lavender, Golden Lemons, Trospantos, and Platinum OGKB. They do a great job pheno hunting all of their strains and come out with extremely consistent high quality indoor flower. We look forward to seeing what new and old genetics they decide to cultivate in this new year of 2021.

  • Appearance 4/5
  • Smell 4/5
  • Flavor 5/5
  • Effect 4/5

            We really enjoyed sampling the Blunicorn over the podcast. It checks all the boxes of what we look for in good connoisseur grade Cannabis. It has great Trichome coverage, along with some nice changes in the color of the strain. The nose stands out even among some of the other GMO strains with a much sharper nose. The effects are quite strong but not overtly sleepy so this one should not likely put you down on your couch. If you are looking for a change from the typical GMO strains on the market or are looking for a potent 50/50 hybrid the Blunicorn is an excellent choice.

Out of these strains which are you most excited to see new crosses of in 2021?

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Island Girl Strain Review

Island Girl surprised us in the best way. Jump into the review to find out what makes Island Girl stand out on the shelf from the many offerings we see in today’s legal recreational Cannabis Industry.

The Island Girl features some nice sized light-green buds

            Island Girl as it made the rounds among us Spacebuds got many different impressions. The first thing many people noted is that the smell is reminiscent of a popular strain known as Island Sweet Skunk. Others said it reminded them of the strain Clementine, or it was a combination of the two. Strain names come and go so finding the actual genetics of this strain was actually a big surprise. If you type “Island Girl Strain” online you typically get two results; One is a strain that seems more popular on back in the early start of the medical industry created by Gold Drop Gardens (Island Sweet Skunk X Platinum G.S.C), and another one that seems more popular today created by Archive Seed Bank which is a cross between [Malawi x (95’ NL5 x Haze F2) x (Sensi Star x Molokai Frost)) x Do-Si-Do] talk about a mouthful. The genetics that the Island Girl from Happy Buddha Botanicals is the latter genetics from Archive.

            We have a lot to break down in that lineage but lets us start with a little information about the breeder Archive Seed Bank. Archive has been one of the biggest and most popular breeders in the Pacific North West (Particularly in Oregon). Archive has bred a vary wide variety of different strains, and they have been breeding since the mid-2000s. What makes Archive so unique is the genetics that they picked up from all over the country. They are best known for strains such as Do-Si-Do, Hazmat OG, Junior Mints, Memory Loss, Moonbow, OverFLO, Rudeboi Og, Scooby Snacks, and Valley Girl. Do-Si-Do and FaceOFF OG (parent of Do-Si-Do) are some of the most well-known strains to have come from Archive Seedbank.

            Alright let us breakdown this daunting cross of the Island Girl [Malawi x (95’ NL5 x Haze F2) x (Sensi Star x Molokai Frost)) x Do-Si-Do]. To start us off Malawi is a pure Sativa Landrace from South East Africa. It is said it carries a lot of traits like Durban Poison or other Thai Landrace Sativas. 95’ NL5 is a specific cut of the strain Northern Lights. Northern Lights #5 is one of the most famous versions of Northern Lights and is a multi-award winning strain. Northern Lights #5 is a cross between Haze, Skunk #1 and Northern Lights itself. This strain has been enjoyed regularly since the 90’s and has been a parent to many strains that have been bred out of the Pacific Northwest. The original Haze strain has mysterious origins linked to Santa Cruz. This strain is extremely popular for sativa lovers as it is very high energy with a powerful punch of euphoria. Haze is one of the two parents of the most popular strain of all time, Blue Dream. Sensi Star is an absolute multi-award winning classic Indica created by Paradise seeds. Sensi Star has been eclipsed by its more popular hybrid son Death Star (Sensi Star X Sour Diesel). Molokai Frost is a well-known Hawaiian Sativa-Dominant Landrace. Not much is known about the strains history except while it looks and appears to be Sativa-Dominant it’s effects actually lean more on the Indica side of things. And to round the entire thing off it is crossed with Do-Si-Do. As we said before Do-Si-Do is one of Archive Seedbanks most famous strains. Do-Si-Do is a cross between the more Indica heavy cut of G.S.C (OGKB) and Faceoff OG Bx1. Many people who love cookie strains love Dosido for its even heavier and more OG like effects from Do-Si-Do. Do-Si-Do is an interesting strain because depending on the cut it can have widely different effects. Sometimes it can be more reminiscent of a Sativa strain having more effects like Face OFF OG. But on the other hand, it can sometimes be one of the stoniest Indica’s you have ever tried, showing more of the OGKB traits.

You really have to get in the nooks in crannies to see those Sugary Trichomes up-close.

            The Island Girl has a more traditional Sativa/Sativa Hybrid appearance. The structure is a longer and more oval shaped bud. The buds while light is very tightly packed, similar to the Motorhead that we reviewed that was grown by Happy Buddha Botanicals. Happy Buddha Botanicals has done an amazing job on many of their strains providing a good density in their buds. The buds are a nice shade of light green, with orange pistils that are packed into the flower. The Trichome coverage on this one is a bit tricky as part of what makes it so light green are the trichomes. The more noticeable trichomes have more of a sugar-coated look, where you must get really up close in the nook and crannies to see them.

            We feel that where this strain shines the most is in its smell and taste. Happy Buddha Botanicals has nailed this one just like their Motorbreath. While they smell completely different, you will want to keep opening the dram just to get another whiff. It has qualities that remind us of both Island Sweet Skunk, and Clementine. The initial sweetness of the flower really comes through, but then it shifts into a more floral mildly skunky aroma. This wide variety of genetics has yielded some unique flavor profiles that have been lost over time. We are always so pleasantly surprised that even with the denseness of these buds, the smell just radiates out of the jar. Grinding it up you get much stronger floral and skunky notes. For the review the Island Girl was put through a Volcano. We found that when it comes to the taste you get a good mix of sweet and funk/skunk. The funk helps smooth out the taste and stays on the tongue.

As weed nerds seeing this combination of new-school breeding with old-school genetics it has been an absolute pleasure to try this flower. The effects of the Island Girl are much stronger on the Sativa side. It certainly has a noticeable head change with uplifting effects. This strain has a strong recreational side to it as well because of its euphoric effects. You can likely thank all its haze background for that. We like that it is a little more grounded than some other heavier haze heavy strains such as Memory loss (Also from Archive Seedbank). It being a  combination of many different strains definitely pull it back from being a straight Sativa. It is a good day time strain as well as in the evening. More stimulating activities such as gaming, hiking, and skiing/snowboarding would be perfect pairings with the Island Girl. People newer to Cannabis may want to be careful with this one as even though it is not as strong as some of the racier Sativas in its family it is still quite hazy.

  • Appearance 4/5
  • Smell 5/5
  • Flavor 4/5
  • Effect 4/5
Look at that chunky Kola! From @HappyBuddhaBotanicals Instagram

Happy Buddha Botanicals is an indoor Tier 1 facility located in Medford. They carry a wide variety of top-shelf cultivars such as Motorbreath, Peanut Butter Breath, Island Girl, Garlicane, and Winterland. Just like the Island Girl their buds are dense but remarkably fragrant. They have been constantly surprising us in the best way. It is nice to see some serious variety in this industry. So, if you happen to see some of their offerings around Oregon give them a shot!

As we said in the intro Island Girl really surprised us in the best way. We collectively felt that although it does have some strong Sativa characteristics even fans of more Indica heavy OG’s would be able to appreciate it. There are prettier strains on the market than Island Girl, however we would love to see other top shelf strains that can stand up to it’s nose. The combination of old-school genetics and new school breeding makes this a unique strain on the market. It is perfect for fans of older school Sativas, as it adds a new twist into the occasion. Newcomers should be warned as it is potent like many Landrace Sativas tend to be. Happy Buddha Botanicals really did this strain justice, and we hope it remains in their cultivar lineup.  

MAC 1 Strain Review:

We previously had the opportunity to review the MAC 2 by Tao Gardens. MAC 2 brought a unique look, flavor, and effect to the Alien Cookies strain. MAC 1 has managaged to be the more mainstream/popular version of MAC. Check out why MAC 1 is just so popular down below.

Look at the endless amounts of Trichomes on this MAC

         Miracle Alien Cookies has quite the origin story. Bred by Capulator it is a cross between Miracle and Alien Cookies. Capulator refers to the strain as Miracle because unfortunately after a trip of acquiring said seeds all 15 of them were ran through the washing machine. Out of the 15 only one of them made it through an entire cycle. MAC has become a staple in the United States legal recreational marketplace. MAC 1 specifically “Caps” cut has been one of the most well-known and prized cuts of MAC that there is. MAC is also continually making new waves through all the diverse crosses that it has. It has become such a staple in the industry that it has pretty much crossed with any strain that has real Notoriety. MAC-MO (MAC X GMO), Gucci Berries, Mobama (MAC X Obama Kush), and Ice Cream Sandwich (Ice Cream Cake X Fleetwood Mac) just to name a few.

This one only gets prettier up close!

            MAC 1 just like MAC 2 remains as one of the prettiest strains on the market. As we said in the MAC 2 review “It is an absolute stunner”. They are both remarkably similar in terms of how they both look. We will say that this batch of MAC 1 has a slightly denser appearance, the buds are also a little more closed up. It still however shares that powder/snow coated trichome exterior that MAC is so famous for. MAC is reminiscent of when you cast light on snow it’s blinding, you put the Mac under some serious light and you might want to wear protective goggles.

            Miracle Alien Cookies has been known for not having the highest terpene content, we went into this one the MAC 2 review on the lack of MAC concentrates. It seems the industry is changing by introducing new MAC crosses to extract. Even with it’s lack of high testing terpene content, MAC still carries great flavor. MAC should smell like “Sour Cherry Yoplait Yogurt”. Between the two types of MAC we prefer the scent and taste of the Mac 1 to the Mac 2. We found that the scent is much stronger when it comes to MAC 1, you put these side by side and most people would probably go for the MAC 1 on the sniff test. Even when sampled through a volcano, we felt that the MAC has more of a fruity bold taste than the more sour subtle notes of the MAC 2. We think one reason that we prefer the MAC 1 in both smell and taste, is due to it’s bud structure. Because these buds are denser and tighter in the MAC 1, we feel that it retains both its scent and taste better.  

            Effects are absolutely on point with the MAC 1 and it’s very apparent as to why this has been a leading cut of the plant itself. MAC 1 has very strong cerebral effects along with a nice boost of energy and euphoria. This strain is pretty potent, but we would not advise against beginners trying it. MAC is a really good strain for a party, it is definitely a head changer, but it remains a good social high as it doesn’t remove you from this world. Interestingly we found the high’s to be quite different between the MAC 1 and the MAC 2. It seems to carry a pretty even split here around Spacebuds as to which one is preferred. The MAC 2 carries a little more Euphoria and body effects, but it does not have the same mood elevation and energy that we noticed with this batch of MAC 1. To note we have had a lot of MAC 2 at Spacebuds and batch to batch the effects have remained consistent, so it is interesting to note that the two cuts of the plants are so different from one another. MAC just for the effects alone is worth your time and your money.

A MAC 1 Plant up close from @Taogardens instagram page

MAC 1 was grown by our friends over at Tao Gardens. Tao Gardens has really been changing the game with their living soil no-till style of growing. Their dedication to growing specific strains has been nothing short of amazing for our fellow Spacebuds out there. Certain strains that have been forced to the bottom and mid-shelf have been revived by Tao Gardens. They have one of the best Purple Punches in the entire state. Tao has recently been getting into the edible and Solventless extraction market as well. Tao has continually changed their cultivars over the last year, and we are excited to see what new strains Tao gardens brings to 2021.  

  • Appearance 5/5
  • Smell 5/5
  • Flavor 5/5
  • Effect 5/5

            Well, it is no secret at this point on how the MAC was going to score. MAC 1 just like MAC 2 is the cream of the crop when it comes to strains. It consistently remains as one of the best-looking flowers on the market. The nose is unique in the bigger picture of the industry, and even people who are not into Cannabis will likely not find it offensive. The effects are really what seal the deal for the MAC. The strain carries some seriously warm vibes, without feeling like an alien yourself. We have yet to see a MAC cross that rivals MAC so we feel that we will be seeing this one for a long time.

Best GG4/Original Glue Cross?

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Super Dave Strain Review

Super Dave has been an absolute favorite when it has been in the shop. An exclusive strain created by KGB Farms, what makes Super Dave just all so “Super”?

Super Dave up close from their Instagram @KGBFarmsOregon

            Super Dave was bred by KGB Farms and is a cross between Orange Crush and NYC Diesel. KGB Farms has certainly had some experience with Orange Crush, as they are constantly putting out batches that reach above 30% THC, and talk about some absolutely triched-out buds. Orange Crush is said to have been bred by the BC Growers Association, it is a cross between California Orange and Blueberry. BC Growers association has a lot of experience growing Blueberry and it’s crosses; Romberry, Grapefruit BX1, and Pink Grapefruit Cocktail. California Orange has been around for quite some time and it’s lineage is unknown, it carries a unique citrus heavy heavy terpene profile even though it is typically high in Linalool. California Orange has been enjoyed by many who want to reap the benefits of it’s potent cerebral effects. Blueberry on the other hand has made into most of the most popular fruit-forward strains. DJ Short has put Blueberry on the map making it one of the most popular strains on the market, as well as making it a parent to one of the most well known strains Blue Dream. Blueberry is enjoyed for its focus on more body heavy with mild heady effects. Blueberry is one of the most approachable Cannabis strains by the market being enjoyed by beginners and connoisseurs alike. NYC Diesel on the other hand is a vastly different beast it is a multi award winning Sativa Strain. NYC Diesels origins are linked back to Soma Seeds and its genetics are believed to be a cross between an Afghani and Mexican Land Race Strain. People seem to agree that this is Sour Diesel’s more clearheaded cousin and is enjoyed by many for it’s very social buzzy effects. NYC Diesel is also enjoyed for it’s Grapefruit-forward flavor that is unique to the strain. While Award winning NYC Diesel is a rarity to see on the market, as it has been seemingly replaced by many other more potent cerebral diesel strains. 

Real up close look on a bud of Super Dave

            Super Dave carries a lot of phenotypic traits from it’s parent Orange Crush. It has this lightened white trichome heavy sheen just like Orange Crush. Like the type of trichome coverage that is seen from a strain such as M.A.C. The buds carry a much more traditional Sativa shape with longer skinnier buds, just as many of the Diesel crosses out there. The color is a very consistent light green with many noticeable orange pistils all over the bud. The light green is furthered lightened up by all the keif that the strain carries. The buds are a medium to to medium-high tightness, but the buds are not dense. Like many other Sativa’s this one doesn’t have some of the density that Indica’s tend to carry. This really surprised us as most Cannabis that is grown through the Hydroponic process tends to turn out tight dense buds. This signature seems to come across in a lot of KGB Farms flower this somewhat tight but lighter than expected buds.

            One advantage that we do see not having the dense buds is the nose carries much further on first inspection. The notes of this strongly resemble citrus, namely of Orange and Grapefruit. The initial smell is much more of an Orange, but as you get a deeper whiff it shifts to more of that zesty Grapefruit smell. It’s a very interesting clash because just as you think you’ll get those sour notes from the Grapefruit, that Orange comes back in with this sweetness that carries through the smell and taste of the Super Dave. There are some really nice floral hints that are present in the flower, that we mainly notice in the taste. We used a volcano to try out this strain and found that the Orange comes through much stronger on the taste, and it is followed by a very pleasant smooth floral taste at the end. Comparing this to the Orange Push Pop this has more rounded out flavor with the mixture of the sweet floral fruit notes. Whereas the Orange Push Pop carries a much sharper note of artificial Orange. We really enjoyed the smell/taste signature that Super Dave has, it is an incredibly unique flavor that is not seen to often in the Oregon recreational market.

            Super Dave is a consistently high tester, usually clocks in above 28% THC. This batch we reviewed comes in at 32.49% THC. The strains effects are certainly more on the Sativa side, with some hybrid characteristics. Even though Super Dave tests high the effects are quite controlled. We found that the Super Dave helps improve your mood while giving a mildly stimulating cerebral effect. It does carry some pain-relief and muscle relaxation as well, but these are milder compared to uplifting head high effects. If we had to put it together in one word we would say the Super Dave makes us feel “chill”. We felt that this strain is in some ways like White Tahoe Cookies, even though genetically they are nothing alike. It has that same take the edge off effect, without really going overboard. One of the advantages to the Super Dave is the stimulating effects make it a little more versatile than White Tahoe Cookies for doing outdoor activities. We feel that Super Dave might be one of the most versatile strains that we have reviewed here at Spacebuds. It is one of the few strains that everyone seems to enjoy, it might not be their absolute favorite; but they end up overall enjoying the time they had with Super Dave. We feel that the pairing of the Orange Crush and NYC Diesel leads to an interesting combination of effects that help balance itself out. If you get too pulled out by the heady effects the body brings you back in and vice versa. It’s versatility make it perfect for both indoor and outdoor activities. It is not the best for sleep, but if you were to have it at night it shouldn’t keep you up as if you just had some Tangie or Sour Diesel. While we enjoy the nose, the appearance, and the high testing nature of the Super Dave the effects are what keep it coming back to the shelf. Customers rave about how much they love Super Dave, for some it is a staple in their rotation. Even people who are not big on Sativas have mentioned how much they enjoy the Super Dave, and how much they enjoy using it during the early day/Afternoon.

Super Dave Living and breathing look at those trichomes! From their Instagram @KGBFarmsOregon

            Super Dave is cultivated and bred by KGB (Killer Green Bud) Farms. So if you want to try this strain you are going to have to try it from KGB Farms. KGB is an indoor Hydroponic craft Cannabis grow located in Portland Oregon. KGB is a really good example of a farm who has dialed in their grow configuration. Their end result comes out remarkably consistent from strain to strain that is grown. We have to say that for Hydro KGB has really impressed us so much so it’s almost hard to tell they are using the growing medium. A lot of growers out here do not have a lot of experience with growing in hydro so as of lately in the legal recreational scene a lot of it just misses the mark. So great job to KGB Farms for being one of the few that is putting out consistently good Hydro Flower. They also grow unique strains that most growers are not running in their growing rooms anymore. White Crush, Querkle, Super Dave, Blue Magoo, and Purple Zkittles are all unique strains that few if any are still running. We look forward to seeing what new strains KGB breeds out.

  • Appearance 4/5
  • Smell 5/5
  • Flavor 4/5
  • Effect 5/5

            Our overall impressions of the Super Dave are incredibly positive. We’re not terribly surprised as customer feedback for this strain has been great. Super Dave carries itself well throughout it’s combination of a good mixture of cerebral and mild body effects. The strain itself has great keif coverage all over, giving the strain a frosted look. Nose is of strong sweet citrus that clashes between Orange and Grapefruit notes. Taste is really on par the floral notes begin to come through ones you begin to smoke/vaporizer the strain. Super Dave’s versatility is what gives this strain such high merit. The effects seem to be universally well liked even among people who try to avoid other Sativa’s right next to it on the shelf. Even people new to Cannabis should give Super Dave a try, even though it is a consistently high tester it does not carry some of the typical haziness that other Sativas carry. If you have enjoyed NYC Diesel in the past and cant find it, it carries a lot of similar features so give the Super Dave a try!

MotorBreath Strain Review:

“Is that Cannabis gas?” that term gets used a lot to describe top quality, fresh, pungent bud. We have got a strain for you that is the embodiment of that “Gas”. Motorbreath certainly has the horsepower to keep up with all the terp-heavy flower on the top-shelf. Start your motors and rev up those engines, let us dive into the history and what makes Motorbreath a star among it’s many competitors.

Look at those Buddha Sized Buds!

            Motorbreath comes from a combination of two widely popular strains. Strains that we have certainly seen before here on our Spacebuds reviews. Motorbreath was bred by Pisces Genetics it is a combination of Chemdawg and SFV OG Kush. Pisces Genetics is a little less known than some of the other breeders strains we have reviewed. While they might not carry the notoriety that some other breeders have, Pisces Genetics is no joke when it comes to their strains. Especially when it comes to their specialty of breeding strains that contain ChemDawg. ChemDawg has a puzzling origin story; no one knows who created it, or what its genetics are. ChemDawg has been an absolute game changer in this industry. It has laid the foundation for a lot of the modern top shelf strains such as GMO Cookies and all its crosses. We cannot stress enough how important this strain is to the modern legal recreational industry. Seven strains that we have reviewed on this website carry some lineage to ChemDawg. ChemDawg is popular because it has a very potent cerebral effect with nice energy elevation. This makes it a fantastic pick to breed with other Indica’s or hybrids as it up’s the potency and elevates the effects. SFV OG Kush is another popular heavy indica. Not to be confused with plain SFV OG which leans more on the Sativa side. SFV OG Kush is a cross between SFV OG and OG Kush, so it tends to lean far to the Indica side. SFV OG Kush’s popularity stems from its body heavy “Stoney” effects that even the most veteran of connoisseurs will be affected. 

Look at how those trichomes are just layered in the Motobreath

            So, what is under the hood? This Motorbreath keeps a very consistent coloring throughout. We would say that the Motorbreath carries a spearmint green color, Spearmint because the Trichome coverage just lightens up the entire flower. This bud is just absolutely layered in Trichomes, and it just packed underneath every little fold of the bud. As you stare into the bud you notice that these Trichomes are lighting up the bud from the inside. The buds themselves at first glance seem to carry a Sativa-Hybrid shape they as they are elongated buds. But as you look closer though you notice that these buds are insanely tight, which is certainly unique for the structure and size of these buds. We were also really impressed with Happy Buddha Botanical’s “A Buds”, these are some Buddha sized buds!

            You know how they say that some people are attracted to the smell of gas at the pump, even though they know they should not smell the fumes; and they do it anyway. This is that scent in a nutshell, and the good news is you will not have to kill your braincells smelling the Motorbreath Flower. The fuel notes that this carries is the reason we continue to see ChemDawg constantly being bred into new strains. The Chem smell from this just pierces through everything else and is the main note. It is reminiscent of the very first scent you get from GMO without all the funky Savory bits attached. It is this Sweet Gassy Smell (Less sweet than Gelato, this carries more of the gas) that rounds out into a more florally/earthy tones. Those floral earthy tones give it this freshness that is rare to see from a lot of the newer generation strains. We vaped this one using a volcano, and we were impressed just how much the Chem comes through on the taste. Motorbreath really nails both aspects of the nose and the flavor of the strain. Strains such as this Motorbreath are a showcase as to how amazing Cannabis is as a plant. The fact that you can get some of these scents/tasting notes from a living breathing plant is truly a phenomenon.

            Motorbreath’s Effects are as expected of a ChemDawg cross. This strain leans certainly somewhere right of the middle of the hybrid line. We definitely noticed the effects seemed to change depending on how much was inhaled. It tests in the medium high range at 25.50% but it feels much more potent than that. Out of the three strains we have reviewed most recently the GMO Cookies, Royal Addiction, and the Motorbreath we feel that this one is in the middle in terms of potency (And the other two were some high testers). This strain carries itself well if you are looking for some middle ground of cerebral effects and pain relief. We noticed it carries this interesting mixture of mild euphoria along with that classic stoned feeling you get behind the eyes. The kind of feeling where you get lost in your thoughts, but not so lost that you cannot pull yourself out of it. We have to say we are pleasantly surprised that we get the best of both worlds of the ChemDawg and the SFV OG Kush. It is as if the SFV OG Kush kind of subdues down the racy effects that you normally get from the Chemdawg. When Microdosing this strain it pairs well with stimulating indoor and outdoor activities. Good for gaming, painting, going for a walk, working out, hiking. We also found that this strain did not really give us a case of the munchies. Just like SFV OG Kush this strain is a creeper, so do be careful in how you dose. It will turn your pleasant head change straight into wanting to go horizontal. At that point it becomes a different beast and you’ will experience more of those full body effects. We feel that people new to Cannabis should be cautious with dosing because it is quite potent, even some of the most seasoned Spacebuds were getting bested by the Motorbreath. The good news is that even with a larger dose we did not find the Motorbreath to be anxiety inducing, just very heavy full body effects which may cause sleepiness.

Motorbreath as featured in the Oregon Leaf April 2019 Edition credit goes out to @OregonLeaf for the Article. Nate Williams @NateW415 for the Picture. And of course @HappyBuddhaBotanicals for the flower itself.

            Happy Buddha Botanicals is an indoor Tier 1 facility located in Medford. They carry a wide variety of top-shelf cultivars such as Motorbreath, Peanut Butter Breath, Samoas, and Ice Cream Cake. Their carry beautiful buds are tight and also quite fragrant before being broken up. Their latest batch of Peanut Butter Breath came out with an impressive ratio of 19.10% THC and 9.30% CBD. A ratio that frankly we have never carried on our menu, and we have really yet to see from anyone else on the Oregon recreational Cannabis market.  We look forward to seeing what interesting strains Happy Buddha Botanicals comes out with next!

  • Appearance 5/5
  • Smell 5/5
  • Flavor 5/5
  • Effect 5/5

            Overall, we were extremely pleased with the Motorbreath. We are thankful that Happy Buddha Botanicals did the strain justice. We have seen Motorbreath come through in the past but it never really stood out amongst some of the other Topshelf OG’s that came through. From the moment you look and smell this Motorbreath you know you are in for a good time. Looking at it up closely you see these tight buds just frosted with Trichomes, and the closer you inspect it just gets better and better. One would think with such tight buds that the scent might be more subdued, but it comes through strong and it is quite a pleasant smell indeed. This is one of those strains you will keep popping open the dram to get another whiff, before you put it through your grinder. We found that the effects were quite varied depending on how much you have. It can be a pleasant head change to start with a micro dose. In larger doses however this will down right put you horizontal if you are not careful, and this strain is certainly creeper. So be mindful the next time you put Motorbreath to the test. This strain nails all the criteria we are looking for in a strain. It might not carry some of the flash that other modern day Hybrids carry on the market, but it pushes past many of those other simply through how potent and enjoyable the effects are.

Royal Addiction strain review:

Does a strain with the name “Royal Addiction” live up to its title? *Spoiler Alert* it 100 percent does. Jump on into our review of Royal Addiction grown by our friends over at Pacific Grove PDX.          

This Royal Addiction carries such a beautiful shade of green, look at all the trichomes just layered throughout!

            Royal Addiction is a cross between Animal Mints BX1 #3 and SeedJunky OG #32. If you have followed our reviews in the past, you likely already know the breeder of this strain: SeedJunky Genetics! Just for some clarification when we pick out strains we typically try them before doing research, so this is honestly just a testament to how good the cultivars that are bred from SeedJunky. We want to note though that these results would not be possible if it were not for all the great growers that we have in the state of Oregon. They are the ones growing these strains to their absolute fullest potential, and we are so spoiled out here in the Oregon recreational and medical Cannabis industry. Animal Mints has been one of SeedJunky’s more popular strains, especially in the 2020 window, and we expect to see more crosses of it in the future. Animal Mints is a peculiar strain, it is a cross between Animal Cookies, GSC, and Blue Power. What makes Animal Mints so peculiar is the Blue power in it, Blue power is this absolute smorgasbord of various strains. Blue power is a combination of: Sour Double, Master Kush, The White, and Blue Moonshine. Just to add a note there are two versions of Blue Power one from Sin City Seeds and the other from Vision seeds, the one being referred to in this case is the former. Animal Mints has become remarkably popular for it’s appearance, it’s nice smooth floral taste, and it’s mellow but yet stimulating high. It’s important to note that there is a big difference between Animal Mints and Animal Mints BX1. Animal Mints BX1 is a cross between Animal Mints and Wedding Cake aka (Triangle Mints #23). This gives it some more unique traits we feel not only boosts the potency of this strain, but also gives it a creamier flavor than the traditional Animal Mints. As for SeedJunky OG this one seems to remain a mystery. From what our research suggests this strain is exclusive to Seedjunky and it is unreleased. We believe it to carry some OG in it of course, but it has been hard to research because they only run this strain as a parent. Most of the time they put out SeedJunky OG they cross it with something else, and then limit who receives those packs. So not many growers out there even have access to any strains that carry SeedJunky OG in it. Whatever the strain is it seems to be it carries some heavy OG lineage because Royal Addiction carries a lot of familiar OG traits.

Here is a really up close look on those Trichomes of the Royal Addiction

            These buds are crazy light green, and the color just stays consistent throughout. The buds are so light green it is difficult to tell if they’re lightened up from the trichomes. The trichome coverage on this strain is quite impressive, you’ll have to get a closer look but you can see that it layers the inside and outside of the buds. The look seems to represent the classic shape that OG’s tend to carry, and the color hue of the Animal Mints BX1. In a lot of ways this strain looks a lot like Wedding Cake. If this were just a cross between Animal Mints and SeedJunky OG #32 we feel that this strain would look vastly different.  On closer inspection it almost seems to have those turning colors, but the shift is just to a gradual tone change of green. From it’s genetic lineage of carrying the OG this strain is absolutely beautiful, many OG’s never have the great appearance that their effect lives up to.

            OG is absolutely encapsulated in the nose. OG’s are tough to describe, once you smoke enough of them you start to get the feel of the traits. The best way we can describe OG’s at almost as if you get the smell of Gas/Fuel but then it turns into another note that is a lot earthier that becomes the main note, and the fuel sort of lingers behind it. There is an added note to this strain that pure OG’s do not carry, and that is a more subtle creamy smell. It is a little bit reminiscent of Wedding Cake. This helps round off the smell of the OG and makes it something unique. That creamy smell has always interested us because it offers a sort of pro and con to the flower itself. The pro is that it tends to smooth out the flavor and taste of the strain, leading to a much more fulfilling taste that is less harsh on the throat. The con however is it tends to reduce some of the loudness of the nose itself. In the grand scheme of things, the pro outweighs the con. Simply because while you might not be able to get the initial smell bursting from the jar, once you break this up and grind it, you’ll get what you’ve been searching for.

            So Royal Addiction certainly is making a case for itself in this review, but how are the effects? We found that the most impressive thing to us about Royal Addiction is its effects. This strain is a remarkably high tester, which a little goes a long way. It’s effects however seem to affect the body the most, and because of that we feel it is more versatile strain than say GMO Cookies. We are surprised considering its lineage how functional the strain is. Potency on Cannabis is not the easiest thing to measure. This is due to multiple factors; the primary one being that THC percentage does not tell the final story when it comes to Cannabis. This strain is one of the higher testers on our shelf at 31.34%. However, there are other strains on the shelf that might give more impact, or a noticeable head change even though they may test far lower. Typically, these effects are more noticeable when it comes to Sativa, or Sativa Hybrids. That is not to say that the head change is not apparent when it comes to the Royal Addiction. You just do not have to fight as hard to stay grounded. We feel that this makes the strain much more approachable to a wider variety of people, as it might not give some of the paranoia inducing effects that some people experience. Royal Addiction would be paired well with indoor as well as outdoor activities. Just be careful with dosing control, as it may make you want to stick to just indoor activities, primarily ones that do not involve much movement.

Royal Addition up close from Pacific Grove PDX’s Instagram @PacificGrovePDX

            Pacific Grove PDX is the grower of this cultivar. Pacific Grove is an indoor grower in Portland that specializes in growing top-shelf craft Cannabis. Pacific Grove sets themselves from apart from other growers with their unique line of strains. They grow Alien Cookies, Notorious #11, Sour Tropicanna, Billy Idol, and Rhubarb Pie. Their lineup consists of a good variety of different types of strains from the strong, to the flavorful. Pacific Grove PDX has done a great job of carrying some of the top genetics from some of the best seed breeders in the world. You can see the hard work they put in into their craft! We look forward to seeing what Pacific Grove PDX puts out next!

  • Appearance 4/5
  • Smell 4/5
  • Flavor 5/5
  • Effect 5/5

            We feel that this Royal Addiction very much lives up to its name. The main reason is that the effects are just so darn pleasant. It is the kind of Cannabis that hits exactly right, it doesn’t take you to the moon, but it also doesn’t leave you wanting for more. The strain is quite beautiful it maintains with shade of light green throughout, with a lovely even trichome coverage throughout the flower. The mixture of the OG and that creaminess from the Triangle mints brings together this tango of flavor. It is nice when you have two very different flavors of Cannabis vibe this well together. There can be a tendency in certain strains where one strain overpowers the other, and it throws off what made either parent so great. This is however not the case with the Royal Addiction, that mixture of creaminess from the Animal Mints BX1 just enhances the flavor of the OG just drawing the flavor out on the tongue. If you are looking for something with nice OG effects that leans a little more on the Indica side this is right up your alley. Even if you are newer to Cannabis, we recommend giving this strain a shot, it does not carry a lot of those mind racing effects that many other Hybrids do on the top shelf. Just make sure to go slow otherwise you might end up spending the rest of your day at home on the couch.

GMO Cookies Strain Review:

GMO Cookies is finally here to review! We have spoken about this strain in many of our prior reviews, and how important of a parent it is to so many other strains; Sangiovese, Garlic Sherbet, Mule Fuel, Velvet Glove, and Tropsantos are all strains we’ve reviewed that carry GMO Cookies in it’s lineage. Come check in on our review on why GMO Cookies is conquering the Oregon recreational and medical market.

Look at all the different color hues in this GMO!

            GMO Cookies also known as (Garlic Cookies) has conflicting information as to it’s origin. There are two main origin stories that are passed around with this strain. We will start off with the story most people online report on. GMO Cookies was created by Divine Genetics when a cut of their Chem Cookies developed a unique gassy and spicy terpene profile. Divine Genetics has went on to win many awards for this cut of Chem Cookies; as it tests well, has a very unique terpene profile, it grows quite quickly, and it is very potent. The other story that goes around and seems to be accepted by many people in the Cannabis growing industry is that @SkunkMasterFlex1 found an absolute gem of a phenotype from a pack of Mamiko Seed’s D-Cookies. This cut contained such a strong savory aroma that it can be described as Garlicky, Bad Breath, or Umami (Mushroom). It’s honestly hard to say which story is true, when a strain becomes this popular everyone and their dog seems to come out of the woodworks to claim creation. An interesting fact about GMO is that a lot of people claim it is called that because it carries a nose of garlic, mushroom, and onion. This is not why it is referred to as GMO Cookies, it is refereed to as GMO Cookies because it grows as if it has been genetically modified. As stated above this plant grows quickly, it tests incredibly well somewhere typically between 26%-36%, it looks phenomenal it carries a multitude of different green and purple hues, the nose is absolutely one of a kind, and it is probably one of the most potent main-stream strains on the current market.

            Analyzing GMO Cookies this strain is an absolute anomaly and a testament that even different cuts within the same strain can be so vastly different. GMO Cookies is a cross between two legendary strains Chem Dawg and G.S.C. There are many strains that are so similar in terms of their ancestry, however none of them have attained the almost cult like following that GMO Cookies has. Dawgy Treats which is and exclusive cut to Hydrus hydroponics is a cross between Chem4 and Forum Cookies (Which we will review sometime in the distant future). Chem Cookies which carries the exact same parents as GMO Cookies. Merit Badge is a cross between G.S.C and ChemDawg Bx3. Chem Scout a cross between Chemdawg 91 and G.S.C. These four strains are all fantastic strains and in fact many of them have won awards, but they are all missing a piece of the puzzle that GMO Cookies puts together. Chem Dawg origin is truly puzzling, no one knows who created it or what it’s genetics are. The most important thing to know about Chem Dawg is it has laid a foundation for the Cannabis market in the entire United States. The strain is very potent and carries an extraordinarily strong cerebral effect. Which makes it a perfect strain for breeding. G.S.C speaks for itself in many ways a cross of between OG Kush and Durban Poison. Origins are hotly debated as to who came up with the original G.S.C cut and even what cut should be considered the “True” G.S.C. This Cookie strain has created 100’s of cuts and crosses along the way, and there are more being created today all thanks to this strain. It carries a very stimulating cerebral effect, with nice effects of body relaxation. The cross of these two strains creates a very potent mix of mind and body that few strains achieve.

Look at the Deep purple up close and all those super stick trichomes!

            Visual aesthetic when it comes to GMO Cookies is striking to say the least. We have seen many cuts of GMO come through and they all vary from batch to batch and grower to grower. This one from Tao carries so many different shades of green and purple it is hard to follow where all the different shades where they start and end. The trichome coverage on this strain is no joke. It has got that layered sugar effect where the trichomes are just crammed in between the nooks and crannies of the buds. It does not carry the most trichome coverage we have seen, for instance M.A.C looks as if it’s been rolled in powdered sugar. You know however though once you open the GMO Cookies up, you are in for a sticky surprise. The bud structure on GMO is also vastly different to many other strains. It carries this mix of a longer Sativa buds that taper off near the top, but they are very dense which is unusual to see that combination.  This strain is a trendsetter and absolutely changes the game when it comes to top-shelf Cannabis.

            Now let us get to the exciting part about the strain, the scent/flavor/nose. GMO Cookies has one of the most unique noses in Cannabis. The best way to describe the initial scent of the strain is pungent. It has this strong savory thick umami Garlicky mushroom smell that just cuts through whatever is in the vicinity. As you keep getting a whiff the strain turns from a savory into a much sweeter smoother smell to round it off. The best way to describe it is once you smell it, and you try some GMO Cookies, you will keep wanting to get it in the future. That signature nose will come a calling time and time again. As for the flavor we found that trying it through a dry-herb vaporizer the umami notes fade and turn much more into a chemmy gas. As you begin to vape the bowl through it begins to show more of it is sweet cookie notes. This leaves an awesome case of terp tongue. That umami smell will linger with you for quite a while. We are going to put out there that GMO Cookies does vary from batch to batch, some tend to have more of a savory funk, while others carry a more familiar cookies sweetness throughout. We feel that if you want to try a true batch of this strain, try a GMO Cookies such as Tao’s they are absolutely nailing the way this strain is supposed to be. We have found that the more savory and funky the better.

            The Effects of GMO Cookies regardless of the way it makes you feel are very potent. Even the most seasoned veteran of smokers should take great care when trying this strain. Chem Dawg has a remarkable way of even making the most simple of concepts get lost somewhere around your short term memory. GMO Cookies is end game weed. It carries both very potent cerebral effects as well as effects on the body. It carries a very traditional stoney feel, however it does not necessarily put you to sleep because that ChemDawg will keep you going. The perfect pairings for GMO Cookies is if your day is over, you have no plans, or you are looking to get very stoned with your friends. We do not recommend this strain for productivity, reading, or for going on hikes. It is absolutely meant to put people out, and remind them they are very stoned. Versatility of this strain is a bit lower than some because of Chem Dawg. Unfortunately Chem Dawg falls into a line of strains that people either love or hate, and if Sativas like Chem Dawg give you anxiety be cautious with trying GMO Cookies. We recommend for people who are sensitive to Sativas or new to Cannabis to microdose it and see how it makes you feel. We do know people who are sensitive to Sativa’s that absolutely adore this strain.

GMO Cookies from Tao’s Instagram @Taogardens

            Now to speak about the grower of this GMO Cookies it is our friends over at Tao Gardens. Tao has been slaying the No-till Organics growing game. Their philosophy on growing strains with similar terpenes in the same room, has led to some amazing Cannabis. A great example is Purple Punch, that strain comes and goes on menus. Many growers have shifted from growing it once the market became more about percentages. Not a single grower has grown a batch of Purple Punch as well as Tao has. It remains in their lineup even though it is not the best testing strain, because it tastes phenomenal and it gives great anxiety relief. This will not be the last time we review Tao Gardens that is for sure. They keep putting out new strains in their rotations and we look forward to seeing what is in the next rotation.

  • Appearance 5/5
  • Smell 5/5
  • Flavor 5/5
  • Effect 5/5

            As far as just this strain review goes GMO Cookies is about as close to perfect as it gets for a strain. This strain has some many other reasons of why it is such a top choice for us. This strain is changing the entire industry. It has created so many popular strains on the market, that every grower has some piece of GMO Cookies on their menu in Oregon. The strain looks remarkable nice shifts in colors and shades with a nice sticky sugary interior. The nose is unlike any other strain out there, it is the definition of dank. Not “Gas” Dank; it’s this savory/sweet funk that just wont quit. For a strain with such a stronge terpene profile it is also extremely potent. It’s lineage of Chem Dawg and G.S.C give this strain a cerebral lasting potent effect, that will go up with any top shelf. We are impressed that this does carry the body that it does because both of parents do tend to have more noticeable Sativa effects. GMO Cookies is a next level strain. If you see Tao’s GMO Cookies on the shelf get it while you can, it does not last long.

Orange Push Pop #5 Strain Review

May we interest you in an Orange Push Pop? Orange strains come and go but Orange Push Pop certainly makes a case for staying on the shelf. Take a closer look at our review, on why Orange Push Pop #5 might be the most innovative Orange strain on the market today.

Orange Push Pop #5 Buds look at all that green!

Orange Push Pop #5 comes from two unique parents that have begun to gather interest among many Cannabis Connoisseurs. Orange Push Pop was bred by SeedJunky Genetics who has created some of the best strains on the market today. We have in fact reviewed many strains already in our weighing-in section from Seed Junky Animal Face, La Kush Cake, Sour Kush Mints, and Wedding Cake. Orange Push Pop is one of the more unique offerings from Seed Junky. Orange Push Pop is a cross between Orange Cookies and Triangle Kush F2. Orange Cookies was bred by Franchise Genetics which seems to be known as Obsoul33t genetics currently. Orange Cookies is a cross of G.S.C and Orange Juice. Orange Cookies has certainly seen some popularity among many of it’s famous crosses such as Alien Orange Cookies, and Orange Cookie M.A.C. Orange Cookies on it’s own does seem to be difficult to locate in the Oregon Recreational market. Even it when it comes to these Orange Cookie and these crosses listed they are difficult to locate in flower, though you don’t see quite a few concentrates and cartridges. Triangle Kush F2 is really making a name for itself, people really enjoy this Florida iteration of an OG Kush Phenotype. The breeder is unknown for the most part, other than they believe that this cut did originate from Florida. Triangle Kush is a more Indica heavy cut of OG Kush. It was pretty popular on the market a few years ago, however it seems breeders and growers see it more for it’s breeding potential; as many different crosses have begun to come out using Triangle Kush as a parent. Some of these strains are the famous Bubba Kush, GMO TK Skunk, Gushers, Pre 98 Bubba Kush, Triangle Mints, Triple OG, and Seedjunkies amazing cut of Wedding Cake aka (Triangle Mints #23).   Triangle Kush embodies a lot of traits that connoisseurs are looking for, so it’s no surprise why it is so popular.

Up Close look on the Orange Push Pop #5 (Can see those Orange Pistils much better)

                We were surprised with how consistent the Orange Push Pop is when it comes down to it’s appearance. It is very green just like driving through Eugene in the Spring. The buds themselves have a few orange pistils here and there, but overall it’s this consistently forest to lighter shades of green throughout.  The trichome coverage is nice, it seems to lighten parts of the forest green in certain areas on the bud. The structure is pretty tight on the buds with a medium to medium heavy density, if you squeeze the buds they give a squeeze back. We do not feel that the appearance is the main highlight for this strain.

                Where this strain shines are on the nose, there are a lot of different orange strains out there however few seem to nail the actual smell of orange. This absolutely nails the scent profile for an orange strain. Many of the other “Orange” strains take the overt citrus smells from a Jack Herer or a Super Lemon Haze and pass it off as orange. The nose carries this greasy almost artificial Orange funk that just lingers. It carries a hint of nostalgia toward Gojo orange soap if anyone ever used to work in a garage, or workshop you will remember that distinct smell. The Orange really comes through and lingers around for quite some time. This certainly passes the scent test, and as soon as you open the jar even with a mask in it will pierce right through to your nose.

                The effects of the Orange Push Pop #5 are similar to another popular Orange Strain, Agent Orange. This Orange Push Pop carries quite an uplifting cerebral effect. Which is different from many of the other offerings that Seed Junky Genetics has bred. We found that this Orange Push Pop might be a little more versatile than the Agent Orange. It seems to carry a bit more body relaxation, and pain-relieving effects than Agent Orange. Orange Push Pop’s potency is somewhere near the middle of everything on the market. Great for people who are new to Cannabis and want to try something stimulating without being overtly racy. It still hits hard enough though to not leave connoisseurs and longtime Cannabis users wanting for more. This strain is great for all day use, and we recommend pairing with both indoor and outdoor activities. Indoor activities such as gaming, Zoom calls, painting, cooking, cleaning, or reading a book. Outdoor activities that pair well would be hiking, going for a walk, landscaping, cleaning out the car. This strain works quite well for chores; if you have tried other Sativas in the past and they may have made you too scatterbrained to even do chores, give Orange Push Pop a shot. As they say through “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.” So, make sure to take advantage of the effects when you are done with your chores and move onto more recreational activities.

                Rolen Stone is the cultivator of the Orange Push Pop #5, this lines up with many of the other strains that they carry in their lineup. Rolen Stone grows a lot of terp-forward strains such as Watermelon Mimosa, Apple Rock Candy, Sherbet Breath, Tropsantos, and Lemon Granita. Rolen stone does solventless extraction in house and collaborates with Rebel Roots for Hydrocarbon based extraction. Rolen Stone is one of the few OLCC approved Recreational growers to do indoor, greenhouse, and outdoor. Rolen Stone has certainly been keeping themselves busy, and the results show in both their flower and their concentrates. We look forward to seeing what new terpy cultivars Rolen Stone will put out next!

  • Appearance 3/5
  • Smell 5/5
  • Flavor 4/5
  • Effect 4/5

                Orange Push Pop #5 certainly popped out quite a few surprises for us. We were not expecting a strain that maintains such a consistency of green throughout the entire bud. It might not be the most triched-out flower on the shelf but it certainly holds it’s own among the other criteria’s it is being judged on. The nose and flavor on this Orange Push Pop are where this strain stands out, it hits you with a flurry of this greasy artificial orange, and it leaves you with a serious case of terp tongue. We hope to see more crosses come out of the Orange Push Pop #5 because this terp profile needs to be carried on. The effects surprised us as well as it deviates from many of the other more Indica-leaning offerings from Seed Junky Genetics. It is much more uplifting than we anticipated, but it carries a lot of great body forward effects from the Triangle Kush as well. It carries a good balance which we feel makes it more versatile than strains such as Agent Orange, which can carry a tendency to be a tad too Sativa forward for some. Orange Push Pop #5 can be paired with both indoor and outdoor activities, whether they are fun or necessary and tedious. If you have been searching for something new to try that deviates from some of the other popular hybrid strains, give Orange Push Pop #5 a shot!

Light Saber Strain Review:

            It is always fun to be able to review a strain that fits so well into the theme of Spacebuds. Many strains contain memorable names to help the strain stand out, but do they ever end up being any good? Follow us through a bit of history and our thoughts on the Lightsaber strain.

“You weak minded fool! He’s using an old Jedi mind trick.” Tricks or not this Strain is gorgeous!

            Lightsaber is a creation of Exotic Genetix, it is a cross between Starfighter F1 and Predator Pink. Exotic Genetix is a pretty well known breeder in the Pacific Northwest. Mostly known for their popular crosses of Grease Monkey, Donkey Butter, Mint Chocolate Chip, and Thug Life. Grease Monkey has been their most popular strain, as well as the many different crosses that have come from it such as Donkey Butter. The parents of Lightsaber are not the most popular strains on the market, Starfighter however has made quite a name for itself in terms of being a popular strain parent to many of the current strains on the market. Starfighter comes from Alien Genetics and is a cross of Lemon Alien Dawg and Tahoe Alien. Both of these strains are nearly impossible to find in Oregon’s recreational market, even Starfighter on it’s own is very difficult to find. Starfighter is prominent in a lot of popular strains that are out on the market today however Cookies and Cream, Miracle Alien Cookes (Starfighter F2), and Kimbo Kush. The strain has potent effects that put it in the hybrid category noticeable body effects, with a noticeable euphoric and stimulating head change. The high itself seems to change overtime from a cerebral head high to a more mellow body heavy feel, depending on how much you use. Predator Pink the father of the strain also bred by Exotic Genetix brings more Starfighter to the table it is a cross between Starfighter and Plushberry. Predator Pink is another one of those strains that is really difficult to find in the Oregon Recreational Market. We have seen it before in the form of a sugar wax from Buddies, but we have yet to have seen it in flower in the last few years. Predator Pink differentiates itself from Starfighter with it’s cross of Plush berry which is a cross between the tasty Black Cherry Soda and the ever popular Space Queen. Predator Pink is a strain known more for it’s terps than it’s effects with a fruity nose.

            Lightsaber’s background is certainly different than most strains that end up in the legal recreational market. It is one of the few strains out there that does not carry a direct link to a Cookies, Chemdawg, or Gelato, heritage. This is a pleasant surprise to see something unique in a market that does tend to carry a lot of crossover. There is nothing wrong with the popular  strains on the market, they test well, look good, and they are popular to the consumer. However as they say “Variety is the spice of life” and we can always appreciate some diversity in the market.  

Lightsaber up Close look at those pretty little trichomes!

            Well this Lightsaber might as well be powered by a Kyber Crystals, because this bud shines! The main thing that we see on this strain is just how coated in trichomes it is. It carries this powdered sugar effect all over the bud, and lightens up the color of the bud dramatically. We are impressed with the trichome coverage up close as you can see in the picture, when you get up close into the bud you can just see how sandwiched with trichomes this strain is. There is some nice color on these buds it has a nice mix of light green, with these big spots of dark purple all the way around the buds. The Lightsaber certainly passes the Instagram weed test(Although these days that also makes you pass the banhammer test on Insta it would seem).

            Lightsabers nose is a bit tough to discern on the first whiff. The first smell we noticed is this floral creamy smell that is more on the subtle side. We have had Lightsaber before in the past and this smells the same, honestly this one has more jar appeal than it does on the nose. However, when you actually end up smoking it, it is very enjoyable for it’s taste. That creaminess translate to a nice smooth smoke/vape. In this regard it reminds us quite a bit of the strain Cookies and Cream, which as we know has Starfighter in it.  

            The effects of Lightsaber make it one of the more unique Indica Hybrids on the market. We found that even though it carries the typical pain-relieving and muscle relaxing effects of other Indica Hybrids, it differentiates itself by having an intense euphoric energy inducing effect. This effect makes the strain a little less versatile than some of the other hybrids. We feel that because of this; people are going to either be in love with this strain, or try it and never touch it again. This strain would be paired best with a game night, reading a book, or creating art. We felt that the strains surprisingly cerebral effects make it hard to recommend with more relaxing activities, and due to the nature of it’s relaxing body effects it’s hard to recommend with really active activities as well. If you enjoy other sativa leaning cookies strains that carry that classic uplifting head change, we think you would really enjoy this. Especially if you are looking for something to use much later in the day.

Flowering Lightsaber from Looking Glass Farms Instagram @lookingglassfarms

            The cultivator of the Lightsaber is Looking Glass Farms. Looking Glass Farms is a Micro Tier Craft Cannabis indoor grower from Portland Oregon. Their Cultivar lineup seems to carry quite a few strain from the breeder Exotic Genetix. As well as some other strains that are unique to the Oregon Recreational market such as 3xcrazy, Oregon Afghani, Ultra Violet, and Hippie Crippler. Looking Glass seems to be changing their lineup regularly, and we look forward to what they put out next!

  • Appearance 5/5
  • Smell 3/5
  • Flavor 4/5
  • Effect 3/5

            Overall Lightsaber does enough to separate itself from others not only from Exotic Genetixs lineup, but all other top shelf hybrids on the market. This strain is gorgeous and could certainly be a contender as one of the prettiest strains on the planet. Trichome coverage can tend to lighten the colors of the buds, this however is on another a level. The bud already has a nice coverage of various hues of green and purple, and then you have trichomes just layered throughout and practically glazing the outside. The Nose on the Lightsaber is not the strongest. The creamy earth tones do a good job of mellowing the overall nose; however we loved the taste. The floral-creamy notes really come through when vaping this on a volcano, and the vapor comes out plentiful and smooth. This fits the case of tastes better than it smells. The effects of this strain throw a curveball in our normal reviewing sample, many of the hybrids we have reviewed in the past have a ton of versatility to them. Making them essentially great for all day use, this strain is a vastly different beast. Even as connoisseurs we were really surprised just how much this strain hits both ends of the spectrum for a hybrid, and it is surprisingly potent. If you are looking for something that can help your body relax, but you want your mind to stay up this is as good of a strain as we have seen for this use case. It just seems that this use case is a little rarer than most. In any case we are glad that we got to try the Lightsaber, as it goes to show just how unique hybrid strains can be. In an industry where there is to believed to be over 20,000 unique strains, it is nice to see Lightsaber cutting its way through many other hybrids that are hard to discern from one to another.

Animal Face Strain Review:

            We can appreciate the simplicity in the name Animal Face as it is pretty bold to just state what the strain is a cross between Animal Mints and Face Off OG.  With the Mint strains beginning to make their mark on the Oregon market, what does Animal Face bring to the stable that the others do not?

Animal Face Up Close! Look at that elongated yet dense structure

            Animal Face being a cross of Animal Mints and Face Off OG gives it some mystique. Animal Mints has seen quite a rise in popularity in the last few years. Animal Mints has quite the genetic backstory. It is a cross between Animal Cookies, G.S.C, and Blue Power. Animal Cookies which is G.S.C and Fire OG crossed together. This is a wildly popular G.S.C cookie cross it takes an already strong cerebral strain and crosses it with another very potent OG. G.S.C is arguably one of the most popular strains of all time is a cross between O.G Kush and Durban Poison. Then There is Blue Power which is a creation from Sin City Seeds, it is a cross from Sour Double, Master Kush, The White, and Blue Moonshine. Animal Mints on paper is wild it has a lot of cookie origins, but it seems to carry at least some trait from every popular strain out on the market today. Animal Mints in terms of it’s effects shares more Indica dominant characteristics, it’s not as cerebral as we were expecting and reminds us a lot of Kush Mints. Face Off OG on the other hand is quite different from Animal Mints. Face Off OG was bred by Archive Seeds in the 90’s and is a derivative of a special batch of OG Kush. Many people who enjoy OG Kush have reported that the strain is very potent, euphoric, and body heavy. Face Off OG is pretty rarely seen in todays market, however there are still quite a few crosses that we see regularly on the market most of these crosses were bred by Archive Seeds; Hazmat OG, Double Dosido, Rocket Fuel, Scooby Snacks, and Valley Girl. 

Animal Face was bred by Seed Junky Genetics, there is no coincidence that Seed Junky has managed to be the predominant breeder in most of our reviews. Seed Junky seems to put out some of the most popular strains out on the market. If you were to sample the Oregon market right now, it would be highly likely that your favorite top shelf indoor grower, would have one cultivar from their breeding lineup. The simple reason that we see is they have developed some of the most popular strains to date. Wedding Cake, LA Kush Cake, Animal Mints, Kush Mints, and Ice Cream Cake have all been developed by Seed Junky Genetics. Wedding Cake has led to a huge number of different strains that pretty much nail everything a connoisseur is looking for. We were excited to see Animal Face being bred by Seed Junky because it is a combination of their Animal Mints crossed with a much older strain that was originally bred by Archive.

Animal Face has a dense but elongated structure, it carries a traditional Sativa structure to it. The structure reminds us quite a bit of the Sour Kush Mints, where the structure is elongated but is still quite dense. The Animal Face does have very small flecks of purple throughout the bud, and is very sugary on the outside. Sugarbud is certainly living up to its name with this one. It seems to carry both a sugary look as well as that more glazed coating that strains such as Miracle Alien Cookies carry. The trichome coverage on this strain brightens the look of the buds, and certainly gives it an edge in its appeal. It carries more of the phenotypic traits from the Animal Mints than it does from Face Off OG.

Deep down this Animal Face has the smell we have been missing most that comes from Face Off OG. That deep gassy earthy smell that many OG’s tend to carry. Notes of Fuel and Pine are certainly the two that stand out. Animal Mints carries the cookie smell that tends to be on the smoother side, which we certainly get out of the end notes on the Animal Face. We feel that like many other OG’s the smell doesn’t carry as far as some of the newer strains, but when it comes down to actual flavor of the strain it does certainly have some linger of the flavor on the tongue. We have noticed that when Gas strains mix with earth notes such as pine, the waft of the bud tends to be subdued.

 Now for the most important part of the review, the effects. When it comes to Animal Face it reminds us a lot of a less stoney, and more euphoric Face Off OG. This strain contains a good mix of pain-relief as well as the typical head change and euphoria people come to expect with the cookie strains. Animal Face has a lot of strengths because of this, and we see it becoming more popular in general than Face Off OG for this reason. OG Kush is universally loved as a strain, however it is known to be something to be used after the day is over and before bed. The big strength that we see with the Animal Face is that it provides enough pain-relief and stimulation without being too overbearing on the mind and body. For this reason, we suggest it for both indoor, as well as outdoor activities. Some websites have listed this strain to be more Sativa leaning, however there is not really anything in the genetics that we have found to support that. We feel that the strain can sort of lean either way most likely depending on how much you have consumed. Hybrid strains have become some of the most popular and are continuing to be the ones that end up on the shelf, so no doubt that Animal Face will continue to be in that same vain.

Animal Facing Flowering in Sugarbud’s Indoor Facility off their instagram @Sugarbudpdx

Sugarbud is the grower of the Animal Face, and as far as we know they are the only recreational producer in the Oregon Market that grows the strain. Sugarbud has done a great job with their extensive cultivar lineup of new and distinctive strains. Strains such as Blueberry Cheesecake, True OG, Grapehead, Robots, and Hidden Pastry. Are all pretty different from what most growers on the market are offering. Sugarbud is an indoor Craft producer that is very proud of the standards they set for their flower. As they say on their website “Quality is our craft” and we certainly agree. They have been incredibly consistent with the flower they put out, and we feel that they have nailed their curing process. Their strains come out the way the way they are intended to.

  • Appearance 4/5
  • Smell 4/5
  • Flavor 4/5
  • Effect 5/5

Trying this on the podcast, we found that this helped fuel our discussions of movie technology influencing the real world. Animal Face is a pleasant strain to see when there has been such an absence of Face Off OG. The strain is nice and frosty and carries a look from both the Animal Mints as well as the Face Off OG. Long and dense body with a heft coating of trichomes. Smell has a hint of OG with more earthy overtones layered throughout. This is a great hybrid that can lean both ways depending on how much you consume. It is a fantastic pairing for active activities as well as activities where participation is not as necessary. We would recommend you give Animal Face a shot if you’re looking for something with an OG background but are not looking to get locked down for the day.   

Durban Poison Strain Review:

After reviewing tons of hybrids it is so exciting to finally get the chance to review a land race Sativa Strain such as Durban Poison. Durban Poison is a building block onto what we see through our current Cannabis market. It has been a precursor to many of the hybrids that we see on the shelf, and it still manages to continue to put itself as a direct parent in many Sativa/Sativa hybrids to this day. We think the real question is if Durban Poison still manages to maintain potency and flavor, will it hold up as well as many of the newer genetic hybrids on the market? Land Races are fading faster than ever in the spurring Cannabis Industry, especially when speaking to the legal commercial market. Gnome Grown has continued to carry Durban Poison in its cultivar lineup. Jump on into our review to see if Durban Poison can pass the test.

Durban Poison up close, look at how dense this Sativa is!

                Durban Poison origin story is unique and surprisingly quite clear as to how it came into existence. Durban Poison is a land race Sativa strain that originates from the port city of Durban in South Africa. For those unfamiliar with what a land race strain is; a land race strain is strain that originated from a region that has not been hybridized with other strains. Typically land race strain names refer to the region that they are from, for example Pakistani, Afghani, Thai, and Durban Poison. What makes these strains unique is that since they are grown natively to the region, and they adopt unique traits that suit the strain to its environmental conditions. Durban Poison has gained a lot of notoriety from Sativa fans around the globe specifically for the intense cerebral and uplifting effects. Some even say that Durban Poison is the “espresso”’ of Cannabis. Durban Poison falls into the likely camp of, ‘If you enjoy Sativa strains you will likely be a fan of it.’ However, if you are sensitive to Sativas or prefer Cannabis that is on the mellower side, this is likely not to be one you would be interested in. Even if you are not a big fan of Sativas, Durban Poison has cemented its legendary status in the industry because it has created some of the most popular hybrids on earth. Both G.S.C and Cherry Pie (arguably two of the most important hybrids in the modern Cannabis industry) come directly from Durban Poison. These two strains have created so many of the modern hybrids that we currently see on the shelf. Without Durban Poison; any Cookie Strains, many Cake strains, and the ever popular Forbidden Fruit would not exist. So even if you are not a personal fan of Durban Poison, there should certainly be an appreciation for it, as it has created some of the best hybrid Cannabis that people enjoy to this day.

                Land Races such as Durban Poison do not carry the same modern-day genetics that we typically see, so in terms of appearance it will not carry the look that a lot of the modern-day strains have. What we will say is even though Durban Poison does carry older genetics, it certainly holds its own among many of the popular strains we see today. It carries some quite interesting characteristics for being a pure Sativa. Most Sativas carry a longer, skinnier bud structure and tend to be lighter and not as “packed-in”. Durban Poison, however, carries a very robust, compact and surprisingly more dense bud structure than many other pure Sativa strains on the market. It’s not as dense as some of the more modern hybrids, but its shape and structure certainly stands out especially among other similar Sativas in its class. As for the trichome coverage it’s not the most caked on strain, however the trichomes do lighten the outside of the bud quite a bit, giving it a lighter green shading.

Durban Poison zoomed in, look at those trichome heads!

                While the appearance of the Durban Poison was unusual given the normal source material, the nose on this is spot on to many other heavy Sativa strains. This strain carries a slightly sweet/floral smell with maybe a touch of pine on some notes. But the sweetness will cover up the pine notes quite quickly. If you have ever had any strong Haze strains the notes on it are quite similar. Although compared to many of the other hazes this carries a sweetness that is not seen as much in many of the other pure Sativas. We almost want to say that the sweetness is comparable to the smell of a lot of the “gas” strains, but the floral notes pull it away from that. Whatever the verdict of the exact nose is, it is terrific. This makes Durban Poison stand out from many of the strains that we are currently seeing on the market today.

                Earlier in the review we spoke to Durban Poison being either loved by the people, or hated, depending on how you enjoy the effects of your Cannabis. Sativas in particular usually carry love or hate relationships more so than any other category in Cannabis. The simple reason being that uplifting and euphoric strains tend to cause anxiety, paranoia, or a mind racing effect for newer or more sensitive consumers. Durban Poison can certainly fall into these categories. One thing we will say is that Durban Poison is on the more clearheaded side for a Sativa. So, the mind racing effect is a lot less likely than say Sour Diesel, which is also either loved or hated. If you enjoy Savitas, this strain is awesome. It has wonderful uplifting effects and it can give you a boost, which makes it perfect for a wake and bake. It does not carry any body-heavy effects to it so if you want to be active, it’s a good pairing. It is great if you need to do chores in and out of the house, and it is perfect for going hiking or taking a long walk. It is nice for gaming because of its “clear-headed” yet stimulating qualities. For watching movies, however, it’s not a bad paring, but you would likely want to do something more creative or more engaging with the Durban Poison. So, while this strain is versatile in a lot of activities it is not the most versatile when it comes to the approachability for all consumers. People who are newer to Cannabis or sensitive to Sativas should approach Durban Poison with caution, as it is quite potent and could lead to some instances of discomfort. If you are unfamiliar with Durban Poison and want to try it our best advice would be to start with a micro dose and see how you are affected.

                This Durban was grown by Gnome Grown who has quite a positive growing reputation in the PNW. They have been growing Cannabis in the PNW for over 25 years. They use a greenhouse setup that uses living soil and other beneficial factors of the surrounding area where they are located in Oregon City. They use water from a local stream and use a proprietary mix of soil that has yielded them awesome results. One reason we have carried Gnome Grown for so long is they carry an extensive lineup of fantastic Sativas; Durban Poison, Blue Dream, Allen Wrench, and Mimosa to name a few. They also carry some really unique strains such as Montana Silvertip, Mother’s Milk, and Banana Punch that we normally don’t see on the market. As always, we look forward to seeing what will come next from Gnome Grown.

  • Appearance 3/5
  • Smell 5/5
  • Flavor 5/5
  • Effect 4/5

                Durban Poison has a legendary status for so many reasons and this batch from Gnome Grown nails all the great things this strain has to offer. Even if this strain didn’t help create all of the wonderful strains we have today it, is still deserving of its legendary status. For a strain that is much older it still holds its appeal among many of its children hybrid strains that are out on the market. The nose on this Durban Poison is one to remember for sure. While it might not be that “gas” that many are searching for, it offers a much more familiar sweet/floral smell that many Sativas carry in the past. The diversity of the nose is certainly appreciated in a market that is becoming saturated with a lot of “gas” heavy cookie strains. The effects are certainly not for everyone which makes this strain less versatile than most, but that just comes with the territory of many Sativa heavy strains. If you do enjoy Sativas this would likely end up being one of your absolute favorites. We hope we will continue to see Durban Poison and other land race strains in the commercial market, as having a wider variety of unique strains can only benefit consumers, connoisseurs, and the Cannabis industry as a whole.

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Sour Kush Mints Strain Review

            Sour Kush Mints is an exciting hybrid between the classic Sour Diesel strain, and a brand new up and comer Kush Mints. These two strains are vastly different, but together they create nice uplifted effect, with the typical body you get from the Kush Mints strain. Sour Kush Mints is very new to the scene and in fact Herbal Dynamics is one of the first to bring the cultivar to our market. Can you teach an old dog new tricks, lets jump on in and find out.

Look at those nice dense Sour Kush Mint Buds taken by @Sensigreen_Goddess on Instagram

            Sour Kush mints is a cross between Sour Diesel and Kush Mints. This Sour Kush Mints was bred by Seed Junky Genetics however it hasn’t been released to the public so we don’t really have a good idea how many grows got packs of this strain.  Let us go back into the origin of these two strains, and find out what made these two strains stand out as they do today. Sour Diesel has been around for quite a long time and is still grown quite regularly to this day. There are many variations of  the Sour Diesel strain, and like other strains such as G.S.C there are many arguments as to what the true cut of Sour Diesel is, as well as who really created the strain in the first place. It is suggested that it is from the East Coast when a ChemDawg and Super Skunk were crossed together in the 90’s.However there are so many variations on this story so it is hard to pinpoint it’s true origins. Sour Diesel falls into the camp of strains that people either seem to really love, or it is just not for them. This is understandable as Sour Diesel effects are on the cerebral side of things. People typically note that they feel a head rush as well as mood elevation. If you are not a fan of Sativas you might be best in avoiding Sour Diesel, and trying one of it is many crosses, such as Sour Kush Mints. Kush Mints was created by Seed Junky Genetics and has surged in popularity. Kush Mints is a cross between the popular Animal Mints and an absolute classic Indica Bubba Kush. People enjoy Kush Mints for its deep seeded stoniness and Euphoria. We have found that in the Oregon Rec market that Kush Mint crosses seem to be much more popular than just Kush Mints. LA Kush Cake which we have reviewed in the past, also grown by Herbal Dynamics is a Wedding Cake Kush Mints cross that has seen a lot of popularity in California and Oregon. Kush Mint Crosses are exceedingly popular in California and they are making their way up to Oregon. We really like the idea of the cross of Sour Diesel and Kush Mints as they have vastly different lineages as well as effects, which can lead to a chance at an amazing hybrid. These hybrids allow for people to try strains that they never thought they would try in the first place.

            The Sour Kush Mints has a longer bud structure reminiscent of Sour Diesel, where the buds tend to be skinnier and longer. It does carry a denser bud structure than traditional Sour Diesel. Kush Mints and strains that contain Kush Mints tend to be quite dense. It carries a nice light green color throughout, being brightened up by all those pretty trichomes. Lots of nice little orange pistils on this one to show some color variation. This one carries the Trichomes throughout the flower where it is layered throughout the bud. As well as a nice coating on the outside that lightens up this strain.

            The Nose on the Sour Kush Mints has a tad bit of sour, but mostly this very traditional Kush Mints smell. If you have had Kush Mints before you know what we are talking about, it’s similar to Wedding Cake but less of a gas finish. It’s this floral slightly creamy smooth flavor. Honestly, the nose is not terribly strong, but one thing we really enjoy about the Kush Mints strains is the flavor. This one will give you a serious of case of terp tongue, the lingering flavor is very pleasant and gives off this floral smoothness that a lot of other strains on the current market are not carrying. Where a lot of strains currently are trying to push things like Garlic, Chem, or Gas, and even Fruit notes this goes for something much lighter, and reminiscent of more floral hybrids from the past.   

            Sour Kush Mints could go a lot of different ways with it’s effects. We found that it’s a bit of an edgier or buzzier Kush Mint. It does carry some of the head buzz that the Sour Diesel does, but it doesn’t carry the same intensity in energy. The Kush Mints really comes through, and while Kush Mints can tend to carry quite a bit of stoniness along with it, the Sour Kush Mint provides more of a general relaxation on the body and the mind. This is a really nice hybrid for it’s effects, and just shows how effective and important it is to continue to make new exciting hybrids. If you have been apprehensive to try strains with Sour Diesel, this is certainly more relaxing and mellow than other Sour Diesel Crosses, such as Blue City Diesel, Soco, and especially Chemdog and Headband. Sour Kush Mints is very versatile in what it can do cleaning the house, watching a movie, playing a game, going on a hike. It’s also very calm and relaxing, so it can be a good choice before bed, it might not knock you out but it should put you into a calmer state.

Sour Kush Mints up close look at the beautiful Trichome coverage all over this bud from @Herbal_Dynamics Instagram

            This Sour Kush Mints is brought to you by Herbal Dynamics. In the Oregon recreational market, it may be possible that Sour Kush Mints will only be brought out by Herbal Dynamics. We have had nothing but good things to say about this farm. They continue to put out extremely solid cultivars that are grown extremely well. Their Ice Cream Cake, LA Kush Cake, Sour Power OG and Velvet Glove have all been phenomenal. Herbal Dynamics commitment to using living soil as well as organic practices, and all their experience in growing continues to produce some of the best Cannabis we have reviewed. We as always look forward to seeing what comes next!

  • Appearance 4/5
  • Smell 4/5
  • Flavor 5/5
  • Effect 5/5

            Sour Kush Mints really impressed the inner Cannabis nerd within us, this strains combination of old and new school strains is exciting to see. It carries the best of both traits of Sour Diesel and Kush Mints. The Sour Kush Mints certainly take on characteristics of newer genetics with the much more visually trichome exterior. The Notes are of a light Sour yet at the same time it carries this Creamy Kush taste with it. The taste really stands out a lot too, usually the nose seems to get the main highlight, however with this strain we found that the taste is more memorable. Effects are by far considered to be one of the most important parts on reviewing Cannabis and the Sour Kush Mints delivers. The versatility of this strain is on par with popular strains such as Blue Dream. Something that works for all times of day, as well as many indoor and outdoor activities. We hope we continue to see more Sour Kush Mints from Herbal Dynamics in the future, as this is a strain that holds up well as a staple on the shelf.  

Blue Dream strain Review:

            Blue Dream is one of the most well-known strains to the modern consumer. While its origins maybe a mystery, it’s popularity certainly is not. The mixture of a nice terpene rich relaxing Indica and the effects of cerebral heavy hazy create a combination that is loved by so many. We have seen many iterations of Blue Dream come through Spacebuds, this cut of Blue Dream from High Valley Organics is one of our absolute favorites!

This Blue Dream is some of the most dense we’ve ever seen!

             Blue Dreams origins are bit a of a mystery there is not one breeder per say that made the strain. They believe that the strain originates from Northern California in the Santa Cruz region. This strain has been bred by many so there are many different cuts and genetics when it comes to Blue Dream. The original cut should be a cross between an Indica heavy Blueberry and a Sativa heavy Haze. Blueberry might not be the popular strain it used to be however the influence it has in the Cannabis space is still seen to this day. There are many strains that contain Blueberry somewhere along in its genetics. DJ Short is the most well-known breeder when it comes to this strain, while the genetics are not exactly known it’s believed to be a mix of two completely different Land Race strains.  Blueberry’s popularity as a strain comes down to two main factors, the flavor, and the effects. Blueberry has a very strong berry heavy nose, this makes it such a hit for breeding with other strains. The effects seemed to be universally liked as it is a nice relaxing Indica, that carries more of a mellowness to it. Haze on the other hand is a very energizing Sativa, that like Blue dream originates from Santa Cruz. Original Haze on it’s own isn’t to popular, however you see it crossed within many of the Sativa strains that are currently on the market. If you enjoy Savita’s that give that classic Cerebral head buzz/haziness this is one of the most ideal strains to get out there. As it is one of the most pure Haze experiences you will get, what differentiates hazes from other Sativas is they give an alteration to your current train of thought, almost as if you are actually in a haze,

            While Blue Dream is extremely popular, we love to stress the importance of record keeping, and using a Strain Journal for collecting data. We have seen massive variances in the Blue Dreams we have tried. They do not just look or smell different, they effect the entire experience of the high. We have even seen growers try to pass off a cross of Blueberry and Super Silver Haze as Blue Dream, which do not get us wrong those two sound like an awesome cross, but it is not traditional Blue Dream.

            This cut of Blue Dream is different to most of the ones we have seen come through Spacebuds. This cut of Blue Dream almost looks just like Blueberry. The buds are much more circular in appearance and carry a very traditional Indica structure to them. The buds are a nice green color with trichomes layered underneath the flower. While they have this dense look to them, they are kind of hollow throughout the center. It is not the most coated strain in terms of trichome coverage, but it has a lot of trichomes layered into these circular buds, it is like opening up a wonder ball, if anyone from the 90’s remembers those.

            The nose on this puts the Blue in “Blue Dream” the Blueberry notes come through this intensely, you can smell it in the room socially distanced with a masking on, it is like opening Pandora’s box. Honestly, we really wonder if this is not just a cut of the Blueberry strain, because the nose leans so far toward berries. Typically, most Blue Dream strains have a sharpness of the citrus scent of the Haze. In fact there are some Blue Dreams that we’ve even carried that are on the complete opposite end of the spectrum and seem to smell exclusively like haze. And Until you break open the buds and smoke them do you notice notes of the berry.

The way we see it is if the Blue Dream smells more like Blueberry it’s going to be more on the mellow side, where as you find a Blue Dream that has more of a Haze note to it, it’s going to get you more wired like the Haze strains tend to do. We have also noticed with some of the Hazier Blue Dreams that the shape tends to carry a more traditional Sativa Shape, with longer skinnier buds. Whereas this one grown by High Valley Organics is much more Indica shaped and carries the characteristics from the Blueberry plant, is much more rounded and sweet/berry scented.    

            Blue Dream is one of the most well-known strains for a reason, there seems to be a mass appeal to the way it makes people feel. Most people who tend to avoid Blue Dream tend to avoid most Sativa hazes in general. This cut of Blue Dream we argue has more of a mainstream appeal than some of the other cuts we have seen. If you have tried Blue Dream in the past and did not enjoy it, we would say it’s worth exploring this option. This is unlike any Blue Dream we have had before, it’s much more relaxing, than the typical head buzz associated with most Blue Dream. Blue Dream effects people differently so it is certainly worth experimenting, some might find it’s better to just chill on, while others may find it more fruitful to use it when doing outdoor activities. That is the real strength behind Blue Dream is that it is very versatile, and can be used to enhance many different activities.  

            High Valley Organics is an Outdoor Living Soil, Organic grow out in Southern Oregon. They feature quite a few unique terpene rich strains such as Green Thai Dragon, Strawberry Banana, and Sour Apple. While also featuring some staple strains such as Chocolate Hashberry, The White, and of course Blue Dream. High Valley Organics combination of Organic growing methods and use of living soil has made them one of our favorite outdoor farms that we carry. The Blue dream batch to batch only seems to have gotten better and better, and we look forward to seeing what other strains they bring forward in their cultivar lineup!

  • Appearance 2/5
  • Smell 5/5
  • Flavor 4/5
  • Effect 4/5

            There is a reason Blue Dream is loved by so many. Blue Dream as a strain has never been the prettiest strain out there, but it certainly holds its own. Appearance is an odd thing to review because older strains struggle in terms of physical look, for instance not being the most triched-out bud, or having massive variations in the appearance such as Tropicana Cookies. This Blue Dream is not the prettiest we have seen, and we think that is due to the circular indica structure of the flower, it hides all the sugary trichomes on the inside. The nose however blows it away, the nose on this Blue dream beats some of the Indoor we have seen by miles. The notes are so strong on the Blueberry, and it just pierces your nose with sweetness and berries Smokes and Vapes exceptionally Smooth and carries that sweet berry flavor when you smoke it. When it comes to the effects it seems to carry itself as a more mellow blue dream, which we see as actually more versatile than some of the traditional Blue Dream that comes around. We do not think it’s perfect as Blue Dream is still unapproachable by some, but this comes very close. If you have tried Blue Dream and it was too buzzy/hazy for you, this batch from High Valley Organics is certainly worth trying.

White Tahoe Cookies Strain Review:

White Tahoe Cookies has become a bit of a cult classic in the short time of it’s existence. This is a strain that has been on the menu on Spacebuds from many different growers, but this is the first time we have seen top shelf White Tahoe Cookies come around Oregon. We were excited to see this strain on the top shelf, due to the amount of different patrons we’ve had that enjoy this strain. We found that this strain has a nice balance of effects that can be enjoyed medicinally or recreationally.

White Tahoe Cookies up close from Tao’s instagram @Taogardens

            White Tahoe Cookies was bred by Kush4Breakfast, but is distributed by Archive. Kush4Breakfast is known for creating a few popular strains such as Aria, Smarties, and Gushers. Many of Kush4Breakfast stains are very popular in California, but are being distributed to many different recreational and medical states. Kush4Breakfast likely used Archive as a distributor as they have a large seed distributing footprint through Archive Seedbank.

            White Tahoe Cookies is cross between G.S.C x (The White x Tahoe OG). G.S.C is one of the most well-known cookie strains out there, if not one of the most well-known over all. The Origins of G.S.C are debated, and some people even debate it’s lineage. Most people seem to agree that it is a cross between Durban Poison and OG Kush. People love G.S.C for it’s intense mind-altering effects, and body relaxation. G.S.C has been crossed with many classic strains and is still being crossed with new strains to this day. The White is quite different from G.S.C however the origin of it seems to be a mystery as well. Many online say that it is either a phenotype/f1 of a strain called Triangle. Even without it’s true origin many agree that it’s effects and the way it grows puts it somewhere in the Kush family. The White is different from G.S.C as it is much more mellow, and body heavy. The White does not offer much in the way of cerebral effects. Like we spoke about on Episode 2 of the Podcast THC Percentages are not the final story when it comes to flower; The White is typically an extremely high tester, many times reaching above 30%. Most of The White’s effects are in for the form of pain relief, and body relaxation. We find that often times other strain that are crossed with The White mellow out the flavor, and the effects of the strain. It can also help bolster the THC percentage of the flower it is crossed with. Tahoe OG is another popular Indica Leaning strain, being a cross of OG Kush and SFV OG. Tahoe OG is another staple we try to keep stocked throughout the year. People really enjoy the sedative, body heavy effects the strain tends to carry. It can be very helpful for people suffering from pain, or are having issues with Insomnia.

            White Tahoe Cookies is a cross between quite a few different things and to carries quite a bit of OG Kush in it’s background. The nose definitely has resemblance to G.S.C and The White, which as a Kushy odor to it you can tell that it is rounding out the smell. In terms of appearance it resembles a cookie strain. It is a nice bright green with lots of orange pistils throughout the flower. The effects of the White Tahoe Cookies seems to be somewhere close to more of a cross between the White and Tahoe OG. It is very relaxing, and quite heavy on the body. It seems to be rounding out the Tahoe OG, as it isn’t as sedating but it is still good at loosening muscles and providing relaxation.

            The appearance of this White Tahoe Cookies is pretty, nice light green with orange pistils throughout. The Light green can be attributed to it’s nice coverage of Trichomes, it has more of a powdered sugar appearance as opposed to a layer of sugar throughout the buds. This strain however has never been the prettiest at least compared to some of the modern hybrids on the shelf. While it is an incredibly pretty batch of White Tahoe Cookies, we find that this strain compared to some other top shelf is not going to win out on it’s looks alone.         

            This strain is an absolute favorite for people just for to its effects . The Feedback from customers from this strain is fantastic. It is loved by Veterans, Parents, Seniors, people in their mid-20s, connoisseurs, and people who are new to the Cannabis world. We spoke with a regular who is a veteran at Spacebuds why he enjoys the strain, and he said that it is one of the few strains that he feels does not exacerbate his anxiety. We found that a lot of people enjoy this strain because they feel that it can really help them unwind after a long day and feel “Chill”. We found that it has a really great grounding effect, and is a great strain to have if you’re going for a long walk. We really enjoy this strain for the effects as well, and we feel that it is a great strain for people who are new to Cannabis. We found that if the White Tahoe Cookies isn’t giving the cerebral effects you are looking for; that it is a perfect mixer, and can help bring some extra body to some of the more cerebral/Hazy strains that are more popular in the current Cannabis market.         

            This White Tahoe Cookies was grown by Tao Gardens. We were so excited to know Tao Gardens was growing White Tahoe Cookies, as we feel they do an excellent job of showing off the terpenes in the plant. They will even grow certain strains with similar terpene compositions to maintain the flavor of the plant. Tao Gardens is an all Organic No-Till Living Soil grow right here in Eugene, OR. They grow a wide variety strains from Mars Love Triangle, Miracle Alien Cookies, GMO Cookies, Purple Punch, and exclusive to Tao Gardens Chem Skunk OG. Tao Gardens has built quite a reputation for being such a new grow to the Oregon Market.

  • Appearance 3/5
  • Smell 4/5
  • Flavor 4/5
  • Effect 5/5

            We believe that the versatility of the White Tahoe Cookies is it’s strong suite. Comparing this to other top shelf strains we found that it doesn’t hit the mark in terms of it’s appearance or smell. The Oregon Cannabis market is highly competitive, and features some of the best Cannabis in the world. We feel that Tao did a great job with this strain, however the strain certainly has some limits when it comes to it’s physical traits. We do recommend White Tahoe Cookies, it a strain that lots of people enjoy, and it is a good starting point for people who are getting approaching Cannabis. It is also a fantastic strain to mix with Sativa’s and Sativa Hybrids, as it can help mellow them out. 

Alien Cookies Strain Review:

                Alien Cookies may not carry the notoriety of its offspring M.A.C (Miracle Alien Cookies); notoriety aside what it does share are positively gorgeous buds, and effects. We will dive into why Alien Cookies is definitely worth your time and go into the distinct differences between the two strains.  Even if you are not a fan of Alien strains, this one has some key differences from other Alien strains circulating the market. We will say that if you take away anything from this review; this strain is pretty rare to find, so if you do end up seeing a good batch of it do yourself a favor and get Alien Cookies.

Alien Cookies up close from Pacific Groves Instagram @PacificGrovePDX

            Alien Cookies is a cross between G.S.C (Forum cut) and Aliendawg. Alien Cookies was bred by Jaws Genetics. Jaws Genetics grows many variations off previously established strains, they carry unique cuts of both Banana Kush and FPOG (Fruity Pebbles OG). They have also bred some other rare strains known as Dark Matter, Green Demon OG, and Jane’s OG. G.S.C. as we have spoken about in other reviews is hotly debated, there are many different cuts and versions of G.S.C. that people argue are the true G.S.C. Regardless of which cut is the best many people enjoy the phenotypic traits that the forum cut contains, and many seem to prefer the effects of the forum cut for having more mind altering traits. AlienDawg is much less well known and is a cross between ChemDawg, and Alien Technology. This is a great example of what unique breeding can bring to the industry. If you think of these plants at their core they’re not too different from a GMO Cookie cross, however they are extremely different in the way they make you feel and effect your body. We suspect that most of the mind altering effects that come from this strain is the combination of the Forum cut GSC and the Chemdawg. Both are known for their potent euphoric- mind altering effects.

  One thing that might surprise you as that Capulator the person who is the creator of M.A.C said in an article in CannabisNow. “Cap said the pairing that led to MAC was inspired by the phenomenal genetics of the Alien Cookies F2 #7, which, in his opinion, is probably the most incredible flower many people will smoke in their lifetime. It tastes so good, packs an amazing high and the smoke on the exhale smells like nag champa, he said of the Alien Cookies. “It lingers in a room and just smells so damn good. The problem is, it is incredibly slow growing and doesn’t stretch at all, so yields are terrible.” So this is the likely reason that the strain is so rare, is that because yields are typically low. Many commercial growers would lose interest in growing the strain in the first place as there is a lower return on their investment, as well as a higher risk if the strain grows worse than it’s normal low yield.  

            Alien Cookies sure looks out of this world, this strain is absolutely frosted throughout the buds. One thing that really sets this strain apart is that underneath the Trichomes you have these nice dark green buds, with nice hints of dark purple throughout. The buds have a nice density, dense enough that it will grind well but not crush into powder. The big difference we notice between the Alien Cookies and the M.A.C is that the Alien Cookies are much darker in color. The difference would be a Forest Green to a Tea Green. They however both seem to carry similar trichome structures where the Keif looks just like powdered sugar.

            The nose on the Alien Cookies is vastly different than what we suspected. The first notes that come off of this strain is of vanilla and earth. In a lot of ways It reminds us wedding cake, but heavier on the earth notes. What makes this a unique smell is that typically cannabis strains that exhibit earthy notes tend to have that be the main note. This carries both the vanilla and earth notes pretty even throughout. This is vastly different than the notes that MAC carries. M.A.C has a much more sour smell to it, and if properly executed should smell like sour cherry Yoplait yogurt. It seems though both noses on these strains are on the milder side.

            The effects of the Alien Cookies are on the more hybrid side of things. It has a nice uplifting effect on the mood with euphoric effects. It also has nice relaxing effects on the body, not one to lock you down to the couch but you will certainly feel a nice loosening of your muscles. The difference we noticed between this and the MAC is that the Alien Cookies seems to carry a bit more body than the M.A.C. The effects are very nice and potent, which both strains seem to carry.

Alien Cookies up close as featured by @PacificGrovePDX Instagram

            The Alien Cookies #7 was cultivated by Pacific Grove PDX. They are one of the few growers left that still grow this cut. They are a family owned/operated Indoor grow located in Portland. They carry an extensive variety of high quality Cannabis, and carry unique and rare strains. Many of them you do not see from any other grower in the state of Oregon. Some of their more unique strains are Royal addiction, Billy Idol, and Rhubarb Pie.

  • Appearance 5/5
  • Smell 4/5
  • Flavor 4/5
  • Effect 5/5

            Alien Cookies is truly something special, in a lot of ways it is a shame that it is so rare, as we think many would enjoy it. It’s appearance and effects are where this strain truly shines, it has a very unique look. The high is also enjoyable, and much stronger than many of the other Alien strains out there, such as Alien OG. The nose while not necessarily our favorite is different, and pleasant. It is not too common to get strains that have a smooth earthy note to them. We would pair this with more with activities near the end of the day, gaming, watching movies, or a late night walking the dog. If you happen to see some Alien Cookies in your future, do yourself a favor and try it.

References: Devine, J. (2019, October 21). Return of the MAC. Retrieved September 21, 2020, from https://cannabisnow.com/return-of-the-mac/

Sangiovese Strain Review:

Sangiovese in the wine world is a more savory variety of Red wine, the meaning of Sangiovese derives from the Latin Sanguis Jovis meaning the “Blood of Jupiter”. Sangiovese is not a very popular Cannabis strain, in fact NW Kind is the only grower we know of that grows it in Oregon. We thought that the most memorable thing from this flower would be the smell, but it turns out to be the effect. Sampling the Sangiovese surprised us in more ways than one.

Sangiovese from NWKind’s Instagram @Nw.Kind

Sangiovese is a cross between Brandywine and GMO Cookies. Sangiovese was bred by Dungeon Vault Genetics; they are also the breeder of Brandywine. Brandywine is a bit of an odd strain when it comes to genetics, it is a cross between Pink Champagne and Grandpa’s Breath (Which means there is a lot of Grand Daddy Purple in its lineage). Pink Champagne is nearly unheard of (Even its origin is not well known), other than in crosses such as Brandywine. Grandpa’s Breath, which is another strain, bred by Dungeon Vault Genetics has begun to see a resurgence. Strains such as Pal-patine, False Teeth, and Hot Rod have been making the rounds through the legal recreational market. Dungeon Vault Genetics origins seem to come from breeding quite a lot of Grand Daddy Purple. Brandywine is known as a more relaxing more mild Indica. It has an incredibly unique scent; some say it’s like tea and others say it’s more reminiscent of hops. GMO Cookies in a lot of ways seems almost opposite to Brandywine. While they are both Indica, the scent, and effects of the GMO Cookies are so different. First of all GMO Cookies happens to have one of the most funky noses around. The effects are very potent, the combination of the Chemdawg and G.S.C makes it much more physically intense. So it is really interesting to see the Brandywine and GMO Cookies be paired together. As we will jump into later in the review it leads to some seriously interesting results.

The Sangiovese did not look how we expected, these are some very light-colored buds. It does not have any of the coloring that GMO Cookies has, as well as scouting pictures of Brandywine; it does not resemble much similarity. The buds are a nice lime green to yellowish color, with smaller orange pistils throughout the buds. The buds are nice and dense, and the flower is cured well. We believe that some of the lightening of the bud is coming from the trichomes. This bud is packed with Trichomes, it is layered nicely throughout the flower, so this should certainly turn out good no matter how you grind it. This is not the first of NW Kind flower that has come out on the light side, we were surprised how much this looks like their XJ-13.

The nose of the Sangiovese seems to be a real love or hate relationship. We believe that it comes down to how earthy the strain smells. The GMO Cookies does not really come through on this one. The Sangiovese smells somewhere between the garden center at your local hardware store, and a tea shop. One thing we will give this strain is that the smell is not very offensive. We found to that using a dry herb vaporizer it has quite a pleasant taste, that is more like tea. One important thing that we do want to mention is that, badly cured flower can have a hay/tea smell. This is not the same as the nose you get on the Sangiovese, the Sangiovese carries this flavor throughout the nose the entire time. Typically badly cured Cannabis the hay/tea smell will hit you right away, and the nose of whatever strain you are smelling is muted.

The effects of the Sangiovese are where this strain shines. Comparing Cannabis to wine is a weird thing but in this situation it seems oddly appropriate. We found that the Sangiovese is quite talkative, and surprisingly stimulating for an Indica. One thing we really liked about the Sangiovese is that while it is stimulating, it is not very hazy. Some of the other GMO Cookies crosses, will just absolutely lay you out. As far as pairings go, video gaming, board games with friends, hanging out on zoom calls. We would not necessarily recommend this strain for sleep, but it can help you get into a more relaxed state of mind and body.

Sangiovese up close look how bright this strain is! from @NWKind on Instagram

NW Kind is cultivator of the Sangiovese. NW Kind is more well known for their extracts than their flower. They make some of the prettiest, high quality shatter in the state. Their Flower is beginning to make its way around the state, with most of their distribution being centered around where they are from Bend, Oregon. NW Kind’s top shelf Craft Cannabis flower is exciting to see, this is certainly up there with their XJ-13. We appreciate the variety of strains that they grow, and they still grow some popular strains that may have gotten lost in the weeds(No Pun intended). They carry some interesting strains such as an interesting cross of Thin Mint crossed with G.S.C and Lemon Gelato. We are excited to see what new strains they will have in their cultivation lineup next!

  • Appearance 4/5
  • Smell 3/5
  • Flavor 4/5
  • Effect 5/5

We really enjoyed the Sangiovese, we think that it offers a little something for everyone. The appearance is great, it certainly should be top shelf great appearance with a nice trichome coating throughout.  If you are a terp chaser this may not be the strain for you, but there are plenty of other strains out there to enjoy. If you do enjoy earthier strains, this is right up your alley, this is about as earthy as it gets. Effects wise we absolutely love it, it makes us want to try Brandywine to see if they are similar. We hope to see so more strains from Dungeon Vault Genetics, that have Brandywine in it’s lineage. Not all Cannabis has to be the hardest hitting, finding Cannabis that meets your needs is always the goal. Strains like the Sangiovese show that not all strains that contain GMO Cookies are going to hit you the same, and that is why hybridization in this industry is so fascinating.

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Garlic Sherbet Strain Review:

The simple concept of Garlic Sherbet to a mainstream audience, as well as vampires sounds simply vile. In the Cannabis industry Garlic strains have shown up at the forefront as some of the most popular strains on menu. We have reviewed many Garlic strains in the past, and we have enjoyed many of them. This Garlic Sherbet from Urban Canna however, is special and in total honesty might be the pinnacle of true craft Cannabis. This Garlic Sherbet brings tears to our eyes, and it is not because of the garlic.

Garlic Sherbet up close has more purple and orange, than green!

Garlic Sherbet is a cross between GMO Cookies and Blue Sherbet. It was bred by IN-House Genetics who are best known for their strains Black Cherry Punch, Crystal Cookies, and Slurricane. GMO Cookies has been a staple for many growers in Oregon. Origins are rather washy when it comes to GMO Cookies some people say it was created by Divine Genetics, but because Divine has no tangible base of operations many third parties have claimed they created GMO Cookies.  When it comes to GMO Cookies, we have found that while the scent/flavor is very consistent, the effects can seem to really differ. Some cuts of GMO tend to be far more Indica leaning, while others seem to lean more towards the 50/50 Hybrid side of things. We’ve found that the cuts that tend to smell sweeter and more like cookies tend to be more on the Hybrid side. GMO Cookies that tends to be on the more savory side and have more of the umami notes tend to be on the Indica side. GMO cookies is certainly here to stay, it does some many things well for Cannabis connoisseurs, Growers, and Dispensaries. Being a cross of ChemDawg and G.S.C you have two very potent powerhouses crossed together. In doing so have flower that tests well, potent cerebral effects(ChemDawg), and somehow it attains the flavor of Garlic so it has a great nose. Blue Sherbet on the other hand is almost unheard of to many consumers. Created by The Plug Genetics Blue Sherbet is a cross between Blue Cookies and Sunset Sherbet. Blue Cookies and Sunset Sherbet are both cookies strains at heart, however they are on different sides of the spectrum when it comes to effects, Blue cookies is a more Indica leaning due to it’s Blueberry Genetics, where as Sunset Sherbet has a more uplifting 50/50 effect from Pink Panties. Blue Cookies used to be quite a popular strain but has been phased out by some other indica dominant cookie strains. Sunset Sherbet is making a come back as it is being crossed into many different trending strains.

This Garlic Sherbet is stunning, some truly out of this world bud. It has more purple/blue hues and orange pistils throughout it, than it has green on it. Most of the green on this bud seems to come out on the ends, or on the very insides of the bud when you break it open. This is definitely worth posting on the Instagram feed, its also insanely triched out which lightens up the color of the buds a lot. This is the kind of Cannabis that makes you appreciate how much growers have stepped up their game in the short amount of time that the legal industry has been around.

 GMO Cookies should not be the only one getting love for its flavor. This Garlic Sherbet nose is something that you can only smell Cannabis. It’s has the musky, earthy, umami notes that you get from most GMO Cookies strains; but it then ramps it up with the sweetness from the Blue sherbet and the combination of the two is wonderful. The sweet and savory notes mix from this is remeniscant of some of the better GMO Cookies we’ve had the pleasure of trying, however it is even sweeter than those. This is a reminder for us why we love Cannabis so much in the first place, this strain has something to offer that we have never encountered before.

Garlic Sherbet is not just another GMO Cookies off shoot, the effects of this are much more reminiscent of Sunset Sherbet. It starts off as this sporadic uplifting yet grounded high, almost Sativa-hybrid type of effects. It then begins to transition into a more body heavy relaxing strain that swings over to more of an Indica leaning hybrid. We found that the strains effects are quite long lasting, and would be ideal as something to have later in the day, as it can be a bit weighted after time. We found that while it is not as potent as GMO Cookies, it is also not as limiting. GMO Cookies even from the most seasoned of Cannabis Connoisseurs can be a bit too heavy handed. Some of us noted some nice sparks of creativity and found that it is also a good strain for having a nice chat with some friends, especially over Cannabis talk and conspiracy theories.

Garlic Sherbet up close from Urban Canna’s Instagram @TheUrbanCanna

Urban Canna cultivated the Garlic Sherbet, and as far as we know or they only cultivator of this strain in the state. Urban Canna has been growing craft Cannabis in Eugene for quite some time. They have an almost cult like following from around the state. They put out some seriously unique strains, such as Dirty Bananas, Lee Ann WoMAC, Divine Kush Breath, Blue Pearl, and Gelato Cake. They strive to grow the best craft Cannabis flowers, and the results seriously show. Their Garlic Sherbet as well as their Gelato Cake which we picked up recently are both seriously impressive. We seriously cannot wait to see what they bring to the table in the future.

  • Appearance 5/5
  • Smell 5/5
  • Flavor 5/5
  • Effect 5/5

Our overall thoughts on the Garlic Sherbet are as follows. In the looks department this meets and or exceeds the rest of the top rated strains that we have reviewed. The Garlic Sherbet is colorful, dense, and just coated in Trichomes on the exterior and interior of the buds. We’ve noticed that the buds tend to be a bit on the drier side, but we sample using a volcano and it still vaped well, and wasn’t overtly harsh like other drier buds. The smell is where Garlic Sherbet shines it just carries this unique sweet/savory funk that cannot be found in anything else, the flavor when smoked/vaped comes off very similar to GMO Cookies but on the sweeter side of things. We enjoyed the effects a lot as well, as the high transitions from a more creative/cerebral high to a more relaxed hits under the eyes type of effect. If you see the Garlic Sherbet from Urban Canna, pick it up we guarantee It will not be on the shelf for long!

Grape Octane OG Strain Review

This is no ordinary grape gas, this is some premium high octane fuel!

Like many Grape strains this strain was bred by Cannarado Genetics. Cannarado Genetics is the biggest grape on the block. They have been absolutely slaying it when it comes to grape genetics. Cannarado’s strains have been really popular in Oregon, you will atleast find one of their strains on every growers menu. Sundae Driver has certainly been their biggest hit, and the amount of new strains that have come from Sundae Driver alone has been pretty surprising.

Grape Octane OG is a cross between Grape Pie and High Octane OG. Grape Pie is a really popular strain for a quick mental engagement, that turns from Euphoria into a nice body sedating effect. Grape Pie is crossed with many strains due to it’s indica like effects, as well as it’s nice sweet grape flavor. High Octane OG is an Indica leaning Hybrid as well however, the effects are more similar to an OG Kush in where the effect is more Cerebrally stoney, on top of the Body sedation. The mix of these leads to a nice body relaxing effect, with some serious mental stimulation.

Grape Octane OG from Cold Frames Intagram @ColdFrameFarms

The optics on this one are bright, literally looks to be coated in frost. Cold Frame did a fantastic job growing this batch of Grape Octane OG. The trichome coverage on these buds actually lighten up the entire look of the flower, to a light green color. There are slight flecks of purple throughout the buds themselves. It’s trichome coverage is similar to Mac in which it seems as if it is just powdered right on.

The Nose on this should appeal to two different groups. People who prefer their Cannabis to have a more floral fruit forward note. If you enjoy grape/berry strains, you will likely enjoy the Grape Octane OG. The other group is for people who are looking for that “Gas”, it’s a little lighter on the notes of Fuel, but you can certainly tell that it is there. It reminds us a bit of GMO Cookies without the funk savory notes, and more of a sweet gas like Gelato #33. It’s exciting to get a strain that has sweet fuel notes, that is neither a GMO cross, or a Gelato cross.

We found the effects on the Grape Octane OG to be different than anticipated. While we got the body heavy effects that you would anticipate from an Indica leaning hybrid. The cerebral effects are quite surprising, this strain has an uplifiting elevated effect on the mind. It’s not racy like a golden goat or Green Cra*k but it certainly comes through and made us feel quite alert. We found this strain would be best for outdoor, active activities. This strain would be great for working out, camping, or going for a hike. We also found that it would be quite good for some competitive gaming, as we found that the strain helped with getting zoned in.

Grape Octane OG up close, nice and frosty buds!

Cold Frame Farms is the cultivator of the Grape Octane OG. Cold Frame is known for growing Exotic strains for the connoisseur. Cold Frame is really passionate about using older growing methods with new technology. They are committed to what they call “Conscious cultivation”, their methodology is creating great flower, while having a minimal impact on the environment around them.

  • Appearance 5/5
  • Smell 5/5
  • Flavor 4/5
  • Effect 4/5

Grape Octane OG is quite a potent exotic strain. It’s a really nice mix up from Cannarado’s other parings such as Sundae driver which tend to be on the milder side when it comes to effects. Cold Frame did a great job on this strain, it looks great, has flavor notes that other Oregon growers have been neglecting. The effects are certainly exotic, which make it hard to place in a daily rotation. It works well for taking the edge off while remaining engaged and active. The versatility of the strain however knocks it down one point, and with it being grape, those strains are always going to have a love/hate relationship.

Mule Fuel Strain Review

Mule Fuel jumps onto the GMO train with a cross of the Lurch, a strain which everyone seems to talk about but have no real information about. This is one of the most social highs we’ve seen from a GMO cross yet. Muel Fuel is a testament that lower testing flower can hit just as hard as some of the 30% THC strains out on the market.

ThugPug genetics has become really big on the scene for their “Breath” strains. Garlic Breath, Meat Breath, Peanut Breath, and Sherb Breath. They also are known for their popular strain Unicorn Poop (Another GMO Cross). ThugPug’s online presence is through the founders “Gromer” @Gromerjuana instagram, which has a huge following in the industry . But as far as ThugPug’s companies online presence, they do not have a huge following to their consumers,

ThugPug genetics logo

Muel Fuel was created by Thug Pug genetics, it is a cross between GMO and Lurch. GMO has really made a name for itself in the scene, it’s one of the few strains that has managed to keep up with it’s hype. There are so many strains that get over hyped manage to get on a farms grow menu, and then after 1-2 grow cycles completely disappear into obscurity. GMO has notoriously stuck around, and in fact has become a staple for many Oregon farms, any grow menu in Oregon will likely have GMO, or a GMO cross on it’s menu. GMO has become the new G.S.C, and we do not see it going anyway anytime soon. Lurch on the other hand has very little information about it. The closest thing we could find is that it is a male version of Mendo Montage, which is a cross between Mendo Purps and Crystal Locomotive.

Even with a name like Mule Fuel this flower came out gorgeous! It has a really nice slightly fluffy, yet still nice and dense bud structure. It has a really nice mixture of different hues of purple, and green throughout. It’s Trichome coverage is layered within the bud, almost as if there is just these nice pockets of dank throughout.

Muel Fuel is a one way ticket to flavor town. Mule Fuel is a very pungent strain that hits you with notes of gas and earth throughout. This is the gassiest GMO cross we’ve had tried. The GMO really boosts the notes of the gas, and gives it savory notes throughout. It’s very different then say a Gelato which has gassy/fuel notes to it, but is much sweeter in nature. The combination of GMO and the Lurch is wonderful, and if you are a fan of gas this is a must try.

The effect of the Mule Fuel is quite interesting especially for a strain that has GMO in it. We found that out of many of the GMO strains we have tried, that the Mule fuel has the most social effects to it. Mule Fuel has the nice body relaxation that comes from the GMO, but it is not as cerebral. Mule Fuel is not the highest tester, but as we’ve said there is so much more to flower than raw THC percentage. This Mule Fuel hits just as well as any of the other top shelf that tests 10% higher. We’ve been personally enjoying this Mule Fuel in our flower rotations, it is extremely good at mellowing out, without making you feel like your locked into your seat.

Gardens of Odin is the cultivator of the Muel Fuel. Gardens of Odin grows really great indoor flower, and they carry a wide variety of different strains. They carry a lot of strains that you dont normally see such as Dutch Treat, The Purps, Member Berry to name a few. We’ve really enjoyed have Gardens of Odin on our shelf as they have brought a lot of unique strains, with great terpene profiles that we normally do not see in the Oregon Cannabis market.

  • Appearance 4/5
  • Smell 5/5
  • Flavor 4/5
  • Effect 4/5

Mule Fuel really wowed us, we came into Mule Fuel blind, and we fell in love. The nose on this is so pungent, that umami/gassy mix that it has is so special. It’s beautiful flower with good trichrome coverage, has a really good structure. Novice users should be cautious when giving this one a try, it is very potent like a lot of strains that have chemdawg in them. If you’re a connoisseur give this strain a try it offers a very different experience than many of the other GMO crosses out there.

MAC 2 Strain review

Miracle Alien Cookies Aka M.A.C is one of the most exciting, and most hyped strain to come out in the last five years. M.A.C has become the new G.S.C although they both share cookies in their genetics M.A.C and G.S.C are extremely different. M.A.C is the pinnacle of selective breeding in the cannabis space, the high as well as the bud itself impress consumers, growers, and people who work in the commercial cannabis space.

Miracle Alien Cookies has quite the origin story. Bred by Capulator it is a cross between Miracle and Alien Cookies. Capulator refers to the strain as Miracle because unfortunately after a trip of aquiring said seeds all 15 of them were ran through the washing machine. Out of the 15 only one of them made it through an entire cycle. Interestingly enough Capulator prefers Alien Cookies on it’s own, however he finds that it yields much better when crossed with Miracle, as well as he found the genetics to be much more stable. M.A.C has seen a surge of popularity over the entire United States, it was practically on every growers menu in Oregon. It’s surge seemed to die down massively in concentrates however, due to a distinct lack of terpenes in M.A.C. However it has made a comeback in extracting with the distinct amount of M.A.C crosses that exist such as M.A.C and Cheese, Sunset M.A.C, Peanut Butter M.A.C, and Bernie M.A.C.

Tao’s Mac #2 plants from their instagram @taogardens

M.A.C is an absolute stunner in it’s appearance. It’s has nice striations of purple throughout, with a nice light green color and orange hairs poking throughout. The Trichome coverage on this M.A.C is next level. It is absolutely saturated in Trichomes out of any of the strains we’ve reviewed this one is just bursting at the seams with keif. If you shine a light on this strain it just lights up like a kaleidoscope of crystals, and keif.

Miracle Alien Cookies may not contain the highest Terpene levels, but it is still deliciously tasty. According to Capulator M.A.C should smell/taste like sour Yo-plait Cherry yogurt. The description is absolutely spot on, it’s sour on the main notes with hints of a floral fruit throughout. People may not have been impressed when they extracted it, but in it’s flower form it stands right up there with the best.

The effects of the M.A.C are definitely more Sativa-Dominate in nature. It carries a nice uplifting effect, along with a nice of Euphoria. It has a hint of body relaxation, but nothing that would be couch lock inducing. M.A.C is a very versatile strain it’s good for outdoor activities, parties, gaming, cleaning the house, or even if you’re looking to get into your favorite book. The flower is potent, but we found that even novice users would enjoy the high as it’s not a racy sativa and did not give off any anxiety.

Up close of Tao’s Mac 2 from their Instagram

This flower was grown by Tao Gardens, and it honestly might be the at the pinnacle of what they have grown. It’s not easy saying that as they have set the bar so high. They have the official beans from Capulator himself, this is the best M.A.C we have sampled. In Oregon there are many fantastic batches of M.A.C out there, but this M.A.C #2 from Tao is on another level. Tao’s living soil regenerative growing practices are truly showing in their end product.

  • Appearance 5/5
  • Smell 5/5
  • Flavor 5/5
  • Effect 5/5

Is there really anything in the world that is perfect? This M.A.C #2 certainly seems that way. Everything about the flower, the look, the density, the flavor, the effects are at the highest level we have seen in Cannabis. This is a connoisseurs dream flower. This is at the highest level of what we have reviewed at Spacebuds. It is at the very top with the Ice Cream Cake, La Kush Cake, and the Super Silver Haze we reviewed. If you have not had a chance to try M.A.C give Tao Gardens M.A.C #2 a try you will not be disappointed.

Narnia Strain Review

What if we told you there was a way to get to Narnia, without having to go through a wardrobe. Narnia is a strain grown by Advanced Growing Technologies, there really is not much known about this breeder. So we’ll just chalk it up to that the strain is so rare that they have to keep themselves a secret.

Narnia off of @Sugartopbuddery instagram

Narnia has very strong Sativa genetics it’s a cross between the popular strain Jack Herer and one of the most well known sativa’s Trainwreck. This is a really interesting combination because Jack Herer is a really well known clear headed Sativa, while Trainwreck is more hazy and eupohric. Sounds like a good combination of work, and play mixed all into one strain.

Narnia is quite pretty, it has a very typical Sativa structure. We like that the Narnia however has buds that stay tight, some other Sativa flowers can be on the larfier side. It has a similar structure to Jack Herer, the difference is Narnia is a little wider, and not as long as Jack tends to be. It has a really nice light green color to it due to the nice coverage of trichromes throughout, similar to the powdered sugar effect we have talked about before. The density of the flower is quite nice, if you were to squeeze the buds they have a little bit of give, but they still certainly hold their own.

Narnia’s Nose is very Piney, and Earthy. It does not really have the flavor of Train wreck, as Trainwreck tends to be on the much more fruity side. If you have had Jack Herer before, it has hints of Jack but it’s far muskier. It’s an interesting clash of flavors, if you enjoy strains that have more of an earthy aroma, this would be right up your alley.

Narnia is great for someone with an active lifestyle. It’s really good at getting the user elevated and boosting your mood. So it’s great for a social gathering, exploring the great outdoors, or even doing a podcast! Narnia might not be the best strain for someone looking to unwind after a long day, unless you unwind by exercising, or doing chores around the house.

Narnia is grown by Sugar Top Buddery, and in fact this might be one of the only farms that currently grows Narnia. Sugar Top Buddery has been a staple in the Eugene community, they have been growing a lot of great indoor sativa’s over the years. Sugar Top Buddery has been a huge sponsor of the arts, and Cannabis in Eugene. Putting on events like Tokes ‘N’ Treats, and having some of the best community engagement of any farm we’ve seen.

Narnia up close in the jar
  • Appearance 5/5
  • Smell 4/5
  • Flavor 5/5
  • Effect 4/5

We really enjoyed the Narnia it looks great, it has a nice flavor when smoked/vaped. We felt that the initial nose is a bit muted, if you squeeze the buds however it does show much more of it’s nose. This is one of the better looking Sativa strains in terms of bud structure, and trichome coverage. If you are looking for a strain to give you a pick me up, or you’re getting tired of smoking the same trendy Tropicana Cookies crosses , give this one a shot!

Velvet Glove Strain Review

Velvet Glove shows the true versatility of Gmo Cookies. Gmo Cookies has become one of the most popular strains in the last couple of years. We have seen a rise in the number of strains that have been crossed with GMO, but we have not tried anything like this.

Velvet Glove was bred and developed by Swamp Boy Seeds, a collaboration between krome and Cornbred Ricky. Both are very respected members in the Cannabis space, and they have bred some extremely popular strains to date. GMO / TK Skunk, Layer Cake, Nookies, Georgia Pine, and Helen Back and have received quite a following even in the Pacific North West .

Velvet Glove in the Grow Room from Herbal Dynamics Instagram @Herbal_Dynamics

Velvet Glove is a cross between GMO and Nookies. Nookies was also developed by Swamp boy seeds, it’s believed to be a cross between Nigerian Silver Haze and Animal Cookies. Velvet Glove does not have a huge online presence, and it is just starting to show up on menus in the Pacific Northwest. Velvet Glove’s uniqueness will

Velvet Glove certainly takes on characteristics from GMO, this strain is gorgeous. It’s has nice hues of orange and green, with little specks of purple throughout. This Velvet Glove is sticky, you can see just from the pictures how sticky it really is. One of the prettier strains we have seen this year for sure, it’s very similar to the Ice Cream Cake, with a slightly less dense bud structure.

The nose on this is different, and very unique to say the least. The first thing that hits your nose is it’s very sweet, you then start to smell the GMO but then it gets overshadowed by the smell of the Nigerian haze. GMO Cookies usually is the first thing to overtake other strains when it is crossed, but somehow the Nookies really edges the GMO out. If you end up vaping this one, we found that the GMO started to come through near the the end of the 2nd, to 3rd bag on the Volcano.

The Effects of the Velvet Glove really seem to depend person to person. Some people say the strain is very stoney and is a knockout punch. We felt that it is strong, but the Nigerian Silver haze gives this strain some go. It’s quite a unique experience to have a strain that is quite body heavy, but mentally is quite engaging, and gives your thoughts a bit of a boost. Try this strain out while relaxing, and listening to one of your favorite albums. Velvet Glove seems like a good strain to unwind, and get in the zone of whatever activity you are into. As long as the activity does not involve too much movement!

Herbal Dynamics cultivated the velvet glove, and like many of their other of their cultivars we are big fans. We want to give credit to Herbal Dynamics for actually giving something other than just plain GMO Cookies, and Wedding Cake a chance. There are so man great strains out there, so to see a farm try something new, and not on everyone else’s grow menu is great to see. Herbal Dynamics has continued to grow really great connoisseur grade cannabis, and they have a bit of everything from a strong sativa of Golden Pineapple, all the way to a nice heavy Indica in the Ice Cream Cake.

This Velvet Glove is just as pretty as it is sticky
  • Appearance 4/5
  • Smell 5/5
  • Flavor 4/5
  • Effect 4/5

Velvet Glove does not disappoint it has everything we search for in good Cannabis. It nails a unique flavor, it looks sticky, and coated in Trichromes, this is some cannabis you want to post on your instagram. The smell is unique to say the least, if you enjoy that sweeter smell of Nigerian silver haze this is right up your alley. The effects are potent but we would not say it’s a knockout punch, the Nigerian Silver Haze does a good job of keep you from shutting your eyes. Herbal Dynamics keeps setting the bar really high, and we look forward to seeing what they grow next!

True Glue Strain Review

Is this the one glue to rule them all? Original Glue formerly known as GG4 is one of the most popular strains of all time. So it was really exciting when we were able to finally find some on the top-shelf. We’ve touched on how great Original Glue is in the Grease Monkey review, for both medical and recreational purposes. And we’ll be diving on into what Makes True Glue so great!

True Glue From Tao’s Instagram @Taogardens

Original Glue’s Origin story actually happened by accident. A rogue Herm plant of Chem sister pollinated a Chem Diesel Cross. The breeder ended up keeping some of the seeds that the plants ended up producing. Out of the seeds planted the 4th stuck out the most, and the rest has been history. This strain is famous for some many reasons, it’s popular in pop culture, among Cannabis enthusiasts, and for the many Lawsuits that Gorilla Glue has had to protect their brands copyright.

This True Glue is hands down some of the best Original Glue we have ever seen. Even though Original Glue is extremely popular, it’s never been the prettiest flower. A lot of the Glue strains tend to have a looser/lighter structure, it has longer buds almost as if it has a Sativa. It’s never seems to have the most triched buds, almost as if someone just lightly dusted it in keif. This True Glue is denser, stickier, and is a lighter shade of green thanks to all its keif coating.

True Glue up close (We wish you could smell it!)

Opening the True Glue Jar reminds us of the Scene in the Witcher were Dandelion, and Geralt open the Djinn’s seal. This stuff just keeps pouring out. It’s a mix of Pine, Fuel, and a mixture of earth tones. The smell is quite addicting, and every time you get another whiff you’re able to pull some new notes out of it that you were not getting before.

True Glue is truly a remarkable strain. If you are looking to have a good time and play some Mario Kart with your friends it’s a great strain. If you are looking to veg out by yourself after a long day, it’s a fantastic choice. It’s definitely some very potent body Heavy/Stoney Cannabis. True Glue can be life changing for Medical patients, it is one of the best strains out there for Nausea, and for people who are having difficulty eating. This strain certainly brings out the Munchies, have snacks close by!

Tao Gardens is the cultivator of this True Glue, and we hope they keep it in their regular rotation. They consistently have amazing flower, the flower tastes the way that it should, and they are incredibly consistent. Tao has done a really good job of making sure that they flush their nutrients out. We’re not naming names but even some so called “premium” growers who still cannot flush out their nutrients consistently. Tao is really doing something special, and we look forward to new strains they have been coming out with such as GMO Cookies, and Seriously CBD.

  • Appearance 4/5
  • Smell 4/5
  • Flavor 4/5
  • Effect 5/5

This True Glue gets a nearly perfect score, the only thing that we possibly knock it on is that compared to some of the newer genetics it’s not the prettiest flower out there, but that is more of a reflection of the genetics of the True Glue, and not on Tao. The smell is out of this world, and it keeps you wanting to come back for more. We find that True Glue is a good strain for everyone to give a shot because this one is very divisive, people seem to really Love or Hate the Glue Strains. Trying True Glue as a base can really help figure out what strains work for you, and which ones do not. As Original glue has made its way into many strains new and old.

LA Kush Cake Strain Review

LA Kush Cake is a newer strain on the block, that has seen popularity in California and Oregon, in both Flower and extracts. It’s a strain with unique genetics and flavor, and gives a fresh new take on the already popular Wedding Cake Strain name.

LA Kush Cake was created by Seed Junky Genetics who happens to be also the creator of it’s parents, Wedding Cake and Kush mints. Wedding Cake is one of the most popular strains to hit the recent scene, due to it’s potency and flavor. Seed Junky was also the one to create Ice Cream Cake, which has been our number one review on the site. It was also the Flower that we sampled on the first episode of our podcast. Seed Junkys’ creation of Kush Mints is really interesting as it is a cross between Animal Mints (Animal Cookies x GSC x Blue Power) and Bubba Kush. So you get this really new cross in the Animal Mints which gives off a fresh floral mint flavor, and mix it with a really old school strain Bubba Kush, which has this gassy, sweet, earthy funk to it.

LA Kush Cake as featured on Herbal Dynamics Intstagram @Herbal_Dynamics

If you were to press your nose up to this flower the first thing you would smell would be the familiar and reminiscent notes of Bubba Kush, it then starts to turn into more notes of sour funk, and then at the very end your hit with the sweetness of the Wedding cake. It’s an extremely unique nose, it’s a nice change of pace from many of the gassy Wedding Cake crosses we’ve come across.

Appearance wise it reminds us a lot of the Ice Cream Cake, it’s lighter in Color with different shades of Green throughout. It has Flecks of a darker purple color throughout, it might not be as colorful as the Ice Cream Cake, but it’s Trichome coverage is just as impressive, and the size and density of these buds are no joke.

La Kush Cake is very potent, we found that it’s more of a Hybrid to Indica Hybrid in terms of effects. It will definitely give you the feeling of being stoned, it surprised us though is it’s not as body heavy as something such as the Wedding Cake. This is definitely connoisseur grade cannabis, and it a little goes a long way. If you’re looking to unwind after a long day, and you don’t have much on the agenda, this a great strain to grab for.

Herbal Dynamics grew the LA Kush Cake, and we have had nothing but good things to say about them. We’ve really enjoyed their Ice Cream Cake and Sour Power OG. We find that their Cannabis Nails it in so many ways. They do a good job on the density of their flower, nice sized dense nuggets, a perfect trim on their flower. It hits on potency and flavor (What more can you really ask for). Their living Soil practices, and their growing methods are nailing it, and we look forward to see what strains they grow in the Future!

La Kush Cake up close! (That Bud in the middle is 4 grams on it’s own!)
  • Appearance 5/5
  • Smell 4/5
  • Flavor 4/5
  • Effect 4/5

LA Kush Cake nails it in pretty much every way. It looks fire, it has a nose that keeps you wanting to come back to opening up your dram over and over again. After a bowl it does not leave you wanting. We were worried with the Ice Cream Cake that Herbal Dynamics were going to set the bar too high, but they nailed it with this strain. If you’re newer to Cannabis be cautious when dosing, fortunately it’s more Indica leaning nature tends to reduce anxiety. you’re on the fence on wanting to try LA Kush Cake, if you’ve enjoyed Wedding Cake or Animal Cookies this has very similar effects. Connoisseurs will love this strain for both it’s extremely unique flavor, and it’s potent effects keep it at the top.

Out of these 3 Powerhouses from Seed Junkys' which is your favorite?

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Grease Monkey strain review

How can you go wrong with Original Glue (No Gorilla’s in here) and Cookies and Cream? Original Glue is often regarded as one of the most popular strains in Cannabis, in both pop culture, and the actual Cannabis scene itself. Original Glue’s popularity likely stems from it’s effects that the fact that it is enjoyed by recreational, and medical Cannabis users. Cookies and Cream on the other hand has gained a lot of traction, particularly for it’s flavor. There have been many new crosses that add Cookies and Cream to help create a new flavor profile on existing strains. Cookies and Cream looks phenomenal and is a higher tester so it being crossed with other strains can help boost the strains appeal.

Grease Monkey was bred by Exotic Genetix. Exotic Genetix has bred other popular strains such as Black Mamba, Blue Steel, Cookies and Cream, Chocolate Oranges, Donkey Butter, Lemon Meringue, and Starfighter F2. Exotic Genetix has a very wide variety of different strains, that cater to very different experiences for the consumer. Exotic Genetix had it’s start in Tacoma Washington from the Medical days. Exotic Genetix goal has been to grow good unique, and stable genetics that are consistent. They have gained quite the following from many farms in the Pacific NorthWest, and you’re very likely to find atleast one of their strains in a farms grow lineup.

Grease Monkey plants from Exoctic Genetix website

Trying out the Grease monkey we were really impressed with the headspace we got put in, we felt that the strain was really good at reducing anxiety. Even though the strain is above 26% we felt that most people would be able to enjoy the strain, even if you’re new to Cannabis. The Grease Monkey does a good job with pain relief and loosening up the body. We actually found that the strain was excellent for watching movies, and playing videogames as it’s a tad less hazy than it’s Original Glue parent. Just be aware that with any Glue strain that you will likely be getting a case of the munchies.

Original Glue has a lot of benefits for medical patients and Grease Monkey is no exception to those same benefits. It offers good pain relief and is helpful if you’re feeling nauseated. One reason to consider getting Grease Monkey over Original Glue, is that with the Grease Monkey your a little less likely to get glued to the couch.

Tao Gardens grew this Grease Monkey, like with most of their strains we enjoyed the look, smell, and flavor of their buds. Their propriety soil blend they have, mixed with their living soil growing practices yield amazing flower. We’ve been sampling their flower for a long time, so much so that we will be featuring their Purple Punch on the second episode of the Spacebuds Podcast.

Up close on the Tao’s Grease Monkey
It carries more phenotypic characteristics from the Cookies and Cream
  • Appearance 4/5
  • Smell 3/5
  • Flavor 4/5
  • Effect 5/5

Grease Monkey is a really good strain for medical and recreational purposes. It’s not the prettiest flower we have seen from Tao, but to be fair Gorilla Glue as a strain never yields the most frosted or dense buds. The Smell isn’t a knock out, but Cookies and Cream and generally has a lighter nose. The taste is exactly what you want it to be that smooth Cookies and cream flavor, with the gassy earthiness of the glue. Grease Monkey is versatile in terms of who would be able to enjoy. People new to Cannabis should be careful with dosing as it is more potent, but it’s Indica leaning nature can with anxiety that comes from more potent strains. We see Grease Monkey being a good substitution for people that use Gorilla Glue Regularly. And among some of our Spacebuds it’s becoming a regular favorite.

Tropsantos Strain Review

Is anyone up for Garlic-Fruit Salad? Tropsantos is a very unique st rain that brings a lovely funk, and gorgeous visual aesthetic to the table.

Tropsantos was bred by Oni Seed Co. Oni is by far best known for growing the famous Tropicana cookies, and if you look through their lineup they have been pretty much breeding Tropicana cookies with everything. Oni Seed Co. differentiates itself from a lot of other breeders by focusing on strains with higher terpene content, than maximum potency. Tropicana Cookies hit big for a variety of reasons, it looks amazing, it smells great, and the nice uplifting high has made it really popular in both flower, and concentrate.

TropSantos from Rolen Stones’ Instagram

Tropsantos is grown by Rolen Stone Farms. Rolen stone has made quite a new for themselves with having an extremely impressive menu of unique cultivars. Many of them are from Oni Seed Co themselves, in fact it seems that some of the strains are exclusively grown by Oni Seed Co. Rolen Stone grows a combination of Indoor, and Greenhouse flower. We’ve really enjoyed the variety of new unique strains such as Apple Rock Candy, Mumbles, and Banana Split. Rolen Stone also sets themselves apart by doing their own extractions, and they have a wide variety of different extracts they produce.

There is an interesting story that we have heard from multiple people in the industry even before we even had a chance to see the strain; that Tropsantos is an aphrodisiac, or that it has similar type of effects. Everyone’s body chemistry is different so individual results may vary.

Don’t you just want to dive in to these nice glazed buds?
  • Appearance 5/5
  • Smell 5/5
  • Flavor 5/5
  • Effect 4/5

We really enjoyed the Tropsantos it hits a lot of the notes we look for in a good strain. It is visually striking the structure of it and many of Rolen Stones’ flower tend to be on the denser side, almost as the buds were pebbles, The trichomes are layered throughout the flower almost as if the buds themselves were glazed. The Smell is incredibly unique, if you take Tropicana and give it this umami funk that just ties it all together. We enjoyed it’s true hybrid effects. It’s a good strain for a wide variety of tasks, from doing chores to hanging out on Zoom calls with your friends. This Tropsantos is potent so novice users should take caution as Tropicana cookies can lead to bit of raciness, and anxiety if not dosed properly. If you’re a connoisseur Tropsantos is certainly worth your time whether, or not you get it’s aphrodisiac effects. If your a fan of GMO, or Tropicanna Cookies you will likely be a fan of the Tropsantos.

Fire OG Strain Review

Does a name like Fire OG live up to the hype? We found that fire OG meets if not exceeds expectations in things such as potency, and in the high of the strain. We found that this Fire OG did not fire on all cylinders in every category however.

Fire OG is a cross between the insanely popular if not the most well known strain OG Kush, and SFV OG Kush. Fire OG is oddly cerebral and gives quite a head rush from being crossed between two Indica leaning hybrids. There can be some confusion in the cross of this strain because there is SFV OG which is more sativa leaning, and SFV OG Kush which is more indica leaning. There is a strong possibility that whatever cut that has been breeding Fire OG could be a more sativa leaning cut. Fire OG has a nice cerebral high that transitions into a more body heavy stoney high.

Tao Gardens indoor grow as featured in the Oregon Leaf

Tao Gardens grew this Fire OG and we have not had anything but good things to say about them. We’ve reviewed their ultraviolence, deadhead, and Dawgwalker. They are remarkably consistent in putting out ridiculously terpy top shelf flower. The Dawgwalker was like letting a genie out of a bottle, the whole room would get lit up by just opening up the jar. Tao is really dedicated to getting the best terpene profiles out of their flower, they will grow strains with similar genetics, or similar terpene profiles in the same room to get the best out of their cannabis.

To be honest we initially were not blown away by the smell of the Fire OG the flower felt a bit muted. We can chalk a bit of that up to Fire OG being slightly earthier on the notes than lets say a Dawgwalker which just has that prime musky dank scent. The fire has slight undertones of that musk, but for the most part you get more of that earthy/woody scent. It’s flavor comes out far better than just its initial scent. The appearance of the Fire OG is really nice, it has a nice dense, but not too dense bud structure. With an inner coating of sugar throughout. It has been interesting to see the mix of Tao’s different flowers, were the trichomes are either sprinkled all over as if someone coated it, or something more similar to the Fire OG where it’s layered throughout the flower.

(Fire OG) Look at all those nice trichomes tucked all throughout the nooks in the buds.
  • Appearance 4/5
  • Smell 3/5
  • Flavor 5/5
  • Effect 5/5

While the Fire OG didnt floor us from the initial impressions, and to be fair Tao has set their bar really high. We really enjoyed the high from the Fire OG. First off we were surprised in the initial sativa like effects, it really has a nice head buzz to start. Then you start to get that nice body buzz that OG’s typically give off. We found that the Fire OG would be ideal for connoisseurs, if you are a novice to Cannabis Fire OG could be a bit too intense to start, so go slow!

What is your favorite SFV OG cross?

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Purple Punch Strain Review

The famous Purple Punch shows up on the top shelf once again. Purple Punch is a cross between Grand Daddy Purple and Larry OG, both of these are regarded as old school stoney Indica’s. When you think of the classic weed that people were smoking at parties, Grand daddy Purple is the poster child of that movement. Purple Punch’s popularity comes mainly from it’s flavor, and not it’s potency. Purple Punch has inspired quite a few new strains such as Mimosa and Banana Punch. Both of these have become really popular with consumers in both flower and extracts for the same reasons.

Purple Punch from Tao Gardens Instagram @TaoGardens

The Purple Punch we are reviewing is from Tao Gardens, we’re glad to see that Tao has opened up their menu to quite a few new strains. We’ve been looking through many different grow menus for some top tier purple Punch. If you have not checked out any of our reviews before, we love Tao Gardens. There a Living Soil Grow, that grows a lot of solid genetics. We’ve been really impressed with their consistency of all their flower. They pretty much have nailed every strain we’ve tried from them/

We find Purple Punch really appealing because it is a good strain to try for people who are newer to Cannabis, as well as people who have been connoisseurs for a long time. For novice users Purple Punch is a nice dessert to pass out to after a long day. For Connoisseurs it is a nice mild Indica to help take off the edge that can be enjoyed throughout the whole day.

Purple Punch is a strain that appeared on everyone’s Instagram feed at one point or another. Hightimes even used Purple Punch as their cover page, and centerfold for 2017’s best strains. The picture used was actually from a popular local grower that is based in Eugene “Eugreen”.

Purple Punch really excels in the flavor department, its very fruit forward. It smells like very sweet berries, and it’s very smooth. It reminds us a bit of Blueberry Muffins but it is more berry foreward than sweet, whereas the Blueberry Muffins is more sweet smelling than berry foreward.

This Purple Punch looks like it’s just coated in a fresh layer of snow
  • Appearance 5/5
  • Smell 5/5
  • Flavor 5/5
  • Effect 4/5

Purple Punch does a great job showing that it deserves a top spot on the topshelf. It checks pretty much all of the boxes we look for in flower. It loses one point in the effect spot because while it is a versatile strain, some people are negatively effected by purples. It’s hard to recommend a strain like Purple Punch to someone who’s body responds negatively to Purples. Because the basic framework of Purple Punch is Purple at it’s core from both parents. If you are effectively negatively by Purples, but want to experience a similar effect give Blueberry Muffins a try!

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Blueberry Muffins Strain Review

Sweet, smooth, and doughy, Blueberry Muffins rises to the occasion of fulfilling a niche that has been opened up in the Cannabis Market.

Blueberry Muffins was created by Humboldt seed Company. Humboldt Seed Company grows a lot of fruit forward strains such as Raspberry Parfait and Magic Melon. Humboldt Seed Co has seen great success with Blueberry muffins genetics, as one of their new flagship strains “Squirt” is a cross between Blueberry Muffins and Tangie.

Blueberry Muffins from the Creators themselves

The Blueberry Muffins we will be reviewing is grown by B Force Farms. B Force is an indoor farm located in Hillsborough, that grows smaller vertically grown plants. They use clean growing practices, as well as a lot of newer growing technology, and automation in their grow.

Blueberry Muffins is one of the few strains the name is actually what it smells like, when you take a whiff of a jar of blueberry muffins. You get those sweet notes of blueberry, caramelized sugar, and vanilla. When you do end up smoking it it loses a bit of the blueberry flavor, and it translates more into a sweet vanilla flavor.

We’ve had different batches of Blueberry Muffins from different growers, and we found that some similarities between them. It seems that for the most part most Blueberry muffins should have color variation throughout the flower, a nice mix of green with hints of purple throughout. Blueberry muffins should be on the denser side, this can vary from grower to grower, but we always found that Blueberry muffins seems to produce denser tightly packed buds. We like this strain for it’s sort of vanilla nature to cannabis. This strain isn’t trying to be the most gassy, or the hardest hitter, it’s easily approachable which makes it a good strain for people who are not big into cannabis.

Blueberry Muffins is an extremely approachable strain, we found that it’s a good strain for people who are new to Cannabis. It’s an Indica dominate Hybrid that seems to share a lot of similarities to a strain known as Purple Punch. They both are incredibly relaxing, both are known in particular for having a very sweet fruity flavor. Where they same to differ is that Purple punch like many of the purples are a little heavier on the mind, where as the blueberry muffins is heavy on the body, but manages to be a bit more clear headed.

These Blueberry Muffins have a little sugar sprinkled on top
  • Appearance 3/5
  • Smell 5/5
  • Flavor 5/5
  • Effect 4/5

Blueberry Muffins is not hardest hitter; or the prom queen of Cannabis strains, and that is a good thing. It fulfills a niche that is needed in the market; a tasty mild smoke that can be enjoyed by everyone. The market is plenty saturated with strains that want to throw a roundhouse kick at you after the first hit, which for many connoisseurs, and medical users alike is appealing. But we also need to remember that everyone is different, and having options like Blueberry Muffins is beneficial to the consumer, and the industry as a whole. We are not able to give it perfect scores on appearance or potency. It does get perfect scores in flavor and taste. Blueberry Muffins is a real treat that can be enjoyed by everyone, and would be worth giving a shot for anyone out there looking for a nice body heavy relaxing smoke.

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Ice Cream Cake Strain Review

Herbal Dynamics Ice Cream Cake (From their Instagram @Herbal_Dynamics)

Ice Cream Cake is an Indica dominate strain created by Seed Junky Genetics. Ice Cream Cake is a cross between two of the most well known, and popular strains on the market right now. It is a cross between Wedding Cake (Which is also created by Seed Junky Genetics) and Gelato 33. Both Wedding Cake and Gelato 33 are powerhouses, and are well liked for their potency, and their flavor.

The Ice Cream Cake Being Reviewed was grown by Herbal Dynamics. Herbal Dynamics is a local grower in Eugene who grows in Living Soil. We have tried their flower in the past in the form of their Sour Power OG. We really ended up enjoying the Sour power OG, we found that it was a wonderful sativa leaning hybrid, had a great get up and go, but just enough body to take the edge right off. We really like that with Herbal Dynamics’ flower that they consistently put out dense tightly packed bud, without it being to dry, or too dense. They do a good job on their cure the Ice Cream Cake comes through, they did a good job of making sure it is sticky but not too moist.

If you’re going to name a strain Ice Cream Cake you better be delicious. Fortunately this one lives up to it’s name. Talk about a wonderful sweet dank flavor all in cased with hints of fuel throughout. If you’re a connoisseur you’ll know the exact taste we’re talking about it, either strains have it, or they do not. This delivers on it’s promise of what you think a mix of Wedding Cake and Gelato 33. To be perfectly honest we felt that the Gelato 33 seems to come out quite a bit more when it came to the flavor, however when it comes to effect it had a good mix of the Wedding Cake, and the Gelato 33. The flavor seems to be Gelato 33 with sweeter notes throughout that is reminiscent of Wedding cake. Effect wise we felt that it is more similar to Wedding Cake with extra hints of body that we are used to Gelato 33. If you like the effects of Wedding Cake and want something that is a tad more heavy, this strain is perfect. This strain is potent, and from what the market has shown you should see it testing above 25%.

  • Appearance 5/5
  • Smell 5/5
  • Flavor 5/5
  • Effect 5/5
The perk of this Ice Cream Cake is it does not go straight to your thighs.

This Ice Cream Cake was a real treat, we found that it tops the list for strains that we have reviewed and get’s a perfect score. It’s very potent so novice users should take caution and make sure they only start with a little, however we feel that it still should get a perfect score because we did not find that the strain would cause the same level of anxiety for someone new to cannabis. We’ve given lower scores to certain strains in the past because we’ve felt that they can induce some anxiety, Ice Cream Cakes being Indica dominate, and having the body from the Gelato helps curb the anxiety that some higher testing strains have. We really like that the strain is also very versatile it can be used for a variety of different activities such as hiking, social gatherings, watching movies, and playing video games. Ice Cream Cake really out did itself, it looks great with a mixture of green, orange, with flecks of purple throughout, it’s also coated in keif. We wish Smell-O-Vision was a thing so you guys could smell it through the screen.

Herbal Dynamics Ice Cream Cake (Off their Instagram Herbal_Dynamics)

Which do you enjoy more Ice Cream Cake, or the strains from its lineage?

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The world got you down? Here’s some out of this world Movies to get your mind off things!

Alien & Aliens (Hulu)
Solo: A Starwars Story (Netflix)
Guardians of the Galaxy 1 & 2 (Disney Plus)
The Martian (Hulu)
Starwars Series (Disney Plus)
Moon (Netlflix or Crackle)
Apollo 13 (Starz)

Deadhead OG Strain Review

DeadHead OG is a slightly leaning Indica hybrid bred by Cali Connection seeds. It is a cross between Chemdawg 91 and SFV OG. Cali Connection bred this cross with potency in mind, most Deadhead OG you will find should test 25% THC and above.

DeadHead Up close

The Deadhead OG we are reviewing was Grown by Tao Gardens. We have touched on Tao’s flower in the past in our Ultra Violence Strain Review. Tao uses living soil, and does a great job with curing their products. We find that they nail the true essence of the strain itself.

Deadhead OG has notes of Pine, and a nice rich earthy tones throughout, with a hint of fuel at the end. This strain has a great nose on it. It’s the type of cannabis you could smell if someone opened the container from across the room.

We really liked the Deadhead OG for it’s classic OG pain reliving effects, while leaving us clear minded. If you are looking for a strain to relieve some pain, but stay active this is a great strain to try. It pairs well with Gaming, social gatherings, or working on some projects around the house!

  • Appearance 4/5
  • Smell 5/5
  • Flavor 5/5
  • Effect 4/5

Deadhead OG is really lives up to it’s name and certainly lives up to it’s title of being an OG. Deadhead really flourishes with it’s unique nose, and potent high. It has a really nice clean flavor, while maintaining earthy and fuel notes which is not easy to do. While beautiful it does not get a perfect score because there are strains more coated in Trichomes and prettier strains out there. It also misses one point from perfect effect as we felt it’s not for everyone because it is on the more potent side, and for some new users ChemDawg strains can tend to be a bit anxiety inducing.

QuaRantined? Here’s a list of Films to raise your Spirits!

Stuck at home trying to get your mind off the Coronavirus? We have come up with a list of popular movies to uplift your spirits. The list also shows the various streaming Platforms they’re streaming on right now.

Animal House (Hulu)
The Blues Brothers (Hulu)
Monty Python and the Holy Grail (Netflix)
The Hangover (Hulu)
Book Smart (Hulu)
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (Netlflix)
Ghost Busters 1984 (Hulu)
Young Frankenstien (Hulu)
Shaun of the Dead (Hulu)
Hot Fuzz (Hulu)

Animal Crossing: New Horizons & Doom Eternal review Coming soon

Doom Guy behind the helmet (Credit to Nintendowire.com)

With Both Animal Crossing New Horizons, and Doom Eternal both coming out on March 20th. The amount of hype for both of these games has been at an all time high. With both games being anticipated for years and both of them not coming out on their Initial release dates, fans having been waiting to finally be able to sink their teeth into them. Can both games live up to all of their hype?

Artwork credit to ( El Devorador de Flanes)

Which game are you most excited for?

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Ultra Violence Strain Review

Ultra Violence, also known as UV is a very unique strain. Bred by Cult Classic who’s is also the breeder of another really popular strain “Cement Shoes”. Which in a lot of ways is like Ultra Violence, other than where they lie on the Hybrid spectrum. Ultra Violence is a Sativa leaning Hybrid, it is a cross between JillyBean x OGKB x Wet Dream. The flower we are reviewing was from Tao Gardens, who grows in all living soil, and has really grown a reputation for some of the best top shelf flower in Oregon.  

Ultra Violence in the Flesh

Ultra Violence excels in two ways. Ultra Violence packs a serious boost of energy, and is very potent. Good Ultra Violence should range in the 20-25% THC Range. Just as most connoisseurs know the percentages are not the best indicator of how potent the high will be. Ultra Violence is a great example of that. The serious burst of energy likely comes from its JillyBean parent which is known to be quite uplifting. The second thing it does really well is flavor, to simply put it’s phenomenal. If you’re a deep chaser this is a must try flower. Flavor notes are a mixture of flowers, and citrus. It has a rather unique taste, which it seems to really take up from Wet Dream.

  • Appearance 4/5
  • Smell 5/5
  • Flavor 5/5
  • Effect 4/5

With the amount of great Top Shelf flower avaliable in Oregon, and such a wide variety of strains, Ultra Violence has certainly fought to be on the top shelf. Ultra Violence does enough to stand out from the rest, and give a very unique cannabis experience. If you’re a cannabis connoisseur it is a must try. It is extremely beautiful flower with nice contrasts of orange and green, however it lacks some of the visible Trichomes that other top shelf strains have . The effect certainly packs a punch, however we avoided giving it a perfect score as we felt that the high is not for everyone. It seems as though it could be a bit too much for beginners, and certain people who get anxiety from Sativa’s should likely avoid this strain, and go for something like Super Silver Haze instead.

Which Strain gets you the most hyped?

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Which Q1 Game release are you most excited for?

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Which movie are you most excited for in 2020?

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Did you enjoy Star Wars Episode 9: Rise of Skywalker?

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Super Silver Haze Strain Review

The Sativa for Indica lovers, scratch that the sativa for everyone. When we go through strain reviews, we typically get a variety of different opinions on a strain. Super Silver haze is an exception, unanimously everyone we asked loves this strain. Indica lovers like the quick burst of energy that it gives, without some of the anxiety that other Sativa’s give. Sativa lovers like it as a strain that helps them relax without putting them down.