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Conspiracy #10: the nevada triangle

When most people think of a mysterious triangle that has the ability to take down planes, most people think of the Bermuda triangle. What if we told there was another triangle in the Southwest United States that is hardly known about? What if we told you that triangle located in the Nevada desert that has almost 130 times more recorded Plane crashes than the Bermuda Triangle. This Nevada Triangle extends from Las Vegas to Fresno and then all the way up to Reno and is over 25,000 sq miles. The terrain that is in this triangle is quite rugged and covered with the Sierra Nevada mountains. It is said that over 2000+ Aircraft have crashed within the Nevada triangle over the last 60 years. The most famous of the air disasters is when known adventure and really experienced pilot Steve Fosset took off from a really popular prop plane known as the “Super Decathalon”. Steve Fosset was missing for over a year before a hiker in the area came upon some various forms of ID belonging to Steve Fosset, along with identifying two bones that belonged to Fosset half a mile from the crash site.  Investigators in the area did an investigation on the crash and found that mechanically nothing seemed flawed with plane. So, what is happening to all these planes that are flying into the Triangle? Check out some of these possible explanations down below. 

theory #1: area 51

The triangle’s map seems to change depending on who you are referencing but one common explanation given is the triangles close distance to Area 51. There is a couple of different popular explanations with this one. Some people believe that fliers in the area ended up getting too close and were merely shot down. Maybe some of these aviators ended up seeing something they were not supposed to see? Maybe it is possible that Area 51 has technology around the perimeter that interferes with the Aircrafts on board equipment. With so much mystery around Area 51 the possibilities are endless. For all we know aliens could be shooting down these planes in the area as retaliation for experiments and research that our government does at Area 51. 

theory #2: pilot error

One of the most common explanations ever given when any airline disaster occurs is pilot error. Pilot error is a touchy subject when it comes to aviation. As statistically if an air disaster occurs there is a range of 70-80% that the crash was a result of pilot error. Now it is important to know that while pilot error might be the reason for the crash, it might not be the only reason. Many times, pilot error occurs when there is a belief that there is instrumental malfunction on the aircraft causing the pilot to rely on their own abilities rather than their planes gear. In stressful situations especially in unfamiliar and radically changing terrain, this can cause even an experienced pilot to be overwhelmed and result in the pilot making decisions that they likely would not do in normal circumstances. Which could certainly result in a plane crashing, especially in such an unfamiliar terrain as the Nevada desert.  

theory #3: extreme winds + small less powerful planes

Inexperience and bad equipment could have certainly resulted in these planes crashing. A few of us on the podcast grew up in the American Southwest. We are more than familiar with many retired seniors putting their old crop duster planes in their carport for storage for 10+ years. So, it is no surprise to us that some of these crop dusters who might not have seen any flying since the 80’s might have been able to get up off the ground, but coming back in one piece is a whole different story. Coupled with the age of some of these retired seniors that may have bit off a bit more than they could chew. The Nevada Triangle has some seriously radically changing terrain which in turn has rough air and high winds. It is not hard to imagine that older seniors with old planes are flying out in the Nevada dessert and unfortunately getting themselves in a situation that even an experienced pilot with sharper senses might have difficulty navigating.   

theory #4: electromagnetic radiation

Right in the center of the Nevada Triangle lies the hottest place on earth, Death Valley. Known for extreme temperatures as high as 134 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s safe to say this place receives more than it’s fair share of solar energy. All of the energy from the Sun that reaches the Earth arrives as solar radiation, part of a large collection of energy called the electromagnetic radiation spectrum. Death Valley is also in the same X-Axis as the Pyramids in Egypt, which many historians and scientists now speculating that the pyramids were used as potential energy generators or large batteries. Could it be that this line of the earth is a hot spot for electromagnetic radiation?

There have been many recent developments with electromagnetic radiation technology being used to stop engines and cause mechanical haywire. Is there more to the grid lines on this planet we don’t know about and could it be that in the center of the Nevada triangle actually lies an electromagnetic hotspot with an ability to stop weaker plane engines?


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