Conspiracy #3: Time Travel

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Conspiracy #3: TIME TRAVEL

When you think of traveling through time, what comes to mind? Probably movies like Back To The Future, Star Trek, The Terminator, The Time Machine or maybe even Timecop? 

Could what seems to be a far out concept that’s only ever really been discussed or depicted in storytelling, be far more real than we are led to believe? With Each passing decade, technology continues to evolve in an exponential manner. So it only makes sense that it will continue to grow, ultimately leading to inventions that we can’t even comprehend in this day and age. So who’s to say this scientific breakthrough won’t happen in 100 years (perhaps sooner or even already), and we are somehow now and always being visited by our future and past selves? 

Right now, the practical application of time travel seems to be a far off idea, but some scientists have claimed that it is not as intangible as we think. And if anything, there is evidence out there that suggests it is already happening. So let’s discuss some of the theories about time travel, how realistic it is, and some possible evidence that it is already happening in the world around us.

theory #1: The mandela effect

The Mandela effect is an unusual phenomenon where a large group of people remember something differently than how it occurred. The false memory phenomenon was dubbed by self-described “paranormal consultant” Fiona Broome in reference to her false memory of the death of South African leader Nelson Mandela in the 1980s (he actually died in December 2013), which she claimed was shared by “perhaps thousands” (Wikipedia) . To this day there are multiple examples of this happening all over the web. Some of the most popular include:

Berenstein bears vs. berestain bears

Many believe the Berenstain Bears was previously the Berenstein Bears. There is even photos of TV newspaper guides showing “Berenstein Bears”, however only Berenstain comes up now.

shazaam vs kazaam

Lots of 90’s kids remember a movie where Sinbad plays a genie called Shazaam. However a newer movie with a similar name starring Shaq is supposedly the only movie ever made.

the monopoly man monocle

Many believe the Monopoly man to have had a Monocle, however on every Monopoly game board now he is featured without one.

curious george’s tail

Curious George is firmly remembered as having a tail but doesn’t in any google search or cartoon.

theory #2: Time Dilation: Einstein’s Theory of Relativity

  • The biggest pieces of evidence of time travel in science are in support of time traveling to the future. Some scientists speculate that traveling to the past is impossible due to the paradox it would create (also known as the grandfather paradox).
  • Einstein’s theory predicts that two identical clocks resting at different heights or moving at different speeds will tick at different rates
  • In order to attempt to prove Einstein’s theory of time dilation, two very accurate atomic clocks were synchronized and one was taken on a high-speed trip on an airplane. When the plane returned, the clock that took the plane ride was slower by exactly the amount Einstein’s equations predicted
  • It was discovered that a moving clock runs more slowly when viewed by a frame of reference that is not in motion with it
  • Keep in mind that when the clock returned, it had recorded less time than the ground clock.
  • Once reunited with the ground clock, the slow clock will again record time at the same rate as the ground clock (obviously, it will remain behind by the amount of time it slowed on the trip unless re-synchronized)
Credit: Lumen Learning

potential evidence #1: andrew carlsin

  • In March 2003, the FBI arrested a 44-yard old man called Andrew Carlssin. They did so because in the space of two weeks, he turned an $800 investment into $350 million, a highly suspicious act.
  • After arresting him, he did not deny the FBI’s accusation, but rather provided them with a four-hour confession. He claimed he was no regular insider trader and stated his risky trades paid off because he knew they would. 
  • He said he knew this for a fact because he was visiting from 250 years in the future.
  • Naturally, at first he was not believed and was told he would sit in a jail cell on Rikers island until he gave up his sources. He never did.
  • Even more strange, the FBI couldn’t find any records of Carlssin’s existence before December 2002, 3 months before they picked him up.
  • An unidentified person posted his $1 million bail right before he was due in court for a hearing. He disappeared on the way to the hearing and hasn’t been seen since.

potential evidence #2: baron trump book

  • A series of books published in the 1800s by Ingersoll Lockwood bear a striking resemblance to the modern day family currently residing in The White House.
  • The main character of the books, Baron Trump, not only has a nearly identical name to the youngest son of President Trump, but also refers to his father-like figure in the story, as “Don”. 
  • In the stories, Baron is a wealthy young man living in a place called Castle Trump, but his real adventures begin when Don, the “Master of all Masters,” inspires him to travel to Russia, where he finds a portal that allows him to travel to other lands.
  • Lockwood also wrote a pamphlet in 1896 called The Last President, which does not feature the Baron Trump character but has some strange parallels to modern times. It begins in New York City, which is protesting over the election of an outsider candidate. The news causes those “in the upper portions” of the city to sit “as if paralyzed with a nameless dread.”
  • These strange coincidences have lead the internet to develop a theory stating that the Trump family has had access to time travel for many years ― through the president’s uncle, engineer John Trump (John Trump reportedly had access to the research papers of Nikola Tesla, who was supposedly researching time travel)
  • Theorists claim that this access to time travel, may be what led to Trump’s success in the 2016 election, as well as his “predictions” of 9/11.
  • Other theories about Trump and Time Travel:

potential evidence #3: the wreck of the titan book

A fictional book written by Morgan Robertson in 1898 tells a story that is…eerily accurate to the actual wreck of the Titanic 14 years later.

Time travel is a confusing concept and a plethora of conflicting evidence is out there. It may be easy to dismiss the claims of individuals who have seen the past, and more interestingly, the future, but is there substance to their claims and the evidence they present? Do you believe time travel is a possibility, or just a product of wild imaginations and science fiction? Let us know below!

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  1. I have a theory that when we sleep we telepathically travel through time, and that when we die, our energy either goes where its needed next or we are reborn to learn more until we are needed elsewhere in the universe after another death. Could you do a segment on death? Not necessarily in negative context, but it is one of the biggest mysteries in the universe and everyone has such a unique look on it.

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