Conspiracy #5: Sci-Fi Film Disclosure & Predictions

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Conspiracy #5: Hollywood discloure

Have you ever seen a piece of technology that seemed to be straight out of a movie you saw years earlier? Many debate whether this is disclosure through Hollywood films and television; Maybe it’s coincidence or maybe it’s something more? There is plenty to think about when you look at the history of cinema and line it up next to the history of the recent decades. Are film and television somehow oracles of our world or some kind of magic box that creates in the real world, ideas and images that were portrayed some years earlier? Or is it more likely that sometimes, the powers that be believe they discover something so big or too mind blowing to tell the public all at once, that it’s better to somehow slow drip these breakthroughs, to help better prepare the average mind for the amazing wonders we have discovered.

Example #1: star trek

Many of the current technologies we see on the market today can be tied to being seen on Star Trek man years ago. They were already ahead of their time on social issues, as well as seeing or inspiring future technologies.

example #2: Black mirror

Many argue that Black Mirror is a take on current technologies already being experimented with in society, but some conspiracy theorists argue this show has actually made some eerily accurate predictions in 2020; such as the virtual audience.

Left: Black Mirror (Netflix, 2017) Right: Boston Dynamics Spot Mini Robot (2019)

Example #3: Twilight zone

The Twilight Zone touched on many relevant topics throughout its years, however one episode in particular, From Agnes with Love, an Alexa-like computer takes on a mind of its’ own, starts giving the operator advice on love. This episode aired decades before the Spike Jonez movie, Her, where a hopelessly romantic man falls for his OS, Samantha.

Serling, R. (Executive Producer)| (1959–1964). The twilight zone [TV series] | Cayuga Productions; CBS Productions

example #4: the jetsons

The Jetson’s taught us one thing: that technology moves at a much faster rate than usually predicted considering much of the technology in the show they predicted for the year 2062 is already in our arcenal; from video calls to robotic house help, tablets and smart watches. There are only a few items we don’t have (flying cars).

Jetsons [TV series] | 1962 | Hanna-Barbera Productions | ABC |
Jetsons [TV series] | 1962 | Hanna-Barbera Productions | ABC |
Jetsons [TV series] | 1962 | Hanna-Barbera Productions | ABC |

example #5: many others

Do you feel Sci-Fi has predicted current events? Or maybe in certain scenarios inspire future events or technology? Let us know in the poll below!

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