Conspiracy #2: Fake Moon















Conspiracy #2: FAKE MOON

The moon has always been an object of wonder and mystery for humanity. Since the dawn of the space age, we have had many questions answered with the increase of space exploration. But with this exploration and search for answers, more questions have surfaced. Do we really know as much about the moon as we think we do? Over the recent years, photos published by NASA of the American moon landing have been classed as fake due to their inconsistencies. If the only proof we have of the moon landing are fake, what else should we question about the reality of the moon? Does the story we’ve been told about how the moon came into its existence, line up with the evidence? If it’s more than just a giant rock orbiting our planet by chance, then who put it there? Here are some theories about what is really happening on the surface of the moon (or perhaps within the moon itself) and why it is possibly being kept such a big secret.

Theory #1: Nazi bases are stationed on the moon

  • NASA was largely founded by Nazis such as Wernher von Braun, a german rocket scientist, who sought to escape after WWII.
  • At the end of the war, a German U-boat reportedly delivered a new invention to Japanese research and development units: a spherical, wingless, flying machine.
  • The most commonly referred to fumor of a Nazi flying machine is known as the “Nazi Bell.”
  • Images captured during WWII show Nazi-produced flying craft that look similar to the concept of a “flying saucer.”
  • Over the years, NASA employees revealed that “alien” bases exist on the far side of the moon, but evidence of them are smudged over in images.
  • NASA employees have confirmed that they airbrush images so as to not “confuse” people with what they are seeing.
  • Some blatantly altered images include towers, alters, and domes.

Theory #2: The moon is a spacecraft

  • Soviet scientists Mikhail Vasin and Alexander Shcherbakov, 2 members of the Soviet Academy of Sciences, theorize that the moon is a hollowed-out planetoid. It is controlled from inside where a large civilization has existed since this process took place.
  • NASA struck the moon with a blow the equivalent of one ton of TNT after seismometers had been installed, and the moon “rang like a bell,” as if there was no mass inside. NASA claims this is an often misunderstood analogy, but does recognize the bizarre nature of shallow moonquakes. (
  • Scientists have only theorized that the “ringing” may be due to a lack of water on the moon’s surface.
  • Scientists connected to NASA have said the moon is more hollow rather than a “homogeneous sphere.”
  • Lunar craters are uniform in depth, no matter how wide or powerful the impact of a meteor was. Craters should be deeper if they are wider or were struck with a more powerful force

Theory #3: The moon is a control center for life on earth

  • The moon is a powerful electromagnetic computer captured from space and placed within Earth’s orbit by a reptilian race. This “computer” controls and manipulates the mood of humans.
  • Studies have confirmed that different phases of the moon can affect human behavior, especially the full moon.
  • The moon influences tides of the ocean in the same way it does the human body, because we are 70% water.
  • Aristotle wrote of ancient tribal people who told about a time before the moon, claiming that life was different, or “better” before the moon.

strange evidence supporting other functions of the moon:

Some scientists have pointed to the fact that the moon’s dimensions and elements make no sense in relation to earth.

  • Our moon is the 5th largest moon in the solar system, despite all of the other giant planets such as Jupiter and Saturn.
  • Our moon is a quarter the size of earth in diameter. There is no moon in the solar system that comes close to the same size ratio.
  • Some rocks contain processed metals such as brass, mica, and the elements neptunium 237 and 236 which do not occur naturally.
  • A melted rock mass consisting of titanium, chromium, and zirconium the size of Texas covers one part of the moon (these materials are known as “refractory” metals, which are resistant to extreme temperatures, making them the perfect material to protect anything inside).
  • Some lunar rocks contain 10 times more titanium than earth, an impossible fact if the moon truly was once part of the earth.
  • The moon is older than the earth.

We only over see one side of the moon, known as the “near-side”, that is still largely considered a mystery to scientists.


There has not been a manned moon landing, at least known to the public, in over 40 years.

So, is the moon really hollow? Was it brought here by an alien race of people? Is it really all-powerful and controlling the human race? Scientists generally disagree with these theories and claim that there is little evidence that strongly supports it. However, with so many interesting pieces to the puzzle, unanswered questions, and the possibility that some scientists could be wrong, what do you believe?

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