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Chocolate Marshmallows strain Review:

Do you ever wonder if they name strains after food just to entice buyers to get them if they just so happen to have the munchies? Chocolate Marshmallows is just one example of many strains named after delicious dessert. Is the Chocolate Marshmallows strain just as sticky and icky as the dessert it is named after? Jump into our overview and review of Chocolate Marshmallows to find out!

Look at the beautiful contrast of colors in the Chocolate Marshmallows!

            Chocolate Marshmallows brings the sticky right from the get-go being a cross of Original Glue and Mint Chocolate Chip. Chocolate Marshmallow was bred by Exotic Genetix up in Washington. Exotic Genetix is best known for strains like Black Mamba, Blackberry Cream, Blue Steel, Bonkers, Cookies and Cream, Crunchberries, Grease Monkey, Kimbo Kush, Lightsaber, Mint Chocolate Chip, Predator Pink, Starfighter F2, The Cube, Triple Chocolate Chip, and Triple OG. The Chocolate marshmallows is a nifty cross from them as they have a big focus on breeding strains with Original Glue, along with plenty of crosses using their mint chocolate chip. This is a best of both worlds strain from Exotic Genetix as they went down the line of breeding out their entire line of Grease Monkey using Original Glue, and mixing it with a strain with some great cookie genetics.

            Let us get into the lineage of the Chocolate Marshmallows (Original Glue X Mint Chocolate Chip). Let us start off with the Mother of the strain “Original Glue” Aka Gorilla Glue Aka GG4 and every other copyright that the strain name infringes on. This strain has tri genetics from 3 different strains (Chem Sister X Sour Dubb X Chocolate Diesel). We will keep referring to it as original glue, which is specifically the #4 cut of the plant. Original Glue like many other popular strains from back in the day has quite a different/wishy washy origin story. It supposedly was created by accident when grower Joesy Whales had some Chem Sis plants that turned out to be Herm plants that pollinated some nearby Sour Dubb. While the room ended up being ruined, and those strains were removed some of the seeds were kept, and it was the 4th plant that had the best features, and the rest is history. Original Glue is an extremely unique one-of-a-kind strain, and to this day is enjoyed on it’s own or through its many hybrids on the market. There are a few reasons it is so unique: unique bud structure depending on who grows it, effects vary wildly depending on the person, very potent nose that carries a good mixture of earth and chem. It might not test as well as some of the strains on the current market, however, make no mistake Original Glue hits just as well as the 30% on the shelf. Mint Chocolate Chip is a much newer strain to the market. However, has managed to land a pretty big impact in the space due to its rather comforting Mint Chocolate smell. The genetics on this one is a bit of a mystery, literally. The cross is between a Mystery Cookies and Green Ribbon BX. This explains a lot about the nose of this strain that Green Ribbon carries a very sharp lime flavor that could be the base for those minty notes. The sweet characteristics must be coming from the “Mystery Cookies”.

You can see those Platinum Purple bits much better up close! Also look at the great Trichome coverage!

            Chocolate Marshmallows is a gorgeous strain. Considering that the strain has an original glue parent this strain is stunning. It clearly carries more phenotypic traits from the Mint Chocolate Chip Father. It has dense tight rounded buds; bud structure is more of an Indica or an Indica hybrid. The Trichome coverage on this is phenomenal all over the strain and within the nooks and crannies. The Trichome coverage is so vast that it lightens the entire bud. This strain stands out in terms of its color coverage. Due to the great trichome coverage you have a majority of this light green flower, with these beautiful contrasting Platinum Purple spots on the bud. Chocolate Marshmallows is certainly one of the prettiest strains we’ve seen from both Gardens Of Odin and from Exotic Genetix.

            So, between the Mint Chocolate Chip and the Original Glue which nose wins out on this one? When you have two distinctive scents from each parent that have noticeably different lineages, it can be hard to anticipate what the resulting strain will be like. We are happy to report that the Chocolate Marshmallows retains both parents in the nose. Initially you get strong Mint Chocolate Chip vibes from the strain. Mint Chocolate Chip has an interesting paring of scents it is sweet but sharp at the same time. It differs from a lot of the Gelato backed strains as it does not carry the same notes of fuel in it. The glue part comes in at the end, you get a bit of the chem at the end of the nose that rounds out into the more earthy tones that is typical of Original Glue. The strain was sampled twice using a Volcano and a Dynavap Omnivap XL. This strain tastes just as good, if not better than it smells. While those strong Mint cookie taste is strong, more of the chem seems to come through as well, and the earth finally shows up at the end of the exhale. This is a nice switch as earthy notes are usually not preferred on taste. Really phenomenal work was done here as it is no easy task to breed with Original Glue. Many strains that contain Original Gkye do not retain enough of the strains traits to warrant the demand for hybridization in the first place. Chocolate Marshmallows in terms of its taste and flavor nail the combination of Original Glue while still representing the Mint Chocolate Chip taste as well.

            It is nice to be able to review a strain that contains the Original Glue. The strain has such unique effects from person to person, that it certainly adds another layer to how to review the strain. Original Glue can be more of a Sativa to some or seemingly be the heaviest of Indica’s to others. We figured from the lineage of the Mint Chocolate Chip that we would seemingly get more of a Sativa experience, but it rounds itself to more of a hybrid in general. It is quite potent and has that feeling of hitting back before the eyes. Go easy with this one to start it is a bit of a creeper. Original Glue carries a lot of nice pain-relieving effects along with some typical weighted gravity issues. This carries some of those similar traits although we would say that are not as strong as Original Glue. If you were pairing the strain it would be best for the evening or right before bed. If Original Glue affects you more as a Sativa than this strain is great for all day, however even connoisseurs should go easy with dosing. Unlike other Original Glue strains, we did not find that this one gave the same case of the munchies. So, if you are using it for nausea or to stimulate appetite we would recommend you stick with your Original Glue.

Here is a shot from Gardens of Odins Instagram of their newest clones! Always bringing something new to the table! @GardensofOdin

            The Chocolate Marshmallows is grown by Gardens Of Odin. Gardens of Odin is an indoor tier 1 facility located on the coast of Oregon.  We have always really enjoyed the quality and craft that has come from Gardens Of Odin. They grow a wide variety of different strains; stuff that is popular in the current market, and unique strains that no one else is really growing. We have only seen them improve in the last few years and continue to enjoy all their newest offerings. Some of the strains that stood out to us were Dutch Treat, Desert Lavender, Blunicorn, The Purps, Purple Chocolate, and Garlic Breath. Gardens of Odin has only been putting out consistently better flower. We look forward to seeing what new cultivars come from them next.

  • Appearance 5/5
  • Smell 5/5
  • Flavor 5/5
  • Effect 4/5

            Turns out that Chocolate Marshmallows is not just a name for a delicious dessert. The Chocolate Marshmallows pretty much nails all our reviewing criteria. The strain is stunning; it contains multiple hues of color, along with some tremendous Trichome coverage. The nose and taste passed multiple tests thrown at it, has good appeal just off smell and when ground up. The taste is an improvement as the chem notes come through even more. The effects definitely build on Original Glue and have much stronger cerebral effects due to its lineage. If you see Chocolate Marshmallows on the shelf it is a must try, as it is so difficult to find out in the legal market.

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Bruce Bannished Strain Review:

Who is ready to get Hulked-out on this next strain overview and review? We at Spacebuds have carried Bruce Bannished for quite some time, not just for the name but it’s popular cult-like following for the strain. Let us dive into the science of what makes Bruce Bannished such a popular strain.

Bruce Bannished up close, see how tight this bud is?

                Bruce Bannished is the new name given to the formerly known Bruce Banner strain. Due to copyright issues which we have seen with many strains; the name is either abbreviated such as the case with G.S.C or has slight alterations such as the Bruce Bannished. This comes with the territory in this industry of moving from the Black Market to a more legitimate legal market, there are going to be some “Growing Pains” no pun intended. Even with the difference in naming conventions this strain has remained popular due to its unusual pairing of genetics.

                Bruce Bannished is a cross between OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel, it was bred by Dark Horse Genetics. Dark Horse Genetics is a seed breeder based out of Spain. However, the founder is from the United States, and has been in the scene for over 25+ years. Dark Horse Genetics is best known for the creation of the strain Bruce Banner. Dark Horse is the breeder of the Strawberry Diesel F2 which Bruce Banished comes from. Strawberry Diesel F2 along with Bruce Banner have been two of the biggest staples for their strains. We found that as of recently however that they are focusing on completely new strains to breed. They seem to be working on a new line of strains that come from the strain “Bitch Slap” such as “Thanoz”.

                Let us discuss a bit of the genetic history of the Bruce Bannished before we get into the review. The cross of Bruce Bannished is OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel. OG Kush’s storyline is very muddy, from most accounts it came from Florida. It is a cross between a strain from Cali which is believed to be ChemDawg and some phenotype of a Hindu Kush plant. OG Kush is the backbone to many of the strains that we currently have on the market. There are 1000’s of new hybrids that have come from just OG Kush alone. OG Kush is so well liked as it is mentally stimulating yet carries effective body relieving effects. OG Kush for connoisseurs is just as good in the morning as it as at night. Strawberry Diesel originally comes from Reservoir Seeds, bear with us because genetics get a little wishy washy on this one. There is debate weather or not Strawberry diesel is a cross between (Strawberry Cough and Sour Diesel) or (Strawberry Cough and NYC Diesel). It seems by most accounts that it is the latter being a cross between Strawberry Cough and NYC Diesel, however in Reservoir Seeds case they say it carries the Sour Diesel lineage. Many people enjoy Strawberry Diesel for its unique flavor and intense cerebral high. Strawberry Diesel in todays market is not as popular as some of the other Diesel strains.

Here is a closer look at the Banished, see some of the groupings of the darker orange pistils?

                Bruce Bannished carries more of its phenotypic traits from the Strawberry Diesel than the OG Kush. Its shape is more oblong with a skinnier longer structure. Bruce Banished fortunately has a tighter Bud structure than many other Sativas. The strain pretty much carries the color that the Hulk was in the animation series “The Incredible Hulk” it is exceptionally light green. The Trichome coverage on this strain seems to be very average, it is a bit hard to notice due to how light green the strain is. Some buds have some interesting groupings of darker orange pistils. This strain comes from older genetics, so it does have trouble standing out among some of the newer hybrids, but its cult like following does not come from its appearance.

                We have carried Bruce Bannished regularly at Spacebuds, and the nose seems to have carried some interesting opinions along the way. This strain is either loved for its smell or hated. It carries strong earthy notes with a hint of fruit. Strawberry notes do come through a bit but it is nothing like a strawberry diesel or strawberry cough. The earthiness is pungent, and some have noted that it has almost a pickle like smell to it. This can likely be attributed to the unique combination of fruit and earth flavors. It is different than the pickling smell that can occur with poorly cured Cannabis. We found that the taste brings out more sweet notes out of it, but we struggled to catch the strawberry flavor consistently. This flower was sampled through both a Volcano and a Dynavap and we found that the taste came through with similar results.

                The effects of the Bruce Banished is what gives this strain such a cult like following. While it is Sativa-Dominant it carries some good pain-relieving effects. It carries a good bit of boost but does not seem to carry some of the heavier euphoric effects of other Sativas such as some of the Hazes. This makes the strain great for medicinal use, as many people like it to take off the edge of the body but not be locked down to the couch. We found that the strain is definitely better for daytime, but can still be used for later in the day. It pairs well with both indoor and outdoor activities. This strain is not as potent as some of the newer hybrids, which makes it pair well with social situations. Like Strawberry Cough this is a good one to enjoy with friends. If you are newer to Cannabis go slow with Bruce Bannished as even milder Sativas can sometimes get a bit too racy. Connoisseurs will likely enjoy this strain for a wake and bake pairing.

A lovely formation of live Bruce Bannished from Emerald Valley Growers Instagram @Evgrowers

                Emerald Valley Growers is an indoor facility located in Eugene Oregon. Emerald Valley Growers focus on the medical side of the industry, they offer a broad array of Cannabis products suited to treating various illnesses and injuries. They are also known for breeding and selling whole-sale clones. Some of the strains they carry are The Borg, Blueberry Diesel X Triple OG, Kimbo Kush, Bruce Bannished, Lemon OG Kush, and White Tahoe Cookies. They have carried some strains with older lineages that they may bring back to the future. We hope that they bring back the Strawberry Cough, White Queen, and the Shishkaberry.

  • Appearance 2/5
  • Smell 3/5
  • Flavor 3/5
  • Effect 4/5

                We feel that the name for the Bruce Bannished is very appropriate given its effects. This strain is not going to Hulk-Smash your mind, but it will give a much-needed boost and pain-relief. We enjoy being able to be in a market where we have such a variety of different strains to choose from. Not every strain needs to put you into a different dimension, if they all did that there would be truly little reason to review strains in the first place. The strains appearance might not be like some of the other hybrids, but it still maintains good trichome coverage throughout. The nose is going to be very hit or miss for people, due to the earthy nature of the strain. The effects however are where this strain absolutely shine, it stands among Sativa Hybrids. It carries so much more body-relieving effects than many of the other Sativa-hybrid strains on the market. We really want to express that as far as Cannabis for medicinal purposes this strain really nails that niche. If you have been searching for a strain with some pain-relief but does not put you out for the day, it does not get much better than Bruce Bannished.

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Peanut Butter Breath Strain Review:

With a strain name like Peanut Butter Breath you would think that this strain really would not be much of a threat on the shelf. Peanut Butter Breath has managed to become one of the most popular strains to grow as of the last year. Jump into our overview and review of the Peanut Butter Breath from Happy Buddha Botanicals to see what makes it such a popular strain.

Another very tight Peanut Butter Breath bud from Happy Buddha Botanicals.

            Peanut Butter Breath is a cross between (Do-Si-Do x Mendo Breath F2) bred by Thug Pug Genetics. ThugPug Genetics is best known for putting out strains with some crazy funky terps. They have brought more breath strains to the market than pretty much every other grower out there. What impresses us over at Spacebuds is how many funky strains that they have made without the use of GMO Cookies. Some of their most popular strains that include some form of breath in the name are: 007 Breath, Bad Breath, Baes Breath, Banana Breath, Black Cherry Breath, Bubble Gum Breath, Cactus Breath, Cherry Breath. Cherry Pie Breath, Childs Breath, Fire Breath, Garlic Breath, Ghost Breath, Glukie Breath, Gorilla Breath, Halitosis Breath, Meat Breath, Peanut Butter Breath, Pugs Breath, PurpleDrank Breath, Raspberry Breath, Sherb Breath, Skorange Breath, Sophies Breath, and to round it out Thugs Breath. So they have been running the Mendo Breath F2 for a long time with their strains, and interestingly enough they are not the ones to have bred Mendo Breath in the first place (Gage Green Genetics is the original breeder of Mendo Breath). Peanut Butter Breath out of all the breaths has been by far the most popular of the Breath strains that they have bred.

            Let us get into the lineage of the Peanut Butter Breath, it is a cross between Do-Si-Do and Mendo Breath. Both strains’ roots are vastly popular on the market still to this day. Do-Si-Do is a creation by Archive Seedbank it is a cross between Face Off OG and G.S.C. This is one of the most popular strains bred by Archive and has extreme variations in it’s effects depending on the cut of the plant. Do-Si-Do can range anywhere from a Sativa Hybrid to the heaviest of Indicas. Mendo Breath is a creation by Gage Green Genetics and is a cross between OGKB and Mendo Montage. OGKB is a popular more Indica Heavy cut of the G.S.C family compared similarly to strains like Do-Si-Do. Mendo Montage on the other hand is not really bred much anymore, however it does see it’s lineage passed on through the Mendo breath strain. This being an F2 strain that means that is a cross between and Mendo Breath F1 and another Mendo Breath F1. This is typically done in breeding to stabilize the genetics in a plant and introduce less variety to the strains genetics when it is grown. By choosing two F1 plants of the same variety the F2 line (the second Filial generation) will carry less genetic diversity than the F1 line. Mendo breath for the most part is seen on the midshelf and outdoor these days but is enjoyed by many for its stony and sedative effects.

            What makes Peanut Butter Breath so popular? Peanut Butter Breath is popular for several factors but most of them are benefits for the grower. The strain if grown properly looks very impressive. Peanut Butter Breath also manages to have consistently good yields for the strain.  It carries really good trichome coverage and has actually led to some newer strains that have become the biggest rage in the industry “White Truffle”. White Truffle was founded by Fresh Coast Seed Co however the most popular cut is from Beleaf Cannabis and has become one of the most shared strains on Instagram. Its dark purple color accentuates the trichomes causing it to appear as mostly Trichomes. This is noticed in another really popular strain known as Hypnotoad most of these strains are so popular due to their looks. The contrast of White Trichomes on a dark purple background makes all the difference visually.

The Trichome coverage makes it so hard to focus!

            While Peanut Butter Breath might not look like White Truffle it is not necessary, Peanut Butter Breath more than holds its own. This strain has more than enough trichomes to go around. The strain itself is a nice medium green throughout with some very noticeable darker orange pistils throughout. The only lightening we see in color is from the trichomes on the strain that are so layered on top of one another you can notice where the trichomes stack. You notice these trichomes all throughout the flower itself even within the tighter spaces within the bud. It carries a very traditional hybrid but more sativa-hybrid structure to the flower with elongated Skinnier buds. This carries a similar trait to some of the other buds from Happy Buddha Botanicals where they are tight but not overly dense.

            Peanut Butter Breath carries a very inoffensive nose. It has a very feint sweetness that is noticeable throughout smelling and tasting the bud. The overall scent though is more earthy like the scent of soil. The scent while noticeable does not really linger or pungent. The taste resembles the smell. This was sampled through a Firewood 7 Vaporizer and dosed twice on two different temperatures. The first temp is at 320°F to taste for terps and the second is at 380°F to test for potency. We noticed a bit more sweetness that comes out with the taste initially. It has this sweet that counteracts some of the main earthy notes. We found the taste to be more enjoyable than the initial smell because Peanut Butter Breath in general does not carry much of a nose to begin with. This certainly tastes much better than the initial first impression of the smell. It is not that the strain smells bad it is just remarkably inoffensive and doesn’t really do anything to change the game in terpene department.

            One of the main reasons we decided to review this strain was due to the way that it tested. This strain has a remarkably strange THC to CBD ratio especially for a strain that normally does not carry any nominal amount of CBD. This strain tested in at 19.10% THC and 9.30% CBD. This piqued our curiosity as while we have a lot of 2:1 CBD To THC strains that we do carry. It is rare to see a strain that contains that much THC and that much CBD at the same time especially with THC being the dominant ratio. To sum up the effects of the strain it is very mellow and relaxing. We feel that with the addition of the CBD to the strain is not as euphoric or as stoney as other strains that contain Do-Si-Do, even other variations of Peanut Butter Breath would be much stonier. This strain is perfect for bedtime or right before it. For Connoisseurs this is a good strain if you are looking for something to have more relief on the body than on the mind. We found that it gives a general feeling of contentedness this could be due to the higher amounts of CBD in the strain.

            Happy Buddha Botanicals cultivated the Peanut Butter Breath that we are reviewing. This one was quite a bit different from their other offerings, but we have enjoyed it much the same as the others. Happy Buddha Botanicals is a Tier 1 Indoor Cannabis grow that is in Medford. Their unique growing style leads to Buds with a tight structure but with not a ton of heft behind it. This is preferred as it allows for the buds to grind and not crush. Some of their most popular strains include Motorbreath, Garlicane, Ice Cream Cake and Samoa’s. We look forward to seeing what cultivars Happy Buddha Botanicals produces next.

  • Appearance 4/5
  • Smell 2/5
  • Flavor 3/5
  • Effect 4/5

This Peanut Butter Breath is a as smooth as well, creamy peanut butter. While this batch of Peanut Butter Breath might not live up to its traditional expectations. It does still carry many of the same traits that makes Peanut Butter Breath popular. The strain is brimming at and in between the seams with Trichomes. This strain is not so well known for its nose, which we see in this case. The strain tastes better than it smells, bringing on sweeter flavor than what you would get from just smelling it. While this is not a traditional Peanut Butter Breath, we felt that we might have enjoyed it more because of its unique ratio. This is a nice strain if you really need to unwind and relax, and maybe even go horizontal for a bit. We recommend if you see this batch of Peanut Butter Breath on the shelf to pick up some because it will not last long!

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Slurricane Strain Review:

There is a Slurricane headed right for us! Looking up Slurricane there is no mention to what it  is in real-life. So apparently a Slurricane is what every you want it to be. For us it is lovely Indica Hybrid strain that has comes from two popular strains. Check out our overview and review of the Slurricane down below!

Look at all different hues of color in the Slurricane.

            Slurricane is a cross between Purple Punch and Do-si-do. Slurricane was bred by In-House Genetics. In-House Genetics is an immensely popular Seed Breeder especially in the Pacific Northwest. We have reviewed many strains from In-House Genetics over the last year, including our latest review of the Blunicorn. The good news about In-House Genetics breeding philosophy is that they do not stick to breeding one strain. While they have had success with certain strains, they continue to breed from many different types of strains on the market. Some of their most popular strains include: Black Cherry Punch, Cactus OG, Crystal Cookies, Divine Gelato, OGKB V 2.1, Slurricane, and Terple. What also sets them apart from other breeders is that because their strains are so varied they have very distinct effects and potencies. Comparing for instance the Divine Gelato to the Slurricane you are going to have widely varying effects. This diversification has led to a lot of success and why we believe that In-House genetics has become such a natural paring for so many top-shelf growers.

            Let us speak a little bit to the lineage of the Slurricane (Purple Punch X Do-Si-Do). Purple Punch is a cross between Larry OG and Grand Daddy Purple. Origins to Purple Punch remain a bit of a mystery some people online speculate it originated from the somewhere in the LA area. Purple Punch has remained popular through breeding into newer hybrids, however Purple Punch itself has remained a little stagnant on its own in the recreational market. This is likely due more to testing (Not regularly a high tester) and being phased more into greenhouse and outdoor. People enjoy Purple Punch for its mellow relaxing effects with great berry-forward flavor. Do-Si-Do is a creation of a breeder known as Archive Seed Bank. Do-Si-Do is one of the most popular strains that they have created and is a cross between G.S.C and Face OFF OG. Do-Si-Do is a bit of a mysterious strain as it can have very different effects depending on the cut. This opens the range on this strain from being a Sativa-Hybrid all the way to what feels as though it is a pure Indica. Most of Do-Si-Do’s popularity these days comes from its many hybridized crosses. However, you do see some top-shelf growers still continue to carry it in their rotation.

These are the Purple Platinum flecks that you can find throughout the Slurricane.

            Slurricane’s nose is very strongly reminiscent of Purple Punch. It hits you with strong sweet berry notes to start off with. There is a bit of a shift that is noticeable on the end notes though of more of a slightly sweet gas flavor. That ending note is not so much like a gelato where the sweetness is the lead note. It has some more sharp gas/earthy notes that really stand out. The taste of the Slurricane is noticeably different than the smell. We sampled the product through a Firewood 7 to start and a bigger dose through the Mighty Vaporizer. Both samples yielded similar tastes what starts off initially with berry notes that switches over very quickly to stronger earthy Cookie notes. In fact we would say that 90% of the experience ends up being of these notes. So, if you prefer the flavor of the Do-si-do to the Purple Punch you would prefer the taste of this flower much more.

Look how the plants are put directly into the soil! From High Valley Organics Instagram @HighvalleyOrganics.

            Being a cross of Purple Punch and Do-Si-Do we really did not know what to completely expect with the effects. Purple Punch is a much more mellow strain to start and even the best batches are not known to be the most potent. Do-Si-Do is a complete wild-card and can seem to range anywhere from a Sativa-Hybrid to a straight Indica depending on what parent it is paired with. The effects of the Slurricane certainly lean more toward the Indica side in terms of the body effects, but when it comes to head change, we feel that it is more of an even hybrid. To start the effects we noticed were really reminiscent of Purple Punch, which carries a strong tendency to relax the body but and loosen up the muscles. However, the big difference we noticed is there is a much more noticeable head change that is familiar to G.S.C and it’s many hybrid off-spring. While we felt that the Slurricane relaxed the body, we did not feel overtly stoned and wanting to go horizontal. This would be a good pick at right around 4:20 or later. We found that it pairs well with a lot of things mainly stuff that does not involve massive amounts of cardio. You will not be locked down to the couch exactly, but you likely would not be looking to run a marathon either.           

            Slurricane was brought to us by High Valley Organics. High Valley Organics is an Outdoor Living Soil, Organic grow out in Southern Oregon. They feature quite a few different unique outdoor strains such as GT Dragon, The White, Sour Apple, Bruce Banner, Grape SFV OG,  Since the last review they have discontinued their Blue Dream, but hopefully it will be back some day! High Valley Organics sets themselves apart by growing in the Oregon soil and not using pots. This is surprisingly rare in the industry, but we do appreciate when people are able to grow incredible outdoor using the native conditions of the farm.

  • Appearance 4/5
  • Smell 4/5
  • Flavor 3/5
  • Effect 5/5

            Slurricane builds on the lineage of Purple Punch and breathes new life in the strain. This strain is fantastic for people who are new to Cannabis, like many strains that contain Purple Punch in its lineage. To connoisseurs who are looking for something with good flavor to get the night started. The Slurricane is a very pretty for an outdoor strain, it carries some flecks of noticeable platinum purple throughout. Along with some genuinely nice trichome coverage on the inside and outside of the buds. The nose on this certainly comes from the berry-forward Purple Punch, but the taste moves into that earthy cookies taste. As for the effects they range from mild to point, mild on the mind in terms of being locked down. It is stimulating enough that it is noticeable and should prevent dozing off similar to a milder stimulating G.S.C. Even though there is no such thing as a Slurricane, we feel that the name is oddly appropriate because as soon as you anticipate something from it, you end up getting complete opposite effects from the norm. This comes through in the appearance, nose, taste, and the effects. We would urge people reading this that they too should get Slurricaned.

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Blunicorn Strain Review:

Blunicorn lineage comes from some of the most popular strains out on the market. Jump into our overview and review of Blunicorn from Gardens of Odin to see why this strain is as mystical as its name.

The Horn of the Unicorn in the Middle. Look at those nice chunky buds!

            Blunicorn is a cross between Blue Sherbet and Unicorn Poop. This is not the first time we have seen a strain with Blue Sherbet in its lineage. Garlic Sherbet which we looked at back on Episode 5 of our podcast, carries the Blue Sherbet in its line as well. Both Garlic Sherbet and Blunicorn were bred by In-House Genetics. In-House Genetics has been a key player in the Oregon Recreational market. They have been putting out many popular strains, most top-shelf growers grow some strains from In-House Genetics in the Pacific Northwest. Some of their most popular strains include: Black Cherry Punch, Cactus OG, Crystal Cookies, Divine Gelato, OGKB V 2.1, Slurricane, and Terple. They carry a vary extensive variety of different genetics and do not focus on one specific strain to carry their genetic lineup forward, like many others in the seed industry.

            Let us go a bit into the background of the parents of Blunicorn. Blue Sherbet is a cross between Blue Cookies and Sunset Sherbet bred by The Plug Genetics. While both carry cookies in their genetics they vary as the Blue Cookies lean much more toward the Indica Hybrid side, whereas the Sunset Sherbet can lean more in the middle to Sativa side. Unicorn Poop is cross between GMO and Sophisticated Lady. So, in a not-so-distant way this strain is very closely related to the Garlic Sherbet (GMO X Blue Sherbet). GMO Cookies has managed to attain its popularity for many different reasons: it’s a high tester, high Trichome coverage along with a multi-colored appearance, Unique sweet and savory flavor profile, and of course some very potent cerebral effects from its ChemDawg x G.S.C lineage. Sophisticated Lady however marvels us with her unique genetics. Sophisticated Lady is a cross between Ghost OG, and Grateful Breath bred by Gage Green Genetics. Sophisticated Lady had seen some play in the last few years in the legal Cannabis industry, but it seems as soon as she arrives, there are other GMO, and Gelato crosses that end up taking her place. We have seen quite a few crosses from Sophisticated Lady that are still around to this day such as the Unicorn Poop.

A closer look on some of the little flecks of blue in the Blunicorn

            Let us get into how the Blunicorn looks. The Blunicorn shares a little of similarities to other strains by Gardens of Oden. The buds are compact and carry a medium to light denseness. They are primarily a lighter shade of green that carries a few flecks of lighter purple/dark blue throughout. The Trichome coverage on the Blunicorn shares a combination of a really coated exterior as well, as a more sugar lined interior on the flower. This strain Phenotypically seems to carry more of its traits from the Unicorn Poop as opposed to the Blue Sherbet. As the coloring throughout is much greener and carries a longer more oblong structure.

            The Blunicorn carries a different nose. It has this pungent funky smell from the GMO with a tad bit of sweetness, but there is something else in the Blunicorn that gives it a strong sharp note. We found that these Sharp Notes really come off in the taste, almost more than it does on the initial smell. Something that we did not really encounter when we reviewed the Garlic Sherbet. That is more of a play on regular GMO with sweet elements, this is something different entirely. Trying to pin-point down what it is it carries maybe some of the stronger Chem Dawg notes as it carries a much stronger Chemmy smell. Gardens of Odin does a wonderful job of nailing the terps of strains, and this is just one of the many examples we have seen from Gardens of Odin on how flower is supposed to smell. With our reviews we choose to sample the favorites that we put on our shelf. So, we never really talk about the negatives in this industry, but there are a surprising number of farms that are still struggling to properly flush out Nutes. Those batches of flower never make it to our shelves. Gardens of Odin from many of the different strains we have tried The Purps, Purple Chocolate, Candyland, Super Sherb, Dutch Treat nail the way they are supposed to smell and taste.

            It is exciting that we have two strains that we have reviewed that are remarkably similar yet different in many ways. Blunicorn is a pretty different experience than the Garlic Sherbet. The Blunicorn leans toward more daytime effects than the Garlic Sherbet, this can be thanked to the Sophisticated Lady genetics in the Blunicorn. We found that with the Garlic Sherbet the easiest way to make it a daytime strain was to microdose it. The Blunicorn is much closer to the middle and Sativa time of things. We found that the Blunicorn pairs well whether you are doing something more recreational like gaming or hanging out with friends. Or if you have must do like spring cleaning. The effects are more on the 50/50 Hybrid side than something like the Garlic Sherbet. It carries a good combination of both body relieving and cerebral effects. If you enjoy GMO’s effects but want something that is a little more cerebral but less sleepy, this is a great choice.

Fresh Blunicorn from Gardens of Odins Instagram @GardensofOdin

            Blunicorn is brought to us by Gardens of Odin. Gardens of Odin is an indoor Tier 1 facility located on the Oregon Coast. They carry a combination of both old school and new school genetics. Strains include The Purps, Purple Chocolate, Super Sherb, Blunicorn, Milk and Cookies, Desert Lavender, Golden Lemons, Trospantos, and Platinum OGKB. They do a great job pheno hunting all of their strains and come out with extremely consistent high quality indoor flower. We look forward to seeing what new and old genetics they decide to cultivate in this new year of 2021.

  • Appearance 4/5
  • Smell 4/5
  • Flavor 5/5
  • Effect 4/5

            We really enjoyed sampling the Blunicorn over the podcast. It checks all the boxes of what we look for in good connoisseur grade Cannabis. It has great Trichome coverage, along with some nice changes in the color of the strain. The nose stands out even among some of the other GMO strains with a much sharper nose. The effects are quite strong but not overtly sleepy so this one should not likely put you down on your couch. If you are looking for a change from the typical GMO strains on the market or are looking for a potent 50/50 hybrid the Blunicorn is an excellent choice.

Out of these strains which are you most excited to see new crosses of in 2021?

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Island Girl Strain Review

Island Girl surprised us in the best way. Jump into the review to find out what makes Island Girl stand out on the shelf from the many offerings we see in today’s legal recreational Cannabis Industry.

The Island Girl features some nice sized light-green buds

            Island Girl as it made the rounds among us Spacebuds got many different impressions. The first thing many people noted is that the smell is reminiscent of a popular strain known as Island Sweet Skunk. Others said it reminded them of the strain Clementine, or it was a combination of the two. Strain names come and go so finding the actual genetics of this strain was actually a big surprise. If you type “Island Girl Strain” online you typically get two results; One is a strain that seems more popular on back in the early start of the medical industry created by Gold Drop Gardens (Island Sweet Skunk X Platinum G.S.C), and another one that seems more popular today created by Archive Seed Bank which is a cross between [Malawi x (95’ NL5 x Haze F2) x (Sensi Star x Molokai Frost)) x Do-Si-Do] talk about a mouthful. The genetics that the Island Girl from Happy Buddha Botanicals is the latter genetics from Archive.

            We have a lot to break down in that lineage but lets us start with a little information about the breeder Archive Seed Bank. Archive has been one of the biggest and most popular breeders in the Pacific North West (Particularly in Oregon). Archive has bred a vary wide variety of different strains, and they have been breeding since the mid-2000s. What makes Archive so unique is the genetics that they picked up from all over the country. They are best known for strains such as Do-Si-Do, Hazmat OG, Junior Mints, Memory Loss, Moonbow, OverFLO, Rudeboi Og, Scooby Snacks, and Valley Girl. Do-Si-Do and FaceOFF OG (parent of Do-Si-Do) are some of the most well-known strains to have come from Archive Seedbank.

            Alright let us breakdown this daunting cross of the Island Girl [Malawi x (95’ NL5 x Haze F2) x (Sensi Star x Molokai Frost)) x Do-Si-Do]. To start us off Malawi is a pure Sativa Landrace from South East Africa. It is said it carries a lot of traits like Durban Poison or other Thai Landrace Sativas. 95’ NL5 is a specific cut of the strain Northern Lights. Northern Lights #5 is one of the most famous versions of Northern Lights and is a multi-award winning strain. Northern Lights #5 is a cross between Haze, Skunk #1 and Northern Lights itself. This strain has been enjoyed regularly since the 90’s and has been a parent to many strains that have been bred out of the Pacific Northwest. The original Haze strain has mysterious origins linked to Santa Cruz. This strain is extremely popular for sativa lovers as it is very high energy with a powerful punch of euphoria. Haze is one of the two parents of the most popular strain of all time, Blue Dream. Sensi Star is an absolute multi-award winning classic Indica created by Paradise seeds. Sensi Star has been eclipsed by its more popular hybrid son Death Star (Sensi Star X Sour Diesel). Molokai Frost is a well-known Hawaiian Sativa-Dominant Landrace. Not much is known about the strains history except while it looks and appears to be Sativa-Dominant it’s effects actually lean more on the Indica side of things. And to round the entire thing off it is crossed with Do-Si-Do. As we said before Do-Si-Do is one of Archive Seedbanks most famous strains. Do-Si-Do is a cross between the more Indica heavy cut of G.S.C (OGKB) and Faceoff OG Bx1. Many people who love cookie strains love Dosido for its even heavier and more OG like effects from Do-Si-Do. Do-Si-Do is an interesting strain because depending on the cut it can have widely different effects. Sometimes it can be more reminiscent of a Sativa strain having more effects like Face OFF OG. But on the other hand, it can sometimes be one of the stoniest Indica’s you have ever tried, showing more of the OGKB traits.

You really have to get in the nooks in crannies to see those Sugary Trichomes up-close.

            The Island Girl has a more traditional Sativa/Sativa Hybrid appearance. The structure is a longer and more oval shaped bud. The buds while light is very tightly packed, similar to the Motorhead that we reviewed that was grown by Happy Buddha Botanicals. Happy Buddha Botanicals has done an amazing job on many of their strains providing a good density in their buds. The buds are a nice shade of light green, with orange pistils that are packed into the flower. The Trichome coverage on this one is a bit tricky as part of what makes it so light green are the trichomes. The more noticeable trichomes have more of a sugar-coated look, where you must get really up close in the nook and crannies to see them.

            We feel that where this strain shines the most is in its smell and taste. Happy Buddha Botanicals has nailed this one just like their Motorbreath. While they smell completely different, you will want to keep opening the dram just to get another whiff. It has qualities that remind us of both Island Sweet Skunk, and Clementine. The initial sweetness of the flower really comes through, but then it shifts into a more floral mildly skunky aroma. This wide variety of genetics has yielded some unique flavor profiles that have been lost over time. We are always so pleasantly surprised that even with the denseness of these buds, the smell just radiates out of the jar. Grinding it up you get much stronger floral and skunky notes. For the review the Island Girl was put through a Volcano. We found that when it comes to the taste you get a good mix of sweet and funk/skunk. The funk helps smooth out the taste and stays on the tongue.

As weed nerds seeing this combination of new-school breeding with old-school genetics it has been an absolute pleasure to try this flower. The effects of the Island Girl are much stronger on the Sativa side. It certainly has a noticeable head change with uplifting effects. This strain has a strong recreational side to it as well because of its euphoric effects. You can likely thank all its haze background for that. We like that it is a little more grounded than some other heavier haze heavy strains such as Memory loss (Also from Archive Seedbank). It being a  combination of many different strains definitely pull it back from being a straight Sativa. It is a good day time strain as well as in the evening. More stimulating activities such as gaming, hiking, and skiing/snowboarding would be perfect pairings with the Island Girl. People newer to Cannabis may want to be careful with this one as even though it is not as strong as some of the racier Sativas in its family it is still quite hazy.

  • Appearance 4/5
  • Smell 5/5
  • Flavor 4/5
  • Effect 4/5
Look at that chunky Kola! From @HappyBuddhaBotanicals Instagram

Happy Buddha Botanicals is an indoor Tier 1 facility located in Medford. They carry a wide variety of top-shelf cultivars such as Motorbreath, Peanut Butter Breath, Island Girl, Garlicane, and Winterland. Just like the Island Girl their buds are dense but remarkably fragrant. They have been constantly surprising us in the best way. It is nice to see some serious variety in this industry. So, if you happen to see some of their offerings around Oregon give them a shot!

As we said in the intro Island Girl really surprised us in the best way. We collectively felt that although it does have some strong Sativa characteristics even fans of more Indica heavy OG’s would be able to appreciate it. There are prettier strains on the market than Island Girl, however we would love to see other top shelf strains that can stand up to it’s nose. The combination of old-school genetics and new school breeding makes this a unique strain on the market. It is perfect for fans of older school Sativas, as it adds a new twist into the occasion. Newcomers should be warned as it is potent like many Landrace Sativas tend to be. Happy Buddha Botanicals really did this strain justice, and we hope it remains in their cultivar lineup.  

MAC 1 Strain Review:

We previously had the opportunity to review the MAC 2 by Tao Gardens. MAC 2 brought a unique look, flavor, and effect to the Alien Cookies strain. MAC 1 has managaged to be the more mainstream/popular version of MAC. Check out why MAC 1 is just so popular down below.

Look at the endless amounts of Trichomes on this MAC

         Miracle Alien Cookies has quite the origin story. Bred by Capulator it is a cross between Miracle and Alien Cookies. Capulator refers to the strain as Miracle because unfortunately after a trip of acquiring said seeds all 15 of them were ran through the washing machine. Out of the 15 only one of them made it through an entire cycle. MAC has become a staple in the United States legal recreational marketplace. MAC 1 specifically “Caps” cut has been one of the most well-known and prized cuts of MAC that there is. MAC is also continually making new waves through all the diverse crosses that it has. It has become such a staple in the industry that it has pretty much crossed with any strain that has real Notoriety. MAC-MO (MAC X GMO), Gucci Berries, Mobama (MAC X Obama Kush), and Ice Cream Sandwich (Ice Cream Cake X Fleetwood Mac) just to name a few.

This one only gets prettier up close!

            MAC 1 just like MAC 2 remains as one of the prettiest strains on the market. As we said in the MAC 2 review “It is an absolute stunner”. They are both remarkably similar in terms of how they both look. We will say that this batch of MAC 1 has a slightly denser appearance, the buds are also a little more closed up. It still however shares that powder/snow coated trichome exterior that MAC is so famous for. MAC is reminiscent of when you cast light on snow it’s blinding, you put the Mac under some serious light and you might want to wear protective goggles.

            Miracle Alien Cookies has been known for not having the highest terpene content, we went into this one the MAC 2 review on the lack of MAC concentrates. It seems the industry is changing by introducing new MAC crosses to extract. Even with it’s lack of high testing terpene content, MAC still carries great flavor. MAC should smell like “Sour Cherry Yoplait Yogurt”. Between the two types of MAC we prefer the scent and taste of the Mac 1 to the Mac 2. We found that the scent is much stronger when it comes to MAC 1, you put these side by side and most people would probably go for the MAC 1 on the sniff test. Even when sampled through a volcano, we felt that the MAC has more of a fruity bold taste than the more sour subtle notes of the MAC 2. We think one reason that we prefer the MAC 1 in both smell and taste, is due to it’s bud structure. Because these buds are denser and tighter in the MAC 1, we feel that it retains both its scent and taste better.  

            Effects are absolutely on point with the MAC 1 and it’s very apparent as to why this has been a leading cut of the plant itself. MAC 1 has very strong cerebral effects along with a nice boost of energy and euphoria. This strain is pretty potent, but we would not advise against beginners trying it. MAC is a really good strain for a party, it is definitely a head changer, but it remains a good social high as it doesn’t remove you from this world. Interestingly we found the high’s to be quite different between the MAC 1 and the MAC 2. It seems to carry a pretty even split here around Spacebuds as to which one is preferred. The MAC 2 carries a little more Euphoria and body effects, but it does not have the same mood elevation and energy that we noticed with this batch of MAC 1. To note we have had a lot of MAC 2 at Spacebuds and batch to batch the effects have remained consistent, so it is interesting to note that the two cuts of the plants are so different from one another. MAC just for the effects alone is worth your time and your money.

A MAC 1 Plant up close from @Taogardens instagram page

MAC 1 was grown by our friends over at Tao Gardens. Tao Gardens has really been changing the game with their living soil no-till style of growing. Their dedication to growing specific strains has been nothing short of amazing for our fellow Spacebuds out there. Certain strains that have been forced to the bottom and mid-shelf have been revived by Tao Gardens. They have one of the best Purple Punches in the entire state. Tao has recently been getting into the edible and Solventless extraction market as well. Tao has continually changed their cultivars over the last year, and we are excited to see what new strains Tao gardens brings to 2021.  

  • Appearance 5/5
  • Smell 5/5
  • Flavor 5/5
  • Effect 5/5

            Well, it is no secret at this point on how the MAC was going to score. MAC 1 just like MAC 2 is the cream of the crop when it comes to strains. It consistently remains as one of the best-looking flowers on the market. The nose is unique in the bigger picture of the industry, and even people who are not into Cannabis will likely not find it offensive. The effects are really what seal the deal for the MAC. The strain carries some seriously warm vibes, without feeling like an alien yourself. We have yet to see a MAC cross that rivals MAC so we feel that we will be seeing this one for a long time.

Best GG4/Original Glue Cross?

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Super Dave Strain Review

Super Dave has been an absolute favorite when it has been in the shop. An exclusive strain created by KGB Farms, what makes Super Dave just all so “Super”?

Super Dave up close from their Instagram @KGBFarmsOregon

            Super Dave was bred by KGB Farms and is a cross between Orange Crush and NYC Diesel. KGB Farms has certainly had some experience with Orange Crush, as they are constantly putting out batches that reach above 30% THC, and talk about some absolutely triched-out buds. Orange Crush is said to have been bred by the BC Growers Association, it is a cross between California Orange and Blueberry. BC Growers association has a lot of experience growing Blueberry and it’s crosses; Romberry, Grapefruit BX1, and Pink Grapefruit Cocktail. California Orange has been around for quite some time and it’s lineage is unknown, it carries a unique citrus heavy heavy terpene profile even though it is typically high in Linalool. California Orange has been enjoyed by many who want to reap the benefits of it’s potent cerebral effects. Blueberry on the other hand has made into most of the most popular fruit-forward strains. DJ Short has put Blueberry on the map making it one of the most popular strains on the market, as well as making it a parent to one of the most well known strains Blue Dream. Blueberry is enjoyed for its focus on more body heavy with mild heady effects. Blueberry is one of the most approachable Cannabis strains by the market being enjoyed by beginners and connoisseurs alike. NYC Diesel on the other hand is a vastly different beast it is a multi award winning Sativa Strain. NYC Diesels origins are linked back to Soma Seeds and its genetics are believed to be a cross between an Afghani and Mexican Land Race Strain. People seem to agree that this is Sour Diesel’s more clearheaded cousin and is enjoyed by many for it’s very social buzzy effects. NYC Diesel is also enjoyed for it’s Grapefruit-forward flavor that is unique to the strain. While Award winning NYC Diesel is a rarity to see on the market, as it has been seemingly replaced by many other more potent cerebral diesel strains. 

Real up close look on a bud of Super Dave

            Super Dave carries a lot of phenotypic traits from it’s parent Orange Crush. It has this lightened white trichome heavy sheen just like Orange Crush. Like the type of trichome coverage that is seen from a strain such as M.A.C. The buds carry a much more traditional Sativa shape with longer skinnier buds, just as many of the Diesel crosses out there. The color is a very consistent light green with many noticeable orange pistils all over the bud. The light green is furthered lightened up by all the keif that the strain carries. The buds are a medium to to medium-high tightness, but the buds are not dense. Like many other Sativa’s this one doesn’t have some of the density that Indica’s tend to carry. This really surprised us as most Cannabis that is grown through the Hydroponic process tends to turn out tight dense buds. This signature seems to come across in a lot of KGB Farms flower this somewhat tight but lighter than expected buds.

            One advantage that we do see not having the dense buds is the nose carries much further on first inspection. The notes of this strongly resemble citrus, namely of Orange and Grapefruit. The initial smell is much more of an Orange, but as you get a deeper whiff it shifts to more of that zesty Grapefruit smell. It’s a very interesting clash because just as you think you’ll get those sour notes from the Grapefruit, that Orange comes back in with this sweetness that carries through the smell and taste of the Super Dave. There are some really nice floral hints that are present in the flower, that we mainly notice in the taste. We used a volcano to try out this strain and found that the Orange comes through much stronger on the taste, and it is followed by a very pleasant smooth floral taste at the end. Comparing this to the Orange Push Pop this has more rounded out flavor with the mixture of the sweet floral fruit notes. Whereas the Orange Push Pop carries a much sharper note of artificial Orange. We really enjoyed the smell/taste signature that Super Dave has, it is an incredibly unique flavor that is not seen to often in the Oregon recreational market.

            Super Dave is a consistently high tester, usually clocks in above 28% THC. This batch we reviewed comes in at 32.49% THC. The strains effects are certainly more on the Sativa side, with some hybrid characteristics. Even though Super Dave tests high the effects are quite controlled. We found that the Super Dave helps improve your mood while giving a mildly stimulating cerebral effect. It does carry some pain-relief and muscle relaxation as well, but these are milder compared to uplifting head high effects. If we had to put it together in one word we would say the Super Dave makes us feel “chill”. We felt that this strain is in some ways like White Tahoe Cookies, even though genetically they are nothing alike. It has that same take the edge off effect, without really going overboard. One of the advantages to the Super Dave is the stimulating effects make it a little more versatile than White Tahoe Cookies for doing outdoor activities. We feel that Super Dave might be one of the most versatile strains that we have reviewed here at Spacebuds. It is one of the few strains that everyone seems to enjoy, it might not be their absolute favorite; but they end up overall enjoying the time they had with Super Dave. We feel that the pairing of the Orange Crush and NYC Diesel leads to an interesting combination of effects that help balance itself out. If you get too pulled out by the heady effects the body brings you back in and vice versa. It’s versatility make it perfect for both indoor and outdoor activities. It is not the best for sleep, but if you were to have it at night it shouldn’t keep you up as if you just had some Tangie or Sour Diesel. While we enjoy the nose, the appearance, and the high testing nature of the Super Dave the effects are what keep it coming back to the shelf. Customers rave about how much they love Super Dave, for some it is a staple in their rotation. Even people who are not big on Sativas have mentioned how much they enjoy the Super Dave, and how much they enjoy using it during the early day/Afternoon.

Super Dave Living and breathing look at those trichomes! From their Instagram @KGBFarmsOregon

            Super Dave is cultivated and bred by KGB (Killer Green Bud) Farms. So if you want to try this strain you are going to have to try it from KGB Farms. KGB is an indoor Hydroponic craft Cannabis grow located in Portland Oregon. KGB is a really good example of a farm who has dialed in their grow configuration. Their end result comes out remarkably consistent from strain to strain that is grown. We have to say that for Hydro KGB has really impressed us so much so it’s almost hard to tell they are using the growing medium. A lot of growers out here do not have a lot of experience with growing in hydro so as of lately in the legal recreational scene a lot of it just misses the mark. So great job to KGB Farms for being one of the few that is putting out consistently good Hydro Flower. They also grow unique strains that most growers are not running in their growing rooms anymore. White Crush, Querkle, Super Dave, Blue Magoo, and Purple Zkittles are all unique strains that few if any are still running. We look forward to seeing what new strains KGB breeds out.

  • Appearance 4/5
  • Smell 5/5
  • Flavor 4/5
  • Effect 5/5

            Our overall impressions of the Super Dave are incredibly positive. We’re not terribly surprised as customer feedback for this strain has been great. Super Dave carries itself well throughout it’s combination of a good mixture of cerebral and mild body effects. The strain itself has great keif coverage all over, giving the strain a frosted look. Nose is of strong sweet citrus that clashes between Orange and Grapefruit notes. Taste is really on par the floral notes begin to come through ones you begin to smoke/vaporizer the strain. Super Dave’s versatility is what gives this strain such high merit. The effects seem to be universally well liked even among people who try to avoid other Sativa’s right next to it on the shelf. Even people new to Cannabis should give Super Dave a try, even though it is a consistently high tester it does not carry some of the typical haziness that other Sativas carry. If you have enjoyed NYC Diesel in the past and cant find it, it carries a lot of similar features so give the Super Dave a try!

MotorBreath Strain Review:

“Is that Cannabis gas?” that term gets used a lot to describe top quality, fresh, pungent bud. We have got a strain for you that is the embodiment of that “Gas”. Motorbreath certainly has the horsepower to keep up with all the terp-heavy flower on the top-shelf. Start your motors and rev up those engines, let us dive into the history and what makes Motorbreath a star among it’s many competitors.

Look at those Buddha Sized Buds!

            Motorbreath comes from a combination of two widely popular strains. Strains that we have certainly seen before here on our Spacebuds reviews. Motorbreath was bred by Pisces Genetics it is a combination of Chemdawg and SFV OG Kush. Pisces Genetics is a little less known than some of the other breeders strains we have reviewed. While they might not carry the notoriety that some other breeders have, Pisces Genetics is no joke when it comes to their strains. Especially when it comes to their specialty of breeding strains that contain ChemDawg. ChemDawg has a puzzling origin story; no one knows who created it, or what its genetics are. ChemDawg has been an absolute game changer in this industry. It has laid the foundation for a lot of the modern top shelf strains such as GMO Cookies and all its crosses. We cannot stress enough how important this strain is to the modern legal recreational industry. Seven strains that we have reviewed on this website carry some lineage to ChemDawg. ChemDawg is popular because it has a very potent cerebral effect with nice energy elevation. This makes it a fantastic pick to breed with other Indica’s or hybrids as it up’s the potency and elevates the effects. SFV OG Kush is another popular heavy indica. Not to be confused with plain SFV OG which leans more on the Sativa side. SFV OG Kush is a cross between SFV OG and OG Kush, so it tends to lean far to the Indica side. SFV OG Kush’s popularity stems from its body heavy “Stoney” effects that even the most veteran of connoisseurs will be affected. 

Look at how those trichomes are just layered in the Motobreath

            So, what is under the hood? This Motorbreath keeps a very consistent coloring throughout. We would say that the Motorbreath carries a spearmint green color, Spearmint because the Trichome coverage just lightens up the entire flower. This bud is just absolutely layered in Trichomes, and it just packed underneath every little fold of the bud. As you stare into the bud you notice that these Trichomes are lighting up the bud from the inside. The buds themselves at first glance seem to carry a Sativa-Hybrid shape they as they are elongated buds. But as you look closer though you notice that these buds are insanely tight, which is certainly unique for the structure and size of these buds. We were also really impressed with Happy Buddha Botanical’s “A Buds”, these are some Buddha sized buds!

            You know how they say that some people are attracted to the smell of gas at the pump, even though they know they should not smell the fumes; and they do it anyway. This is that scent in a nutshell, and the good news is you will not have to kill your braincells smelling the Motorbreath Flower. The fuel notes that this carries is the reason we continue to see ChemDawg constantly being bred into new strains. The Chem smell from this just pierces through everything else and is the main note. It is reminiscent of the very first scent you get from GMO without all the funky Savory bits attached. It is this Sweet Gassy Smell (Less sweet than Gelato, this carries more of the gas) that rounds out into a more florally/earthy tones. Those floral earthy tones give it this freshness that is rare to see from a lot of the newer generation strains. We vaped this one using a volcano, and we were impressed just how much the Chem comes through on the taste. Motorbreath really nails both aspects of the nose and the flavor of the strain. Strains such as this Motorbreath are a showcase as to how amazing Cannabis is as a plant. The fact that you can get some of these scents/tasting notes from a living breathing plant is truly a phenomenon.

            Motorbreath’s Effects are as expected of a ChemDawg cross. This strain leans certainly somewhere right of the middle of the hybrid line. We definitely noticed the effects seemed to change depending on how much was inhaled. It tests in the medium high range at 25.50% but it feels much more potent than that. Out of the three strains we have reviewed most recently the GMO Cookies, Royal Addiction, and the Motorbreath we feel that this one is in the middle in terms of potency (And the other two were some high testers). This strain carries itself well if you are looking for some middle ground of cerebral effects and pain relief. We noticed it carries this interesting mixture of mild euphoria along with that classic stoned feeling you get behind the eyes. The kind of feeling where you get lost in your thoughts, but not so lost that you cannot pull yourself out of it. We have to say we are pleasantly surprised that we get the best of both worlds of the ChemDawg and the SFV OG Kush. It is as if the SFV OG Kush kind of subdues down the racy effects that you normally get from the Chemdawg. When Microdosing this strain it pairs well with stimulating indoor and outdoor activities. Good for gaming, painting, going for a walk, working out, hiking. We also found that this strain did not really give us a case of the munchies. Just like SFV OG Kush this strain is a creeper, so do be careful in how you dose. It will turn your pleasant head change straight into wanting to go horizontal. At that point it becomes a different beast and you’ will experience more of those full body effects. We feel that people new to Cannabis should be cautious with dosing because it is quite potent, even some of the most seasoned Spacebuds were getting bested by the Motorbreath. The good news is that even with a larger dose we did not find the Motorbreath to be anxiety inducing, just very heavy full body effects which may cause sleepiness.

Motorbreath as featured in the Oregon Leaf April 2019 Edition credit goes out to @OregonLeaf for the Article. Nate Williams @NateW415 for the Picture. And of course @HappyBuddhaBotanicals for the flower itself.

            Happy Buddha Botanicals is an indoor Tier 1 facility located in Medford. They carry a wide variety of top-shelf cultivars such as Motorbreath, Peanut Butter Breath, Samoas, and Ice Cream Cake. Their carry beautiful buds are tight and also quite fragrant before being broken up. Their latest batch of Peanut Butter Breath came out with an impressive ratio of 19.10% THC and 9.30% CBD. A ratio that frankly we have never carried on our menu, and we have really yet to see from anyone else on the Oregon recreational Cannabis market.  We look forward to seeing what interesting strains Happy Buddha Botanicals comes out with next!

  • Appearance 5/5
  • Smell 5/5
  • Flavor 5/5
  • Effect 5/5

            Overall, we were extremely pleased with the Motorbreath. We are thankful that Happy Buddha Botanicals did the strain justice. We have seen Motorbreath come through in the past but it never really stood out amongst some of the other Topshelf OG’s that came through. From the moment you look and smell this Motorbreath you know you are in for a good time. Looking at it up closely you see these tight buds just frosted with Trichomes, and the closer you inspect it just gets better and better. One would think with such tight buds that the scent might be more subdued, but it comes through strong and it is quite a pleasant smell indeed. This is one of those strains you will keep popping open the dram to get another whiff, before you put it through your grinder. We found that the effects were quite varied depending on how much you have. It can be a pleasant head change to start with a micro dose. In larger doses however this will down right put you horizontal if you are not careful, and this strain is certainly creeper. So be mindful the next time you put Motorbreath to the test. This strain nails all the criteria we are looking for in a strain. It might not carry some of the flash that other modern day Hybrids carry on the market, but it pushes past many of those other simply through how potent and enjoyable the effects are.

Royal Addiction strain review:

Does a strain with the name “Royal Addiction” live up to its title? *Spoiler Alert* it 100 percent does. Jump on into our review of Royal Addiction grown by our friends over at Pacific Grove PDX.          

This Royal Addiction carries such a beautiful shade of green, look at all the trichomes just layered throughout!

            Royal Addiction is a cross between Animal Mints BX1 #3 and SeedJunky OG #32. If you have followed our reviews in the past, you likely already know the breeder of this strain: SeedJunky Genetics! Just for some clarification when we pick out strains we typically try them before doing research, so this is honestly just a testament to how good the cultivars that are bred from SeedJunky. We want to note though that these results would not be possible if it were not for all the great growers that we have in the state of Oregon. They are the ones growing these strains to their absolute fullest potential, and we are so spoiled out here in the Oregon recreational and medical Cannabis industry. Animal Mints has been one of SeedJunky’s more popular strains, especially in the 2020 window, and we expect to see more crosses of it in the future. Animal Mints is a peculiar strain, it is a cross between Animal Cookies, GSC, and Blue Power. What makes Animal Mints so peculiar is the Blue power in it, Blue power is this absolute smorgasbord of various strains. Blue power is a combination of: Sour Double, Master Kush, The White, and Blue Moonshine. Just to add a note there are two versions of Blue Power one from Sin City Seeds and the other from Vision seeds, the one being referred to in this case is the former. Animal Mints has become remarkably popular for it’s appearance, it’s nice smooth floral taste, and it’s mellow but yet stimulating high. It’s important to note that there is a big difference between Animal Mints and Animal Mints BX1. Animal Mints BX1 is a cross between Animal Mints and Wedding Cake aka (Triangle Mints #23). This gives it some more unique traits we feel not only boosts the potency of this strain, but also gives it a creamier flavor than the traditional Animal Mints. As for SeedJunky OG this one seems to remain a mystery. From what our research suggests this strain is exclusive to Seedjunky and it is unreleased. We believe it to carry some OG in it of course, but it has been hard to research because they only run this strain as a parent. Most of the time they put out SeedJunky OG they cross it with something else, and then limit who receives those packs. So not many growers out there even have access to any strains that carry SeedJunky OG in it. Whatever the strain is it seems to be it carries some heavy OG lineage because Royal Addiction carries a lot of familiar OG traits.

Here is a really up close look on those Trichomes of the Royal Addiction

            These buds are crazy light green, and the color just stays consistent throughout. The buds are so light green it is difficult to tell if they’re lightened up from the trichomes. The trichome coverage on this strain is quite impressive, you’ll have to get a closer look but you can see that it layers the inside and outside of the buds. The look seems to represent the classic shape that OG’s tend to carry, and the color hue of the Animal Mints BX1. In a lot of ways this strain looks a lot like Wedding Cake. If this were just a cross between Animal Mints and SeedJunky OG #32 we feel that this strain would look vastly different.  On closer inspection it almost seems to have those turning colors, but the shift is just to a gradual tone change of green. From it’s genetic lineage of carrying the OG this strain is absolutely beautiful, many OG’s never have the great appearance that their effect lives up to.

            OG is absolutely encapsulated in the nose. OG’s are tough to describe, once you smoke enough of them you start to get the feel of the traits. The best way we can describe OG’s at almost as if you get the smell of Gas/Fuel but then it turns into another note that is a lot earthier that becomes the main note, and the fuel sort of lingers behind it. There is an added note to this strain that pure OG’s do not carry, and that is a more subtle creamy smell. It is a little bit reminiscent of Wedding Cake. This helps round off the smell of the OG and makes it something unique. That creamy smell has always interested us because it offers a sort of pro and con to the flower itself. The pro is that it tends to smooth out the flavor and taste of the strain, leading to a much more fulfilling taste that is less harsh on the throat. The con however is it tends to reduce some of the loudness of the nose itself. In the grand scheme of things, the pro outweighs the con. Simply because while you might not be able to get the initial smell bursting from the jar, once you break this up and grind it, you’ll get what you’ve been searching for.

            So Royal Addiction certainly is making a case for itself in this review, but how are the effects? We found that the most impressive thing to us about Royal Addiction is its effects. This strain is a remarkably high tester, which a little goes a long way. It’s effects however seem to affect the body the most, and because of that we feel it is more versatile strain than say GMO Cookies. We are surprised considering its lineage how functional the strain is. Potency on Cannabis is not the easiest thing to measure. This is due to multiple factors; the primary one being that THC percentage does not tell the final story when it comes to Cannabis. This strain is one of the higher testers on our shelf at 31.34%. However, there are other strains on the shelf that might give more impact, or a noticeable head change even though they may test far lower. Typically, these effects are more noticeable when it comes to Sativa, or Sativa Hybrids. That is not to say that the head change is not apparent when it comes to the Royal Addiction. You just do not have to fight as hard to stay grounded. We feel that this makes the strain much more approachable to a wider variety of people, as it might not give some of the paranoia inducing effects that some people experience. Royal Addiction would be paired well with indoor as well as outdoor activities. Just be careful with dosing control, as it may make you want to stick to just indoor activities, primarily ones that do not involve much movement.

Royal Addition up close from Pacific Grove PDX’s Instagram @PacificGrovePDX

            Pacific Grove PDX is the grower of this cultivar. Pacific Grove is an indoor grower in Portland that specializes in growing top-shelf craft Cannabis. Pacific Grove sets themselves from apart from other growers with their unique line of strains. They grow Alien Cookies, Notorious #11, Sour Tropicanna, Billy Idol, and Rhubarb Pie. Their lineup consists of a good variety of different types of strains from the strong, to the flavorful. Pacific Grove PDX has done a great job of carrying some of the top genetics from some of the best seed breeders in the world. You can see the hard work they put in into their craft! We look forward to seeing what Pacific Grove PDX puts out next!

  • Appearance 4/5
  • Smell 4/5
  • Flavor 5/5
  • Effect 5/5

            We feel that this Royal Addiction very much lives up to its name. The main reason is that the effects are just so darn pleasant. It is the kind of Cannabis that hits exactly right, it doesn’t take you to the moon, but it also doesn’t leave you wanting for more. The strain is quite beautiful it maintains with shade of light green throughout, with a lovely even trichome coverage throughout the flower. The mixture of the OG and that creaminess from the Triangle mints brings together this tango of flavor. It is nice when you have two very different flavors of Cannabis vibe this well together. There can be a tendency in certain strains where one strain overpowers the other, and it throws off what made either parent so great. This is however not the case with the Royal Addiction, that mixture of creaminess from the Animal Mints BX1 just enhances the flavor of the OG just drawing the flavor out on the tongue. If you are looking for something with nice OG effects that leans a little more on the Indica side this is right up your alley. Even if you are newer to Cannabis, we recommend giving this strain a shot, it does not carry a lot of those mind racing effects that many other Hybrids do on the top shelf. Just make sure to go slow otherwise you might end up spending the rest of your day at home on the couch.

GMO Cookies Strain Review:

GMO Cookies is finally here to review! We have spoken about this strain in many of our prior reviews, and how important of a parent it is to so many other strains; Sangiovese, Garlic Sherbet, Mule Fuel, Velvet Glove, and Tropsantos are all strains we’ve reviewed that carry GMO Cookies in it’s lineage. Come check in on our review on why GMO Cookies is conquering the Oregon recreational and medical market.

Look at all the different color hues in this GMO!

            GMO Cookies also known as (Garlic Cookies) has conflicting information as to it’s origin. There are two main origin stories that are passed around with this strain. We will start off with the story most people online report on. GMO Cookies was created by Divine Genetics when a cut of their Chem Cookies developed a unique gassy and spicy terpene profile. Divine Genetics has went on to win many awards for this cut of Chem Cookies; as it tests well, has a very unique terpene profile, it grows quite quickly, and it is very potent. The other story that goes around and seems to be accepted by many people in the Cannabis growing industry is that @SkunkMasterFlex1 found an absolute gem of a phenotype from a pack of Mamiko Seed’s D-Cookies. This cut contained such a strong savory aroma that it can be described as Garlicky, Bad Breath, or Umami (Mushroom). It’s honestly hard to say which story is true, when a strain becomes this popular everyone and their dog seems to come out of the woodworks to claim creation. An interesting fact about GMO is that a lot of people claim it is called that because it carries a nose of garlic, mushroom, and onion. This is not why it is referred to as GMO Cookies, it is referred to as GMO Cookies because it grows as if it has been genetically modified. As stated above this plant grows quickly, it tests incredibly well somewhere typically between 26%-36%, it looks phenomenal it carries a multitude of different green and purple hues, the nose is absolutely one of a kind, and it is probably one of the most potent main-stream strains on the current market.

            Analyzing GMO Cookies this strain is an absolute anomaly and a testament that even different cuts within the same strain can be so vastly different. GMO Cookies is a cross between two legendary strains Chem Dawg and G.S.C. There are many strains that are so similar in terms of their ancestry, however none of them have attained the almost cult like following that GMO Cookies has. Dawgy Treats which is and exclusive cut to Hydrus hydroponics is a cross between Chem4 and Forum Cookies (Which we will review sometime in the distant future). Chem Cookies which carries the exact same parents as GMO Cookies. Merit Badge is a cross between G.S.C and ChemDawg Bx3. Chem Scout a cross between Chemdawg 91 and G.S.C. These four strains are all fantastic strains and in fact many of them have won awards, but they are all missing a piece of the puzzle that GMO Cookies puts together. Chem Dawg origin is truly puzzling, no one knows who created it or what it’s genetics are. The most important thing to know about Chem Dawg is it has laid a foundation for the Cannabis market in the entire United States. The strain is very potent and carries an extraordinarily strong cerebral effect. Which makes it a perfect strain for breeding. G.S.C speaks for itself in many ways a cross of between OG Kush and Durban Poison. Origins are hotly debated as to who came up with the original G.S.C cut and even what cut should be considered the “True” G.S.C. This Cookie strain has created 100’s of cuts and crosses along the way, and there are more being created today all thanks to this strain. It carries a very stimulating cerebral effect, with nice effects of body relaxation. The cross of these two strains creates a very potent mix of mind and body that few strains achieve.

Look at the Deep purple up close and all those super stick trichomes!

            Visual aesthetic when it comes to GMO Cookies is striking to say the least. We have seen many cuts of GMO come through and they all vary from batch to batch and grower to grower. This one from Tao carries so many different shades of green and purple it is hard to follow where all the different shades where they start and end. The trichome coverage on this strain is no joke. It has got that layered sugar effect where the trichomes are just crammed in between the nooks and crannies of the buds. It does not carry the most trichome coverage we have seen, for instance M.A.C looks as if it’s been rolled in powdered sugar. You know however though once you open the GMO Cookies up, you are in for a sticky surprise. The bud structure on GMO is also vastly different to many other strains. It carries this mix of a longer Sativa buds that taper off near the top, but they are very dense which is unusual to see that combination.  This strain is a trendsetter and absolutely changes the game when it comes to top-shelf Cannabis.

            Now let us get to the exciting part about the strain, the scent/flavor/nose. GMO Cookies has one of the most unique noses in Cannabis. The best way to describe the initial scent of the strain is pungent. It has this strong savory thick umami Garlicky mushroom smell that just cuts through whatever is in the vicinity. As you keep getting a whiff the strain turns from a savory into a much sweeter smoother smell to round it off. The best way to describe it is once you smell it, and you try some GMO Cookies, you will keep wanting to get it in the future. That signature nose will come a calling time and time again. As for the flavor we found that trying it through a dry-herb vaporizer the umami notes fade and turn much more into a chemmy gas. As you begin to vape the bowl through it begins to show more of it is sweet cookie notes. This leaves an awesome case of terp tongue. That umami smell will linger with you for quite a while. We are going to put out there that GMO Cookies does vary from batch to batch, some tend to have more of a savory funk, while others carry a more familiar cookies sweetness throughout. We feel that if you want to try a true batch of this strain, try a GMO Cookies such as Tao’s they are absolutely nailing the way this strain is supposed to be. We have found that the more savory and funky the better.

            The Effects of GMO Cookies regardless of the way it makes you feel are very potent. Even the most seasoned veteran of smokers should take great care when trying this strain. Chem Dawg has a remarkable way of even making the most simple of concepts get lost somewhere around your short term memory. GMO Cookies is end game weed. It carries both very potent cerebral effects as well as effects on the body. It carries a very traditional stoney feel, however it does not necessarily put you to sleep because that ChemDawg will keep you going. The perfect pairings for GMO Cookies is if your day is over, you have no plans, or you are looking to get very stoned with your friends. We do not recommend this strain for productivity, reading, or for going on hikes. It is absolutely meant to put people out, and remind them they are very stoned. Versatility of this strain is a bit lower than some because of Chem Dawg. Unfortunately Chem Dawg falls into a line of strains that people either love or hate, and if Sativas like Chem Dawg give you anxiety be cautious with trying GMO Cookies. We recommend for people who are sensitive to Sativas or new to Cannabis to microdose it and see how it makes you feel. We do know people who are sensitive to Sativa’s that absolutely adore this strain.

GMO Cookies from Tao’s Instagram @Taogardens

            Now to speak about the grower of this GMO Cookies it is our friends over at Tao Gardens. Tao has been slaying the No-till Organics growing game. Their philosophy on growing strains with similar terpenes in the same room, has led to some amazing Cannabis. A great example is Purple Punch, that strain comes and goes on menus. Many growers have shifted from growing it once the market became more about percentages. Not a single grower has grown a batch of Purple Punch as well as Tao has. It remains in their lineup even though it is not the best testing strain, because it tastes phenomenal and it gives great anxiety relief. This will not be the last time we review Tao Gardens that is for sure. They keep putting out new strains in their rotations and we look forward to seeing what is in the next rotation.

  • Appearance 5/5
  • Smell 5/5
  • Flavor 5/5
  • Effect 5/5

            As far as just this strain review goes GMO Cookies is about as close to perfect as it gets for a strain. This strain has some many other reasons of why it is such a top choice for us. This strain is changing the entire industry. It has created so many popular strains on the market, that every grower has some piece of GMO Cookies on their menu in Oregon. The strain looks remarkable nice shifts in colors and shades with a nice sticky sugary interior. The nose is unlike any other strain out there, it is the definition of dank. Not “Gas” Dank; it’s this savory/sweet funk that just wont quit. For a strain with such a stronge terpene profile it is also extremely potent. It’s lineage of Chem Dawg and G.S.C give this strain a cerebral lasting potent effect, that will go up with any top shelf. We are impressed that this does carry the body that it does because both of parents do tend to have more noticeable Sativa effects. GMO Cookies is a next level strain. If you see Tao’s GMO Cookies on the shelf get it while you can, it does not last long.

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