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CONSPIRACY #1: Hollow earth COnspiracy

So, are there holes at the poles? Could there really be an entrance to an inner earth paradise or advanced network of ancient civilizations that has lived below the surface, steering our very way of life throughout our history? Surely we would know of such a place by now with modern aviation and satellite technology, right? So why is this idea still considered possible by many and even probable by others?  Why has this notion of inner earth civilizations continued to evoke mixed feelings from the population as to the real truth of the matter?  The subject has gained even more attention in recent years as satellite images, photos and recent disclosure documents have cast light on newly released information.  But every time you cast a light, you create a shadow somewhere, and those shadows have kept the conspiracy alive.  Below you’ll find some of the best arguments in support of the idea that there are holes at the poles. Let us know what you think in the poll at the end and feel free to weigh in and comment!

Key Points:

1) 4000 miles to earth’s core. We have only the technology to drill as far as 8 miles. Leaving a world of space where such continents could exist.

2) There is a vast body of water 3x the size of our Ocean’s discovered inside the mineral layer of the earth. This could support life and other vast ecosystems.

3) Agartha and advanced inner earth cities are referenced throughout history and throughout many of the major religions.

  • Buddhism claims that’s the Dali Llama receives his orders directly from the leaders of Agartha and Shamballaha, both advanced inner earth locations.
  • Hinduism claims that there are  tunnels not only to their part of the world but also to other major civilizations located around the world. This includes Egypt, the North and South American continents.
  • The Greeks believed in caverns  beneath the surface leading to the underworlds.
  • Celtics have a myth about a cave that is “Ireland’s gate to hell” also have myths about tunnels where strange beings would emerge, founded the Druidism religion and returned below.
  • German Mythology claimed mountain areas in Eisenach and Gin Germany had portals that one could use to enter inner earth.
  • Mesopotamian religion describes a man stumbling through a cave into an inner earth garden paradise. 

4) The Admiral Byrd expeditions. A well respected naval officer and explorer. His Diary about flying into the polls and meeting an advanced civilization. He also appeared on CBS news and claimed he discovered a continent that’s never been known to exist before, the size of North America and rich with natural resources. He also claimed that travel from pole to pole could be done almost instantaneously. See video

5) Mount Shasta research by Dr. Doreal. He claims that he studied Mount Shasta extensively and even was taken inside by an advanced race stemming from the lost civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis. He formed the brotherhood of the white temple in order to teach what he learned to his students

6) All flights are directed around the poles.

7) Antarctica was initially divided up the same way land always has been by nations sending exploratory parties that lay claim, pretty much on a first come first claim basis until the US built a base there in 1957. In 1959, The Antarctic Treaty was signed. Rather than dividing the land up between superpowers, it gave sovereignty to all the nations that signed it. It makes up 10% of the world’s land mass and is still being used as a scientific preserve to this day .

8) NASA Satellite Imagery that clearly shows a large circular opening at the pole.

9) Ancient Japanese Map published in Hawaiin Gazette in 1907 that appears to support more continents and extended bodies of water extending in all directions around our current land masses entrapped in a circle of ice. This map also would seem to support Admiral Byrd’s flight path and landing on a large continent the size of North America.

10) Inuit/Eskimo cultures have made claims that their ancestry originated form the place further north than the north pile that had perpetual daylight.

11) The Green Children of Woolpit. A well-know legend of two green-skin colored children who appeared in Suffolk, England around the 12th century. The children claimed to have been lost and were from a land of perpetual daylight where their diet was mostly legumes. The children spoke an unknown language. Later, the boy died from an illness while the girl remained alive after adjusting to a new diet and learning the language, was able to tell everyone their origins.

12) Aurora Borealis & Aurora Astralis are claimed to be by-products of the inner earth sun according to hollow earth theorists.

13) Dr. Raymond Bernard – Claimed that the inner earth was inhabited by the Terras who only want to save humanity from destroying ourselves.

14) Cleves Symms – First explorer sent to the south pole to find an entrance to the hollow earth before Admiral Byrd. He staked his life on the fact that the hollow earth did exist and devoted his life to finding it. However he missed out on some of the greatest expeditions help later.

What do you think? Let us know below!

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Print references:

Mysteries of Shasta: by Dr. DorealStuff they don’t want you to know: Conspiracies that won’t go away: by David Southwell and Graeme Donald

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