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Black Dahlia Strain Review:

Black Dahlia is a case that people still talk about to this day about a mysterious murderer who brutally murdered Elizabeth Short also known posthumously by her nickname Black Dahlia. There is a lot of speculation to this day about who the murderer is, and the case became even more famous due to how the suspect taunted police and the particular brutality of the crime, especially during the time of the 1940’s. The strain we will be talking about today Black Dahlia is a much lesser-known strain, that seems to be a mystery to us as well. Check out our investigation into the Black Dahlia strain.

Interesting hybrid structure of the bud from the Black Dahlia

            Black Dahlia is one of the lesser-known strains from MzJill genetics. In fact, most places online don’t even report that MzJill genetics are the breeder for Black Dahlia. One reason this maybe is because the genetic lineage is from two lesser-known strains Black Cherry Soda and Querkle. MzJill herself has created many well-known strains and in particular, her Sativa Dominant hybrids have won multiple awards. She has experience in Cannabis breeding from being the head breeder at TGA Genetics. Some of her most well-known strains are Agent Orange, Brian Berry, Jilly Bean, and Querkle. Some of these have some cross-over with Subcool TGA genetics, but the two companies are closely related. Jilly Bean is a unique euphoric buzzy Sativa dominant hybrid that we would love to review in the future.

             What makes the Black Dahlia strain such a mystery is the lack of information about the strain available online. The lineage seems to be quite accurate from site to site and that it is that it is a cross between a female Black Cherry Soda and a male Querkle. We will start on the history of the mother the Black Cherry Soda. Black Cherry Soda has very little information available about the strain. It does seem that the strain is more Sativa leaning which will make sense when we go into the effects of the Black Dahlia. There is no genetic info about the parents of this strain. From its color, it’s possible that it could come from some phenotype of Cherry Pie, but its potent Sativa effects means that it had to have been bred with a strong Sativa something similar to Space Queen. The most information online about Black Chery Soda is about the strains very noticeable dark purple appearance. This really ranges from cut to cut though some seem to be exclusively dark purple, like a Forbidden Fruit. While others are a darker green and with noticeable purple features. Querkle has much more information readily available about the strain. It is a cross between Purple Urkle and Space Queen and is bred by TGA Subcool seeds. This strain has two distinct cuts available, and the effects vary differently one takes the traits more from Space Queen and is more Sativa leaning. While the other takes on more of the Purple Urkle traits and is more body heavy and mellow. This strain is also very dark purple like the Black Cherry Soda, but the structure is much more on the Indica side of things with smaller rounded buds. We have carried Querkle before and it was very relaxing, mellow, but also surprisingly euphoric.

You can see up close the darker shading of the Black Dhalia

            Given what we said about Black Cherry Soda and Querkle’s appearance you would expect a deeply purple Black Dahlia. Well, the mystery with the Black Dahlia is that the strain is surprisingly green. Now it’s important to mention that there are pictures of very purple Black Dahlia online, however, there are also some that are much more on the dark green side. This Black Dahlia has some darker features especially on the parts where the sugar leaves resided before they were chopped (great trim job on this flower by the way Eugenius). This Black Dhalia has a multitude of greens from Tea Green all the way to Forest green. The buds are quite tightly packed however the buds are not overly dense. They have some give when you end up pushing onto the bud and it pushes back. This is a great look and feel especially when you will end up having to grind the bud up. The trichome coverage is particularly good on this Black Dahlia which we feel is what is giving these buds the lighter shades of green. Growing temperature can also affect the way that certain strains look, it is a well-known fact that growing purple strains in colder conditions can help them retain the Anthocyanins that make them so purple.

            There is a wide variety of different scents that you pick up on this Black Dahlia flower. To start the strain hits you with a funky earthy smell with a slight hint of cheese. There is this prevailing note of what might be fruit or possibly even gas but the earthy funkiness offsets it and is the much stronger note. Those cheesy earthy notes do remind us quite a bit of the Querkle that we have carried in the past. Grinding up the flower we notice those fruitier notes come through its slightly sweet and more of a natural apple scent. We sampled the Black Dahlia through a few different vaporizers a Volcano, a Pax 3, and a Dynavap thermoextraction device. We noticed similar results through all three devices. First off, that fruity taste that we got from grinding it is the more prevalent at the beginning of the session, but it carries a bit more of that cheesy funk along with it. It does switch quickly though toward the more earthy notes toward the middle of the session. Certainly, a unique taste and smell from this cultivar, if you are a fan of cheesy strains this one is certainly worth trying. Because as you likely know anything that even has a hint of cheese flavor or lineage is hard to find.

            The effects of this strain online are a bit different from how we felt that the effects are for the Black Dahlia we reviewed. Many reported that this is a more Indica Dominant strain, which is certainly possible depending on the cut. This cut of Black Dahlia might have more of the traits that we see from Black Cherry Soda and maybe even the more cerebral versions of Querkle. In our opinion, Querkle totally meets the criteria of an Indica dominant hybrid it’s stoney and relaxing on the body with more euphoric effects on the mind rather than an intense cerebral rush. The Black Dahlia is a very cerebral strain. It is not a pure Sativa as it does have some noticeable body effects in particular how it can provide some relaxation to the muscles. But even in the cerebral effects it does have a slight weight that should make even veteran Cannabis users feel stoned. This strain is a particularly high tester at 29.53% THC. This means it seems to be keeping more of a similarity to the Black Cherry Soda which seems to also be a high tester usually above the 27% THC range. Querkle on the other hand usually sticks around the high teens to low 20’s. This strain gives a noticeable boost of energy which can make it particularly good for doing tasks. A little goes a long way with the Black Dahlia so make sure to go low and slow, as a strain that can be productive can change really fast if you have too high of a dose. This strain can pair well with doing chores, or stimulating tasks like gaming or creating art. This is not the best type of strain if you’re looking to just chill out and hang out on the couch, Querkle would be the better choice for that pairing. Depending on the dose this could be a great strain for afternoon with a microdose. With higher doses being better for the late afternoon or evening.

Eugenius indoor facility from their Instagram @Eugenius541
  • Appearance 3/5
  • Smell 4/5
  • Flavor 3/5
  • Effect 5/5

            It’s always a pleasant surprise to get to review lesser-known strains, as you are so much more unlikely to know what to expect! Black Dhalia is a unique strain, especially in its physical features. Much darker green buds than many other strains, and some cuts are exclusively dark purple. The scent and taste are quite different as well being a mix of earth, fruit, gas, and a hint of cheese. The effects are more similar to its Black Cherry Soda mother, it is a potent energy-inducing cerebral high. It does have some more hybrid effects though than Black Cherry Soda due to weightier stoniness like many of the current popular hybrids on the market. It is a little reminiscent of Wedding Cake in its potency but much more energizing. If you like the cheesier taste and want something with some serious potency, give the Black Dahlia a try!

Northern Wreck Strain Review:

Northern Wreck is one of the most mysterious strains that we have reviewed and researched here at Spacebuds.com. The origin is a mystery, its classification is all over the place, and to top it off some people don’t even know it’s true genetics. Come take a look into what is highly likely the most in depth review on the Northern Wreck strain.

These Buds are very tight and dense as you can see in the photo above.

            We believe that this strain was likely created a long time ago. Every description online fails to mention where the origin of this strain is from, as well as who the breeder might possibly be. This strain comes from two old widely popular staples Northern Lights and Trainwreck. Northern Lights is one of the most well-known popular hybrids out there. This strain is even mentioned by name by Creed in the popular sitcom The Office. Northern Lights has a bit of a mysterious origin, but it is believed to have been bred somewhere in the more northern part of the Pacific Northwest. Since it is as an older strain, many believe that it could be a cross between two landrace strains such as a Thai and Afghani Land race. Train wreck is a very energizing Sativa, it is also quite potent as the name implies. Train wreck is believed to have come from Arcata, California. The most well-regarded cuts of Train wreck by breeders and connoisseurs alike are known as the “Arcata cut”. This strain is known for both its potency and its effect’s ability to creep up on you. It is interesting that putting together two very popular strains leads to a not-so-well-known offspring as Northern Wreck. Because of the origins and age of Northern Wreck, it leads us to believe that this strain likely originated somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. This strain seemed quite popular with reports from Medical Growers, and even 45th Parallel the cultivator of this Northern Wreck has its origins back from the medical days.

With how dense the Northern Wreck is, it is much easier to see the Trichome coverage up close.

            This Northern Wreck has a very dense peculiar structure especially for the genetic lineage of the strain. The buds are extremely dense almost rock-like. Now granted this is outdoor flower so it is going to have typically a more compact structure, but even for outdoor, this is remarkably dense and compact. The buds are more on the rounded side but some of the larger buds do have a more notable Sativa structure as they are more oblong and pointed on one side of the bud. It’s hard to notice the trichome structure in plain lighting, but up close and in good light, you notice the trichome coverage is sandwiched into these compact buds.

            If you are a fan of old-school Cannabis strains this Northern Wreck is going to be right up your alley. The strain is very earthy and strongly herbaceous. It has just a touch of sweetness that comes out on the end of the smell, but just the slightest touch. The nose on the Northern Wreck is very similar to that of Northern Lights. Grinding up the Northern Wreck more of the herbaceous sweet notes became present. We sampled the Northern Lights through a few different vaporization devices, a volcano, a Firewood 7, and a Dynavap Thermo-extraction device. We found that the results for the three devices were similar. The taste is very similar to the smell, the only real notable difference is that the endnotes tend to have more of that sweetness come out, like the smell when you end up grinding up the flower. Even though this strain might not have some of the zing of the new hybrids the taste is noticeable and carries its own signature for outdoor flower.

            Northern Wreck seems to be carrying a lot of its own unique signatures that really stand out from many of the more modern hybrids on the market, its effects are no exception to this rule. We can see why this strain would generally be difficult to classify as it carries both Sativa and Indica like effects. This is not uncommon to classify a hybrid but because of Northern Wreck’s potency and its effects on the mind it makes it difficult to assess weather the strain is more Indica or Sativa leaning. The strain is surprisingly relaxing it has noticeable weight on the body, as well as a noticeably stony relaxing state on the mind. Where Northern Wreck differs from a lot of strains is while it puts you into a state of calm, it has this creeping buzzy energy that hits you near the peak and later in the effects. So, while it is putting you at ease and maybe possibly helping with stress and anxiety, you are still having a burst of stimulation keeping you from going horizontal or taking a nap. Northern Wreck is surprisingly potent and a little goes a long way; we could see why this strain was so popular back in the medical days. As it likely offered medical patients a way to have some pain relief, but also would allow them to be functional to go about their day. Something which in the early days of Cannabis was hard to find as either the strains were very much go, or on the other hand, just chill.  Northern Wreck would be great for Micro-dosing and is very much in line with being a wake and bake strain. This strain would pair well with both indoor and outdoor activities. We found from the effects that it would be a great strain to choose for going for a hike or walking the dog. Even repetitive tasks like cleaning the house or doing chores, would be a great pairing due to the go effects it has.  

Northern Wreck outdoor Instagram photo from the 45th Parallel @45th_Parallel_Farms

            45th Parallel is a native-owned and operated outdoor Cannabis farm that is in the Willamette Valley. 45th Parallel started back in the medical days and has taken off since then growing recreationally as well. They have a great video on Vimeo featuring their signature strain the Northern Wreck and giving a better look at the farm and the “tribe” of people that make up 45th Parallel farms. While Northern Wreck is their staple strain, they also grow quite a few different cultivars such as Wedding Cake, Jungle Cake, Duct Tape, Magenta Madness, and Alien Orange Cookies.45th Parallel’s popularity is going up every year we look forward to seeing what new and interesting cultivars they bring next.

  • Appearance 2/5
  • Smell 4/5
  • Flavor 4/5
  • Effect 5/5

            A strain like Northern Wreck is a prime example of how much Cannabis has changed from the medical days. While Northern Wreck might not be the prettiest cultivar out there, it provides a set of medicinal effects that more hyped recreational strains seem to lack. To be fair to Northern Wreck and 45th Parallel they are growing outdoor, so it is going to be hard to compete against some of the better looking more popular hybrids of today. It’s remarkably dense and compact flower but does maintain great trichome coverage. The smell and taste are very reminiscent of it’s Northern Lights and Trainwreck lineage which make it slightly sweet but mainly hits on earthy and herbaceous notes. The effects though are hands down what makes this cultivar, and we can totally see why it is a staple. There are very few truly relaxing strains out there that can give a buzz and boost of energy, while retaining a calm mind. This strain is fantastic for Microdosing due to its potency and is fantastic for wake and bakes. This is a case of don’t judge a book by it’s cover, as this has the potential to be one of the best cultivars you have ever tried.

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Star killer OG review:

While a certain popular Star Killer has been cast aside. The strain Star Killer OG remains as a popular OG grown by some of the most popular growers in the United States. Come see why Star Killer OG has remained so popular after all these years down below.

What an absolutely gorgeous Star Killer OG Bud. See the Trichome residue even on the stem?

            Star Killer OG goes by a wide variety of different names. Star Killer OG is also known as just Star Killer or Starkiller or a combination of the two Starkiller OG. We feel that the naming convention of including the OG in the name makes a lot of sense given the lineage of the strain. Star Killer OG was a limited-edition strain bred by Rare Dankness Seeds. It is a cross between a Mother Skywalker OG (Mazar X Blueberry OG) and a father Rare Dankness #2. A little self-explanatory but the Rare Dankness strain is a staple in many strains bred by Rare Dankness. There is actually another strain that is like Star Killer OG that is bred by Rare Dankness Seeds, and it is called 501’st OG which is Skywalker OG crossed with Rare Dankness #1. Goes to show how much of a difference in a Pheno can change the outcome of a strain’s popularity. Rare Dankness Seeds is known for quite a few strains and is one of the most popular breeders from Colorado. Some of their most famous strains include Ghost Train Haze, Moonshine Haze, Nevil’s Wreck, Rare Dankness, Rare Darkness, Scott’s OG, Star Killer OG, and Venom OG. Rare Dankness is still breeding new strains, but they have diversified their brand into new projects such as plant nutrients and clothing.

            Genetically Star Killer OG has a diverse lineage. As the two parents that makeup Star Killer OG do not share too much in the way of crossed-over genetics. Let us start off with Skywalker OG or as most people refer to it now as (Mazar X Blueberry OG). It is one of the more unique OG’s out on the market. It was created by crossing together Mazar X Blueberry and OG Kush. It is a very potent Indica dominant hybrid that mainly has effects on the body. It carries a deep set of relaxation on both the body and the mind. It is a lot less cerebral than some of the more popular modern Gelato based hybrids of today. An interesting effect that people have reported from Skywalker OG is that it has an aphrodisiac like effect to it. Rare Dankness #2 has a complicated lineage that is Triangle Kush X {Ghost OG X (Ghost OG X ChemDawg)}. So to break it down more simply it is backcrossed Ghost OG crossed with ChemDawg that is then bred with Triangle Kush. Rare Dankness Seeds claims that the #2 and #3 pheno just intensify the Ghost OG flavor present in the Rare Dankness. It is no surprise that Rare Dankness is a staple strain for Rare Dankness seeds. Its appearance is that of ChemDawg so more of a Sativa dominant structure but a very heavy frosted appearance. This strain was extremely popular in Colorado and for some Colorado connoisseurs was their favorite smoke right before bed. It carries heavy sedating effects on both the mind and the body. Which makes it a great recreational smoke, but a phenomenal one for people who need the medicinal benefits that the strain offers.

You can see the many different hues of green and purple up close.

            Star Killer OG might not be the newest hybrid to the market, but there is a clear reason why growers have continued to keep this strain cultivar in their lineup for many years. This strain in terms of just appearance alone has a lot of things going for it. This strain has a great structure to it, like the ChemDawg structure we mentioned about Rare Dankness. It carries a more robust amplified structure than its parent. It has that Sativa Dominant Shape, but the buds are very solid and extend out much further than some of the modern-day hybrids we see such as GMO Cookies. There is a variety of different color hues in the Star Killer OG from light green to dark purple all throughout the bud. This helps highlight the absolute frost-laden appearance that the Star Killer OG carries. These Star Killer buds have trichomes on the outside, the inside, and if you look up close there is trichome residue on the stems. Just on the looks alone, we can see why this strain gets so much attention from growers and is still being bred into other hybrids.

            If you are used to the smell of OG strains, we feel that you already know where this strains nose is headed. The initial nose that Star Killer OG presents is of earth and musk. There is a bit of unique sweetness that comes off at the end a little like the gas of Gelato, but it tweaks more towards a note of sweet berries. Like many other OG strains the initial impression is a little muted due to the more earthy characteristics these strain have by nature. We sampled the Star Killer OG through three different devices a Volcano, a Pax 3, and a Firewood 7 Vaporizer. We noticed some slightly different results from the Volcano and the Firewood 7 than the Pax 3. We attribute this to the style of heaters these devices use. The Volcano is pure convection, the Firewood 7 is a hybrid style of both convection and conduction, and the Pax 3 is just conduction. We found with the convection style that the sweeter and berry flavors came through much longer and were more prevalently noticed throughout the longevity of the session. The Pax 3 with the conduction style had more of the earthy gassy notes show up much quicker into the session, which we noticed showed up much later with the convection-based devices. So, if you are smoking this strain, you are much more likely to notice those typical earthy gassy OG notes that we have seen from other OG’s Like OG Kush, SFV OG, and Face Off OG.

            Although Star Killer is technically not canon, for many reasons. This strain matches the power and potency that the character represents. This strain really does have both traits from Skywalker OG and Rare Dankness #2. First, it is noticeable on the body, it provides both a relaxation effect on the muscles as well as provides pain relief. One thing we Spacebuds have always loved about OG’s is their ability to provide relief throughout the entire body. These traits are certainly noticeable in the Star Killer OG. In terms of the effects on the mind and mood, they are more like Skywalker OG than Rare Dankness #2. You can certainly feel a head change and a classic Indica stoniness on the brain, but it is not so intense that all you are going to want to do is lay down and sleep. Because of the less euphoric head change than some modern-day hybrids such as GMO Cookies or Wedding Cake, we find this one better for smoking/vaping during the day. This strain pairs nicely with a wide variety of activities indoors and out. It can be great if you have monotonous chores to do, it is also great for relaxing and watching a movie. Stimulating activities work well with Star Killer OG such as going for a jog or playing some videogames. We feel that it represents the OG line well and offers up a bit of uncommon effects for some of the other OG’s that are much weightier on the mind.

One of Shango’s many indoor growing facilities around the country. From Shango’s Instagram @GoshangoCannabis

            We have had Star Killer in the past, so we had some idea that would really enjoy it. This Star Killer OG is brought to us by a new grower we have not reviewed yet which is Shango. Shango is also one of the first growers we have featured which has a brand presence in multiple states across the country. They currently operate in Oregon, Nevada, and Washington. They are working to get into other markets such as Arizona, Michigan, New Jersey, and California as well. Shango has won awards for their indoor Cannabis such as getting first place for “Best High Range Cannabis” at the G.O.A.T Cup 2020 with their Alien Banana Candy. Shango carriers a wide variety of unique cultivars that they themselves have been hunting. Some of these strains seem to be exclusives to Shango themselves, some of their more popular offerings are Abomination, Alien Banana Candy, Bananas N Cream, Modified Bananas, Mitten Cake, and Tomb Raider. Shango has clearly been working hard with their expansion efforts around the United States, so we are curious to see what unique cultivars they will continue to grow as they expand!

  • Appearance 5/5
  • Smell 4/5
  • Flavor 4/5
  • Effect 5/5

            We were extremely impressed by the Star Killer OG from Shango. This is a proper OG strain done right. On appearance alone this is one of the best strains we have seen, Star Killer OG has beautiful shifts of purple and green hues throughout. The structure of this strain is second to none, a typical Sativa Dominant Structure with large robust buds that are tight and dense. Trichome coverage is equally as impressive on the outside and inside of the bud, with even noticeable trichome residue affecting the stems. The nose is a little different than a typical OG, but the earthiness is certainly still present, instead of hitting with the feint gas it has more of a berry sweet flavor. The taste depending on if you vape or smoke it has those earthy flavors, we noticed more sweet berry notes on the inhale. The effects are what you want from a good OG strong pain relief on the body along with some good muscle relaxation. It sets itself apart from other strains and OG’s by not being so euphoric and buzzy. But is a nice change-up from many of the gas-forward hybrids of today. If you enjoy OG’s or are looking for a strain to help you relax, reach out and grab some Star Killer OG.

The Bizz Strain Review:

What does this unique DogWalker OG Phenotype bring to the table? What separates it enough to have its own strain name? Come checkout our review and overview of this popular Pacific Northwest cultivar down below.

While The Bizz might have smaller buds than Dogwalker OG. The buds are still quite large.

            The Bizz is most popular in the Pacific Northwest because like its relative Dogwalker OG it was bred in the region. There is a surprising amount of misinformation online to the origins of this strain, even though it really is not grown much outside of Oregon. The story from the breeder One Eye is that the Bizz is the official name for the pheno known as Dogwalker OG #4. The Bizz is a sister to Dogwalker OG, that supposedly tests higher and yields better than Dogwalker OG. They also say flavor wise that The Bizz is the reverse of Dogwalker OG, where there is more gas on the inhale and more of a floral wood taste on the exhale. We cannot say that it necessarily yields better, but we do agree that batches we see test better than any Dogwalker OG we have come across. This batch we are looking at from Koru clocked in at 34.51% THC. One eye seems to be more currently focused on his garden supply business, while the breeding seems to be more of a hobby. Maybe we will see more Pacific Northwest variations from One Eye in the future!

            The Bizz genetically has the same cross as Dogwalker OG or Dawgwalker OG depending on who is spelling it at the time. The cross of Dogwalker OG and The Bizz is a Mother Albert Walker OG and a ChemDawg 91 Father. Albert Walker is a unique strain that was also bred in the Pacific Northwest. Authentic Albert Walker is only available in Clone form. It has been around since the 80’s and people said it was remarkably popular at Grateful Dead concerts. From its structure and scent many people believe that it has some type of Afghani Skunk lineage, which makes a lot of sense from this region. For the time there was a surprising amount of Middle Eastern land Race Indica’s that were grown in Oregon back in the black-market days. ChemDawg 91 might have a different origin and story than Albert Walker, but there is a chance that it has some related genetics. ChemDawg 91 is part of the original 4 ChemDawg seeds that were popped likely sometime back near 91’. The genetic origins are a bit of a mystery some believe it contains a land race Thai Sativa strain. Others believe that it has backcrossed on itself somewhere down the line and is ChemDawg crossed with Skunk. Which if that is the case both Dogwalker OG and The Bizz have a double dose of Skunk. These genetics of an old school Indica and a potent Sativa leaning hybrid bring us to the Bizz we have today.

Up close you can see how consistent
the green is throughout the bud.

            Both The Bizz and Dogwalker OG when grown properly are beautiful strains. The Bizz has a mix of light and dark green throughout but is consistently green. That lighter green is prevalent where the trichomes are located on the bud. These buds have a bit more of a Sativa Dominant shape to them as the buds are bit more elongated. But the structure is remarkably dense and tight on these buds. This is something that the breeder mentioned as a difference between The Bizz and Dogwalker OG that the buds are noticeably smaller and tighter on The Bizz. We are impressed that the trichome coverage is really layered throughout all the nooks and crannies of the buds considering they are so tight. When buds are these tight, we get a little nervous that they will crush rather than grind. We are happy to report even with the tighter dense buds it provides a nice fluffy consistent grind.

            It is rare that we get a full take on the nose of a strain from the breeder, so we had some expectations of what to expect. Dogwalker OG and The Bizz do have vastly different noses. The Bizz’s initial nose is quite mild and sweet like vanilla. Which compared to Dogwalker that is known for its earthy musky gassy notes. It is hard to fathom that these two are from the same lineage. Once the strain is ground those earthy notes are much more prevalent in the smell. We sampled this strain through a few different vaporizer devices a Volcano, a Dynavap, and a Firewood 7 vaporizer. All three devices yielded similar tastes and flavors. We have high praise for the taste of the Bizz. We found that even though the nose is milder, the taste is very prevalent slightly gassy with mainly floral and sweet notes that come through. One thing we really found impressive is that near the end of the session it maintains its flavor quite well without giving an overly roasted earthy taste. At the end there was certainly some noticeable earthy flavor, but it had a strong note of grapefruit peel at the end. This was a really welcome surprise as we cannot say we have gotten that note from other flower we’ve sampled, and certainly not from Dogwalker OG.

            We were really surprised by the effects as it hits different from Its Dogwalker OG sister. It is remarkable in how many ways The Bizz reminds us of another strain that we reviewed Royal Addiction. The Bizz does not have the same deep stoniness that Dogwalker OG is known for. It does have the same effect on the body, but it is not as weighty on the mind. Royal Addiction was another high testing strain that had more noticeable effects on the body as well. Now do not get us wrong this strain is still potent but it does not have the same buzz that Dogwalker OG carries. At the peak, The Bizz will still provides plenty of noticeable head change and euphoria, but it is less likely to put you sideways like Dogwalker OG. We feel in some ways this strain is more recreationally versatile than Dogwalker OG. This strain pairs well with many different activities both stimulating and not. It pairs well with watching a movie, playing videogames, doing chores. Even going out and walking the dog pairs well with The Bizz not just Dogwalker OG.

Just look at how chunky this cola is from Koru Cannabis’ Instagram @Koru.cannabis

            The Bizz was grown by Koru Cannabis up in Portland Oregon. They have been growing indoor Cannabis for quite some time. They carry a data driven approach to their grow, and make sure to preserve the integrity of the flower through the entire process from the start of the plant all the way to sealing it in packaging for wholesale. We first discovered them through their strains of Ob1 OG and Dark Plasma. They have been coming out with some unique cultivars this last year such as their Purple Juice, Double Dutch Treat, Platinum G.S.C, Sunset MAC, and Junior Mints. We are still waiting on Koru to bring out some of the strains they teased to us a few months ago, they will certainly be worth the wait.

  • Appearance 4/5
  • Smell 4/5
  • Flavor 5/5
  • Effect 4/5

            Does the Bizz deserve its own name? We certainly feel that it does enough to separate itself from Dogwalker OG to warrant its own strain name. We would feel that if this had just been called Dogwalker OG #4 that it would certainly cause a lot of mixed expectations for people expecting some heavy pungent Dogwalker OG. Visually the strain is a consistent green throughout, lightening in specific areas where the trichomes are more present. The nose while light is pleasant, with sweet vanilla notes and a floral slightly gassy backdrop. We were even more impressed with the taste that it maintains those sweet floral flavors for so long and ending with a nice taste of citrus. The strains effects make it much more versatile than Dogwalker OG and is not as intense, which we feel makes it more enjoyable to a wider audience. Even if you are not a fan of ChemDawg strains this one is remarkably different and much more mellow cerebrally. If you had a long day where you feel that people have been getting up in your business all day, give The Bizz a try. It will give the relaxation you need on both the mind and body.

Donny Burger #6 Strain Review:

Donny Burger is one of many hybrids bred from the genetics of GMO Cookies. Donny Burger certainly surprised us in our sampling in more ways than one. Check out what the story is on Donny Burger down below.

A huge Donny Burger Bud!

            Donny Burger and its many different phenotypes was bred by Skunk Master Flex by back crossing GMO Cookies and Han Solo Burger (GMO Cookies X Larry OG). It is highly contested who created the original GMO Cookies. One of these stories is that Skunk Master Flex got his hands on a unique cut of Chem Cookies and GMO Cookies was born. We are not here to discuss who is the original creator, but we will say we have been impressed with the amount of breeding that Skunk Master Flex has done with the GMO Cookies line. Some of the most notable are Cherry Burger, Donny Burger, Han Solo Burger, Larry Burger, Triple Burger, and Modified Bananas. All these strains have very noticeable GMO genetics in their lineage. With GMO being so popular in the market currently, there are many new GMO hybrids being made every month.  These strains from Skunkmaster seem to have some real lasting star power, as many top Oregon recreational growers run at least one of them in their cultivar lineup. We look forward to seeing what new GMO crosses and backcrosses they come out with next!

            Donny Burger is a whole lot of GMO Cookies in one package. Donny Burger is GMO Cookies crossed with Han Solo Burger (GMO Cookies X Larry OG). That means that this strain is a backcross. Backcrossing is surprisingly popular by breeders especially if they have found a winning cut. GMO Cookies in this case is widely considered to be one of the more potent unique cookie crosses to come around in some time. Its THC percentage is typically quite high usually above the 26% mark and it is growing cycle is remarkably quick. Couple that with the fact it has phenomenal trichome coverage, it is multihued with purples and greens, and has a unique pungent smell that even connoisseurs have a tough time describing. It would make sense to back cross an existing strain with GMO Cookies to maybe pull out some more of those great traits. Han Solo Burger has also seen quite a lot of popularity primarily in breeding. We have had yet to see anyone in the Oregon market running Han Solo Burger on its own. From the information we have gathered many said that it carries the characteristics of GMO Cookies but is much more body heavy. The flavor on this one is described as sour and “meaty”. Han Solo Burger seems to share a lot of the phenotypic traits that GMO Cookies does.

This is what we mean by “Crown” Shape

            GMO Cookies has a very distinct crown shape to the buds. The Donny Burger shares quite a few similarities as its GMO Cookies Parent. It carries that exact same crown shape on the smaller buds; we would say that the strain is bit more tightly packed and dense then some other GMO Cookies we have reviewed and sampled. The color of the Donny Burger is unique it has this contrast between light and dark green throughout the entire bud. These darker spots on the bud almost appear purple but do not quite seem to get dark enough to retain a bluer hue. The trichome coverage is what you would expect very saturated, so much so, that  we feel that it messes with the color of the strain. We were a little worried with denseness of the buds that they would seemingly crush into powder in the grinder. We are happy to report that the buds still come out with a nice fluffy to fine grind.

            So, what would you expect a strain named Donny Burger to smell like? First off, we were a bit surprised by the initial nose of the flower. The strain has extraordinarily strong notes of Chem on the first smell, similar to Chem Cookies. The Chem is strong, it’s one of the main notes that really comes off of the buds, but it does seem to have some sweetness reminiscent from the Cookies. Now grinding up the flower is where things seem to get interesting. When you grind it much more of the earthier funky tones that you would be used to in GMO Cookies come out. It has those sweet notes but that smoother chem smell really changes to that funkier umami smell we are used to from GMO Cookies. We sampled the Donny Burger through a few different Vaporization devices a Volcano, a Dynavap, and a Firewood 7. We also did a bit of a sampler during the week of many different types of GMO Cookies crosses so we could get a feel for the differences in the Donny Burger. Taste results were the same through the three devices. The taste is like Chem Cookies and is more like the smell of the bud before it is ground up. So, the flavor is a little sour very chemmy, there is some of that familiar earthiness but the umami funk is not as present. It seems that the Sour Chem is dominant here over any other flavors. As is typical that earthiness begins to show up further toward the end of the vaping session.

            Now where Donny Burger really shines is in its effects. This strain is a very potent heavy hitting strain. We are not sure if the Larry OG is what brings this over so much to the Indica side, or just the back crossing of the GMO Cookies. When we said that GMO Cookies is like a knockout punch in its potency. This one is absolutely no exception to that and possibly is even a harder hitting strain than GMO Cookies. There seems to be a split here at Spacebuds as to which strain people prefer. While we cannot agree on which is more potent, we do find that the Donny Burger is much heavier on the body. This strains effects are still quite cerebral though and even connoisseurs should watch their dosing on this one. Like many other Chem Strains we have reviewed, newcomers should be wary as ChemDawg has a very energizing buzzy potency that can be a bit much for some. Donny Burger pairs well with a clear schedule. This is like GMO Cookies in this regard that you should clear out your schedule because you are going to likely be wanting to go horizontal for a while. This strain is great if you have had a long day and are looking to just straight up chill. Ideally pair the Donny Burger for evening time or right before bed.

Up Close on the giant Nug. There seems to be maybe the faintest bit of blue on some nugs. Particularly where the sugar leaves where.

            Donny Burger #6 was cultivated by Gardens of Odin. Gardens of Odin is a Tier 1 recreational indoor farm located on the Oregon Coast.  We have looked at and reviewed a few other strains that they have grown in the past such as the Blunicorn and Chocolate Marshmallow, and Mr. Clean. Gardens of Odin carries a lot of great Pacific Northwest cultivars from some of the best breeders in the region. Some of the strains they have grown include Candy Kush, Mr. Clean, Dutch Treat, Milk and Cookies, Mint Chocolate Chip, and Triple Chocolate Chip. Gardens of Odin has continued to put out consistently great flower with an ever-rotating flower menu. Gardens of Odin is constantly putting out new strains, and we look forward to seeing what cultivars they come out with next!

  • Appearance 4/5
  • Smell 4/5
  • Flavor 4/5
  • Effect 5/5

            Donny Burger certainly sets itself apart from many of the GMO Cookies hybrids out there. Primarily in the fact that it rivals if not exceeds the potency of GMO Cookies. With the light green appearance and the heavy trichome coverage this one certainly deserves to be on the top shelf. The nose is strong and certainly respects the lineage of the chem that it comes from. The lack of GMO taste is a bit surprising as that Sour chem is just so strong it really overpowers any of the other flavors. The effects on the Donny Burger cannot be understated this strain is strong and even the most veteran of connoisseurs will be feeling the full effects that Donny Burger has to offer. If you enjoy GMO Cookies and want a strain that is more on the Indica side of things and rivals its same potency give the Donny Burger a try.

Orange Crush Strain Review:

Orange Crush is a cross between two popular fruit forward classics, with somewhat mysterious origins. Find more about why this combination of California Orange and Blueberry might become one of your favorites down below.

Look at how sparkly each bud is. On top of the beautiful contrast of the orange pistils on the light green bud.

            Orange Crush was bred by the BC Growers association in the British Columbia region of Canada. When many people think of the most popular spots for Cannabis especially in the late 90’s in early 2000’s most people gravitate toward places like California and Amsterdam. However, Canada and in particular the western part have been underrated and not publicized to the effort that they have given toward the movement of Cannabis breeding. There are many breeding lines that would not exist today if it were not for the work of many breeders in the BC area. The BC Growers Association has bred many popular strains such as a specific Blueberry F2 line, Killer Queen, Orange Crush, Romberry, and Space Queen. Browsing the web, BC Growers Association is not really in business anymore, however their website is still up. Unfortunately, most of the links on their page are dead, and many of the seedbanks they used now are off the web. But just because they are not in business anymore does not mean that we cannot appreciate their work, and it is clear many growers do appreciate it as they are still running their cultivars. As well as are breeding new strains from some of the existing BC Growers Associations genetics.

            We certainly had to do some digging on the Orange Crush as to what its lineage is. First, KGB Farms as far as we know are the only grower that has this cultivar in the Oregon recreational market. KGB have been growing it for quite a few years now and it has been remarkably consistent and has in our opinion gotten better over the years, which we will go over in the appearance section. Orange Crush is a cross between California Orange and Blueberry. California Orange has been around since the 1980’s so it’s genetics are not really well known. Its origin story is that Sam the Skunkman picked up this strain in Northern California in the 80’s and brought it back with him to Amsterdam. Dutch Passion picked up the strain and began to sell it and breed with it. California Orange itself is a difficult strain to find in most recreational markets. It is however in a few select strains that are still popular on the market such as Blood Orange, Carmellicious, and many different varieties and phenotypes of Tangie. There are a ton of F2 lines that have been bred with those few strains. Blueberry has a better documented history than California Orange, but it is also much more complicated. DJ Short is the breeder to popularize and make Blueberry the strain it is today. The lineage is a little washy, but it seems to be accepted it’s a cross between a Purple Thai and a Thai Afghan hybrid. Where it gets messy is there is a huge variety of different types of Blueberry and many breeders particularly in BC had their own cuts of Blueberry. Which makes it hard to isolate exactly what cut of Blueberry was used to make Orange Crush. Blueberry is enjoyed for it’s very relaxing mellow high and its very strong fruit forward berry flavor. This strain is notoriously difficult to grow, but the reward for a good batch is certainly worth the time and effort to figure out this cultivar.

Up close you can see just how saturated in trichome Orange Cursh is, even in the little nooks and crannies of the bud.

            This Orange Crush is absolutely crushing it visually. The visible and even not visible trichome coverage of the Orange Crush is seriously impressive. This is a strain where you could simply grow it for making hash and rosin. We used to carry this same Orange Crush from KGB in our in-house rolled joints, one reason we carried it for so long was the just how much kief the material had. It also seemed to be a regular staple for people coming in for happy hour as it felt that Orange Crush was always one of the two strains picked for the promotion. The trichome coverage really pops even with how light in color this strain is, this might be the brightest light green we have seen from a Cannabis strain. These trichomes are absolutely saturating both the inside and the outside of these Orange Crush buds. KGB Farms really nailed this latest batch as well, we have noticed over the last year especially that the structure of many of their strains have been coming out much denser and tighter than some of their previous offerings. KGB is a hydroponic grow facility, so we initially were surprised that their strains were quite fluffy for hydro. They have really dialed it in though as this structure is perfect. Buds are tight and dense but when ground up produces a perfect fluffy grind. The buds are of a medium denseness with a tight more Indica Dominant structure with medium sized rounded buds. It has nice bright orange pistils to contrast with that light green as well. This strain certainly holds up to more modern-day hybrids, it may not have the crazy contrasts of different hues, but it certainly matches if not beats some modern-day hybrids with its structure and trichome coverage.

             A strain with name Orange Crush better carry some serious flavor, and this certainly delivers with no exception. There is a lot going on when it comes to the nose on this strain. Initially you are hit with a light floral creamy citrus flavor that really opens into more sweet berry earthy tones at the end. When you grind up the flower those berry sweet notes really begin to open and are more noticeable than just smelling a jar of the Orange Crush bud. We sampled the Orange Crush with three different vaporization devices a Volcano, a Firewood 7, and a Dynavap. All three devices yielded similar results and flavors where consistent through the different devices. This strain has some great flavor and interestingly brings out much more of those sweet berry notes. This Orange Crush could certainly give some older connoisseurs some serious nostalgia. It has a great combination of berry and citrus along with some great floral earthiness on the end. This strain contains much older genetics, so it carries a lot of characteristics of flower from that time. Something that some of the newer hybrids have lost due to how much breeding has been done in the last 20 years. If you have been trying to find something with those classic Blueberry terps this will fulfil that niche.

            Orange Crush has a lot of conflicting information online as to what the classification of its effects are. Generally, people do feel different effects from Cannabis as everyone’s body chemistry is different. In general, though the effects of any strain should be within a certain range so that people can have a general expectation before trying the strain. Our take on the strain is that it is more of a balanced hybrid. Orange Crush starts off quite uplifting and euphoric. Over time the effects of the strain develop into a more familiar calm body relaxing effect that one would expect from an Indica Hybrid such as Blueberry. We like that it really eases into those effects, as that makes the strain a lot more versatile. This strain would be a great pairing for outdoor recreational activities such as camping, hiking, a game of volleyball. The initial intensity makes it preferable to do activities less stimulating on the brain, as it is a bit hazy to start. But once that initial haziness wears off than indoor activities like cleaning and gaming would be great pairings.

Here is a single nug photo of the Orange Crush. Really gives a good luck on the trichome coverage.

            Orange Crush is cultivated and bred by KGB (Killer Green Bud) Farms. KGB is an indoor Hydroponic craft Cannabis grow located in Portland Oregon. KGB is a great example of a farm who has dialed in their grow configuration. Their result comes out remarkably consistent from strain to strain that is grown. If anything, they have only improved over time.  They also grow unique strains that most growers are not running in their growing rooms anymore. Acapulco Gold, Orange Crush, White Crush, Querkle, Super Dave, Blue Magoo, and Purple Zkittles are all unique strains that few growers have in their cultivar line up. We look forward to seeing what KGB Farms crushes out next.

  • Appearance 5/5
  • Smell 5/5
  • Flavor 5/5
  • Effect 5/5

            We have had Orange Crush on the menu for quite some time and for good reason. This balanced hybrid has great genetics with a grower who has really put in time and effort to put out some amazingly high-quality Orange Crush. The strain has unbelievable trichome coverage. Peel the bud off like an Orange and then investigate the bud the trichome coverage is virtually indistinguishable from the outside. The structure is also phenomenal it has great density, size, and tightness of the bud. It carries a fantastic scent, very citrus forward with berry notes to help support it. Flavor is just as good as the scent; it comes in with even heavier berry notes that the citrus supports. The effects are certainly unique as well very potent to start with a nice uplifting euphoric effect, that really tones itself down into a more relaxing experience. If you have been searching for a fruity cultivar with some real potency behind it, you have got to give the Orange Crush a shot.

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MR. Clean Strain Review:

Mr. Clean is a unique Sativa dominant hybrid that brings together some of the best genetics that the breeder Exotic Genetix has to offer. Come take a look and scrub through this overview and review of Mr. Clean.

A very beautiful large clean bud of Mr. Clean

            Exotic Genetix is the breeder of the Mr. Clean strain. It is a combination of Lime Skunk and The Cube.  Both strains that make up Mr. Clean are bred by Exotic Genetixs as well. The Cube is by far the more popular of the two strains and is a combination of two different cuts of Starfighter. Exotic Genetix is not the original breeder for Starfighter but has managed to be the breeder that has seemed to push it the farthest and has created many popular strains from it. The most popular strains from Exotic Genetix that have Starfighter in its lineage are Cookies and Cream, Future, Kimbo Kush, Light Saber, and The Cube. Many of these strains were released prior to the current catalog of Exotic Genetix strains on their website which has strains dated back to 2017. Exotic Genetix has been focusing on their line of Rainbow Chip (Sunset Sherbet X Mint Chocolate Chip) and most recently Red Pop (Strawberry X Cookies and Cream). Exotic Genetix is one of the most popular Cannabis breeders in the Pacific Northwest. From the saturation of how many Oregon recreational approved growers grow their strains it is likely that this trend will continue.

            The combination of Lime Skunk and The Cube make this strain one of the most diverse strains we have reviewed in quite some time. Lime Skunk is a cross between Lemon Skunk and Green Ribbon BX. Green Ribbon BX bred by Exotic Genetix is used in quite a few of Exotic Genetix strains for breeding, but it is not grown so much on its own. Lemon Skunk on the other hand is popular especially for outdoor growers. The combination of the Lemon Skunk and Green Ribbon BX lead to an energizing and brighter version of Lemon Skunk. It is enjoyed for its energetic yet clear headed effects. The Cube on the other hand is a combination of two different cuts of Starfighter (Starfighter F1 X Starfighter IX2). The Cube seems a lot more popular for breeding into other strains than being grown on its own. People who have tried the Cube have reported it as more Indica dominant, relaxing but wont lock you down. Another thing that people reported is that the taste is unique that being of both spice and fruit.

Light Green with lots of very noticeablely saturated light trichomes.

            Mr. Clean certainly is clean. The strain itself is more Sativa dominant and it really shows from the structure. The structure of this strain is phenomenal, buds are slightly elongated and robust. The bud themselves are quite tight but it maintains a level that when you grind it the flower comes out nice and fluffy. Buds are noticeably light green from just the actual color of the buds to the fantastic trichome coverage that surrounds the flower. Even in natural to low lighting conditions the buds themselves appear fuzzy from the trichome coverage. If you put this under some good lighting this strain is just so sparkly clean, very bright, and really stands out especially for being more on the Sativa side of things.  

            For the Sativa lovers out there, that enjoy the smells of pine and citrus this strain nails it. The combination of the Lime Skunk and the Cube makes for this wonderfully potent industrial cleaner smell. Even among other top shelf Hazes, Jack Herer, and Chernobyl strains the smell comes through on this in an even more potent way. Even from just the jar alone the smell is strong.  While we compare it to those other strains as it has a similar profile to those, where we say it differs is as the smell lingers it maintains a strong level of zest, whereas many of the other strains mentioned begin to go towards the sweeter side of things. As we mentioned with the appearance the buds are on the tighter side, once you grind it up it only manages to get more pungent. We were certainly surprised that it is holding back because the smell already radiates in its natural form. We have tried the Mr. Clean in a few different vaporization devices. Once through a Volcano, twice through a Firewood 7 Vaporizer, and a five times through a DynaVap with a low temp cap. We got similar results through all three devices. We knew that if it tasted anything as remotely good as it smells we were going to be in for a good time. When it comes to the smell it is a little hard to differentiate between the pine and citrus scents as to which one is stronger. When it comes to the taste the citrus is certainly more noticeable of the two. The Mr. Clean gives a serious case of lingering terp tongue with that citrus. We were curious if like other Starfighter strains if it was going to carry some of the typical creamy notes. We did not notice that it was necessarily creamy it has more of the essence of cream on the end, but it is remarkably smooth which is typical of strains that have Starfighter in it. We do notice though that near the end of the session those earthy creamy notes are a little more prevalent. We feel that it is a good balance as sometimes those creamy tones can offset other flavors, which in this case would be a shame as both the pine and citrus are really elevated in this strain.

            When we do reviews on Sativas we get a bit apprehensive because they are not as versatile as Hybrids or Indica’s because Sativas can being a bit too potent for certain people. We continue to be impressed by the Mr. Clean, this strain strikes such a great balance with its uplifting effects but manages to not be such a rush that it would leave you concerned. If you are super sensitive to Sativas always be cautious with Sativa leaning strains, just make sure to dose low and slow. If we were to compare it to a strain on the modern-day market it reminds us of a more focused MAC. We found that versatility in this strain comes in two different ways. One as far as Sativa and Sativa Hybrids go this one is much more approachable too more people. Two we found that the strains effects are also versatile for pairing it with activities. We found that it pairs best with stimulating activities such as gaming, workout, or simply going for a walk. And yes, it also pairs well with a variety of different chores including cleaning. The effects do remind us of Skunk in how focused it is, which makes sense considering it has lemon skunk in the lineage. If you have enjoyed other Skunk strains especially ones that lean more toward the Hybrid and Sativa you will likely enjoy the effects of Mr. Clean.  

A variety of different cultivars from Gardens of Odin’s indoor facility including Mr. Clean. From Gardens of Odin Instagram @Gardensofodin

            Gardens of Odin are the cultivars of Mr. Clean. Gardens of Odin is a Tier 1 recreational indoor farm located on the Oregon Coast.  We have looked at and reviewed a few other strains that they have grown in the past such as the Blunicorn and Chocolate Marshmallow. Gardens of Odin carries a lot of great Pacific Northwest cultivars from some of the best breeders in the region. Some of the strains they have grown include Candy Kush, Donny Burger, Dutch Treat, Milk and Cookies, Mint Chocolate Chip, and Triple Chocolate Chip. Gardens of Odin has continued to put out consistently great flower with an ever-rotating flower menu. We cannot see into the future like Oden, but from that last few we have reviewed and tried the future is certainly looking bright. We look forward to seeing what Gardens of Odin cultivates next.   

  • Appearance 5/5
  • Smell 5/5
  • Flavor 5/5
  • Effect 5/5

             Being able to find Lime Skunk or The Cube on the market is difficult, so we did not know exactly what to anticipate with the Mr. Clean. But it certainly met and exceeded are expectations, this might be our favorite cultivar from Gardens of Odin yet. The trichome coverage and structure of the Mr. Clean are phenomenal and are a site to behold. The nose that the Mr. Clean has is extraordinarily strong even without grinding the flower, and those notes of citrus and pine are something you are going to want to smell repeatedly. Taste is just as good as the smell and the citrus is even more noticeable leaving you with a case of serious terp tongue. The effects are very balanced buzzy yet focused and does not leave you wanting. Exotic Genetix should be proud of what a wonderful strain they bred. Gardens should also be proud for setting such a good example of what this cultivar has to offer.

Layer Cake Strain Review:

Could we possibly interest you in another slice of Cake? Layer Cake is a Indica-dominant hybrid with genetics of some of the most popular strains on the market. Checkout our review and overview of layer cake and let us all dive right into these layers.

Lots of noticeable orange pistils with this Layer Cake.

            Layer Cake was bred by Swamp Boys Seeds by crossing together Wedding Cake aka (Triangle Mints #23) and GMO TK Skunk. This is one of many strains from Swamp Boy Seeds use that have GMO/TK Skunk in its lineage. Some of the others are Cuban Linx, Maconga, and Shoki. Swamp Boy Seeds also has some strains that are GMO Cookies crosses, but the GMO/TK Skunk strains have a unique terp profile to them. Swamp Boy Seeds in general has been doing unique things in the Cannabis breeding scene as being in Florida gives for a quite different environment for acquiring genetics and even the growing conditions themselves are different. Swamp Boy Seeds has been pretty popular even out here in Oregon in the recreational market do to high testing strains on top of having good yields.

            Layer Cake is Wedding Cake #23 and GMO/TK Skunk crossed together. Wedding Cake #23 is one of the most popular strains out on the market right now. It is a particular pheno of Triangle Mints known as Triangle Mints #23 bred by Seed Junky Genetics. There are a lot of factors as to what makes Wedding Cake so popular. The strain has amazing trichome coverage just as many Seed Junky Strains do. Terp profile really stands out it can range from rather gassy to sweet floral and creamy. The effects are very potent and rather spacy, so much so it can make it difficult to focus. GMO/TK Skunk on the other hand was created by Swamp Boy Seeds and is a cross between a GMO Cookies and Triangle Kush and Skunk #1. This combination is interesting as it is a much more balanced hybrid than something such as GMO Cookies. The combination of the GMO and the TK Skunk leads to a much more uplifting energetic high, it does still have some of the familiar body of GMO Cookies but it is much more elevated and buzzy than just an overtly Stoney disorienting high that most are accustomed to with GMO Cookies. We have yet to try GMO/TK on it’s own and it is rather unlikely that most people with have the opportunity given that the strain is clone only, and it seems that Swamp Boy Seeds prefers to breed without rather than sell the lonely cut.  

Can get a much better look of the Trichome coverage of the Layer Cake up close.

            The Layer Cake is taking features from both its parent strains in its physical characteristics. Light Green in appearance with some much darker sugar leaf spots is certainly reminiscent of Wedding Cake. It has a lot more noticeable Orange Pistils though than of a typical Wedding Cake strain. The strain is quite dense and compact even more so than the Wook Foot we reviewed from Trichome Farms. The denseness is likely coming from the addition of the GMO/TK Skunk as we have seen other strains that carry a similar denseness. The strain does have good trichome coverage, but you do have to get up close to really notice, due to the light color of the Layer Cake to begin with. We do like that the shape of the buds as it is more reminiscent of Wedding Cake than GMO Cookies as GMO Cookies has a rather odd structure.

            We were trying to watch it with all the layer cake puns, but there are layers to this nose. Off the initial smell we were hit with sweet almost caramel like notes on the initial smell. There is something that lingers off the end its a slight twinge of umami but primarily more of a whisp of funky chem. Once you grind the strain however things get interesting, gone are the vanilla notes and you are just hit with a blast of chem. The chem notes are strong, and it is primarily chem notes there is a bit of funk but not that sweet umami funk that most people are familiar with on GMO Cookies. We sampled the flower through a few different Vaporizer devices once through a Volcano and twice through a Firewood 7 Vaporizer. The Taste is pretty similar to how the Layer Cake is when grinding it up. Initially you are hit with primarily sweet slightly chemmy notes. But then as the flower begins to really warm up you primarily just get notes of Chem. The Chem comes through quite strong until the end of the sesh where you begin to get more of the familiar earthy notes. We feel that the strain was named well as you do really feel that you get different layers with this one, and you can taste the different genetics that are presented in here, rather than just one big clash of all the traits.

            Layer Cake seems to be quite a big surprise to people who try it. Even people who are knowledgeable on Cannabis seem to be surprised that the strain is more Sativa-leaning when it comes to the cerebral effects. This strain especially around its peak can be quite buzzy and euphoric. The strain is odd in the sense that it is buzzy and euphoric but Stoney and very spacey. So, while your body and mind will be up to the task to start something, doing it and finishing it are two vastly different things. It feels more focused than GMO Cookies, but it still retains a lot of the spaciness and potency of GMO Cookies. Due to its potency the strain is good for Micro-dosing as a little goes a long way. We would recommend this strain for primarily recreational activities that do not involve a lot of concentration. This Layer Cake would be perfect for a weekend camping trip as it is stimulating enough to keep everyone from passing out, yet the weight is there to keep everyone satisfied. Newcomers should be cautious with dosing the Layer Cake as we found it to be a bit of a creeper. And it can really sneak up on you when you least expect it. If you enjoy GMO Cookie strains and are looking for something that brings it even further to the center hybrid line and even a bit towards the Sativa side this is a great choice.

Live Layer Cake plant from Trichome Farms Indoor facility from their Instagram @Trichome_Farms

            Layer cake was cultivated by Trichome Farms. Trichome Farms is a Craft indoor Cannabis farm located in Dundee Oregon. Ever since Trichome Farms inception in they have been regularly winning awards for both indoor and greenhouse. Trichome Farms as of the last few years has stuck to exclusively indoor organic growing practices. What sets Trichome Farms apart are their unique strains such as their multi-award-winning Black Widow, anda strain they breed themselves Zkittlez Magoo. They also work with companies such as Willamette Valley Alchemy that make Sugar wax, Shatter, Cartridges, and pax pods from their flower. Trichome has been putting out an entirely new wave of strains, and we are eager to see what new strains they come out with both in flower and concentrate form.

  • Appearance 3/5
  • Smell 4/5
  • Flavor 5/5
  • Effect 4/5

            Layer Cake was certainly a big surprise for us at Spacebuds. We think our anticipation of the two power houses GMO Cookies and Wedding Cake would make for a downright stony Indica. But that GMO/TK Skunk really makes a difference for the Layer Cake. Appearance wise the strain does look as anticipated, lighter green with great trichome coverage. The nose however was a pleasant surprise rather sweet to begin with, but once it is ground up the Layer Cake just comes at you with a ton of gas. The effects were the biggest surprise however as this strain gets quite a lot of buzz from the skunk. This was way different than the Purple Juice that we reviewed last week which also contained Skunk. The combination of Chem and Skunk really brings out those stronger chemmy notes, on top of much more energizing cerebral effects of plain GMO Cookies. If you enjoy GMO Cookies but want something with more go, the Layer Cake is a prime choice.

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Purple Juice Strain Review:

What makes a strain a Purple strain? This is the most Purple strain we have reviewed and looked at thus far. We have certainly looked at other strains that feature purple such as Garlic Sherbet and even Purple Punch. And while those carry purple, and even have some true purple in their lineage. This Purple Juice is aptly named not only for its physical features but also for its purple effects.

Look at the mixture of the purple green and orange of the Purple Juice!

            Purple Juice at one point had a bit of a case of mistaken identity. It used to go under the name Purple Frost. Now this strain is exclusive to Koru but was bred by Resin Snob Genetics. Resin Snob Genetics does not have much of an active presence online. Googling Resin Snob Genetics pretty much just yields results for Koru Cannabis’ Purple Frost strain. It would seem from what we can tell Resin Snob was much more active between 2014 and 2016 and was breeding strains as well as creating extracts. Both Resin Snobs Instagram and Facebook have not been updated since 2016.

            It is a bummer to hear about Resin Snob Genetics we wish we could give more info about the strains they have created. But we at least have the genetic information for the Purple Juice. Purple Juice is a cross between Obama Kush and Skunk #1. Obama Kush also known as “Presidential Kush” is a cross between two classics Afghani and OG Kush. It is also debated by some that Obama Kush contains Skunk in the lineage. Whether it does or does not, we are going over it anyway as its father plant in the Purple Juice.  The cross between a potent Indica dominant OG and a classic straight Indica landrace Afghani yields some serious relaxation and the urge to fight gravity. Obama Kush’s origin is believed to have come from Michigan from Superior Genetics. People seem to love Obama Kush because it reminds them a lot of Cannabis, they used to have 10-15 years ago. This makes a lot of sense due to its old-school genetics. Connoisseurs and Cannabis veterans alike seem to have a real affinity to the Obama Kush. In fact, we have had more than one customer on occasion that would exclusively by Obama Kush for right before bed. Skunk #1 is a cool blend of landrace genetics from around the world. It is a tri-cross of an Afghanistan Landrace (Indica), Acapulco Gold (Mexican Land Race Sativa), and Columbian Gold (Columbian Land Race Sativa). This cross of strains leads to a sour skunky earthy Sativa leaning Hybrid. People enjoy Skunk #1 for its creative energy boosting high with some minor body effects to boot. If Obama Kush contains Skunk #1 it is going to be heavy on the skunk side, which we do not really get from the strain both through appearance and its nose. Looking online there are no other well-known crosses between the Obama Kush and Skunk #1. So, Koru Cannabis might be the only brand carrying a strain with the combination of these genetics.

You can see up close just how purple and triched-out the Purple Juice really is.

The Purple in the Purple Juice certainly makes it stand out in its appearance. As we said up above this is one of the most purple strains we have reviewed. It carries a medium to light density with the buds, but the buds themselves are on the tighter side. There are some gaps in the bud itself, but due to the nature of the purple buds the trichome coverage of the Purple Juice fills in the gaps. The trichome coverage on this purple juice is phenomenal. It does help when a strain is purple as the trichomes contrasting on the purple does tend to give a frostier appearance. The strain is not just purple though it has contrasts of light green as well as noticeable orange pistils all over the bud. The bud structure really seems to range from bud to bud as some are more rounded, and some are more oblong. This strain appearance stands out on the shelf for several reasons, but the purple certainly is the highlight.

We sure did miss the smell of purple. While the gene pool for Cannabis has certainly opened during in the last 10 years. There is certainly a theme that certain purples share. The initial nose is of a sour with a slight berry flavor, that near the end of the whiff turns into more sour earthy notes. It reminds us of Purple Punch if you took out all the sweetness on the initial notes. We were curious with the combination of both the Obama Kush and the Skunk #1 just how much the skunk would come out. It seems for the most part that the sour earthy undertone in the Purple Juice is where it’s most present. Grinding up the flower we noticed that the sour grape gets much stronger. We sampled the Purple Frost twice through a Magic Flight Launch Box, two more times through a Firewood 7 vaporizer, and once through a Mighty vaporizer. Flavor came through the same way on all three different devices. The tasting notes start with a floral sour artificial grape (think artificial grape powdered drink) and tends to move a bit sourer and then eventually comes through with a much stronger earthier punch. And then it stays consistent with more sour earthy tones through the end of the session. Preference wise we would say that the taste stands out a bit more than the smell, as those grape notes are much more present and noticeable.

We figured that with this Purple Juice the thing that would stand out most would be its purple appearance, or the nostalgia for the smell of a familiar purple. But the reason we enjoy the Purple Juice the most are for its effects. The best way to describe this strains effects in our opinion is balance. This strain strikes a great even balance both in the head and body. But we found that the balance for the mental high itself is stellar. We found that the strain is oddly energetic and uplifting yet manages at the same time is subdued and not overreaching. It is almost as if you had this added bodyweight of a classic Stoney Indica (Obama Kush) to remind your head where you are at. The Purple Juice is surprisingly versatile can be recommended for both day and nighttime use. It is also versatile for different experience levels with Cannabis, it is good strain for both newcomers and connoisseurs alike. We even had some Spacebuds who do not normally enjoy purple strains, enjoy this one. It pairs well with both indoor and outdoor activities. Because of its more chill mental effects it pairs quite well with social settings. Overall stripping the flavors and appearance of the strain we could recommend it off the effects alone.

Live Purple Frost now known as Purple Juice from Koru Cannabis Instagram @Koru.Cannabis

The Purple Juice is cultivated exclusively by Koru Cannabis in Hillsboro Oregon. Koru grows a wide variety of both unique and common cultivars on the Oregon recreational Cannabis market. They carry a data driven approach to their grow, and make sure to preserve the integrity of the flower through the entire process from the start of the plant all the way to sealing it in packaging for wholesale. Some of their cultivars include Double Dutch Treat, Gelato #33, Moby Dick, Purple Juice, Sunset MAC, Triple Funk Chunk and Vanilla Frosting. Koru Cannabis has been rotating their cultivars regularly, we look forward to seeing what new unique genetics they grow next!

  • Appearance 5/5
  • Smell 4/5
  • Flavor 5/5
  • Effect 5/5

This Purple Juice certainly quenched our thirst for a good purple strain. The strain stands out for quite a few different factors. First, it carries a deep purple hue on the strain, no tinge of a purple sugar leaf, actual real purple. Secondly, the trichome coverage on this is no joke, it is contrasting on the dark purple leaves for some seriously frosty bud. The nose is different particularly from a lot of the gassy balanced hybrids that are currently on the market. Strong notes of Artificial Sour Grape with earthy undertones really stand out. The taste is even stronger and really hits you with the strong artificial grape notes. We also loved how balanced the effects of this strain are. Carries a good combination of both the mind and body, but the balance of having the stoniness and euphoria keeps the strain really grounded. If some of the top shelf gives you a bit of anxiety on the potency, give this strain a try. The combination of the Obama Kush and the Skunk led to a very relaxing balanced effect. If you see Purple Juice on the shelf, you should try it as Koru Cannabis as of now is the only cultivator of the strain.

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Apple MAC Strain Review:

Apple MAC is a prized strain grown by breeder and grower Surfr. Considering how much MAC and Wedding Cake strains we have been reviewing, we cannot think of a more perfect pair to review this time around! Check out our review and overview of Apple MAC down below.                 

This Apple MAC is just loaded in Trichomes!

            Apple MAC was bred by Surfr Seeds by combining MAC 1 with Trophy Wife. This is an exclusive strain to Surfr, but there are some clones that Surfr did release. This strain as of now is only available in clone form directly from Surfr. Surfr Seeds has been putting out a lot of new genetics, recently putting out an entire line of genetics using their strain Redneck Wedding. Some of their most popular strains are Animal God, Ex-Wife, Oil Tanker, Pointbreak, Redneck Wedding, and Terpee Slurpee. Trophy Wife is certainly a winning strain that they have chosen to continue to breed with. This pheno of Triangle Mints looks phenomenal in both structure and trichome coverage, and it is very potent as well. As Surfr expands their business we are excited to see what new strains they bring to the table next!

            Apple MAC is a cross between MAC 1 and Trophy Wife. MAC 1 is one of if not the most popular cut of MAC available. MAC 1 is popular cut of MAC as it is only given to growers that the strains creator Capulator trusts. MAC 1 has some of the best trichome coverage we have seen on a strain. It also has an extremely unique flavor profile best described by Capulator as “It should taste of sour cherry yogurt”. This strains unique flavor is a bit surprising as the strain is never a high tester when it comes to its terpene content. The effects are on the Sativa hybrid side, it has a nice mood altering uplifting high. One reason in particular that we like MAC is generally very approachable and while it certainly has noticeable heady effects, it is not too racy or anxiety inducing. Trophy Wife on the hand is a standout pheno from the Triangle Mints strain. Triangle Mints is a very popular strain as well particularly for its #23 pheno also known as Wedding Cake. The Trophy Wife pheno is known to be a potent and very gassy phenotype of Triangle Mints. In fact, Trophy Wife won most potent flower at the Seattle Hempfest Dope Cup in 2018. Like the popularity that Wedding Cake has from Seed Junky, the Trophy Wife is no joke.

You can see some of those finer purple details up close!

            We figured that a combination between MAC and Trophy Wife would have some great jar appeal, and the Apple MAC certainly does not disappoint. This strain has some ridiculous Trichome coverage, this carries that powdered sugar look that MAC has. This trichome coverage likely does not just come from the strain, but also the all-LED lighting set up that Surfr uses in their grow facility. The buds are very tight with an average denseness. The strain does carry a variety of different hues of green in the strain, but to the naked eye it is light green due to the heavy coating of Trichomes. In some of the up-close pictures you can see some minor purple hints as well which is like the MAC 1 and 2, we reviewed. We would say just on trichome coverage alone this strain stands out, even more so than the MAC we have reviewed in the past.

            This strain was not originally called Apple MAC from our research, it seems originally it went by the name of Trophy MAC. The apple on this strain comes through in a much different way than we anticipated. It does not have the same Apple smell as some strains such as Sour Apple, or Apple Juice from Cannarado Genetics. Sour Apple carries more of an artificial apple smell and taste, and Apple Juice is much sweeter just like the strain name references. This Apple MAC has the apple come through on the end of the scent and flavor. The initial scents off the strain are very floral slightly sweet with a backdrop of gas. But off the very end you get this familiar scent of Apple. The scent is reminiscent of when you wash an apple and you smell the skin afterward, which is light floral and slightly fruity. We sample the Apple Mac through quite a few different devices once through a volcano, twice through a Mighty Vaporizer, three times through a Firewood 7, and for good measure a couple times from a Dynavap. We wanted to make sure we could get a good sample of the flavor as the strains initial nose is on the lighter side. We had similar results through all the dry-herb vaporizers. What surprised us the most is just how floral the taste of this flower is. You get a wide mix of different flavors it starts off sweet and hits with that familiar scent of gas. But it changes quite quickly, and you get this strong floral smooth taste throughout that at the end hits you with a feint apple taste. The taste is not so much of the apple but if you were to smell the skin and translate that scent into taste. We really enjoy the flavor its floral without being perfumy. We found it interesting that its floral nature comes out so much because typically strains with MAC have a creamier component due to the Starfighter. But this combination of gas sweetness and the strong floral tones really overshine any creamy flavor, it does however carry the smoothness that is associated with those strains.

            Apple MAC certainly lives up to what a cross between MAC 1 and Trophy Wife would be. This strain is very potent, and really builds on that very noticeable mood enhancing euphoria that tends be noticed from MAC. Trophy Wife is an even hybrid, and we feel the Apple MAC fits in to the category as well. Trophy Wife might not have some of the more Sativa like effects that MAC has, but you feel certainly feel it and it has a noticeable head change especially at the peak of the effects. It hits a bit in the body especially in the later half of the effects, but it is primarily muscle relaxation and not necessarily weight or stoniness. Newcomers and even connoisseurs should watch out for the dosing on this one as it can leave you a bit scatterbrained at higher doses. Since it is an even hybrid, we feel that it has a good use case pretty much all day. We really enjoyed the strain for Microdosing which is another reason why it was sampled through so many devices. This strain would be good for both indoor and outdoor activities. We found the strain would be fitting for both recreational and monotonous chores. Because the strain is a bit heady it would be best to use the strain not right before bed, but an hour or two before as the effects get less euphoric and cerebral. Social settings would be best with smaller doses as too much of the Apple MAC can put your mind in another place.

Live Apple MAC plant up close from Surfr’s Instagram @Surfr

            This strain was bred and cultivated by Surfr. So as far as breeding goes all their stuff goes under their Surfr Seeds brand. When it comes to actual Cannabis they grew and we are reviewing that is under the name Surfr Select. Surfr has been making big waves in Cannabis industry (No pun intended). Their unique genetics have been grown by many of the most popular growers in the Oregon Recreational Market. We really like when seed breeders take the approach of growing their own strains, as it allows us to see the true intentions of the strain and where the standard or the bar should be set for the strain. Surfr select has been growing out many of their own genetics as well as a few others. They have cultivated strains such as Apple MAC, Blueberry Syrup, Chemical Sunset, Ex-Wife, Grape Pie, Grandpa’s Gun Chest, Pineapple Cake, and Point Break! We are excited to see what new breeds come next from Surfr seeds! We are also excited to see what cultivars Surfr Select puts out as well, especially some of the limited runs of older strains.

  • Appearance 5/5
  • Smell 4/5
  • Flavor 5/5
  • Effect 5/5

            We can see why Apple MAC remained an exclusive to Surfr. When you have a winning strain like MAC 1 and can cross it with your winning pheno of Triangle Mints (Trophy Wife) you get a stunning and unique cultivar. Appearance wise this might be one of the best strains we have seen just on the Trichome coverage alone. Surfr Selects LED grown setup puts out gorgeous flower, but even their other strains are not coated as much as this one. The nose is extremely unique, it is a little light on the initial smell but the combination of sweetness, gas, botanic, and fruit stand out. The taste comes through much more and it will give you a nice light case of terp tongue. The apple in this is so different from other apple strains that fact that the apple flavor hits at the end and lingers is so unique. The strain is remarkably smooth without becoming perfumy, which is difficult for some of these more floral strains. The effects were as anticipated coming from two potent and strong hybrids. The potency was a nice surprise as even some of our more veteran Space Buds noted that head change is quite noticeable. People who enjoy MAC and Wedding Cake are highly likely to enjoy the Apple MAC as well.  

Jungle Cake Strain Review:

Jungle Cake is one of many exciting new Wedding Cake crosses out on the market. This combination of White Fire #43 and Wedding Cake leads to a very relaxing, body heavy strain that we have yet to see from any other Wedding Cake cross. Jump into our review and overview of the Jungle Cake down below!

You can see a bit of the Purple, but you can certainly see a whole lot of trichome on this Jungle Cake

           Jungle Cake just like Wedding Cake #23 is bred by Seed Junky Genetics. Seed Junky genetics is one of the most well-known Cannabis breeders on the West Coast. We have reviewed many strains by them such as Animal Face, Ice Cream Cake, LA Kush Cake, Orange Push Pop, and Royal Addiction. Seed Junky is continuing to put out great genetics especially strains that have Triangle Mints #23 (AKA Wedding Cake) as a parent. Triangle Mints has seen so much success that it basically overtook the original Wedding Cake (Cherry Pie X G.S.C) name. Cherry Pie X G.S.C has taken on multiple names, but it seems that the name that is currently sticking is Birthday Cake (Cherry Pie X G.S.C). Seed Junky has begun to get into creating clones primarily for the California recreational market, but they do still breed seeds. They have been doing collaborations with a variety of different breeders such as Berner (Cookies) and Capulator. It will certainly be interesting to see where Seed Junky points their breeding efforts to in the future.

Jungle Cake is a cross between White Fire #43 and Wedding Cake. White Fire #43 is a very body heavy phenotype of White Fire OG. White Fire OG was bred OG Raskal it is a cross between  OG Kush (Fire Cut) and The White, this specific phenotype seems to come from the TLC Collective in Los Angeles. However, there are many people that grow and breed this specific phenotype. People enjoy this phenotype of White Fire OG because it is far more body heavy and stoney. It makes sense that this strain has such body heavy effects as it comes from two different cuts of OG Kush. Both White Fire OG and White Fire OG #43 are popular in California, and the strain is beginning to make quite an impact in Oregon. Either by itself or many of the unique crosses using the strain. Wedding Cake was bred by Seed Junky Genetics, it is a specific phenotype of Triangle Mints (Triangle Kush X Animal Mints) known as Triangle Mints #23.  There are so many great things that can be said about the Wedding Cake strain. Carries an extremely sweet smooth vanilla like scent that really stands out. The effects are very potent for this strain even though the strain usually is not the highest of testers. This strain carries both very potent cerebral effects, on top of great body relaxation. It is no surprise why this strain continues to be bred out, and by itself is still popular on dispensary menus throughout Oregon.

Up close you can get a way better visual of those purple Sugar leaves.

           This Jungle Cake carries a lot of great features from both its parents. The Trichome coverage on this is phenomenal, just like many other strains that are bred by Seed Junky. We noticed it is not as compact and a bit rounder than some of the other strains that Happy Buddha Botanicals grows. But the shape could have more to do with the genetics of the plant, than Happy Buddha’s growing style. The strain has a fern green color to it, but it would be hard to tell because you can only really see it when you look underneath the trichomes. It is consistently green, but there are some faint purple spots from where the longer sugar leaves have been trimmed off. We found that the structure tended to be tight on the smaller buds, but on some of the larger ones there is some play in how compact and tight they were. This is not really a problem as even between the gaps there is a ton of trichomes, and you are still getting just bud with this Jungle Cake. In some cases when strains are not super tight, they can be rather larfy where the buds are underdeveloped due to lack of light penetration. But that is not the case here, the gaps have more to do with how Happy Buddha chose to trim the strain. And the strain is trimmed well as there are not any excessive sugar leaves.

           What could possibly smell and taste sweeter than Wedding Cake? Turns out this Jungle Cake is willing to give the popular Wedding Cake strain a run for its money. The Jungle Cake carries a lot of those strong sweet flavors especially just off the initial smell. It has this sweet burnt sugar type of smell, that of a light caramel. But there is something that keeps pushing it further and it is that familiar smell of gas. The gas cannot seem to penetrate past the sweet flavors of the caramel so it just sort of touches right at the end of the scent. Grinding it up however that gas completely comes out, and the sweet caramel evens out a bit. We sampled this strain through a Firewood 7 4+ times and once through a Mighty and a Volcano. We found the flavors turned out to be the same from the three different devices. Those sweet flavors really come through on the initial taste with the gas adding on another layer to the flavor. This is a wonderful combination as you can get gassy notes with a nice consistent smoothness. As you begin to hit the end of session, we noticed a little bit more of the earthy OG Notes, but we would say that the earthiness tends to come naturally at the end of most sessions in the vaporizer. So, it can be a bit tough to distinguish if it is the OG in the strain or just the bud getting to the end of it’s vape cycle.

           Jungle Cake really surprised us in terms of its effects as we felt that it was going to be like a lot of the other Wedding Cake hybrids out there. From what has been available on the market a lot of the Wedding Cake hybrids seem to try to boost and play on those strong cerebral effects. The Jungle Cake stands out from those because it is just so strong on the body and remarkably Stoney. If you really like Wedding Cake but are looking for something right before bed or are looking to go horizontal this strain really stands out. Do not get us wrong it carries some of those cerebral effects for sure, but like good OG’s this strain has some great medicinal benefits especially when it comes muscle tightness and pain. This is a great strain for both connoisseurs and newcomers alike. We would say that newcomers should be cautious with dosing, not because of anxiety reasons, but because it might put you down for a nap. Usually, the warnings for newcomers we give have more to do with Sativas or hybrids with strong Sativa genetics, that can tend to be racy especially at the peak of the effects. The strain is versatile for the customer base, but not so versatile in it is use case. Despite that connoisseurs would likely be able to use it for most of the day as it does not carry a lot of haziness to it. Great pairings would be gaming or taking the dog for a walk. It reminded quite a few of us of the Cannabis we used to smoke back in the day, just downright stoney Cannabis. Bring some of this to the next hangout with your friends and you will be in for a good time.

One of the first testers of Jungle Cake from Happy Buddha Botanical’s Instagram! @Happybuddhabotanicals

           The Jungle Cake was cultivated by Happy Buddha Botanicals. Happy Buddha Botanicals is an indoor Tier 1 facility located in Medford. They have been really mixing it up over at their grow facility and putting out a lot of new cultivars on the top shelf of the Oregon recreational market. Such as this Jungle Cake we are talking about right now! But on top of that they have put out Watermelon Gelato, Rainbow Chip, Designer Runtz, Motorbreath, and Garlicane! It seems that they have something new coming down the line every cycle! We have really enjoyed their flower and especially how great the nose comes through from the strains they grow. Both the Jungle Cake and the Motorbreath really stand out from other growers just on the nose alone. We look forward to seeing what unique genetics they will grow out next!

  • Appearance 4/5
  • Smell 5/5
  • Flavor 5/5
  • Effect 5/5

           This Jungle Cake is really a new take on what feels like an old classic. The looks are certainly new school. Happy Buddha certainly did this right, this batch looks how Seed Junky’s strains should come out, just coated in Trichomes. The nose is really something else, sweet but has those familiar gas notes just hanging off at the end. Which when it comes to the taste is perfect as you get a combination of both sweet smooth caramel with a mix of gas that does not overpower the taste. The effects stand out as well as it brings a nice Indica heavy side to the Wedding Cake which we have not seen before. It in some ways reminds us of a classic Pre-98 Bubba Kush in terms of its effects. Just downright good Cannabis to have around when hanging out with your friends and wanting to get nice and stoned. If you enjoy Wedding Cake and want something a little more on the Indica side, pick this up. Also, if you are looking for a strain that is a little different to the very cerebral cookie heavy hybrids that are currently saturating the market, give this a try it really is something else.

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Lee Ann Womac Strain Review:

This Lee Ann Womac flower might not have much to do with the country singer of the same name. But what it does have is a new and unique flavor to the MAC line with those classic potent MAC effects. Check out our review and overview of Lee Ann Womac.

These buds on this batch Lee Ann Womac are huge!

            Lee Ann Womac was created by a breeder we have not actually talked about before on this weighing-in section. Lee Ann Womac was bred by Lit Farms by crossing together Watermelon OG #8 and MAC. Lit Farms has become quite popular in the last few years here in Oregon, with a lot of OLCC recreational licensed growers beginning to pick at least one or two of their cultivars in their lineup. Lit Farms has a diverse genetic lineup ranging from stuff heavy with Watermelon genetics to MAC genetics. What makes this strain so exciting is it bridges the gap between the Watermelon and the MAC Genetics. As we said in an earlier review that some of the most well-known MAC crosses come from Capulator, but there are plenty of other breeders that are creating some unique MAC hybrids. Some of their most popular strains are Ice Cream Sandwiches, Peanut Butter MAC, Tropicana Banana, Watermelon Gelato, and Watermelon Mimosa. Lit Farms is constantly creating new and exciting strains, including strains with other popular existing breeders. We look forward to seeing what new fruit terp heavy strains they come out with next!

            The Lee Ann Womac is a cross between Watermelon OG #8 and MAC. Watermelon OG was bred by Lit Farms as well and it is a cross between Watermelon Zkittles and Tahoe Hydro OG. Watermelon Zkittlez is another strain that is seeing a lot of movement right now. People seem to really enjoy the very cerebral effects of this strain, as well as the very sour grapefruit heavy flavor. Tahoe Hydro OG is the combination of two different OG Kush phenotypes (Tahoe OG and OG #18) put together this gives this strain some very body heavy and potent genetics. Tahoe Hydro OG is an award-winning strain, but does not see as much play especially in the Oregon recreational scene. Watermelon OG is now just beginning to see a lot of play, and from what we can tell from Lit Farms will probably be bred quite a bit moving forward. MAC on the other hand is a strain from Capulator. It is a combination of Alien Cookies by Jawz genetics and Miracle from Capulator. Miracle is a miracle as it is one of 15 plants to survive after being gone through the washing machine. Miracle is a combination of a Columbian Sativa and Starfighter. MAC has a distinctive flavor and a very uplifting familiar cookies type high. This strain has fantastic mood-altering effects without ever being too overbearing.

You can see more of the Blue Platinum/Purple features up close.

            The good news is that this Lee Ann Womac shares just as good of a trichome structure as any top-shelf MAC we have seen. It carries a more traditional Sativa-hybrid bud structure with a skinnier longer bud. The buds are quite tight and compact, and the density is on the medium to light side. The trichrome coverage is like other strains of MAC where the strain almost seems to be coated with a layer of kief. This really lightens up the color of the bud which is a mint green to celery green color. Up close you can notice some slight flecks of platinum blue/purple in the strain. This strain also has a lot of beautiful light orange pistils that have some impressive length that have wrapped themselves around the bud. This strain really nails the phenotypic looks that MAC carries, we would say that the bud structure is a bit tighter and denser than other MAC we have seen.

            Both the flavor and taste that you get from the Lee Ann Womac really encapsulate the taste of both MAC and Watermelon OG. Off the initial notes from just smelling the buds you get a strong sweet floral smell. These initial notes are reminiscent of MAC, but as you continue to smell it transitions more into minty creamy sweet notes. Lit Farms Watermelon strains have this very hefty initial notes of sweet spearmint with just a tad bit of earth notes at the end. Grinding up the strain we found that it seemed to get quite a bit zestier and almost smelled more of citrus or something closer to a haze. This strain was sampled by us twice through a Firewood 7 Vaporizer and once through a Volcano. The flavor was consistent through the three different sessions. Flavor-wise the strain really starts off sweet almost creamy like notes, you do get a hint of that zest on the initial pulls. But it quickly transitions into much stronger floral minty notes, the strain is remarkably smooth on the taste. Near the end of the session, we noticed that we began to pick up a bit more on the earthiness, but even near the end it is still subdued by those minty floral flavors. We felt that the combination of MAC and Watermelon OG is a good one. It retains those familiar sweet MAC notes, but almost gets a boost of the familiar creamy flavor notes that Starfighter carries in MAC through the addition of breeding in the Watermelon OG.

            So, what effects does this MAC hybrid offer? The great thing is the Lee Ann Womac carries the strong cerebral potency that we are used to in MAC. In fact if anything the Lee Ann Womac might carry stronger and even more noticeable cerebral effects than MAC. We found that at the peak of the strains effects it has a noticeably punchy euphoric buzzy high that will hit you behind the eyes. Once the peak of the effects begins to taper we noticed that is more mellow hits with more relaxation in and around the extremities. We found that the strain is great for social settings, because while the peak can be a bit intense, it’s not too racy and your head isn’t an entirely different place. We would recommend that newcomers take caution with dosing as the peak is a bit intense, but it rounds off reasonably quickly. We found that that strain pairs well with both indoor and outdoor activities. It is great for social settings as it provides a nice energy boost, but not too intense that it pulls people out of the conversation. It is also not too stoney or body heavy, so it won’t lay you out after smoking it. This strain likely should not be used right before bed, because of it’s more cerebral effects. But the strain would be fine to use in the evening as it tapers off into less buzz and more of a relaxed state. This is certainly one of the more interesting MAC crosses that we have come across as we feel that the Watermelon Zkittlez genetics in the Watermelon OG really heightens some of the Sativa heavy effects from the MAC.

The Cola’s on this Lee Ann Womac are massive! You can see here why the buds are so large! Snipped plant from Urban Canna’s Instagram @TheUrbanCanna

            The Lee Ann Womac was cultivated by Urban Canna. Urban Canna is an indoor Craft Cannabis recreational producer located in Eugene Oregon. Urban Canna has set themselves apart from other Craft Cannabis grows with a remarkably diverse and unique cultivar menu. Many of their strains carry unique terp profiles or plays on other popular strains. Some of the more unique strains they have carried in their cultivar lineup are Dirty Bananas, Divine Kush Breath, Garlicane, Garlic Sherbet, Gelato Cake, GM-SNO, Gruntz, Lee Ann Womac, and Orange Dreamsicle. Urban Canna has gathered an almost cult like following around the state of Oregon. And we can certainly see why, they have incredibly unique cultivars, and they grow them magnificently well. Urban Canna has maintained a level of quality and consistency that certainly stands out, and they do this in one of the most saturated retail Cannabis markets in the world!

  • Appearance 5/5
  • Smell 5/5
  • Flavor 5/5
  • Effect 5/5

            The Lee Ann Womac from Urban Canna certainly met and exceeded our expectations. The strain looks just as good as any other top-shelf MAC we have seen on the market. It carries a similar trichome heavy coating such as MAC. We found that the structure is certainly much tighter and a bit more dense than traditional MAC. The strain carries a unique nose that plays on many of the scents and flavors that make MAC great. It has this floral creamy mint taste that really coats the tongue and is remarkably smooth. The effects are where we had really high expectations, and the Lee Ann Womac nails it. First it being a MAC cross we expected the strain to have strong cerebral mood-altering effects. What we were pleasantly surprised with is just how buzzy the Lee Ann Womac is, it has an almost headband like effect where it hits right behind the eyes. We do like that the strains effects taper into something more mellow and has a noticeable relaxation on the body. Strains such as Lee Ann Womac are such a good example on why Cannabis breeding is so important. We certainly enjoy all the various MAC hybrids from Capulator. However strains like Lee Ann Womac show the diversity of Cannabis genetics that are available around the world and they can lead to some truly amazing combinations. We are thankful that Lit Farms decided to breed MAC with their Watermelon OG as it has led to a very unique and interesting MAC hybrid.

Dawgy Treats Strain Review

These buds are just so tight and dense!

We are excited to present to you Dawgy Treats by Hydrus Hydroponics. This is one of the few strains we have reviewed in which the grower has exclusive rights to the strain. Dawgy Treats genetically is nearly identical to GMO Cookies, but what sets these two strains apart? Follow along down below through our overview and review of Dawgy Treats to find out!

Dawgy Treats is an exclusive strain to Hydrus Hydroponics. Depending on the story you believe for the origin of GMO Cookies, this Dawgy Treats comes from the same breeder Mamiko Seeds. Mamiko seeds is a breeder from Spain who has been breeding a large variety of Cookie Strains. Obviously most well-known for GMO Cookies, but there are certainly some other cookie strains that are grown here back in the United States. Some of these Cookie strains are: Amnesia Cookies, Blueberry Cookies, Bubba Cookies, Casey Cookies, Cheese Cookies, Fire Afghan Cookies, Pure Kush Cookies, and Sour Cookies. We can thank Mamiko’s breeding of all these various cookies for the GMO Cookies and Dawgy Treats that we have today.

            The genetics of the Dawgy Treats is that it is a cross between a Chem 4 and G.S.C. This is remarkably close to GMO Cookies which is a cross between ChemDawg D and G.S.C. Chem 4 also known as ChemDawg #4 is one of the most popular cuts of ChemDawg. It is a more Indica Dominant pheno and supposedly as far as the breeder was concerned the truest version of all the ChemDawg plants that exist. Even for veterans and connoisseurs this strain is potent and even though it is a more Indica dominant version it is still very euphoric and cerebral. This is paired with the classic G.S.C which is a combination of Durban Poison and OG Kush. G.S.C is like ChemDawg in that it is known as a potent euphoric cerebral strain. G.S.C differs itself with being a little less buzzy than the ChemDawg and slightly more body heavy. The combination of these two strains leads to a very potent strain with both strong mind altering and body effects remarkably like GMO Cookies. We will actively compare the differences of the two strains throughout the different reviewing criteria.

Even the out of focus gap you see is not a crevasse it’s just where the bud rounds itself off.

            Dawgy Treats has a very personalized appearance compared to other strains. One reason is because it is an exclusive to Hydrus Hydroponics, so we have only seen this strain grown by this farm. The other reason which you can see in the very name of the grow is that the strain is grown Hydroponically. While hydroponic Cannabis certainly has a range of different appearances it is worth mentioning that typically hydroponic Cannabis does have a different look and feel than some more traditional growing methods. First let us go over the structure and density. These buds are very tight and very compacted, some people refer to this as pebble weed. The Dawgy Treats however is not what people are referring to with pebble weed. Pebble weed typically comes from hydro that is dense and cured incorrectly. The big difference is if we take a bud of the Dawgy Treats and push on it, it pushes back. Pebble weed when you push on it would crush in your hands and turn straight into powder. Normally Cannabis with this texture is worrying however we have been carrying Dawgy Treats for so long at Spacebuds that we know that this is just how Hydrus grows it. Dawgy Treats takes on more characteristics from the Chem 4 than it seems to from the cookies. The strain is exceptionally light green, primarily from the trichome coverage all around the bud. This is different from GMO Cookies which can take on multiple hues of orange, green, and purple.  The best places you can see the trichomes on the Dawgy Treats is actually in were the crevice’s of the bud normally would be, but because the buds are so tight and compact you can actually see in those spots were the trichomes are just bursting out the seams. The shape carries a very Indica dominant bud structure when the buds are much more circular and rounded. This is vastly different from GMO Cookies as well where GMO has an unconventional appearance with dense but more Sativa dominant shaped buds. GMO Cookies has an odd shape regardless if it is more Sativa appearing it just contains a very unconventional bud structure, the Dawgy Treats structure is much more conventional with a very typical rounded Indica dominant shape.

            So just to start off with the nose Dawgy Treats and GMO Cookies have pretty much completely different noses. First off just on the initial smell the Chem is the most dominant thing coming through here by far. It starts with this sweet slightly gassy smell that just keeps amplifying to a zestier gas smell. The GMO Cookies has a similar sweet smell initially, but it transitions off the sweetness into a funkier umami earthiness. When grinding up the Dawgy Treats we noticed too that the chem or gas notes come through much more. We sampled this strain multiple times: once through a Volcano, twice through a Firewood 7 Vaporizer, and we ran it one time through the Mighty as well. We noticed similar results through all three different devices. The start of the session the chem notes come through strong along with a familiar sweetness from the cookies. Just in flavor alone it really differentiates itself from GMO Cookies none of those funkier umami terps are present, it just shows a lot of gassy chemmy notes. As you get to near the end of the session the stain changes to more familiar earthy floral notes rather reminiscent of other Cookie strains. You get maybe just a hint of some slight OG Notes at the end, but for the most part its quite earthy. This strain has both a good smell and flavor to match. We were really impressed with how much the Chem notes come through on both smell and taste.

            Dawgy Treats really embodies characteristics of the Chem 4 Mother it comes from. The effects remind us a lot more of an Indica Dominant version of GMO Cookies. It carries the same if not even more body than GMO Cookies does. The strain is still very potent, but we did not notice the exact same strong cerebral and euphoric effects that we noticed from GMO Cookies. We felt that this strain focuses more on the body and is a little more relaxing the GMO Cookies. It is interesting that both GMO Cookies and Dawgy Treats are typically exceedingly high testers. We have had multiple batches of Dawgy Treats that range from 27% THC all the way to 34%. Because of it is more body heavy nature, and less euphoric effects we found that the strain is a bit more versatile than the GMO Cookies. With many of the ChemDawg strains even connoisseurs can find it a bit much. This Chem 4 Pheno really brings out a different side of ChemDawg that is more on the relaxed mellow side. In some ways it reminds us a bit of the Rugburn OG X ChemDawg that we reviewed from Cannananda. The Dawgy Treats is still more potent and has a more noticeable head change than the Rugburn OG X ChemDawg. This strain would pair best with evening to nighttime activities. We found that it would be both appropriate for both indoor and outdoor activities. Good pairing with social situations as well as we found the strain was not too euphoric or hazy. If you have been looking for a good potent G.S.C cross that is more on the Indica side of things but focuses more on the body, this is right up your alley.

Look at how tall these Dawgy Treats plants get! From Hydrus Hydroponics Instagram @Hydrus.Hydroponoics

            This Dawqy Treats is brought to us by Hydrus Hydroponics. This strain is exclusive to Hydrus Hydroponics and they are the only farm that currently grows the strain. Check out this great video from Leafly that goes over the strain with the growers at Hydrus Hydroponics. Hydrus Hydroponics has been producing Craft Cannabis in Portland since 2015. Hydrus uses a very heavy data driven approach to their grow with Integrated pest management, and precision irrigation to produce their high-quality flower.  Hydrus Hydroponics is doing something different than most farms and are cultivating rare strains, as well as producing their own unique flower genetics. Some of the unique strains are Dawgy Treats, DT-95, and Chronsonto. We look forward to seeing what new hybrids they create with Dawgy Treats in the future!

  • Appearance 4/5
  • Smell 4/5
  • Flavor 5/5
  • Effect 5/5

            There is a reason why even after GMO Cookies began hitting the shelf that Dawgy Treats has been on our menu regularly. The strain carries some great trichome coverage along with a very well done dense hydroponic Cannabis structure. This is hydro done right, there are not many hydro growers that can pull this level of quality off. The buds are very dense, but they are loaded with trichomes and once ground up the smell just hits you. The strain smells as it should it is very heavy on the Chem and gas notes along with the familiar sweetness that comes from G.S.C. Effect wise it differentiates itself heavy from GMO by being more functional but also more relaxing on the body. If you are looking for an Indica leaning hybrid that provides good body relaxation but is not going lock you down to the couch this is a strain certainly worth picking up.

Sunset MAC Strain Review

           Sunset Mac is one of the more popular MAC hybrids available. What makes this combination of Sunset Sherbet and MAC so popular? Let us get into our overview and review of Sunset MAC down below.

Look at how beautiful this Sunset MAC from Koru Cannabis is!

            Sunset MAC was created by Capulator by breeding together Sunset Sherbet and MAC. Capulator also happens to be the creator of the strain MAC as well. Capulator is a bit newer to the scene under the “Capulator” name than some breeders but has made a huge impact in the last few years. Capulator puts out most of the better-known MAC crosses on the market. There are other MAC strains on the market, however Cap’s cut is the most well-known and most popular version of MAC out there. It would only make sense that Capulator would make his own line of hybrids using the very strain he created, MAC. Some of the more popular MAC hybrids from Capulator are Banana MAC, Orange Cookie MAC, MAC Stomper, Sticky Buns, and Sunset MAC. Capulator also breeds some unique strains that do not contain MAC such as Cap’s Frozen Lemonade, Chillz, and Miracle Grow. Capulator has also been doing a lot of collaborations with other famous breeders such as Seed Junky lately, so it will be exciting to see what Capulator releases in 2021.

            We are going to get into the lineage and genetics of what make up the Sunset MAC. Sunset MAC is cross between Sunset Sherbet and MAC. Sunset Sherbet was popular since it is creation and is still popular to this day. Mr. Sherbinski created this strain by combining Thin Mint G.S.C with the Pink Panties strain. Thin Mint G.S.C is typically known to be a more Sativa leaning version of the G.S.C line, with much stronger cerebral and euphoric effects than other cookie strains. Pink Panties is quite different than Thin Mint G.S.C it is a cross of a Burmese Kush and Florida Kush. This leans far more on the Indica side and is known to be very body heavy and relaxing. The combination of these led to the Sunset Sherbet we see today which is a potent balanced hybrid. Without Sunset Sherbet many of the most popular strains today would not exist such as Gelato #33, Gelato #41, Runtz, London Pound Cake, Jet Fuel-Gelato, Sour Banana Sherbet, and Rainbow Chip. MAC comes from Capulator it is a cross between Miracle and Alien Cookies. Capulator refers to the strain as Miracle because unfortunately after a trip of acquiring said seeds all 15 of them were ran through the washing machine. Out of the 15 only one of them made it through an entire cycle. Miracle #15 was crossed with a cut of Jaws Alien Cookies and the rest was history. MAC’s popularity seems to come from quite a few different reasons. The strain has some of the best trichome coverage you will find on a cookies strain. It also has very potent mood uplifting euphoric effect that never seems to go too overboard. MAC has seen a lot of new hybrid crosses from both Capulator and other breeders all around the world. This strain has been one of the most exciting new cookie strains we have seen in the last few years alongside other staples such as Tropicanna Cookies and GMO Cookies.

You really end up getting good look here of those sugary trichomes. As well as all the different colors going on in the Sunset MAC.

They say sunsets are one of the most beautiful things us humans can lay our eyes on; Sunset MAC is no exception to that. The Sunset MAC carries unique traits from both of its parent strains that allow this to be one of the most stand out colorful strains on the market. If you took some top-shelf Sunset Sherbet and rolled it around in sugar that’s pretty much what Sunset MAC looks like. It carries many of the similar phenotypic traits, especially its various multicolor hues of green, purple, and orange just like Sunset Sherbet. It is certainly much saturated and coated in Trichomes than most other Sunset Sherbet we have seen, It also carries a tad of the lightening effect we have noted in the our other reviews that MAC has. It does not have that same white powdered coating that is so distinct like other MAC, but the layering of these almost sugar like trichomes really do stand out. Structure is quite tight although does carry some gaps in the flower, buds are a medium to light on the density. The trim job on this was very well done, to quote a fellow Spacebud “It looks like it’s been given a Bikini-Wax treatment.” The bud picture at the top of the review and overview shows this off quite well.  

            The Sunset MAC has an extraordinarily complex nose that changes quite a lot throughout the vaping/smoking session. Upon the initial smell we get a slightly sweet peppery scent off the flower. The main terpenes that this batch of sunset MAC tested for are Terpinolene, -β-caryophyllene, and β-pinene. Once the buds are ground or broken apart, they seem to take on a much stronger fruity flavor. But not the flavor you would expect from MAC or Sunset Sherbet. It surprisingly smells very similar to another strain known as Black Jack just slightly less sweet and more floral. We were honestly surprised as lineage wise this really has no similar relation to the Black Jack strain. However Black Domina (A parent to Black Jack) does have very strong peppery notes as well, so that could be where we’re are getting that similarity from. We sampled this strain three different times once on the podcast through the volcano, and two separate times after through a Pax 3 and a Mighty Vaporizer. We found similar results with all three devices. We found that on the initial taste notes that it starts off sweet like MAC, but it changes pretty quickly to a heavier floral notes and stays that way. The taste is not very peppery the floral notes really come through, but it does carry a slight savory taste especially near the end of the session. We must mention it’s certainly different than what we are used to, especially from a lot more of the gassier hybrids out there. If you enjoy strains that have more of a floral peppery note you will likely enjoy the taste.

            The Sunset MAC has some wonderful effects that we feel that we are getting the best of both worlds from both strain’s lineages. We would say that the Sunset MAC is an even more balanced hybrid than regular MAC. It is important to remember that both Sunset Sherbet and MAC both derive their genetics from the original G.S.C. So it is interesting to see just how similar it reminds of the effects of Thin Mint G.S.C. One thing that we really liked is it does carry a similar effect to the uplifting euphoria that MAC has. However, we did find that overall the Sunset Sherbet is a little more balanced especially when it comes to the body effects. We would not say that the strain has super heavy body effects, but it is weightier than original MAC. The strains effects are also quite long lasting. We feel that the strain is very versatile for multiple reasons. For one the strain can be enjoyed by both connoisseurs and newcomers. Newcomers should be cautious with their dosing however, as a little goes a long way with top-shelf Cannabis. It is versatile as well as this strain can be used pretty much the whole day. We would not necessarily recommend it for a wake and bake as it is not noticeably clear headed, but it does not put you horizontal either. This strain is good for both indoor and outdoor activities. And we found that it works for both active activities or if you want to use it right before bed.  

Unfortunately Instagram removed a lot of Koru Cannabis’ photos, so we were unable to find one specific to the Sunset MAC. But this picture shows off a lot of the pretty cultivars they are growing such as: Ice Cream Cake, The Bizz, Junior Mintz, and Fruitcake! From Koru Cannabis’ Instagram @KoruCannabis

            This Sunset MAC was grown by Koru Cannabis up in Portland Oregon. They have been growing indoor Cannabis for quite some time. They carry a data driven approach to their grow, and make sure to preserve the integrity of the flower through the entire process from the start of the plant all the way to sealing it in packaging for wholesale. We first discovered them through their strains of Ob1 OG and Dark Plasma. They have been coming out with some unique cultivars this last year such as their Purple Juice, Double Dutch Treat, Platinum G.S.C, The Bizz, and Junior Mints. We actually know what Koru will be bringing out next and let’s just say as flower connoisseurs we all should be getting really excited.

  • Appearance 5/5
  • Smell 4/5
  • Flavor 4/5
  • Effect 5/5

            Well as we said on our 4/20 special, we really enjoyed a lot of what the Sunset MAC has to offer. The strain as far as aesthetics go is hard to beat. It has a wide variety of colors: Purple, Green, and Orange and offers many different hues of those colors. It also has a great structure along with an incredible trim job. Trichome coverage is certainly what would be expected from a MAC hybrid. The smell and taste were not what were expecting, but it does offer a unique package and tastes quite different especially as to what is trending on the market currently. The effects are everything you would want from a MAC hybrid it just takes on some of those slight characteristics from the Sunset Sherbet. But it does not overpower it and just brings the MAC slightly closer to that balanced hybrid line. If you enjoy MAC or other Sativa Dominant strains and are looking for something a tad bit more grounded this strain is perfect.  

White Glue AKA (White Gorilla) Strain Review:

           White Glue Aka White Gorilla is a rare Indica dominant strain that combines Original Glue with a unique White Fire Alien OG. This strain offers a lot of unique characteristics visually, unique aromatics, and some heavy stoney effects. Come take a look into our overview and review of White Glue by HQ Farms. 

This White Glue is just so frosty and has such a robust structure.

            White Glue not to be confused with the original White Glue which is a White Widow crossed with GG4. This White Glue is also known under the name White Gorilla. White Gorilla was a strain bred by Green Life Seeds. Green Life Seeds was founded in Los Angeles California and has a specialization of breeding strains using White Fire Alien OG. From current information it seems that Green Life Seeds does not operate anymore. They seem to operate under an entirely new brand known as Kre8 Genetics. Kre8 Genetics does seem to still carry some cultivars that use the White Fire Alien OG as a parent. However, they have a very diverse line up of different strains breeding with strains like Runtz, Forbidden Fruit, Mimosa, Ice Cream Cake. Kre8 seems to have bred an entire line unique to their Oogie Boogie strain (Kaspers Kush X Pepe Le Pew). We are curious to see if more of their breeds will end up in the Oregon Market.

            White Glue or White Gorilla is a cross between Original Glue and White Fire Alien OG. Let us go over the Original Glue first. This is not the first time that we have had a strain that contains Original Glue or GG4. The famous story behind the Original Glue besides all the copyright claims from Gorilla Glue. Is that this strain happened by complete accident when Joesy Whales grow room had “hermed” Chem Sister Plants pollinate a hybrid of a (Sour Dubb X Chem Diesel). The strain was removed from the grow room, but seeds were kept and a few years later a friend of his “Mardogg” planted the seeds and ended up breeding out the #4 Pheno. Original Glue is loved for some many reasons. It is a very potent strain, at the time and still to this day has a unique scent and taste, the effects of the strain seem to depend more on the person than the strain. Many people have said that Original Glue to them is a nice functioning Sativa, while others have compared Original Glue to being the glue that holds them to the couch. White Fire Alien OG does not carry the notoriety of the Original Glue, but that is not to say it isn’t worthy of its own praises. White Fire Alien OG was bred by OG Raskal by crossing together The White and Fire Alien Kush. The White is a very body heavy cut of OG Kush it also is a bit sweeter and less gassy than traditional OG Kush. The White has become a popular strain especially for breeding as it is typically a high tester and is a good way of adding some more body and OG characteristics to other strains. Fire Alien Kush also comes from OG Raskal it is cross between Fire Kush and Alien Kush. This strain is not as popular today as some of the more modern hybrids, but it contains a good mix of OG and Northern Lights in its background which makes it a good even hybrid. White Fire Alien OG is the most famous of the Fire Alien Kush crosses that exist today.

See how tightly packed this White Glue is?

            The White Glue is stunning and similar to the Chocolate Marshmallows we reviewed earlier might be one of the prettiest Original Glue crosses we have ever seen. The structure of these buds is on an entirely other level. These are some seriously packed buds, so much so it is actually difficult to find gaps in the flower. This actually in some ways hurts its appearance as it’s shape makes it difficult to see all the great trichome coverage. But once you break these buds open, they only get brighter and frostier. This strain is pretty much just light green throughout and it is definitely because of the trichome coverage. The structure along with the trim job is so good that if someone where to say what perfect flower/buds look like this would be the example. The buds are tight and packed in, but they are not overtly dense. This is typically preferred as we find that flower that is too tight and dense does not grind well, it just sort of crushes into a powder. This has a great consistency on the grind, even with the tightness if you pair this with a good grinder you will get a good fluffy grind from this strain perfect for vaping or smoking.

             So, the big question is does it smell like glue? To be honest glue is not the first thing we thought of when smelling this strain. Off the initial smell we noticed that it has overly sweet hashy notes to the strain. Which makes sense if you look at Original Glues background with the Chocolate Diesel. The White certainly has some influence on the nose when it comes to this strain. As we said earlier the White tends to add sweetness and almost round out the flavors of other strains. When grinding the flower up we noticed that those sweet hash notes come through even more, maybe even a bit more earth and muskiness attached to it. This strain was sampled multiple times twice through a Dynavap and once through a Mighty Vaporizer. We found that those sweet hashy notes came through initially and it moves to a much stronger earthier OG flavor on the later pulls. One thing we do have to say is that when testing this strain with the Mighty, is when using the dosing caps this White Glue absolutely saturated the entire dosing cap with resin, rendering us to having to clean out the inner chamber of the Mighty. This is rare thing to experience from any strain, we have never had to clean out the Mighty after just one session with flower! We do feel that The White does mute the strain’s initial nose a bit, but we found once we’re actually tasting the flower it has a unique and surprisingly complex terpene profile.

            In the past we have talked about how Original Glue can really vary on the effects from person to person. We feel that there will not be any confusion with the White Glue. This strain is certainly best left for the end of the day and nighttime. We found that after vaping it the strain has very body heavy effects along with some noticeable head changes. These head changes are not so much like some of the more cookie heavy hybrids but something more like the weight behind strains such as Bubba Kush. We certainly are noticing that there is a heavy prevalence of OG genetics in this strain as it provides good pain-relief along with that classic OG Stoney potency. This strain is best paired with end day activities such as watching a movie or playing video games. Connoisseurs could likely get away with taking a dog for a walk, but they might not want to end up leaving the house in the first place. If you enjoy some of the more Indica heavy Original Glue hybrids you will likely really enjoy this strain.

A room full of White Glue! From HQFarms Instagram @HQ.Farms

            This White Glue is brought to us by HQ Farms located in Boring Oregon. HQ Farms has some serious growing experience all way back from the early Oregon medical days. HQ Farms team has been growing for medical patients since 2010. HQ Farms formed in 2015 and obtained their OLCC license in January 2017 to sell recreationally. HQ Farms has a wide variety of Cultivars that they have kept for years such as the White Glue. Some of their other cultivars are OG18, Goji OG, Jack Hammer, Dogwalker OG, Chemdog OG, and the Sweeties. They are regularly rotating their strains, and we look forward to seeing what new cultivars they end up putting out!

  • Appearance 5/5
  • Smell 4/5
  • Flavor 5/5
  • Effect 4/5

            While this strain may suffer from a case of mistaken identity. We are glad to see that HQ Farms have continued to grow it and breathe new life into by keeping it on the market. The strain as far structure and appearance might be the best we have seen so far. These buds are just so tight you will not be able to look into the nooks and crannies without breaking it apart. The trichome coverage is also just next level with buds so tight and already heavily saturated so much so that you would think there would be nothing underneath. But once you break it apart it is just as sticky and coated as the outside. The nose while a bit muted from the genetics of having The White tastes great! Strong sweet hash notes come through that move into more of those familiar earthy OG notes. We also really enjoyed the potent Stoney effects, they are a fantastic pairing if you are getting ready for bed or are looking to get settled in for the night. If you are looking for a good potent Indica with some OG characteristics it does not get much better than the White Glue.

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Rugburn OG X ChemDawg Strain Review

Great Trichome coverage along with some excellent tight structure on this Rugburn OG X ChemDawg

           RugBurn OG X ChemDawg is a rare strain brought to us by Cannananda. While it might not be our first choice of name, we would suggest “Ruined Carpet” as a good choice. Rugburn OG x ChemDawg brings a unique genetic profile to the ever-popular ChemDawg strain that is so popular today. Come check out our overview and review of the Rugburn OG X ChemDawg down below.

            Normally the first thing we write about in the reviews is some information about the breeder. However, in this case the breeder sort of remains a mystery. We reached out to Cannananda about where this strain came from. They had acquired the strain back in the medical days, and they continue to keep running it in their lineup to this day. So realistically as far as we have seen on the market Cannananda is the only grower of this strain. We did some research and there is nothing to suggest even a similar alternative that has been recorded online in the market under a different name. There are a few 2nd generation hybrids that are similar that are known about Firewood (Rugburn OG X Truth Tree), Gupta Kush BX2 (Ghost OG Moonshine X Rugburn OG), and Venkman OG (Doc’s OG X Rugburn OG). These might have some similarities to the Rugburn OG X ChemDawg but they won’t be exact as the Rugburn OG X ChemDawg as the others have been crossed with another strain to make them a 2nd generation hybrid.

            Let us get into the genetics of the Rugburn OG X ChemDawg. Let us start off with the first strain Rugburn OG. Rugburn OG was bred by Rare Dankness by crossing together Ghost OG and his staple strain Rare Dankness #1. Ghost OG is a potent cut of the OG Kush strain that carries good body along with long lasting yet mellow cerebral effects. Alright so bear with us as we go deeper into this cross as its about to get a little complicated. Rare Darkness #1 is a cross of Ghost OG and Chemdawg that is than backcrossed with Ghost OG and then all of that is crossed with Triangle Kush. So, the resulting strain is heavy on Ghost OG with some ChemDawg and then ties in some Triangle Kush at the end. We will get into our description of ChemDawg as it the father in the cross on the Rugburn OG X ChemDawg strain. ChemDawg is an extremely popular strain its origins remain a mystery, but it has been tied to California. ChemDawg is loved for its cerebral uplifting potency, and strong diesel flavor. ChemDawg has continued to remain popular on its own merit and is the backbone for most of the most popular strains in North America.  So, when you look at this strain it is really heavy genetically on both Ghost OG and ChemDawg, which makes a lot of sense when we start getting into the characteristics that define this strain. To make it somewhat easier to understand the dynamics of the genetics we put it into a math equation format: {Ghost OG X [Ghost OG X (Ghost OG X ChemDawg)] X Triangle Kush] X ChemDawg}.

You get a great look at just how much trichomes there in this strain especially in the crevices.

            First and foremost, this strain has amazing bud structure. It carries a nice robust structure with nicely packed buds. This strain certainly passes the squeeze test, you squeeze it, and it bounces right back. Really great job on the cure from the team at Cannananda perfect amount of moisture in this buds, slightly sticky but cured enough where you are getting a proper nose on the flower. Bud is a nice light green with some long darker orange pistils. Trichome coverage is good on this flower, great layering of the trichomes in between the cervices of the bud. Trichomes are quite visibly shiny even in normal lighting conditions under the naked eye.

            The nose on this Rugburn OG X ChemDawg is just as anticipated. From the jar it is not the loudest presence we’ve smelt, but it certainly stands out. Strong Chem notes to start on the initial whiff that transform into more of those classic OG characteristics. The OG Characteristics start as a hint of gas that quickly turns into more earthy/soil notes. This is how we would image ChemDawg OG smells like, if anyone wants to bring that back that strain to the Oregon market, please do! Griding up the Rugburn OG X ChemDawg brings out more of those strong noticeable earthy OG notes. The strain was sampled through a Pax 3 vaporizer as well as a Dynavap vaporizer. We like to be able to sample the product through at least two different vaporizers once at a lower temp for flavor and the other at a higher temp for effects testing. We noticed similar tastes in both vaporizers strong diesel notes to start that taper off into more earthy classic OG notes. Impressive that they got the flower and the taste to match up with the same vigor.

            The effects of this Rugburn OG X ChemDawg really do standout especially among newer genetic hybrids. In a lot of ways, it reminds us quite a bit of the EX-Wife we reviewed two weeks ago. Both strains carry Ghost OG in their lineage. The ChemDawg would be the biggest difference which we do notice. We found that the strain carries some nice body relief, without some of the weight that other OG’s can carry. We found that this mixture of Ghost OG and ChemDawg creates a nice balanced uplifting effect as well. We found it had some of those classic uplifting ChemDawg effects but the mixture of the OG brings it back from being too intense. This strain is surprisingly focused and is great strain if you are looking to do some chores in and outside of the house. Since the strain carries such great functionality it is a great pairing with more social based activities or playing games with friends. Strains like this really make us wish that more of Rare Dankness strains were on the market as they often times strike a good balance with potency and long-lasting effects but aren’t so strong that your day has been decided after your session. We always like to put as a disclaimer that if you are a newcomer to Cannabis to always be careful with dosing anything with ChemDawg as it can be a bit much to newcomers.

Rugburn OG X ChemDawg Live plant from Cannananda’s Instagram @Cannnananda

            This Rugburn OG X ChemDawg is brought to us by the farm Cannananda. Cannananda carries a great mission statement for it’s brand which can be found here. Their attention to detail and passion for the industry speaks for itself in their products. In their “about” section they say that “What we do is more than a business- it is an art form and act of service. Whether you meet our products as a connoisseur of cannabis, an occasional user, a curious first-timer, or simply seeking solutions to physical or mental struggles, we have thought about your needs and created our products with them close at heart.” Which we feel regardless of how you feel about the Cannabis industry is a truly respectable statement. Some of the strains that they carry are Alien Face OFF OG, Chem 91, Lavender Kush, Snoop Dogg OG, and Super Jack. Which are all quite unique from what is being offered by most growers in the current market. They also carry their own line of distillate cartridges that use their own Cannabis derived terpenes. We look forward to seeing what new strains Cannananda pours its passion into in the future.

  • Appearance 4/5
  • Smell 4/5
  • Flavor 4/5
  • Effect 5/5

            We really enjoyed our time with getting to review the Rugburn OG X ChemDawg. It differentiates itself quite well from many of the newer hybrids that are being bred into the market. The strain has a great structure that grinds up very well, grind comes out fluffy yet retains a bit of stickiness to it. Trichome coverage and its light color certainly stand out even among some of the other top shelf strains. If you enjoy diesel or OG’s or both, you will really enjoy the smell of this strain as it starts off with more potent diesel notes that shift into more of the classic OG earthy notes. But where this strain shines are in the effects. It carries some fantastic pain relief and muscle relaxation without being too over the top, and the body helps neutralize some of the raciness that ChemDawg can tend to carry. This strain is great for both recreational and medicinal uses. Which is surprisingly quite a difficult thing to find strains that manage to be versatile enough to be good at both. While the name might not be the easiest on the eyes, this strain really stands up to our reviewing criteria. If you have a chance to see this one in the Oregon market try it out, from all the research we did Cannananda is the only grower of this strain out there.

What is your favorite haze?

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Amnesia Haze strain review:

            We cannot wait to tell you all about this strain Amnesia Haze. We are excited to tell you about it because it is an absolute classic and wait where were we going with this again? In all seriousness Amnesia Haze is a staple for Sativa lovers. Come check out our strain review and overview of Amnesia Haze.

Look at the tightness of the buds on this Sativa Hybrid.

           Amnesia Haze is a popular classic strain that heavily leans Sativa. Like with many older popular strains due to the less than legal conditions of Cannabis cultivation in the late 80’s and 90’s a lot of strains origin stories are debated and sometimes contradictory. The story that most people seem to accept with Amnesia haze is that David Paul Watson aka (Sam The Skunkman) bred the strain in California, and it is a cross between  some form of an Afghani Hawaiian, a southeast Asian land race sativa, and a Jamaican land race sativa. The strain really gained popularity when it was brought to Amsterdam, which in the 90’s was the place to be if you were exploring Cannabis breeding and genetics. Once Amnesia Haze hit Amsterdam it absolutely took off. In the mid 2000’s it begun to win multiple Cannabis competitions for best Sativa. Some years it won best Sativa back-to-back in the same competitions. For example, it has been in the top three in the High Life Cup eight times from 2012-2019. Amnesia Haze is not just enjoyed by the consumer, growers love the plant as well as it has very impressive yields and can be grown in many different environments. It does have a longer flowering Cycle but that comes with the territory of a lot Sativas and Sativa Hybrids.

           Normally when we do an overview or review like this, we go over the genetic lineage of the plant. However, we are going to be doing more of an overview of the strain itself because the lineage is a lot older and predominantly land races, because of those factors it would be difficult to give an authentic and proper history on those strains. Many of the strains that make up Amnesia Haze are older land races that are rarely grown today or sold in the commercial market. What makes Amnesia Haze so interesting is the name does not seem to match the reported effects of the strain. While it is no secret that Cannabis carries some temporary memory impairment effects, Amnesia Haze is no different than many other strains in this regard. Many people report online that Amnesia haze is a great strain for creativity and focus. From discussions online this strain is popular for Wake and Bakes. It is also enjoyed as a strain for medicinal purposes for people who are looking relief but not too much interference with their day, its effects are reportedly long lasting as well.

Up close on the trichomes and those pretty burnt orange pistils.

           So, does old school Amnesia Haze have what it takes to go against some of the prettier modern-day hybrids? We say while not as colored or coated as some of the modern strains that Amnesia Haze still has plenty going for it. It carries a robust structure for a Sativa, nice large, rounded buds, slightly elongated. The buds are compact but not brittle, the density of these buds is as good as it gets. Something to look for in Sativa buds is gaps in the buds and inspecting to make sure they are not wispy. This Afghani background in this strain we feel has led to a better bud structure overall in this case, as most of the other land race Sativas do not carry those specific traits. Amnesia Haze has a pear green to forest green color, along with some smaller burnt orange pistils. The Trichome coverage at first glance does not stand out, but upon close inspection it does carry good coverage. When the bud was broken up, we were impressed on the coverage particularly within the bud.

            Amnesia Haze carries the classic haze smell. The best way to describe hazes is that they are overly sweet smelling but zesty. If you have smelt the strain Gelato #33 imagine that smell minus any of the fuel flavors that it comes with. So, you have this sweet zesty scent that tapers off into earthy notes. Grinding the Amnesia Haze the notes are quite similar you do notice a little bit more of the earthy notes though. The taste is pretty much spot on with its smell. We sampled the flower through a Ditanium vaporizer. We found that it has a sweet taste, but once you start getting through the bowl the earthier flavors become a lot more prevalent. If you like the smell and taste of other haze strains, you will likely enjoy this one.

            Amnesia Haze effects are right on par with what you would expect from a haze. With that said it does have one big bonus carrying the Afghani genetics it pulls back a bit of the raciness that some of the other hazes carry. Hazes like Amnesia haze are cerebral with just a slight touch of body effects. We found that while the strain is buzzy its not too overbearing. This strain would be good in the mornings all the way to the evenings. We do not necessarily recommend it as a strain for nighttime as it is stimulating. The strains pair well with outdoor activities as well as chores. If you live an active lifestyle and want something that provides a kick without laying you out the Amnesia Haze is a good choice. Newcomers should be careful when approaching dosing with haze strains as high doses can spark anxiety.

This is an example of Tao’s living soil they use fungi to help with water dynamics, nutrient cycling, and disease suppression. From Tao Gardens Instagram @TaoGardens

            Tao gardens is the cultivator of the Amnesia Haze. We have featured Tao gardens many times on this site, and they continue to impress with all their new flower and products! They have recently begun expanding into Hash Rosin and making their own line of solventless gummies. When it comes to their flower, they are an indoor facility in Eugene specializing in Living Soil Organics (As seen above in the photo). Tao has begun to bring a lot of new cultivars to their lineup Mango Haze, Moby Dick, Kosher Kush, Watermelon Zkittles, and Mangolicious. Tao carries a good variety of Sativas and Indicas, and we are looking forward to seeing these new strains on the shelf!

  • Appearance 3/5
  • Smell 4/5
  • Flavor 4/5
  • Effect 4/5

            While Amnesia Haze might be one of the classics it is still very worthy of its spot on the top-shelf. The buds have a nice solid structure, better than most Sativa hybrids we see. While the Trichome coverage might not be as saturated as some more modern hybrids, there is plenty of good trichome coverage within the Amnesia Haze. The nose is strong, sweet, and zesty just the way that a haze strain should smell. The taste is just as good as the smell and the sweetness and zest carry over and linger on the tongue. The effects are buzzy but not too racy. The effects might not be for everybody but if you enjoy sativa dominant hybrids or hazes you will want to give this one a try. The effects set itself apart from some of the other hazes like Nigerian Silver Haze and Super Silver Haze.

Favorite Method of Cannabis Consumption?

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EX-Wife Strain Review

It is rare in media when one has great things to say about their EX-Wife. Ex-Wife is an exciting new strain from grower and breeder Surfr. Find out in our review and overview we why have nothing but good things to say about this EX-Wife. 

The color on this EX-Wife is much lighter than other strains on the markte today.

                EX-Wife is a cross between Ghost OG and Trophy Wife. It was bred by Surfr seeds. This is an exciting review for us as this is one of the first times, we have had a grower be a dedicator breeder of Cannabis strains. Surfr Seeds is newer to the scene however they have certainly made quite the impression. Their most popular strains are Point Break, Grandpa’s Gun Chest, Apple Mac, Terpee Slurpee, and EX-Wife. Out of these five strains Trophy Wife is in 3 of them. Surfr is well known for their various strains containing Trophy Wife. Surfr’s popularity is extending past the Oregon border into California and Washington as well. One thing we really enjoy from Surfr is that they have decided to get into growing and distributing flower in the legal recreational market, this is a great way to see how these strains were meant to be grown. When you have a breeder that can grow a level of quality this high, it sets a standard for other growers who plan to grow their strains.    

                Let us get down the genetics and origins of this EX-Wife. EX-Wife is a cross between Ghost OG and Trophy Wife. Ghost OG is a popular cut of OG Kush, OG Kush’s lineage is believed to be a cross between a Hindu Kush and Chemdawg. Ghost OG is an award winning cut of OG Kush, people love it for being potent while at the same time being mellow. The potency from Ghost OG comes from its mood altering and body effects, but the body allows you to stay in the driver’s seat and not get greened out. Ghost OG is not as popular as it used to be however it is still used in a lot of crosses today such as Banana OG, Banana Kush, and Obiwan OG. Trophy Wife is a phenotype of Triangle Mints which is a cross between Triangle Kush and Animal Mints. Triangle Mints has led to so many unique cuts and strains. Triangle Mints #23 is what people now know as the ever-popular Wedding Cake Strain. There are lot of various cuts of this strain that is used to breed out some of the most popular strains in the United States. Trophy Wife really stands out with some of the most visually impressive trichome coverage on a strain. Trophy Wife has been a base for Surfr and has led to many of the most popular hybrids on the market today as we listed above.

You can get a much better idea of the trichome coverage up close of the trichome coverage.

                The EX-Wife really does stand out among some of the other top-shelf strains. It is very light in color almost a yellowish green. This strain has great Trichome coverage as anticipated from having trophy wife in its lineage. The color is different than other Trophy Wife strains and because of its bright yellowish buds it is a bit difficult to distinguish what comes from natural color or trichome. But the closer you inspect the buds the more you realize the color is coming from the Trichome coverage of the strain. Buds have more of an Indica dominant shape to them they are a little smaller and more rounded off. The buds are on the medium to high density side, they are not super compact, but they are firm to the touch. If you press your finger into the bud, the bud will push back. It might not carry the color that some other top-shelf strains have but the look is so unique and the trichome coverage is so high that it keeps up with other more colorful strains.

                The nose on this brings us back to OG Kush notes. You have this dank slightly gassy strain with strong earth notes throughout. It does have some of that milder floral touches though that we are used to from Wedding Cake. It is like having Wedding Cake with an OG back drop. When ground up we found that the flower smelt the same and no new notes stood out. This strain was sampled twice, once through a Firewood 7 and the second time was through a Mighty Vaporizer. Both samples yielded very similar tastes. The strain has a lot of smooth floral notes to start and in the background you start to pick up on some of the earthier OG flavors at the end. The floral touches come out much more in the taste but the OG earth tones are present but more of an addon to the strong floral sweet flavor. It shouldn’t surprise us, but it tastes remarkably similar to Triangle Mints #23 Aka Wedding Cake, it just carries a hint more old school OG flavor. If you enjoy any of the Seed Junky Triangle Mints #23  strains and it’s variants that are not particularly gassy, you will really enjoy this one.

                So how does the Ex-Wife treat you? The effects that come from the EX-Wife strain can be best described how people describe Ghost OG. “It is potent while at the same time manages to stay mellow”. The strain certainly carries some weight to it, however like classic OG Kush it does not lock you down. We were pleased that it does have those classic OG traits with good body relaxation and pain relief. We found that this strain was particularly good for Microdosing. The reason we like it for Microdosing is that the effects last quite a while, and we found that the strain seems to have similar cerebral effects in a micro and macro dose.  It provides some nice mood elevating effects while keeping you in a relaxed state. This a top shelf strain that we can recommend to both newcomers and connoisseurs. It we were to compare to another strain it reminds us a lot of Kush Mints;  however the Ex-Wife comes closer to the middle of the hybrid line. This strain is extremely versatile can be used morning, day, and night.  It is not the sleepiest but we didn’t find that the strain would necessarily keep you up either. This one honestly pair with just about every activity active or not. It would be a great strain to pick if you had some chores to do as well. This Ex-Wife strain is another great example of just how much great work has been put into Cannabis breeding.

EX-Wife growing in their facility in Tumalo from Surfr’s Instagram @Surfr

                So, as we said before the grower and breeder of this strain is Surfr Select. Surfr Select has their indoor facility located in Tumalo Oregon. Surfr has been using newer LED light technology in their grow. The results clearly show with some of the most beautiful trichome coated flower in the state. Some of the strains that they currently have out are Apple Mac, EX-Wife, Pointbreak, Grandpa’s Gunchest, and Blueberry Syrup. As they are both a breeder and a grower, we look forward to seeing what new strains they breed as well as what new cultivars they bring from their grow. Some of their newest breeds are beginning to make the rounds with some of the most popular top-shelf growers in the state. So, we look forward to seeing Surfr growing Surfr and what Surfr breeds for others on the market to grow.

  • Appearance 5/5
  • Smell 4/5
  • Flavor 4/5
  • Effect 5/5

                The EX-Wife is great throwback to older genetics put into a new package. As far as connoisseur grade cannabis is concerned this strain checks all its marks. What can we say the EX-Wife is gorgeous! Really light-colored buds along with some incredible trichome coverage is hard to beat. The nose on it is floral along with some of that OG earthiness and gas. The taste is near identical to how the strain smells, which it is already great to begin with. But by far the most impressive thing is just how wonderful the effects are. If you are looking for a strain to help bring some pain relief and muscle relaxation but do not want to get laid out this strain is perfect. The strain has a great combination of mind and body effects without pushing you too far either way. A little goes a long way with the EX-Wife. Trophy Wife is a strain that has and is going to continue to see a lot of play in the Oregon market. If EX-Wife is indicative of the quality that Trophy Wife can provide. We look forward to seeing what other great hybrids come from it.

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WookFoot Strain Review:

Wookfoot is the encapsulation of the Pacific Northwest Cannabis market. You have in front of you a tried-and-true Pacific Northwest classic, mixed with one of the most popular newest, hardest hitting, strains on the market. Who wins out when you mix classics and new school genetics together? Jump into our review and overview of the Wook Foot to find out.

Just look at that platinum coating!

            Wook Foot is a combination between Granola Funk and GMO. It is bred by FunkyFrog Seeds. FunkyFrog is a newer up and coming breeder on the scene. Funky Frog Seeds carries a lot of crosses with Granola Funk as the father plant. Some of their more popular strains include Talladega Nights F2, Wedding Singer, Weekend Warrior, Lemon Bars, and Mayan Holidaze,. Wookfoot has Granola Funk but is flipped as it is the mother plant of the strain. Their Talladega Nights strain has led to a lot of new hybrids that they breed; Shake N Bake, Top Fuel Dragster, Road Rash, Night Ranger, Sling Shot, and Strawberry Hill Climb. It is cool to see a breeder choose to use the strain Granola Funk from Bodhi seeds as the backbone of their collection. This strain pops up every now and again on the market, but it has certainly lost its popularity to some of the more modern hybrids such as GMO Cookies, Gelato, and Zkittles.

            Now that we have gotten some background information on the breeder. Lets jump into the genetic heritage of the Wook Foot. Wook Foot is a cross between Granola Funk and the ever-popular GMO Cookies. Granola Funk is a unique strain it is a cross between the classic G.S.C and Wookie 15. G.S.C (Durban Poison X OG Kush) is one of the most popular cookie strains on the market and is a backbone of the industry. Its popularity these days remains mainly in the form of the many hybrids it has inspired in the industry. If you are enjoying any modern-day hybrid today, it is highly likely that it has G.S.C somewhere within it’s lineage. Wookies 15 (Lavender Big Buddies Cut X Appalachia) is what makes Granola Funk the unique strain that it is. Both strains that make up Wookies 15 are a rather odd combination of strains. You have basically a mix of skunks and Hawaiian for Lavender, and Green Crack and Tres Dawg together to make Appalachia. So, you end up getting these two hybrids that have a wide mixture of Skunks in both strains and very strong sativa genetics. This combination leads to a peculiar nose and combination strong cerebral effects with the weightiness of a skunk base. GMO Cookies is so popular most people just call it GMO. GMO is a cross between (ChemDawg and G.S.C). The origin on the strain is a bit of a mystery but most people say it came from a cut of Chem Cookies. This strain has absolutely dominated the market and will likely be what G.S.C did to the industry in the past. It nails pretty much everything you can ask for; smell, terps, taste, high THC percentage, speed at which it grows, riddled in trichomes, also carries multiple hues of green and purple, and of course the effects. GMO is going to be around for a long time. It is truly rare to find a strain that meets all the criteria, regardless of if you are a consumer or a grower.

The trichome coverage is on point with the Wookfoot

            Wook Foot is just as pretty, if not slightly prettier than its GMO parent. When it comes to the structure of the plant it has very robust tight buds. GMO tends to have more compact smaller buds, that are very dense. The Wook Foots buds while tight but not so packed in that they would break from being pinched. This is preferred when grinding as it gives a much lighter fluffier grind. The color on the Wook Foot is like GMO it carries multiple different shades of green and purples throughout. Where it differs in color however is that the Wook Foot has this whitish silver/platinum shading to the strain. Similar to strains like Wookies 15 or Platinum G.S.C. That sheen would not be possible without the outstanding trichome coverage on this strain. Due to the strains Platinum sheen the trichome coverage is a little difficult to spot initially, however going up close it is just as coated as any other top shelf GMO strain. You can see in the up-close shot just how coated this one is in the nooks and crannies of the bud. This strain also has very pretty noticeable orange pistils all over the bud.

            The initial notes of the bud are a very sweet traditional cookies scent. It is strikingly sweet with just a touch of gas and earthy notes on the exit. We were definitely surprised by this as GMO is distinguished by its funky scent. We sampled the Wook Foot through a Volcano on the 10th episode of Spacebuds the Podcast. The flavors are not easy to distinguish the sweetness certainly comes through on this strain. As spoken about on the podcast it almost carries a Bubba Kush type of taste with it. We resampled the strain through a Firewood 7 and got the same results. The strain is coming off sweet and has a touch of berry flavor on the exhale. This one is hard to gauge as it does not really taste how it smells, but the taste is pleasantly fruity and lingers. We will say though that the taste is stronger then the initial smell. We feel that if you were hoping for something like GMO you would likely be disappointed. It does not carry much of those umami/funk notes in the flavor. If you enjoy cookie strains with berry crosses such as Crunchberry, and Blue Cookies you will want to give this a try it is very close in flavor.

            Wook Foot effects are pretty on par with our prediction based on its genetics, and its taste. We were anticipating a strain with much stronger cerebral and euphoric effects. We were right that this strain does not carry the same body as something such as the GMO. This strain is heavy on cookies genetics so even though GMO is a direct parent to Wook Foot the cookies seem to overtake most of the traits in it. It does carry s mild body like other Indica G.S.C crosses but nothing as strong or as weighty as GMO. We feel that this strain is more geared towards connoisseurs. While not as potent as maybe a GMO the cerebral effects can be a tad strong to newcomers. Newcomers should take caution when trying the Wook Foot and start in small doses. This strain is good for both daytime and the evening. It is pretty stimulating so right before bed is not recommended. Activities to pair can go from the most fun like gaming and hiking, to the most mundane like cleaning the house.

Wook Foot live plant from Trichome Farms Instagram @Trichome_Farms

            The Wook Foot that we sampled is from Trichome Farms. Trichome Farms is an mulit-award winning indoor farm from Dundee Oregon. Trichome farm started winning awards the same year they started in 2016, they have won the Growers Cup two years back-to-back. Their Signature strains are Black Widow, Zkittles Magoo, Glazed Apricot Gelato #5, Lost Cause, Crater Kush, and Obama Kush. They also work with companies such as Willamette Valley Alchemy that make Sugar wax, Shatter, Cartridges, and pax pods from their flower. Trichome has been putting out an entirely new wave of strains, and we are eager to see what new strains they come out with both in flower and concentrate form.

  • Appearance 5/5
  • Smell 3/5
  • Flavor 4/5
  • Effect 4/5

            We thought we had the Wook Foot all figured out from its lineage. The appearance is the most similar thing Wook Foot has in common with GMO Cookies. It contains similar colors along with a very heavy trichome saturation. It does differ slightly when it comes to the tone of the flower as the Wook Foot has more of a platinum hue to it. The structure is also a bit larger and fuller than GMO. The nose and taste were not as anticipated it definitely takes a lot from it’s cookie background. Effects are very cookie heavy and cerebral anytime you mix chemdawg and cookies you’re in for some strong euphoric. Body is present in the effects but more similar to other Indica leaning Cookie hybrids. While not as potent as GMO, the cerebral effects are still quite strong. Use caution when dosing if you are new to Cannabis, the effects certainly last. It is nice in some way to have a strain contain GMO and not be entirely overpowered by it! However, GMO fans will likely end up sticking to plain GMO Cookies. If you like the headiness that came with GMO but were not necessarily a fan of the weightiness and body that came with it, you should give this strain a shot.

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